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Impolite Conversation
A podcast about life, the universe, and everything. With no filters.
Impolite Company
A weekly politics and religion podcast hosted by Nish Weiseth (Cosmopolitan, The BBC, Deseret News) and Amy Sullivan (TIME Magazine, Yahoo News, NYTimes).It's called Impolite Company because the rules of etiquette say that you're not supposed to talk about either politics or religion in polite company - presumably because those two topics can get people a little riled.But, if this is where being polite has gotten us, it's clearly not working.
A weekly podcast on which a libertarian and a socialist talk politics, culture, and history.
Impolite Company
A daily look into the mind of a mid-level stand up comic in the midwest. Often featuring conversations with other comics on the St. Louis scene, ranging from a first year open miccer to headliners. No topic is off limits, even those considered too controversial to be discussed in polite company.
Impolite Company
Religious considerations in the modern world. No preaching allowed.
Impolite Conversation: Religion and Politics
An scholarly-but-informal monthly chat at the intersection of religion and politics.
Impolite Company
Impolite Company is a podcast featuring conversations about politics, religion, money, and all those topics you can't discuss in polite company. Hosted by writer and content creator Timothy Wier, this podcast showcases a variety of opinions and delves into these important issues thoughtfully, honestly, and with just a hint of impoliteness.
Impolite Company
A weekly politics and religion podcast hosted by Nish Weiseth and Amy Sullivan. It's called Impolite Company because the rules of etiquette say that you’re not supposed to talk about either politics or religion in polite company—presumably because those two topics can get people a little riled. But if this is where being polite has gotten us, it’s clearly not working. So, screw that.
Impolite Company
A podcast featuring conversations about politics, religion, and other topics that can't be discussed in polite company. Hosted by Timothy Wier.
Really Impolite Company
Really Impolite Company sinks knee-deep into politics, sex, religion and everything else you aren't supposed to mention at the dinner table.
Movie Daze
Paul and Todd watch movies, talk about them and over them for your enjoyment!
Wrambling Writers
R.F. Dunham (fantasy/alternate history writer) and Josh Davis (editor, novelist, and publisher) give writing tips, share indie book reviews, and discuss religion, politics, and other impolite things.
Adventures of Old Mr. Toad, The by BURGESS, Thornton W.
The Adventures of Old Mr. Toad is another in the long line of children's books by conservationist Thornton W. Burgess. In this book, we follow the adventures of Old Mr. Toad as he joins the Spring Chorus at the Smiling Pool, shows off his babies, displays his special tongue to Peter Rabbit and has a very special encounter with Buster Bear. We also learn little lessons about life such as pride can burst like a great big bubble, your friends' hidden talents may surprise you and it is considere ...
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It's Monday, and Chris's guest had a last minute work emergency, so he's alone in the studio. He also forgot to bring his notebook, so he has no idea what to talk about. Mostly, he insults your parenting skills and shows that he's chosen the side of the robots in the next uprising, before playing another round of "These Writing Prompts Are Ridi ...…
Rafe Williams is one of the hardest working comics in #STLComedy. On today's Impolite Company, he shares a story from his childhood that is better than almost any kid's adventure story since Stand By Me.
Chris, Travis and Gardner are all in studio. Happy Friday! Chris Cyr stole our show’s closing music to use on Impolite Company. The guys recap an exciting first day of the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament. Travis attempts to backtrack on his March Madness bracket predictions. Tell us about your brackets! TT puts on his hoops analyst hat and bre ...…
Today's guest is Tom Brown, who books a regular stand up showcase at 66 Cigar Bar. Chris and Tom discuss Mexican food and comedy. Probably some other stuff. Get some fajitas for lunch.
Chris is alone today. He discusses a recent interaction with flat Earthers and other issues. Andre Mihalevich explains something.
Chris's guest today is his Wild Card Comedy co-host, JC Sibala. They discuss JC's kid, awkward moments in comedy, and say hi to JC's mom.
Chris is back from Chicago and ready to speak with Jeremy Hellwig. St. Louis Comedy fans know Jeremy fro Sorry, Please Continue, Fatal Bus Accident, and a ton of other things. Listen! Listen now!
AD on the Radio
Today on the show. We discuss the former NFL player who is a mental facility after posting a picture of a gun and ammo in a picture that tagged former team mates and his old high school, the US Olympians who were given the wrong medal, and the Olympics reveals some Canadians to be (shock horror) SOMEWHAT impoite.…
Chris is in Chicago today. So, Comedy Penthouse host, Yale Hollander fills in for hosting duties. Yale talks about sports, TV detectives, and makes a big announcement.
Chris discusses highway graffiti clean up, proper comedy club etiquette, finds a pen to click, and remembers what it was like to drink in the park.
Kenny Kinds has opened for Dave Chappelle. He's also a fixture on clubs and indie shows in the St. Louis scene, where he's a co-creator and host of Sorry, Please Continue, and the creator of Trill Ass Trailers.
Chris Cyr discusses the The Beatles with local comedy phenom, Ella Fritts. Ella is a fixture of the local scene, and was personally chosen by Maria Bamford as her opening act last summer.
It's just a typical 70 degree February morning in St. Louis. Perfect for sitting in the dark, alone, and thinking about the world. Chris gives career advice, discusses who's really responsible for global warming, and The Devil.
Tina Dybal and Chris discuss Russia, living in the burbs, and other things relevant to President's Day. Chris laments the loss of a 44 ounce Diet Coke.
Today's guest is Shannon Yarbrough. Shannon is a regular at the Funny Bone and Hey Guys Comedy. He's a funny comic and hosts a new monthly show in St. Charles, but what's really important is that he is the author of Dickenstein, a novel that mashes up the life of poet Emily Dickenson with the story of Frankenstein. Top that!…
On today's show, Angela Smith, host of All The Feels, a monthly storytelling show at The Improv Shop, tries to take over. She might have succeeded. Chris's sleep habits are questioned.
A guest! Will O'Donnell joins Chris in the studio. They talk about Will's meteoric rise from first open mic to first showcase, family stuff, and book jokes. It's a fun conversation. Chris also gives the origin of Ash Wednesday.
Happy Mardi Gras! Chris considers the effects of Ash Wednesday's placement in this year's calendar, and wonders why Mardi Gras isn't a more solemn day. Internet jukeboxes and the office microwave also make appearances. Just a typical Tuesday.
It's a Monday... Hot off a full weekend of shows, Chris realizes he forgot to book a guest. So he takes an hour to talk to you in the most relaxing voice you'll hear all day. At some point he realizes that someone didn't pay the Spotify bill this month. There's a good bit of advice on how to get into the WGNU studios whenever you want. And mayb ...…
Chris finds himself alone with himself for an hour. What man or woman among us can survive an hour alone with his or her own thoughts when coupled with the requirement to speak out loud to a faceless unseen audience? See if our hero survives this test.
Reena Calm is in town to help celebrate Comedy Here's Kelsey McClure's birthday, and support Planned Parenthood at a special show tonight at The Duck Room at Blueberry Hill. Based out of Chicago, Reena's a nationally touring comedian who also teaches new comics the ways of the craft at Second City in Chicago.…
Host Chris Cyr is joined by one of St. Louis's newest comics, Meredith Hopping. They discuss what it's like to be in your first year of comedy in St. Louis, the weirdness of comedy competitions, and her fear of the rapture.
Larry Greene is a regular performer at The Laugh Lounge, The Funny Bone, and on independent shows around St. Louis. He's one of the hardest working comics in town and we had a great discussion about his approach to comedy, school, comics with identity crises, and his upcoming shows. #DingDing
Aaron Sawyer has one of the best comedic minds in the city. His show Boondoggle is a bi-monthly sketch comedy hour at The Heavy Anchor. It's funny, sometimes weird, and always leaves you wondering what could happen next. We discover how boring it is to describe a sketch. We talk about writing, performing to empty rooms, love, loss, and mid-cent ...…
Scott James is a regular feature comic at The Funny Bone. Not only is he a great joke writer, he’s a good person for starting comics to listen to. He runs the weekly comics meeting at the Funny Bone open mic, and if you listen, you might eventually work the club. We discuss his first hosting weekend, giving advice to new comics, eavesdropping o ...…
The first episode features guest, and St. Louis Live’s most prolific texter-inner, Yale Hollander. Casual in nature and a good conversationalist all around, Yale’s the perfect first guest to have while I try to figure out how a microphone works. We discuss what made Yale take the plunge to start his comedy journey, why his kids don't miss him, ...…
Chris finds himself alone with himself for an hour. What man or woman among us can survive an hour alone with his or her own thoughts when coupled with the requirement to speak out loud to a faceless unseen audience? See if our hero survives this test.
Dostaniesz w pysk! English Phonemes: “doh-STAH-nye[sz] v pihsk” Literal Translation: You will receive in the animal face! Fun Fact, this is also the title of a song by an artist called “Wdowa” which means “Widow” in Polish. I just found that out. Anyway. It’s a phrase that means “Oh, you’ll get it!” like, “Pow! Right in the kisser!” It’s best c ...…
We are back! This time we are one #SliverBadger away from being #fullyhosted. And we also recorded this late on Frday after spending some time with the boys of the Anything But Credible Podcast recording a double sized double long episode for their show. With that said, here is what we covered and brought to the table on our late night recordin ...…
In this episode, we discuss Notre Dame's birth control reversal and the epic disaster of Roy Moore, Alabama's Republican nominee for the US Senate. We also talk about white conservative evangelical Christians again, because they can't stop being terrible. Nish also talks to pastor, author, and activist Jonathan Martin, about what the hell is go ...…
The Toxic People Detox | Self-Care & Difficult People Survival Strategies
Toxic People are difficult, but not all difficult people are toxic. In this episode, we explore the difference between a toxic person and a difficult person. Although they are sometimes used interchangeably, I do make a distinction.1:16 - Why being difficult is not always a bad thing.5:08 - Gas-lighting and why it's so insidious7:26 - What to d ...…
Note: this episode is being released almost two months after it was recorded, so a few things that are referenced will not make sense chronologically, like Todd still living in Dallas and Kuyk not having a job.Today's episode involves Kuykendall recanting the story of the first official date of the podcast which was actually a double date.Todd ...…
Poet and Whiting Award winner Safiya Sinclair pulled up and popped out in these super swaggy Alexander Wang shoes to talk about growing up Rastafarian in Montego Bay, Jamaica; poetry as an impolite body, how tourism in Jamaica disenfranchises the people of color who live there, and her poetry collection, Cannibal.…
Illustration by Charis Poon On MAEKAN It Up #013, Eugene and Charis discuss the bold move by Black Girls Code to say no to a $125K USD donation from Uber, and how creatives should look at their relationship with money thanks to a 2Bobs podcast (shout out to Myke for putting us onto it). Eugene talks about the anxiety doing MAEKAN It Up (1:51) B ...…
Learn English with the British Council and Premier League
In this week's Premier Skills English Podcast, Jack and Rich focus on being polite and the words and expressions you should use to show politeness. They look at some different situations where it is important to be polite and what you should say and what you shouldn't say. Your task is to look at some impolite or rude sentences and make them mo ...…
SuperParent Syndrome's podcast
My only son Deagan had strep throat and with his fevers and discomfort this required more and more of our attention. It also meant allowing him to rest and relax while the other kids had to go about their regular day. The other kids were not pleased. My oldest, especially, was totally jealous of all the attention he was receiving. She made this ...…
Ever wonder what you should or should not say during a meeting with a potential investor? Have you ever had an unpleasant meeting and wonder what went wrong? This is completely normal. And in today’s episode, Steli and Hiten will share what investors are expecting from you and how you can best prepare for those expectations. They provide valuab ...…
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