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Improvised Star Trek
Improvised Star Trek explores the final frontier of comedy by turning Star Trek into an improv office comedy. Taking suggestions submitted on Twitter and Facebook, the cast (featuring some of Chicago’s top improvisors) creates a fully improvised episode detailing the adventures of the USS Sisyphus, a less enterprising starship. New episodes are posted every other week. To learn more about the show check out our website, facebook page, or twitter! Improvised Star Trek is fan production. Star ...
It takes years for a Broadway musical to hit the stage, but on OFF BOOK: The Improvised Musical, you get a brand new original musical every week! Each episode, Jessica McKenna, Zach Reino and a special guest create a new musical on the spot. Looking for the archives? All episodes older than 6 months can be found exclusively on Stitcher Premium, ad-free. Go to and use promo code EARWOLF for 1 month free (and $5 off the annual plan!).
The Improv Obsession Podcast is the ideal place to hear fun and thoughtful improv discussion. Your host Stephen Perlstein brings you new guests from the improvisation community to have an enlightening talk about improv comedy.
An actual play D&D 5E podcast featuring Improvisers and Stand-Ups in VT
Welcome to this new podcast focusing on live and improvised musics. We’ll hear rock, jazz, Hindustani, and other styles from around the world. Relax with some old favorites or discover some new ones!
Podcast by Applied Improvisation
Once a month, a completely improvised broadcast direct from the North Pole. Find out what really happens at Santa's Village the rest of the year! It's not all about Christmas and making toys! It's like Welcome to Night Vale meets Christmas, but improvised. Created by Grant Baciocco (The Jim Henson Company, Mystery Science Theatre 3000, Wet Hot American Summer), Jayne Entwistle (The Good Place, Maron, Big Love) and Chris Sheets (The Concessionaires Must Die!, Night Of The Alien). presents introductory jazz improvisation lessons.
I challenge myself to create a new improvisation on a regular basis. For now, I’m limiting the improvisations to mandolin; I really want to push the instrument beyond its typical use. I’ll add other instruments later. The music will be mixed and processed with digital effects; I will edit it only if something is truly out of place. The idea is to eventually make an album of these pieces or variations of them. But for now, it’s just a fun project. -William Bradbury
Traditionally, role-playing games take place in the realm of fantasy, but we believe our real, mundane surroundings hold the exact same potential for incredible adventures. Unaccompanied Minors explores a world where the lives of middle schoolers are determined by casting a die in the style of a tabletop RPG. You may feel like every story has been told, but the tale of Unaccompanied Minors is truly unique and will slowly unfold turn by turn. Join the adventure!
Podcast by Dylan Rohde
Free ambient/instrumental/avant-garde music from Darkroom. Some studio tracks, some improvisations recorded live or in rehearsal.
Permutations of 88 is a series of piano improvisations, recorded mostly in Portland, OR, published as a blog at Each entry is a live recording of me attempting to shorten the distance between my brain and the hammers of the piano. I sit down with an empty head and slowly construct a piece of music using the subconscious pathways in my mind. Inspired greatly by the free improvisations of Keith Jarrett, these stream-of-consciousness recordings are released ...
As Ink performs an improvised longform known as "the Bat" - an improvised radio play.
World Improv Network (WIN) Improvised Comedy Radio Show
A story can come from anywhere. This is the idea Evan Fleischer explores on this podcast.
The Muh Grog Zoo Podcast features all new, all improvised radio plays from those renowned dudes, Muh Grog Zoo! Tacoma, WA is our home.4 separate mics.4 separate recording locations. This is our podcast to supplement our live Improvised One Act Plays. Catch us if you can.
Improv Yak
Improv Yak is an improv podcast hosted by improv teacher and Los Angeles improviser, Carla Cackowski. Each week Carla interviews an improviser about a specific technique that she admires in their performance and at the end of the show, Carla and guest improvise a scene in which Carla attempts to utilize the technique they discussed. Guests range from seasoned improvisers to first year improv students.
Improvised New York is a podcast devoted to the art of improvisation, with a specific focus on the New York improv community. Created in 2009 by Elizabeth Quinn and Justin Zell (members of The Wilhelm, a PIT House Team from 2008-2010), the first episode debuted on June 18, 2009 and the last episode was posted on February 10, 2013.
Podcast by Alex Barry
Hosted by Huw V Williams, he chats to fellow musicians about life and music within the jazz and improvised music world.
A little podcast about a little college town!Everything completely made up on the spot.New episodes every Thursday.Sound quality dramatically improves after the first three episodes, we promise.
Nate Smith is an improvisational comedian, a husband, and a father. He's not sure which is hardest.
Join host Tami Neumann in unscripted conversation with guests as they talk openly about life's challenges, surprises and joys and how they improvised their way through!
The stories of people who are doing extraordinary or unusual world-changing life work in which improvisation is playing a big role. Interviewing entrepreneurs, world-travelers, artists and misfits.
An Improvised Podcast by Podcasting Improvisers. Hosted By Kate Anderson, Josh Blair, and Sean Conroy
In our utopian mountain town, our Glorious Leader periodically grants one citizen's wish, through the Alabaster Peaks Lottery System. The winners are chosen through this weekly radio program. Hosted by Bradley Hall and Featuring imaginary characters and exclusively made up scenarios, this improv podcast is sure to make your wishes come true.
On "ADD Comedy with Dave Razowsky,” guests from the worlds of comedy, theatre, film, television, and literature discuss their journeys and life philosophies with podcast host David Razowsky. David’s an alum of The Second City Chicago where he performed with Steve Carell, Stephen Colbert, Amy Sedaris and numerous others. He’s the former artistic director of The Second City Hollywood, is a member of The Reduced Shakespeare Company, served as a consultant for Dreamworks, and taught for Steppenw ...
Phil Hendrie's historic improvisational genius goes to work everyday in this divinely hilarious satire of the modern media. And that's only part of what's really going on here. Get a hold of this top shelf entertainment from one of the acknowledged masters of comedy and social satire.
Improvised micro stories covering everything from current events to describing current locations, both real and imaginary. Sex, drugs, murder, mystery...happy and sad anecdotes, are just some of the wild and adventurous topics you will find. Let’s go!
Welcome to Firsst Draft: The Improvised Audiobook. The Podcast where we improvise an entire novel one chapter at a time. Be a part of the story by leaving suggestions on Twitter or Facebook @FirsstDraft or at
Improvised Hip Hop Rap Musicals
The Improv Obsession Podcast is the ideal place to hear fun and thoughtful improv discussion. Your host Stephen Perlstein brings you new guests from the improvisation community to have an enlightening talk about improv comedy.
Tarakaia is guitarist Kaia Fischer's improvisational platform. Season One is available in both podcast and album formats at hear her also in the bands Rainer Maria & Jinlap
Hosted by Kathy Klotz-Guest, this program is a fun, lively, improvised show discussing ways to make storytelling and content more "human." We're a jargon-monoxide free zone! The goal of this show is to make companies and teams better storytellers by providing great tips from smart, playful and fun guests who are doing interesting things in the world of storytelling, marketing, and improvisation. While this show is primarily for business owners and C-level executives within organizations, any ...
"On the Watch for the Active Ear"
Composition and improvisation in cross-cultural perspective - for iBooks
An homage/rip-off of Doctor Who, the Professor and his Associate, Maria Clumplestump, travel through the Universe and Time itself in the S.T.A.R.K.I.S.T.T.
This American Lie is a fully improvised Public Radio show based on that other Public Radio Show with a very similar name. Tune in for an hour of "HILAR-UDITE" entertainducation. It's smart, it's droll, it's made possible by listeners like you.
Creative Strings is for musicians and music-lovers, especially violin, viola, and cello players, looking to live creatively, whether in your musical education, projects, music career, in the practice room, classroom, onstage, or on tour. Each interview is edited carefully and mixed with a blend of musical clips from the Creative Strings community curated by jazz violinist Christian Howes. . Creative Strings is a non-profit organization with a mission to support music education through outrea ...
___O___Podcast link:
Ever wondered why some people seem to have a gift for music? Have you wished that you could play by ear, sing in tune, improvise and jam? You are in the right place. The Musicality Podcast is a mix of interviews and teaching, featuring some of the most inspiring and insightful musicians and music educators, talking about how to learn the core inner skills you need to feel like a "natural" in music and enjoy freedom, creativity and confidence. Topics include: Playing by ear, Singing in tune, ...
Improvising and analyzing a scene with host Jorin Garguilo. Send suggestions (for scenes, with subject line Suggestion) and for the podcast to
Listen to bedtime stories that are completely made up on the spot using our best ASMR (whispery) voices. Stories are made by YOUR suggestions by tweeting us a book title that doesn't exist yet with the hashtag #MadeUpBookTitle or sending us some lines to use in our story using the hashtag #MadeUpBlindLine to @MUBedTimeStory
New Departures
Sound and Music present hour-long monthly explorations into adventurous approaches to sound creation from the past and the underground and experimental music scenes of the present!
Piano Jazz Shorts
A preview of upcoming conversations and improvisations with Marian McPartland and the brightest stars from the world of jazz.
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Kelly Leonard is the Executive Director of Insights and Applied Improvisation at The Second City and President of Second City Theatricals. He has worked at The Second City since 1988 and has overseen productions with such notable performers as Stephen Colbert, Tina Fey, Steve Carell, Adam McKay, Seth Meyers, Rachel Dratch, Amy Poehler, Jason Su ...…
A special edition of the Spanish Jazz radio show 'Club de Jazz' where we conducted an interview with Mary Halvorson. Ten years after the release of her first recording, guitarist Mary Halvorson has become one of the most exciting and personal composers and improvisers of the NYC scene. Code Girl is her first group with a singer, for whom she ha ...…
In the latest episode of #LM2Talks, tune in for a conversation about black media using the foundation of a thesis I developed when writing a proposal for a paper exploring the civil rights movement in the social media era while I was pursuing my masters in communications and media. I’ll be exploring the shows Dear White People and Atlanta, as w ...…
In this episode, we (Scott Charvet and Cynthia Goosby) discuss the finer points of @-ing and learn why it's so important to respect machines. Our premise: using only major plot points from episode summaries online, we will improvise the story of each episode of the hit '90s sitcom Home Improvement.
In our second episode we talk with comedian/ improviser/ writer/ friend and most importantly the person responsible for the Crushing It logo!!!He lets us in on some ways to make a move on a crush and shares a life changing story about a past crush. Follow the podcast @crushingitpodcastFollow the host @rahhburt And follow CRUSHINGITPODCAST on Fa ...…
Episode 15 (Green Box Synth)Night at Sea is a weekly late-night podcast aiming to shift the mind towards the land of Nod. Peaceful meditation through ambient improvisational looping.New episode uploaded every Tuesday @ 10:30 P.M.Each episode is recorded live and mixed the night of release by Spices PeculiarExplore the full array of music, video ...…
It's our 10-year college reunion this weekend, but we can't make it. So we improvised a few scenes set there instead. Here's the first one.
The three person team TUSH joins The MEAT to tell all sorts of bizarre and interesting stories. Lauren Robinson talks about the time she found a fish on her pillow. Walt Delaney tells a story about a terrible trip he had at a Dave Matthews concert. Then Jessica Uhler shares a tale about losing her bottoms at a private island. These stories insp ...…
Windows updates were the Zetton to my computer’s Ultraman this Sunday, so I didn’t have any of my slides for the Ultraman panel at Anime Central. Fortunately, the crowd was great, and we were able to improvise something audio-only, even if it wasn’t exactly as advertised. On the plus side, this being a single audio file with no video, I could s ...…
Playlist: Neil Young - Tonight's The Night Miles Davis & John Coltrane - All Of You Elvin Jones Quartet - A Night In Tunisia Charlie Haden's Liberation Music Orchestra - Intro To People > Song Of The United Front > El Quinto Regimento > Los Quatro Generales Viva La Quince Brigade Pat Metheny & Charlie Haden - Message To A Friend Shadowfax - Roa ...…
Probably the most fun one we've done yet. The boys tell improvised stories using prompts we came up with on the fly. One minute to come up with a plot, three minutes to tell the story. We also make a competition out of it.
Music credits:Intro - Memory MinesTransitions - Colloquy (Live recording of their improvised set on 8/20/15 at Bancroft Street Market in Omaha, NE)Outro - Michael Childers - "Please, Sir"
Follow Vusive @vusiveMini-Mix starts at 1 hour mark.Vusive is a music project that has stemmed from various backgrounds and influences including hip hop, jazz, electronic, indie, and metal. Vusive has a large focus on improvisation and live instrumentation. Coming from a classical background of studying the violin for 14 years, as well as a bac ...…
On this Episode of Alabaster Peaks, we speak with Jazz Legend, Louis Armstrong and Troubled Youth, Methany Baker! Join Us! Questions? Suggestions? Music By Matt Polovka and Bradley Hall
ITS BONUS EPISODE TIME! This week we’re doing something a little different and giving you guys the chance to listen to our ‘pilot episode’. One sunny day in Whitstable, Kent. Matt and Dan met up and decided it would be good idea to start a podcast together. But what should it be about? After a series of terrible ideas from Matt, Dan piped up wi ...…
Nancy Salwen teaches singing to “non-singers,” beginners and anyone who wants to sing more comfortably and expressively. She is the author of the book (and online program), “The Fear of Singing Breakthrough Program: Learn to Sing Even if You Think You Can’t Carry a Tune!” She leads singing workshops in Vermont, New York City and California, off ...…
a very special occasion this week, as we have our first cross over! with the podcast New To Tees ( who's entire series i shared to our sound cloud, for you listening pleasure. a podcast about a couple of non ironers living in the Tee side valley. unfortunately we only had 1 of the hosts, who fans will remem ...…
Crank Playthings 63 00:00 - Why - Bent Folk 19.06 - Hobart Improvisations 3 - Motte 33:07 - GRAVE I + II - NIISA 49:26 - Built Like A Brick Shithouse 5 - Henderson, Mettler, Foisy, LachanceBy (James E Robinson).
Some acoustic instrumental music with a loop station and pedal board.
In an electrical circuit when multiple outcomes might be possible and the circuit arbitrarily decides on one or a form of improvisational theatre “freeze tag”. Or something else, maybe. Our conversations detour to winter tires and coffee inception, sending email to random contacts in one’s address book and down a rabbit hole explaining why we a ...…
Legendary musician Steve Hackett joins us for this lengthy interview upon completion of his North and South America tour, which mixed songs from his vast solo repertoire with selections from Genesis’ history. Steve continues to create new music at a steady pace, releasing studio and live albums to much acclaim and success. He just released the ...…
Elias and Sean talk about automation – from systems of human-based automation that have existed from ages past to the scripts that run on their computing devices today. Links and Show Notes xkcd: Algorithms Lotus 1-2-3 - Wikipedia Gaussian Elimination - Wikipedia A Time to Gain, a Time to Lose - All this Dr. Drang (@Drdrang) | Twitter xkcd: Aut ...…
For decades, improv groups all over Maine have been pushing boundaries with their audiences and, of course, making people laugh. What’s the secret to a successful improv act? We go inside the world of improvisation, from how it’s used in corporate and educational settings to the history of improv in Maine and how improv can be an art form.…
On episode 5 of On Creating, Travis and Estar interview Tori & Jason Tomalia, owners of Ann Arbor's Pointless Brewery & Theatre. The four discuss the parallels of comedic improv and Jazz improvisation, the struggles and joys of building a business focused on creativity from scratch, and Jason's unique craft beer. Also, Ben and Estar discuss Est ...…
Perry and Laura talk with Fragnance Conchord. Follow Fragnance on Twitter: @FConchord Fragnance is an improviser in Nuggets and a contributing writer for Robot Butt and Blaffo. Riff Raff Revolution is a KnaveryInk podcast.
It's our first video game review, and we're discussing the Japanese/American classic Spanish Space-Shooting Farmlife Dating Simulator Space Animals in Space with other Space Animals! We also delve into a bit of video game history, and we actually discover the cause of the great PSN Outage of 2011! Welcome to the Totally Unreal Book Club Podcast ...…
Today's guest is tenor saxophonist Matt Anderson. We talk ska punk bands, Wayne Shorter and musicians who are literally on fire. All the music is from Matt's latest album 'Rambling', the tracks featured on the show are 'The Ayes Have It' and 'Norrebro'. You can follow Matt on his website; If you'd like to donate ...…
An ambient improvisation for you, as we close out microKORG week here on the podcast. It's been great to reacquaint myself with this synth, and I will definitely be spending more time with it in the future. Have a calm day and a wonderful weekend! We'll see you on Monday for Volume Four! Also, today is my sister's birthday, so congrats to her!…
Poet and singer songwriter, Bill Direen joins us to perform a song in our Auckland studio ahead of his show tonight at the Audio Foundation in Auckland, Expendable Animals: Songs and Improvisations by Bill Direen and Guests.
Poet and singer songwriter, Bill Direen joins us to perform a song in our Auckland studio ahead of his show tonight at the Audio Foundation in Auckland, Expendable Animals: Songs and Improvisations by Bill Direen and Guests.
Dr. Tarek Loubani shot in legs, Gaza hospitals forced to improvise due to lack of basic supplies.By Nora Barrows-Friedman.
Dr. Tarek Loubani shot in legs, Gaza hospitals forced to improvise due to lack of basic supplies.
Improvising blindness
Philadelphia Live Music Review podcast for Wednesday May 16, 2018. On this new episode from I'm Not Listening, Matt and Steve discuss a group out of Oakland, CA called Tune-Yards (@tune-yards). We saw them over at Union Transfer on May 10. Much like Tune-Yards does during their performance, we improvised our way through this podcast. Matt can’t ...…
Dr. Tarek Loubani describes being shot in the legs by Israeli sniper as Gaza hospitals are forced to improvise with lack of basic supplies. Photo courtesy of Tarek Loubani (in blue scrubs, in a photo taken on 11 May. His colleague, Mousa Abu Hassanein, second from right, was shot and killed on 14 May). Read more: ...…
GOOD MORNING, GOOD MORNING! The first entry into a collection of piano improvisations - "Background Noise" Today I have some afternoon piano noodling for you. I sat down at the piano and let my mind wander - this is the result of letting go. I present a bit of a meditation to find that calmness within your own mind. Listen and let go. -Josh Sho ...…
In this episode, we (Scott Charvet and Cynthia Goosby) put the "man" in "manners." Our premise: using only major plot points from episode summaries online, we will improvise the story of each episode of the hit '90s sitcom Home Improvement.
Starts a little more driven this set. Making it up as you go you feel things out throughout the set. Always fun writing music on the spot. Enjoy!
Improviser and friend of the podcast Clint Page joins us for a weird round of 99 Jokes.
Legendary Iowa Hawkeye and Drake Bulldog play by play announcer Larry Morgan tells stories from his career. Improvisers Andrew Rasmussen, Mari Moroz, Mike Kitzman, and Robert Britton join host Will Frazier for a hilarious and ridiculous round of improv.
On this episode of the podcast we cover the mockumentary, This Is Spinal Tap. We talk improvised scripts, rock'n'roll culture, and The Nanny conspiracy theories.Follow us on twitter @whywtpodcast!Theme music by The Sea Life…/The_Sea_Life/
Kara went on a 10 day West Coast tour playing shows with Carly Van Skaik and now that they are back Katie gets the low down! Tune in to hear about their favorite city on the tour, the most interesting "tip" they got, their newest fan, and how to improvise in a frat house attic!
Driving songs to fall asleep to, or relaxing songs to yoga to, or improvised instrumentals to listen to as you go about your daily business. :)
Naser is a special podcast guest. He is not just a valued colleague of mine, no he is in my eyes also inspiration for many young people who are lost in knowing their true self. Naser describe himself as minimalist, coach and hippie, on a quest to discover what makes human beings feel alive, happy and fulfilled. He kept asking „What makes a huma ...…
Episode 17 (ft: Jacob Patalive)Dante Villagomez: Green Box SynthJacob Patalive: Gibson SG and Violin BowNight at Sea is a weekly late-night podcast aiming to shift the mind towards the land of Nod. Peaceful meditation through ambient improvisational looping.New episode uploaded every Tuesday @ 10:30 P.M.Each episode is recorded live and mixed t ...…
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