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London long-form improv
Wasting ALL the Time is a weekly audio improv comedy podcast hosted by Jonathan Hansen, Cody Parcell, and David Paterson with occasional guests. We improvise scenes and play improv games! This podcast is produced by Drowning Man Productions. (Music composed by David Paterson, logos designed by James Paterson & Sarah Lister)
Long-Form Improv comedy straight to the dome! PDC Inc members gather around the table each week to bulls*** each other and transform their conversations into long form Improv scenes.Hosted by Post Dinner Conversation Inc., Tampa's Original Comedy Company.(Music by Kevin MacLeod,
Well-known improv teacher and former Studio 312 host Jimmy Carrane explores the creative processes used to make great comedy.
Hey! Join Deedar, Tucker, & Garth every week as we spin yarns about the happenings in our trailer park and around the world. We do live improv here in New Orleans when they let us...Just give our podcast 3-5 minutes and if you dont like it we will come cut your grass no questions asked. Ya know? Also have you seen my G.D. truck keys anywhere?
Mouth Feels
Improvised comedy and music with the not quite 20/20 hindsight of editing.
Songs in the Key of Funny - Hosted by Kristin Key from Last Comic Standing. A Live Podcast that features Funny Songs and the Stories Behind Them. All Original Comedy Musicians and lots of musical game playing! | Executive Producer: Barbara Holliday. @LaughManager Host: Kristin Key @KristinKey Co Host: @Shaun Fisher VENUE: @FlappersComedy Filmed Live from Flappers Comedy Club & Restaurant located in lovely downtown Burbank: The Entertainment Capital of the World. ...
The Improv Obsession Podcast is the ideal place to hear fun and thoughtful improv discussion. Your host Stephen Perlstein brings you new guests from the improvisation community to have an enlightening talk about improv comedy.
Player Zero
Hi, I'm Player Zero and welcome to the Metaverse. I was part of a Virtual Reality gaming experiment that's gone horribly wrong and I've been pulled inside the game. The Metaverse is a hub where all the game worlds collide. I have to try to find my way to the end of the game and how to get back to the real world. With the help of my friends Roman the Tutorial Robot and Johnny Chaotic (The Glitch), we traverse from one game to the next to find our way through all the dangers (and laughs) this ...
The Two Black Eyes Podcast is an improv comedy podcast where four friends discuss movies as inspiration to improvise scenes that amuse and entertain.
A weekly comedy improv podcast documenting two friends’ interactions with a mysterious book.
A laser-focused, story-rich, improv comedy D&D podcast. Updates every second Monday. Season two marks a brand new campaign, so feel free to start there!
Unwatchable is an Improv and sketch comedy podcast. Featuring original sketches, recurring segments, and wit written and performed by Michael Watts and his friends. (Legacy episodes feature news commentary, but we all go through phases.)
Improv comedy based on meaty stories and topics with Josh Simpson, Jake Jabbour and special guests.
Shaun Cordingley (@Shauncord) and David R. Smith (@davidronn) are two improv/comedy guys who answer {PODCAST} listener questions every Friday, on any and all topics.
The Weisenheimers are an award winning improv comedy group from Omaha, Nebraska.
Kevin Mullaney interviews improvisors to find out what exercises and techniques they use in their improv comedy rehearsals and classes.
Florida-Based Improve Troupe The Escape Artisans bring you a fully improvised podcast based on the morning radio talk show format. Each episode of The Tomorrow show starts with a segment suggestion from the listening audience (health, media, pets, etc) and the rest of the show is improvised from there on in. The "regular hosts" of The Tomorrow Show (Betsy and Skip) never seem to show up, but they always have colorful stand-in host (or hosts) to ensure that the show goes on. Here's a little b ...
A Parody improv comedy show about paranormal activities and beyond.
A Comedy podcast Improvised on the spot by The Damp Knights - A Improv Comedy group from North Northumberland in the UK
Erie Canal Theatre
Erie Canal Theatre creates audio stories. Our lavishly sound-designed, improv comedy infused "Switchboard Infinity" spans 18 phantasmagoric episodes and also aired on WFMU. We recommend a binge listen. For 2017, we're creating a new batch of shows, such as the 1980s retro-noir comedy "Laughageddon" and a bunch of stuff that's still a secret. Subscribe and share today!
Are you a musician, writer, visual artist, or some other type of creative entrepreneur? If so, this show is for you! Host Bob Baker is on a mission to help creative people of all kinds use their talents and know-how to make a living and make a difference in the world! The podcast features interviews with a wide variety of people either working full-time or making a major impact in their chosen field, as well as helpful advice from Bob, who has been self-employed in the arts for most of his l ...
Why, America?!?
I'ts a mix of sketch/improv comedy when Satirical Host, Elroy Greene, dissects pertinent and superficial issues in his daily attempt to answer the crucial question: Why, America?!?
321Improv Podcast
321 Improv Comedy Podcast will bring tears to your eyes, a pain to your side and they’ll make your face ache with laughter! A 321 Improv podcast is unlike any you’ve heard before. It is a unique, behind-the-scene, comedy experience. No two podcasts will be the same!
Comedy Keys
A podcast for music directors and musicians of improv comedy
Scene Partners
A Conversation About Improv, Comedy, Pop Culture, TV, Movies, Relationships and Life.
Verbal Assault
In a world teetering on the brink of annihilation, five friends meet to have a few laughs and watch it all burn. Science, religion, news, conspiracy, and the occasional improv comedy: all options are on the table. Enter our bunker, crack open a beer and hang out with the dudes of Verbal Assault. Who knows? One day it may save your life.
Zoe Nightingale
You're Welcome is a satirical improv comedy show that is a hybrid of Howard Stern and Prairie Home Companion. Our goal is to find and share peoples stories, from all over NYC. ABOUT YOU'RE WELCOMELike most brilliant ideas, this show was started over a molotov concoction of alcohol and various illicit substances. Zoe had given up on her life long dream, of being the female Howard Stern years ago but finally set out armed with a folding table, a couple lawn chairs, and a foam board sign that r ...
Robot Sidekick
Robot Sidekick is an improv comedy podcast about anything and everything.
Drink N' Debate
The Drink N' Debate is an improv comedy competition in which four teams of comedians from all over the Pacific Northwest face-off for beer, glory and the title of MasterDebators! Hosted by Deece Casillas and Nick Cavasier, you can find the live show every month at the Spokane Comedy Club, and now also a weekly podcast. Join us each week as we sit down and talk with team captains, competing comedians, the judges and more!
ComedySportz Twin Cities: Improv Comedy Show in Minneapolis
An improv comedy podcast. Some things are better left unseen.
Fistful of Pixels
Fistful of Pixels is an improv comedy podcast featuring Mike Bachmann, Taylor Bliss, and Adam Bash where you send us fake video game titles and we figure out what that game might be! New episodes every other Sunday! You can send your titles to @FistfulofPixels on twitter or via the forums on Editing by Ashliegh Shadowbrook Artwork by TJ McKimmey Music by Hugo Silva aka Dr. Manhattan
Audio long form improv comedy scenes based off of one word suggestions and random questions!FOLLOW US @CthulhusLoveBbs
Mission IMPROVable is the touringest Improv Comedy group in the country. Come on in and hang out with us. So much video!
An improv comedy podcast from the minds of Rob Shaffer, Andrew Smith and special guests!
Living Room Long Form
Long form improv comedy, not very editied, recorded in our living room.
An improv comedy podcast about Games in Real Life. It's G.I.R.L. Talk!
On The 3rd Floor
Improv comedy podcast focusing on four misfits journeying through genres with a new guest star every week. Listener discretion advised.
'Eastwood Frisch Radio' is the podcast channel of renowned regional blues musician & entertainer Joseph Eastwood Frisch, and hosts both his Traditional American Roots music show 'Eastwood's Old Time Radio Hour.' (its the one people actually listen to) and his Comedy Improv show 'Eastwood Loves Everything.' Twice a month (every other monday) Eastwood hosts 'Eastwood's Old Time Radio Hour.' He sits down with a musician buddy to play and talk music, the more down home and old timey the better! ...
One movie critic, one movie lover - both comedians. Every week, Sean Collier and Aaron Kleiber, bring you reviews of movies, recorded immediately after an advance screening. No critical distance, no pretension. Just our thoughts and musings, before we even get home. Including special “retro” episodes with a look back at classic films and episodes about film awards, top film lists and more — sometimes including awesome guests!Follow us @SeanCollierPgh @AaronKleiber @TruthPodcastEngineered by ...
Dumbprov is a short-form improv comedy show with comedians both professional and amateur, hosted by two professional amateurs.
The year is 2117 and the Earth has been destroyed. Calum Walker hosts a podcast using the power of social media and time travelling audio files to try and bring the world back.Improv Comedy podcast based in Glasgow, Scotland.Twitter - @_timep3
An improv comedy podcast from the minds of Rob Shaffer, Andrew Smith and special guests!
We Are Roommates
Two iO Chicago students discuss their journey with improv comedy, life, and relationships. They are roommates. Email:
A podcast where we create a new superhero every week using nothing but a random Wikipedia article. Hosts Nick, Jake & Ryan take you on a banter-filled trip packed with world building, terrible improv comedy and lots of obscure pop culture references. Each episode ends with "The Payoff," where we cast the inevitable live action adaptation of each hero and have them face off against a real DC Comics or Marvel Comics character. Randomize it!
A Midwest counter culture burnout with a degree in political science from Ohio University and a degree in improv comedy from life U.
Off Beet Radio
We are an absurdist improv comedy podcast under the guise of a talk radio station from a parallel universe where people are stupider and bad at their jobs.
John and Sam in Japan: The International Comedy Podcast brings you the news you may have missed from Japan and around the world, interviews with people from all walks of life, live stand up comedy, comedy songs and much, much more.Comedians from all corners of the globe will showcase their stand up sets, improv comedy recorded live from around the world will set the podcast alight, and special guests will speak passionately about their areas of expertise. All this plus your hosts, John and S ...
Bum and Bummer
Kind of a mess, Drew and Charles sit down to talk about whatever they want. You could call it improv comedy, but... I won't.
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LIVE at The Improv Shop in St. Louis, Missouri! Sean Madden tells the place that St. Louis holds in the history of long form improv comedy. A very funny round of improv from Thom Murray, Analicia Kocher, Panagiotis Papavlasopoulos, Doug Imler, and Scott Gresham.
The multi-talented and effortlessly funny John Lehr is on the couch this week. The co-creator & Star of incredible shows like Ten Items or Less & the Hulu Original QuickDraw is talking all about growing up in Kansas, the son of badass social activist mother and a technologically efficient yet socially inefficient father who's talents made their ...…
This week we discuss the murder mystery novel about crows and aggresively dancing gangs on Mars, in Wolves Underground. Welcome to the Totally Unreal Book Club Podcast, or TUBC for short! An improvised COMEDY podcast where we discuss books and more, but the titles and all content are made up as we go! In association with, and comprised of, The ...…
This week we discuss the political thriller about the President of the United States who is secrety a literal pig, in PPOTUS: Capital McDonald the Secret Pig President. Welcome to the Totally Unreal Book Club Podcast, or TUBC for short! An improvised COMEDY podcast where we discuss books and more, but the titles and all content are made up as w ...…
Dan Frigolette and Nicholas Goliath sit down with the Comedy's Best Kept Secret Tour Podcast in Johannesburg Gatueng South AfricaGoliath, Goliath and Goliath, Goliath Comedy Club, Loyiso Madinga, loyisomadinga, mo mothembe, momothembe, eric jansen, ericjansen, ninahastie, nina hastie, gilli apter, gilliapter, nicholas goliath, jason goliath, lo ...…
THIS EPISODE WAS RECORDED BEFORE EPISODE 6 WITH PAUL VAILLANCOURT.The dudes talk about pet peeves and net neutrality, then an angry YouTuber stops by to give his complaints on the subject. Then they read Rolling Stone Magazine's top ten worst movies of 2017. They play Dontchu Dare Laugh. They read listener emails and share stories about celebri ...…
The erstwhile Brundlefly of British podcasting - also known as The Geek Show - returns for another tongue-in-cheek romp through the hallowed halls of science and technology news, and this time Rob and Graham - who can more often be found together on that notorious hotbed of cultural anarchy called Literary Loitering - are running the show. You ...…
Kid ‘n Play blew the roof off the Kid Goggles studio when the super-cool ‘n super-funny, James Knight, brought their movie debut, House Party. With special guest host, Tara Demmy, and more Martin Lawrence in the mix, things got so wild that John Witherspoon was gonna call the cops, but he couldn’t remember the number. Did James ever get the fla ...…
Guests Confused.Me Hardluck Hotel is Keith Bloomfield. Filmmaker : Photographer : Artist. Comics : Film : Gamer : Geek : Presenter/podcaster on @geekybrummie : Reviews & Views Confused.Me (@hardluck_hotel) on Twitter Hardluck Hotel - home of keith bloomfield Geeky Brummie - Bringing you the best in #Geek All that's #Geek in #Birmingham, Every S ...…
We've got Improv / comedy actor / person Paul Fedj with us for episode 2! We talk : - Comedy - Hitler's descendents - Is Facebook listening to us? - Tattoos - New apps Thanks to our sponsors for this episode : and Rufino Espresso. Follow us on socials : @DamagedGoodsPod on all platforms. Send us an email : DamagedGoodsPod@gmai ...…
Listen To This Article - Click Play If you’re looking for some laughs during your next vacation in the Smoky Mountains, you can’t beat the Gatlinburg Improv Fest! Returning to Gatlinburg, TN this February, this annual festival brings some of the best improv comedy troupes in the Southeast to the Smokies for two days of […]The post Gatlinburg Im ...…
We have a special guest. We discuss how many genders their are, fat shaming and deepfake porn. We tackle the lemons for leukemia challenge. You can also look forward to a rap off and improv comedy.To make a long story short, we stream our Podcast every Monday night and our gaming stream every Wednesday night either here on YouTube or on Twitch ...…
Whether you first heard of the idea of "improv" from a studio that went up in your hometown, from a rather recognizable televised comedy game that saw popularity in the last ten or fifteen years, or possibly even from conversations with performing arts majors on college campuses, most people will have some understanding of what improvisation me ...…
Scott Aukerman, host of the popular podcast “Comedy Bang! Bang!,” joins host Jenna Flangan to talk about the art of improv comedy and his role as the show’s “boring” character. Aukerman also shares how he came up with the name for the show and sheds light on how it offers a comedy classroom for those looking to break into the scene. MetroFocus ...…
This Podcast Is Art Episode 6 This week on The Podcast with The Most Accurate Title, Josh Jak, Bee Lion, and Bill Miller talk about whether or not comedy is art. Within that discussion, they end up talking about improv comedy and the insufferably cheery people who tend to be a part of it. They may be biased though, since they are stand up comed ...…
#04 Episode with Kelly Kimball DEC 27, 2017 Badass Quotes: “I was doing many things, not realizing that I was wanting to be in a relationship with fear.” (2:18) “I was not allowing the “more” through my very tight perfection.” (15:04) “What we’re really trying to do is be human.” (30:30) “I knew that was in me. I knew that it had to get fed and ...…
This week Dave wants to be a Viking queen, Cody is not a drill sergeant, and Jon actually cares about whether you jump or not. Also, please vote now! Show Notes: 00:00 - Cold Open 05:10 - Twittershins Rapidballs 10:38 - Fruitwards: Intoxicated Amusement Parks, Mindless Puns, Competitive Negotiation, Cosmetic Machinery. 28:25 - Improv Game of th ...…
Local hip-hop artist and film buff Eric Hauter joins Sean, Toni and Scott to discuss Tim Burton’s classic satirical fable. Plugs: Twitter: @CinemaWheelerte Facebook: Hashtag Comedy: Erik Sternberger : Amanda’s Picture Show A Go Go : It's All Been Done ...…
Does the Christian walk of trust in God have something in common with improv comedy?
Cameron sits down with comedian Gabe Liedman to discuss the impact of starting in improv comedy, feeling cool for the first time, and being proposed to.
Josh and Travis talk with Wayland McQueen (UCB Theater, DuckSnort Podcast) about improv comedy, growing up in Iowa and life in LA
Dave is joined by guest Kate Haugan from the improv comedy troupe HAM KITTY and the "OMG SO MANY THINGS" podcast to review the tasty tacos from RUDY'S Taqueria! Dave and Kate introduce the TACO TICKER Sounder (Weeeooo Weeeeoooo Crunch! Crunch! Crunch!) and discuss taco topics such as TACO CURSES, TACO FLAVORED POTATO CHIPS, TACO PHOBIAS and "DO ...…
Hashtag Comedy’s Sara Bucher Greer joins Sean, Toni and Scott to discuss Amy Heckerling’s 1995 satirical high school comedy. Plugs: Twitter: @CinemaWheelerte Facebook: Hashtag Comedy: Erik Sternberger : Amanda’s Picture Show A Go Go : It's All Been Do ...…
Love the show as much as we love you? Check out our Patreon page at Music abound! Irma's new love interest has a hard-on for music. Especially making up songs about the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Luckily they find an alien keyboard able to stop Krang's devious plot! Also, Basem and Cranny are joined by Sky Boggs, a ...…
Michael Mongiardi (Cast Member) Michael Mongiardi is a member of Assembly House team Jibber Jabbar, and is the improv coach for Improv League Champions Grim Diesel. He’s also one half of the lauded sketch troupe 2 Humans, recently voted 1st runner up for Now Magazine’s Best Sketch Troupe. He has toured across North America performing sketch and ...…
Dave Schwensen is the author of "How To Be A Working Comic: An Insider’s Guide To A Career In Stand-Up Comedy", "Comedy FAQs And Answers: How The Stand-Up Biz Really Works", and ""Comedy Workshop: Creating & Writing Comedy Material for Comedians & Humorous Speakers". His credits include Talent Coordinator for the television show "A&E’s An Eveni ...…
It’s another big guest week with special guests Jason Keezer & Rebecca Bost, and featuring special appearances by Jay Maus, Sheila McGuire, and Ed Parker! We start out with Awkward Pleas Corner, Nelson’s Family Circus Corner, and Will’s Son Made Friends with a Ghost Corner. Then we get into Will’s Mansplaining Corner, Will Slaps His Own Ass All ...…
Okay, listener, we need some of your suggestions for this episode. Give us a topic that Baconsale could talk about…. improv comedy? Okay. Now, give us a guest that we could bring on the show that would add some authority to that subject….. the founder of Quick Wits? Perfect! Today we're talking with the Bob Bedore about his experiences as a pro ...…
Will put out an open call for guests and all kinds of people ended up in the basement, so for this show we’ve got special guests Jay Maus, Sheila McGuire, and Ed Parker, as well as special appearances by Jason Keezer and Will’s son Oliver! There was so much going on and so much guesting that I missed the first few minutes of notes except for #G ...…
It’s the wonderful Halloween season and why not celebrate with the Language of Bromance in this years Brolloween. This is the episode where Richard and Shawn find the scariest stories they can on the internet and scare the socks off each other. Richard takes us on a trip to Hollywood for a couple of creepy stories. Have you heard about the curs ...…
Stefan Gearhart, of Damaged Goods Improv, and friends takeover the LEO Podcast for a Halloween-themed show.
This week on the podcast we talk to Burlesque Dancer and Bartender Rosie. We caught up with Rosie a while back at Holiday Cocktail Lounge one night when she was behind the bar. Her stage name is Rosie 151. It's the Bartender Journey Podcast Number 229! Listen with the audio player on this page, or subscribe in Apple Podcasts, Android or Stitche ...…
Comedy comes in many forms, each with its own history and style. And while it may be subjective, there's still some surprising science that makes comedy what it is today. This week on the Curiosity Podcast, we talk to long-time performer and teacher Lilly Allison, an expert with a firm grasp on the history and psychology of comedy. In this epis ...…
Amanda’s Picture Show A Go Go host Amanda Iman and veteran improviser/screenwriter Erik Sternberger join Sean, Toni and Scott to discuss Terry Gilliam and Terry Jones’s absurdist comedy masterpiece. Plugs: Twitter: @CinemaWheelerte Facebook: Erik Sternberger : Amanda’s Picture Show A Go Go : osc ...…
As Katie & Steve discuss studying, performing, and touring with the top improv comedy schools in the nation, they share why improv is so incredible for ANYONE to participate in, even if brand new to it.They make the case that the skills from the classroom translate to life in a powerful, life-changing way.…
On our first episode Matty welcomes Seth Lind and Moujan Zolfaghari from the new Sci-Fi, improv, comedy podcast Mission To Zyxx. They talk about how their hilarious new podcast is made, Ira Glass, and podcasting’s past and present. Plus, Matty and Producer Z give you tips on 3 great Sci-Fi podcasts you should be listening to!…
Yichao is a writer and improviser living in Seattle. Currently a narrative designer for the game Guild Wars 2, Yichao also was a writer for the game Magic: the Gathering and for Disney Imagineering. After getting a BA in English and Theatre and an MFA in Acting from California Institute of the Arts, Yichao's career has led him from playwriting, ...…
Dan Frigolette and Ben Kronberg travel to Memphis to do comedy and talk along the way about psychotherapy, the grind, and some nonsense as well. You'll like it. We swear. Comedysbestkeptsecret, comedysbestkeptsecretour, comedy’s best kept secret, comedy’s best kept secret tour, pod, podcast, frigolette, danfrigolette, dan frigolette, yannis pap ...…
Dan Frigolette and Kenny Garcia explore each other's man crushes, their obsession with woman, porn stars, comedy and how they navigate this thing called life. Filmed version available on Youtube.Comedysbestkeptsecret, comedysbestkeptsecretour, comedy’s best kept secret, comedy’s best kept secret tour, pod, podcast, frigolette, danfrigolette, da ...…
Improviser and WhatsACreative strategist/producer Rian Kountzhouse (@Kountzit, Train Caboose & Coconut Club) brings his brilliant brain to the studio to discuss his love of the CNBC business advice show, The Profit. He talks about the format of the show and the advice host Marcus Lemonis has given that Rian has brought back to his personal and ...…
Columbus Improv Meetup founder Jeremy Pelzer returns to join Sean, Toni and Scott in discussing Carl Reiner's classic 1979 Steve Martin vehicle. Plugs: Twitter: @CinemaWheelerte Facebook: It's All Been Done: Columbus Improv Meetup: Columb ...…
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