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Independent Everything
A live discussion on Independent Music, Artist and Labels and all things associated with being Independent in the music industry.
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Now more than ever independent artists thirst for an opportunity to be heard. Indie Review Radio is the catalyst to do just that. Each week the show will feature the best and greatest in the world of independent musicians artists and seasoned industry professionals. The show will include new music by indies, the latest in industry trends by sea ...…
If you’ve not experienced the frustration of a well selected private label product that simply won’t sell yet, you probably will in time. When a product won’t sell but it looks like the market is a pretty good niche to be in, there are usually some fundamental things wrong with the product listing itself. On this episode of The Amazing Seller, ...…
A lot of new and innovative ideas have been spoken into existence over at Metal 2 Music Records and we are just crazy enough and faithful enough to BELIEVE that all things are possible through Christ. Join Franz, Nakia and Delshun LIVE as they candidly discuss the exciting direction that the label is taking, new artists, upcoming projects, new ...…
hidden experience audio
Suzanne Gordon speaks about her research into the Near Death Experience (NDE) something she has experienced herself. During the interview she listed off some things reported as after effects to the NDE. Everything on this checklist closely matches what is being reported by people who claim UFO abductions, enough so that I realized I needed to t ...…
In part three of our series, how the rise of app stores and social networks is making the way we use the net cleaner, easier and far more controllableIt was in May 2008 that Jonathan Zittrain first sounded the warning. While the argument was raging, as it is now, about censorship of the internet by governments seeking to control what their popu ...…
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