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The Truth About ICD-10 podcast provides healthcare professionals (front desk, clinicians and billers) with tips and strategies to get more patients and improve documentation, billing and compliance as they transition to ICD-10.
The goal of Ignition time is to ignite growth in healthcare practices with powerful, life changing ideas from brilliant minds, world class authors and influential figures... delivered to you in content-rich podcasts, each of which last FIVE minutes or less. Healthcare practice owners across the world will learn new ways to get more patients, trigger referrals, automate and streamline operations, create high value cash paying programs, manage staff, document effectively, get paid more, faster ...
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Money. We need to ask for it with confidence and conviction. All private practice owners and staff members must develop a better, healthier attitude towards money.
Screen. Discover how to identify and screen the best medical billing companies for your practice. This is an important decision and there are several critical things to consider.
Delegation. If you're trying to do everything, you'll end up doing nothing. If you want to grow your practice, live by a simple rule - Delegate or die.
Passion. If you have it, your practice will skyrocket. If you don't, here's how you can ignite passion in your staff and your patients, and reinvent your private practice.
Acquisition. Know your metrics so you know what's working and what isn't. Do more of what's working, and stop wasting money on the things that are not working. What is your patient acquisition cost?
Compliance. Two attributes encourage patients to be compliant with their appointments, and their treatments. Increased patient compliance leads to healthier, happier patients who recover faster, and become your biggest advocates.
Unique. How to make sure your service, your processes, and your marketing are so unique that copycat competitors will never catch up.
Profiling. It's not what you think. It's a simple, yet powerful technique to increase referrals and grab the attention of referral sources by establishing instant credibility.
Cancellations. They happen all the time. The way you handle cancellations determine how you are perceived by your staff, your patients and your community. Discover the right way to handle patient cancellations in this episode.
Consistency. An empowered patient is not only well treated, but also well educated. Consistency of communication and the quality of information disseminated to the patient set the foundation for a long standing patient relationship.
System. A set of processes that allow any outside party (staff, investor) to insert other people into your practice and enable it to grow. A practice owner without systems is a glorified employee, chained to his / her own practice. A practice owner with a system has freedom, flexibility and time to pursue other interests.…
Important. The things that are the most important don't seem very important, in fact they are not urgent. The best thing you can do for your practice is to focus on the things that are important. Ignoring this principle could put you in a constant downward spiral, where you are constantly scrambling to deal with things that are urgent and impor ...…
Culture. The one word that describes your practice. Would your employees say the same word? How about your patients? In this podcast we talk about culture and the importance of creating a culture that will drive your practice forward.
Cash. The recent trends of declining coverage, skyrocketing copays and high deductibles can facilitate cash paying programs. Jarod Carter PT, DPT helps you transition to an out of network, cash paying model to help grow your physical therapy private practice.
Cost. Most practice owners know the average reimbursement per visit, but few know the cost of patient acquisition. Understanding cost of patient acquisition allows you to identify and grow marketing campaigns that work, and shelve campaigns that don't.
Metrics. Andrew Vertson PT, DPT, ATC is a metrics genius. The owner of 3 clinics in California, with over 1600 patient visits a month and a lecturer at Loma Linda University, Andrew has mastered metrics to scale his practices. Andrew holds nothing back, and shares his best advice on financial management and metrics in this episode of Ignition time.…
Objective. Would you treat a patient without knowing what was wrong with them? Probably not. If that's true, let's be honest. Why would you do any type of marketing if you are not clear about your objective? Learn how to identify one of THREE major objectives in your marketing.
Scale. Neil Patel knows what it means to scale and shares his best advice. He is the co-founder of Crazy Egg, Hello Bar and KISSmetrics. He helps companies like Amazon, NBC, GM, HP and Viacom grow their revenue. The Wall Street Journal calls him a top influencer on the web, Forbes says he is one of the top 10 online marketers, and Entrepreneur ...…
Social. Greg Todd PT shares the importance of social networks in the growth of your practice. The more networks you create, the bigger your practice will become. Social allows you to create networks faster than ever before.
Speed. In business, and in practice, 80% of a job well done, with speed of implementation, is way more valuable than 100% precision and delays (the pursuit of perfection).
The biller / coder shares responsibility with the clinician for the successful implementation of ICD-10. Discover different scenarios in which the review of the claim is driven by clinical documentation.
The clinician has the highest responsibility with ICD-10 implementation, and is responsible for compliant, detailed documentation. This drives the selection of the right ICD-10 codes, which are reviewed by the biller / coder prior to claim submission.
Learn key insights about what the front desk can / should do and should avoid when it comes to ICD-10 implementation.
The 'clinical jigsaw puzzle' is a vivid picture of the clinical documentation that must support and reinforce the selection of the appropriate ICD-10 code.
Rehabilitation professionals like physical therapists and occupational therapists should understand the difference between medical and rehab diagnosis during the transition to ICD-10.
The sooner a clinician gains expertise with ICD-10 coding, the better. Preemptive documentation will allow clinicians to become familiar with the new coding and facilitate compliant, precise and detailed documentation.
The first few months of implementation will be a critical time for practices financially as they deal with inevitable errors that mistakenly deny claims and require multiple resubmissions, further slowing down the system and cash flow. In this podcast, protect yourself against the single biggest mistake in the transition.…
Some consider ICD-10 to be the equivalent of the atomic bomb for private practice owners. On the contrary, it's an essential evolution and (for some), one of the biggest opportunities to improve quality of care and increase reimbursements.
The increased specificity and granularity associated with ICD-10 presents new financial opportunities for healthcare professionals.
Discover exactly what clinicians need to do to transition to ICD-10 with a simple approach towards compliant documentation.
In this short podcast, learn about the three concepts critical to your ICD-10 preparation.
Learn about the several advantages to ICD-10 in a clinical setting, ranging from improved patient care to greater interoperability of information.
Relying on the CMS GEMs translations can cause problems with documentation, billing and coding due to a lack of specificity. Discover how to avoid dependence on GEMs.
ICD-10 codes will open new, unprecedented opportunities to communicate with patients in targeted, segmented ways like never before. Learn how ICD-10, when used correctly, can benefit your marketing efforts.
It's crucial to assess the level of preparation of vendors (EMR, billing software, clearing house, billing staff) because a lack of preparation can lead to payment disruptions. Discover the right questions to ask as you prepare for ICD-10.this podcast.
Like it or not, ICD-10 will impact your relationships with payers and the way your claims are adjudicated. All clinical documentation is going to be subject to a higher level of scrutiny. Discover how to stay one step ahead of payers with this podcast.
Discover how to create an inventory of, and prepare for changes in systems and software as you transition to ICD-10
There are a lot of different opinions on how best to prepare for ICD-10. In this episode, Nitin Chhoda will cut through all the clutter and help you understand the bottom line for ICD-10 transition.
The best approach to ICD-10 involves the identification of systems, software and people involved in the transition.
In this episode, Nitin Chhoda PT, DPT provides a 10 minute overview of how to prepare for the upcoming ICD-10 transition.
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