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The story of technological progress is one of drama and intrigue, sudden insight and plain hard work. Let’s explore technology’s spectacular failures and many magnificent success stories.
James Caan discusses his impressive career and offers his top tips on running a successful business. As one of the UK’s most successful businessmen, his name has become synonymous with entrepreneurship. James also discusses his latest entry into the digital realm with his new app, James Caan Business Secrets. Moderated by editor from The Sunday Times, Paul Croughton, at the Apple Store, Covent Garden, London.
Podcast by Hoff & Dunn
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Episode: 1529 Osborne Reynolds: of sand Reynolds Numbers. Today, a great Victorian engineer.By Dr. John Lienhard.
Hoff and Dunn discuss a variety of off-color subjects to fill your mind and keep you thinking.
Episode: 2771 Shorthand: Past, Present and Future. Today, to the point.By Dr. Andy Boyd.
Episode: 1527 How Clean Water triggered the Great Polio Epidemics. Today, we wonder where polio came from.By Dr. John Lienhard.
Episode: 2769 Math Wars: The progressive math movement in the late twentieth and early twenty-first centuries. Today, math wars.By Dr. Andy Boyd.
Episode: 1526 Learning speech: the Paleolithic technological explosion. Today, we learn to talk.By Dr. John Lienhard.
Hoff deliriously rants about Coco, Masterchef, a Star Wars video game, and Popeye's chicken.
Episode: 1525 Liberty ships: an amateur takes over the trade. Today, an amateur builds ships.By Dr. John Lienhard.
Episode: 2767 William P. Lear: Beyond the Learjet. Today, reaching for the sky.By Dr. Andy Boyd.
Episode: 1524 The other great fire of 1871: Peshtigo, Wisconsin. Today, the other great fire.By Dr. John Lienhard.
Episode: 2766 Do Wrist Mounted Pedometers Really Work? Today, an investigation.By Dr. Andy Boyd.
Episode: 1523 On saying goodbye to lighthouses and cabooses. Today, we say goodbye to lighthouses and cabooses.By Dr. John Lienhard.
Hoff Solo Episode 2: Shape of Water, Stanley Cup, and Solo by Hoff & Dunn
Episode: 1522 A 1950 prediction of technology in the year 2000. Today, we go fifty years into the future.By Dr. John Lienhard.
Episode: 2764 The New Math Movement. Today, a revolutionary idea — that failed.By Dr. Andy Boyd.
Episode: 1521 John P. Parker, slave, freedom-fighter, inventor, and businessman. Today, we follow a slave out of slavery.By Dr. John Lienhard.
Episode: 2762 Mathematics and the Early 1900s Progressive Education Movement. Today, Uncle Sam's better half.By Dr. Andy Boyd.
Episode: 1520 In which automobile makers gradually learn aerodynamics. Today, aerodynamics and automobiles.By Dr. John Lienhard.
Episode: 1519 Learning to acquire knowledge and create it at the same time. Today, we wonder where knowledge comes from.By Dr. John Lienhard.
Episode: 3176 Graph Theory and the Königsberg Bridge Problem. Today, we take a stroll.By Dr. Andy Boyd.
Episode: 1518 A concern about computers and the redefinition of reality. Today, we try to tell fact from fiction.By Dr. John Lienhard.
Episode: 2760 Mathematics and the Early 1900s Progressive Education Movement. Today, doing away with math.By Dr. Andy Boyd.
Episode: 1517 The very odd bridge that Roebling almost built. Today, a strange bridge.By Dr. John Lienhard.
Episode: 1516 In which we must save the lore as well as the plants. Today, we have to save more than the endangered plants.By Dr. John Lienhard.
Episode: 3175 Practice and Reprogramming the Brain. Today, practice, practice, practice.By Dr. Andy Boyd.
Episode: 1515 The would-be discovery of oxygen and scientific revolution. Today, let's try to find out who discovered oxygen.By Dr. John Lienhard.
Episode: 2759 Engineering efficient traffic flow. Today, point A to point B.By Dr. Andy Boyd.
Episode: 1514 The resistance movement: a look at ongoing evolution. Today, we watch creatures evolving around us.By Dr. John Lienhard.
Episode: 1513 The Accidental Creationist: In which science changes with the telling of it. Today, the problem of telling about science.By Dr. John Lienhard.
Episode: 3174 Marion Donovan: The Woman Who Engineered A Better Diaper. Today, engineering the diaper.By Dr. Andy Boyd.
Episode: 1512 The corner store: a retail outlet that is lost but not forgotten. Today, let's buy candy at the corner store.By Dr. John Lienhard.
Episode: 2748 Land Grant Colleges and the Morrill Acts. Today, college for all.By Dr. Andy Boyd.
We've "mastered" the audio issues! We discuss about 1,000 subjects in this free for all of a podcast including Jumanji, Megalithic Structures, Mustaches, and Fighting Robots.
Episode: 1511 In which the lotus blossom gives a lesson in engineering design. Today, lotus petals and high-tech.By Dr. John Lienhard.
Episode: 1510 Thomas Sopwith's hundredth birthday. Today, we meet the oldest airplane designer.By Dr. John Lienhard.
Episode: 3173 Understanding Saint Anselm of Canterbury. Today, unleashing reason.By Dr. Andy Boyd.
Episode: 1509 Late 18th century competition among roads, canals and railways. Today, we look at roads, canals, and railways.By Dr. John Lienhard.
Episode: 2754 Behind Home Economics. Today, a different kind of economics.By Dr. Andy Boyd.
Episode: 1508 The alchemists and chemistry before the middle 19th century. Today, we remember alchemy.By Dr. John Lienhard.
Episode: 1507 Rediscovering lighter-than-air flight. Today, do you suppose you'll ever get to ride in a dirigible?By Dr. John Lienhard.
Episode: 3172 F. Emerson Andrews and the Duodecimal Number System. Today, a call to action.By Dr. Andy Boyd.
Episode: 1506 The invisible invention of the clock. Today, we look for the first mechanical clock.By Dr. John Lienhard.
Episode: 2743 The changing book club. Today, a club.By Dr. Andy Boyd.
Episode: 1503 The second generation of women fliers comes to maturity. Today, a new generation of women fliers.By Dr. John Lienhard.
Episode: 1502 In which the temptress Moon leads calendar-makers astray. Today, the moon deceives us.By Dr. John Lienhard.
Episode: 3171 Dave Thomas and Wendy's Old Fashioned Hamburgers. Today, we don't cut corners.By Dr. Andy Boyd.
Hoff ventures alone into the Great Unknown of podcasting with nerdy opinions and life views.
Episode: 1501 The orientation of continents determines their development. Today, the advantage of being horizontal.By Dr. John Lienhard.
Episode: 2741 Frederic Tudor: Ice King. Today, ice heads south.By Dr. Andy Boyd.
Episode: 1499 Domestic animals: A tricky marriage between human and beast. Today, we try to domesticate a wild animal.By Dr. John Lienhard.
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