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Up Close Impersonal. The ramblings, thoughts, stories, feelings and ideas of Phella and friends.
Podcast by Vandraven
Impersonal Opinion
The same cohosts who brought you the Free Will, Science, and Religion podcast also present a show to share their off topic opinions. This is meant to be a safe show where everyone should be able to share their honest opinions without fear, blame, hate, or censorship.
We are a podcast network full of random discussions about our hilarious life moments and some nerd related things
E. Phillips Oppenheim, an English novelist created well in excess of 100 novels and 30 plus collections of short stories. Most of his tales are thrillers and espionage. The Great Impersonation was written following World War I and is considered by many to be perhaps his best novel. The story focuses on German espionage in England prior to the start of World War I. The tale centers on two characters that are almost identical in appearance. Indeed, while both attend the same school in England, ...
Technopoly 411
Join us every week for the latest tech news, tips, and tricks backed by our opinionated panel of experts and (impersonated) celebrity guests.
Dirty Sports
Dirty Sports is a weekly podcast hosted by comedians Andy Ruther and Joe Praino. Every episode includes in depth sports discussions, comedy, personal stories, impersonations, & everything in between.
Mohr Stories is hosted by actor, comedian and sports enthusiast, Jay Mohr. Each week, laugh, be surprised and think deep, as Jay talks to an entertainer, athlete, musician, author or game-changer about showbiz, comedy and life beyond your typical interview conversation. Guests have included Anthony Bourdain, Perez Hilton, Lou Diamond Phillips, Sugar Ray Leonard, Jay Leno, Reggie Watts and more. Frequent visitors include John DiMaggio, Brad Williams, Jim Jeffries, Adam Carolla, and of course, ...
Ten Minute Podcast
Join Mark "Diamond Davis" Evans and his multi-talented brother Dave for a podcast formerly hosted by Will Sasso (MADtv, The Three Stooges, lots of other stuff) that featured he and his funny pals doing lots of super fun bits, jumping into some silly characters and impersonations, and ruthlessly belittling one another for real the way only good friends can. Ten Minute Podcast is recess for adults. Pass it on! (Yes, we miss Will, Tommy Blacha, and Chad Kultgen too. Hatecha Bryan).
Barely Conscious is a weekly current news/interview show hosted by Justin Adams. started in 2012 as a review/opinion blog for movies, books, and albums. Justin Adams wrote and edited for the blog and now hosts the Barely Conscious Podcast. BCP features a broad array of guests to discuss current events for each episode.
The Garage
Spinning vinyl rips from then and now along with comedy and variety.
Join us each episode to listen to Christopher Walken review current movies.From www.ibishcomedy.comNote: This parody a purely fictional work and does not express the views/opinions of anyone actually named Christopher Walken.
Surviving the Bible seeks to get your sermon/service prep jumpstarted by homing in on crucial issues and themes in the passages and talking through possible opportunities and issues in preaching the various texts. We’ll aim for Lectionary commentary that is sharp and practical, maybe seasoned with a pinch of snark. Join Rev. Amy Piatt, Dr. Tripp Fuller, and guru impersonator Christian Piatt for some weekly fun.
Thanks, man! You saw it and clicked on it. Feel good about yourself for doing that if you don't already. On this humble podcast humedian David J. Shafer rants, raves and rambles about things both big and small with a level of life normally reserved for the living. He tries to, among other things, get in touch with his more irrelevant side as he plans for world domination. If you subscribe to this podcast you can have some pizza.
This podcast serves as a creative interpretation of the imagination as it encounters stories new and old.
JMO Podcast
Joke Me Off is a comedy podcast featuring comedians Nick Larson and Saul Trujillo. They offer random nonsense ranging from impersonations of celebrities to potty mouthed rants about current events.
We've got sports results. We've got wrestling results. We've got Toonami ratings results. We've got a bad impersonation of the Pope. What else do you need?
Mrs. Abernethy's Cyber Chickens talk about the books in the Series of Unfortunate Events Series, impersonate characters, and more.
Listen weekly to be informed in interesting ways. If you're sick of getting your news from talk radio, cable news, or outrageous Facebook posts, you might like it here. This podcast may not be for you if you are opposed to: Trump impersonators, Rapper Economists, or Political Poetry.
Jeff Danger Radio
Conservative podcast sprinkled with satire, impersonations, and covering the left as they unravel.
My radio show is based on life philosophy, commentary, nfl news, celebrity talk and current events, and politics. Even throw in some celebrity and political impersonations like Suze Orman, Rachel Ray, Sarah Palin, Madonna, Oprah Winfrey, Martha Stewart and even some Barack Obama-believe it or not and do plenty of accents as well.
What has Manton gotten himself into? His impersonation has broader implications -- and more dangerous ones -- than he had imagined. (Summary by David Wales)
Comedy, Sketches, impersonations and 15 minute conversations about Chocolate!
Voice of Vedanta
Vedanta is one of the world’s most ancient religious philosophies and one of its broadest. Based on the Vedas, the sacred scriptures of India, Vedanta affirms the oneness of existence, the divinity of the soul, and the harmony of religions. Vedanta is the philosophical foundation of Hinduism; but while Hinduism includes aspects of Indian culture, Vedanta is universal in its application and is equally relevant to all countries, all cultures, and all religious backgrounds.A closer look at the ...
It's sipodshow-TV! Expect sketches mixed with celebrity snippets. (celebrity voices impersonated... poorly)
Join Mike, Sarah and Detroit Keith as they spend each episode meandering through the world of pop culture, offering their unique (and often misguided) opinions and jokes. They don’t rely on special guests to zest up the proceedings (unless you count their terrible celebrity impersonations). Rather, they get by on the sheer force of their personalities and their dynamite chemistry.
Dhamma Talks
Mahāhatthipadopama Sutta This is an important discourse that is involved, yet clear and precise. Ven. Sāriputta begins with a statement about the Four Noble Truths and proceeds to explain the impersonal (not-self) aspect of each of the four elements (earth, water, fire and air), showing how they relate to the five aggregates affected by clinging.
Fowl Radio
Fowl Radio is a packed hour of ranting, raving, terrible impersonations, questionable ideology, and overall entertainment.
You break it, you pod it uses an unapologetic approach to everything pop culture via table discussions, games, celebrity guest, and impersonations. Brought to you by artist Andrew Lopez, photographer Ulysses Salcido, and musician Zeke Meza.
The ultimate pop culture podcast, hosted by Greg and Rob in NJ. Topics include movies, celebrities, video games, current events, old cartoons, silly web sites, and idiotic personal experiences. We also feature interviews, improvised comedy bits, impersonations, and bands.
Hosted by NBA Impersonator Brandon Armstrong (@BdotAdot5) and sports writer Oliver Maroney (@OMaroneyNBA), B.O.S.S. is a once-a-week show which features a high-profile guest discussing the latest in sports and entertainment.
Invito Rex
In a fantastic world not too far ahead of us, Victorian sensibilities have brought back the monarchy, with a caste system that is lethally enforced. Dizzy is a con man, a commoner who makes his living impersonating the nobility. But one wrong turn leaves him trapped in the most dangerous place of all, the palace of the king. Invito Rex is the futuristic steampunk sequel to "The Hidden Institute".
Nathan Shattuck is a Christian Counselor and Spiritual Director with Soul Care Christian Counseling ( The 'Impersonating Ourselves' talks discuss the emotional and spiritual formation process of how God invites us to uncover and repent of the False Self we have been living in, acknowledge and live in the tension of our Real Self, and seek to ultimately live increasingly out of our True Self in Christ. Perhaps you've caught glimpses of what it means to be impersonating yours ...
The Tech Fugitives, Kyle Scarmardo and Mark Tierney, leverage their 55+ years of technology experience, vast humor and whit to simplify tech news into funny and informative bits to help you stay up to speed! We cover relevant topics and provide insight into how it can affect Enterprise IT and more. We also enjoy impersonating tech moguls such as Elon Musk, Jeff Bezzos, and of course our favorite critic The Spirit of Steve Jobs! We simplify the most complex content into simple entertaining ne ...
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In today's special Birthday Episode, we talk about everything you normally assciate with The Haunting: Animorphs, Owen Wilson impersonations, and we even take a field trip! Huge thanks for our logo to Gracie Bolland, who just started her own YouTube channel, A Modern Unicorn! Go check it out! She's incredible.…
Puma does an uncanny John Sterling impersonation. Puma gives his first top ten power ranking for the MLB season. We answer questions from our listeners.
Our favorite terrible reality shows; the OJ Simpson trial; Addiction & Jeremy's involvement in Narcotics Anonymous; Mass murders and conspiracy theories; Our love for words society would rather us not say; Jim Carey starting a podcast where he just does facial impersonations; Beheadings & life after death; Political polarization; Starting a cul ...…
This week, a telephone scammer makes a terrible mistake. He calls Alex Goldman. Further ReadingIf you suspect you are a victim of a tech support scammer, you see a suspicious pop-up, or get an unsolicited tech support email, you can make a complaint to the Federal Trade Commission by following this link, or by contacting the company that the ca ...…
Listen in this week as Mandy and Michael Review the new Movie “Isle of Dogs” as well as... plan Cochella and vacation outfits, do Britney impersonations and try to figure out the Abbreviation for Missouri!
This shorter episode covers a poorly thought out Bahrain Grand Prix preview. We pestered, bothered and cornered 1996 F1 World Champion Damon Hill and French Force India superstar Esteban Ocon for a quick quote (no impersonations this time). *parts of the story in meeting them were made up, it was at track, post race. (13:55) Adam tries to get L ...…
Episode 3 of Up Close Impersonal Podcast: Keep You In Mind. On this episode, Phella flies solo and touches on a few things you can do to keep yourself in mind and take care of yourself. Mindfulness Book: Meditation Audio: http://rodaledigitalbooks ...…
G-Man Impersonates his Mother's Voice + Fla. Sheriff Israel No Accountability + Rick Hendrick Auto helps LC Food Bank Easter Diner + Trump vs Amazon + Chinese Space Lab Crashing to Earth #BigFailFriday
The platform of platforms. The internet, the basis for your web platform. When we say web platform, we mean the internet. This is what amounts to the largest virtual ecosystem. Essentially the foundation of the entire virtual world. But at its fundamental level it is a “web” of computers linked together. All search engines are trying to do is t ...…
In this episode we deal with a heavier topic. One of our audience sent us an email saying that they suspect that their teenager is experimenting with drugs and or alcohol They wanted to know how we would approach that or if we had any insights that may be useful. We also cover Shitty people specifically those people who impersonate service men ...…
On a new episode of Punch Up The Jam, All Fantasy Everything's Ian Karmel & Sean Jordan join us as we poorly impersonate Australians, discuss Showtime's Billions, and eventually, dive into Rupert Holmes's sunny 70s ode to cheating and coincidence, "Escape (The Piña Colada Song!)" #SponsorUsTrumbo UNPUNCHABLE JAMS: “Rosa Parks” - OutKast, “Cry M ...…
Andrew is about to become a father, so we're getting in the parenting spirit with a two-part Leonard DiCaprio special. First up: Shutter Island! Will Andrew's love of Scorcese falter? Will Mike continue to be Canada's Greatest Liar? Do either of them have a good Leo impersonation? Download this episode and solve these mysteries with us!This epi ...…
It's a jam packed seventh episode where Danny and Chris talk about current wrestling figures and why they are/aren't collecting them. Plus, the potential of some 90's Sting and Narcissist cosplay, French Toast vs Pancakes (Sorry, New Day), and Karl Anderson's Instagram. All this, and Chris busts out his top notch Stone Cold impersonation. It's ...…
Chris, Travis and Gardner are all in-studio. Gardner gets distracted by reading Bill O’Reilly’s Tip of the Day. The boys are not surprised to hear that Mizzou freshman Michael Porter Jr. has declared for the NBA Draft. Cuonzo Martin’s Tigers program will be just fine. All-Pro defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh signs with the Rams. Rumor has it the ...…
Greg finally watches a clip of The Office and is predictably unimpressed. Matt imagines Greg as an old-timey gangster seeking revenge on his dad for boyhood whoopings. Matt wants to enter a gas chamber because of his lower back pain and offers live commentary to Seal's relatable hit single "Crazy". The two discuss toxic masculinity and do their ...…
Scouting discipline is constructive… … because it builds character through applying the Scout oath and law. When we think of discipline we often think of systems of rules and punishments. These things are more familiar to our Scouts than open-ended situation where they follow principles. Asking them to judge themselves rather than issuing judgm ...…
Join co-hosts Mark McNease and Rick Rose as we take a look at the headlines, the protests of 2018, a requiem for Craigslist, and ‘Love, Simon’, the story every gay kid deserves.
When you mix an 80s Swedish fairy tale with a Christian Bale performance that predates Empire of the Sun plus a man who will go on to impersonate George W Bush in the 21st Century plus Sir Christopher Lee is in the mix, well, you got the recipe for Mio in the Land of Faraway. Twitter/Facebook/Instagram: @KushAndKai Itunes/Stiticher/Google Play: ...…
For this episode of Up Close Impersonal, Phella and Lopez da barber discuss that thing. That thing that makes someone special, makes them stand out. What is it and who has it? Listen and find out. Feel free to email us with questions, ideas, feedback at We will respond to any and all.It can only get better.…
Undefeatable R 1994 ‧ Thriller/Action ‧ 1h 35m 4.1/10 · IMDb The boys of Simplistic Reviews are back! Let's be honest you never believed Ep. 100 was our last... did you? No we can't stop with all these crappy movies out there. Plus the current world we live in needs some terrible grotesque jokes. So sit back, turn off the lights and enjoy some ...…
Dublin native Al Foran has been catapulted to fame after uploading his impressionist videos online and garnering hundreds of thousands of followers. He’s now hitting the road for his ‘Impersonate This‘ tour which includes a Vicar Street date on April 14th. He dropped by the Nova Lunchbreak studio with his aliases Donald Trump and Conor McGregor ...…
Ned really struggled with his new weight set… Oprah has a special piece of custom made furniture… Ned & Josh are joined by GWS Giants star Shane Mumford ahead of their first game of the season this weekend… The ultimate Dave Hughes impersonation contest… The mash potato expert… Donald Trump makes twitter threats to Joe Biden… Ned & Josh catch u ...…
This show has gone to S#*T. The gang gets together to discuss the results from 3/17-3/21. Val joins us after a drunken night of kicking guys and roller derby chicks butt. Ivan is sober but somehow still sounds drunk. Pat and Danielle are wasted but that's OK because they still deliver a great show. New sound EFX added for whenever Ivan or Pat " ...…
Joe Piscopo is an actor and comedian who hosts Piscopo in the Morning on AM970 THE ANSWER out of New York City, where he discusses the news of the day without the progressive spin of most media outlets. He talks about his own political foundations, where he was once a moderate Democrat but now the Democratic party has become Progressive Sociali ...…
On Perth Tonight Barry Urquhart from Marketing Focus spoke to Chris about customers becoming disenchanted with impersonal, slow and inconsistent standards of online shopping at traditional brand sites.
On this episode of Unscripted Sports, we talk about the Jaguars' recent moves in free agency. We discuss Rory's win last week Arnold Palmer Invitational...and we discuss the NBA Playoff race! Who's got a shot? Who's a lost cause? Also: Today's Conundrum debut. PLUS Jeff and Taylor show off their best Shakira impersonations.…
Kindergarten Cop really is a classic movie. It has action, comedy, romance, 90's name it, this movie has it. It also has some amazing Arnold quotes which I will go over in detail with my terrible Arnold impersonation. Enjoy! Follow us on Twitter: @1HLpodcast Email us:…
The boys sit down with actor Derek Mio to discuss why Lance Armstrong is still the greatest and Derek shows off his spot-on Taye Diggs impersonation.
Why learning from my podcast is LESSER than learning from ME… What's going on everyone? This is Steve Larsen and you're listening to Sales Funnel Radio. I've spent the last four years learning from the most brilliant marketers today, and now I've left my nine to five to take the plunge and build my million dollar business. The real question is ...…
Listen to this audiobook free with a 30-day trial. Go to Title: Gatherer of CloudsSubtitle: The Initiate Brother Series, Book 2Author: Sean RussellNarrator: Elijah AlexanderFormat: UnabridgedLength: 22 hrs and 6 minsLanguage: EnglishRelease date: 07-14-11Publisher: Blackstone Audio, Inc.Ratings: 4.5 of 5 out of 189 ...…
I’ve realised I’ve been making the podcast for six months so it seems a perfect time to do the first Best Of show… In today’s edition you’ll hear all kinds of stories including hilarious tales of romantic dachsunds, shy comedians, female impersonators, midnight horse theft, nude dinner parties, accidental kitchen graffiti, dangerous deeds in Ne ...…
This week’s topic is baking as comedy partner and DnD player Kamen Cooley-Greene joins Ben & T to talk bread, bad haircuts, and Godly young men. Ben reveals his microphone fetish, T impersonates Barack Obama and Kamen rants about jelly. Zimbabwe!…
It’s our very first Bonus episode! We watched the 2004 film “Catch that Kid”. We also have our very first guest! We’re joined by Lucas from the D-COMedy podcast. Prepare for Go-karts, Rock Climbing, straight boys pinning after lesbians, Robert DeNiro impersonations and NOS and Bad Acting. We discuss many more things, like Luke’s first argument ...…
In Episode Six of our podcast, we get a closer look at the differences in speech patterns and get to hear Shaun impersonate his grandmother and totally not understand the use of adjectives in dialogue tags. This sounds vaguely boring, but I promise. It’s probably our funniest cast yet. Dog Tip For Life: We communicate with our bodies, not just ...…
Not all defenses are created equal. Just ask the Philadelphia Eagles. They may have found the key to their Super Bowl success around a table. Every Thursday night during the 2017-2018 football season the members of the defensive unit got together for a meal. One thing served up at the meal was a “no-phones” policy. There are times the phones ar ...…
The Names and Titles of Jesus – Jesus The Word/Logos This series of the names and titles of Jesus will give us a more in-depth understanding of Jesus Christ our Lord. This is the second in the series. The following is an outline. 1 In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. 2He was with God in the beginning. ...…
In this episode I talk about how to handle an RPG when not everyone can make it to the table on game night. I also start off the next season oh are game. The players sign up with Yasmine and are headed whats left of the La Forja Mobile Shipyard from the Wotan campaign.
“Mental illness is a complex subject and it gets compounded by the stigma associated with it. That’s why I know there are a lot of you out there suffering in silence.” ABOUT THIS SPEAKER Lavi Chimata is a seeker of goodness. She is known for her infectious laugh and knock-you-down funny impersonation of her wise & loving dad’s advice. Lavi brin ...…
2 people dead in shooting at Central Michigan University, Children found living in a box in Joshua Tree, Trump bashes Alec Baldwin's terrible impersonation, Feral cattle terrorize hikers
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