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Finnegan is one of the largest intellectual property law firms in the world. The Finnegan podcast series covers highlights from the firm and latest developments in patent, trademark, copyright, and trade secret law, including counseling, prosecution, licensing, and litigation.
IP...Frequently - for the first time ever - making patents and IP fun, or just making fun.
Decoding IP Blog
Protorae Law’s DecodingIP™ podcast covers intellectual property IP and technology topics, including patent, trademark, and copyright issues, and fun tech and pop culture IP issues making headlines. We don’t deliver canned, boring summaries of lawsuits or use confusing legalese. Instead, we explain what the intellectual property issues that are grabbing headlines mean for you and your business, in plain English.
McDermott’s Reverse Engineered: Conversations on IP brings together leading professionals to discuss some of the latest developments impacting intellectual property today. Reverse Engineered addresses issues and challenges surrounding patents, trademarks, copyrights, and trade secrets. Reverse Engineered provides timely information and substantive interviews that help business leaders and in-house counsel navigate the ever-evolving legal IP landscape.
IPS Radio
We are a product design and development firm with an Unrelenting Dedication to Great Product Design.
IP Counsel
IP Counsel is a monthly legal podcast covering the latest information about intellectual property including patents, trademarks and copyright issues from a legal perspective in any business sector.
Every so often, Adam and Mark get together to talk random stuff and happenings. From the latest in video games and technology to our favorite pop culture.
Contains podcasts for the Introduction to Intellectual Property Course at the University of Hawaii
IP Soundings
The Arent Fox IP Soundings blog hub offers a window into the world of intellectual property through articles, video, news, blogs, and more. Look for interviews featuring seasoned attorneys and guests speaking on a range of IP topics that affect people and businesses both in the United States and throughout the world.
IP Address
EBTBBY's #1 Podcast
B2 IP Podcast
Bejin Bieneman hosts a monthly B2 IP Webinar series that covers an array of topics relating to U.S. patent practice. The typical structure of the webinar consists of one attorney who presents on a topic that is prevalent to the intellectual property law world. Throughout the webinar, attendees are free to ask questions using the chat feature of the WebEx program. The presenter opens up the floor at the end to any additional questions or comments. Once the webinar is complete, the recording o ...
IP Talk Radio
Tune into IP Talk radio, a monthly podcast series coming to you from the Ericsson campus in the heart of Silicon Valley. Listen to industry leaders and personalities as they discuss IP networking-related issues, including LTE/EPC. Subscribe to IP Talk Radio to hear expert commentary and gain valuable insights into today's market and Ericsson's strategy.
Your IP Insider
Brought to you by the China & Southeast Asia IPR SME Helpdesks
IP Rules Podcast
Business and Intellectual Property are intertwined in our digital economy. IP is relevant to every business when starting, growing or exiting. Through a series of IP focused podcasts and interviews, the show demonstrates IP in action. IP is not just a “legal” topic aimed at special businesses with patents or trade marks to protect. It needs to be considered by every business to build value and strong foundations. This is fundamental to licensing and franchising.
IP rights are important to know and there are many benefits to be had from our non-profit ventures. Developers of services, products and missions may wish to join us as host Patrick Reilly interviews experts in the field to discuss their strategy.
The Arent Fox IP Soundings blog hub offers a window into the world of intellectual property through articles, video, news, blogs, and more. Look for interviews featuring seasoned attorneys and guests speaking on a range of IP topics that affect people and businesses both in the United States and throughout the world.
Navigating the complexities of the innovation lifecycle, from research and discovery through to development and commercialization, requires not only expertise, but insight into key trends in the rapidly evolving areas of research, innovation, technology, and science. This series of podcasts aims to tackle the issues and topics important to professionals in these fields working in the Middle East and North Africa, with insights from industry experts, presented in concise and digestible instal ...
An Intellectual Property Blog and Podcast
Podcast by Jaharis Health Law Institute
Jaharis Health Law Podcast
A podcast on the journey to discovery and decision making through data in information security by Bob Rudis and Jay Jacobs.
Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter coaches people to play their professional and personal games BIG! No BS Job Search Advice is several minutes of advice that will help you find work much more easily. After all, the skills needed to find a job are different than the skills needed to do a job.
A podcast offering news, views and commentary on security issues for Voice Over IP(VoIP), Unified Communications (UC) and IP Telephony
Information Security, InfoSec, CyberSec, Cyber, Security, whatever you call it, we talk about it! From mobiles and desktops to data centers and the cloud, Purple Squad Security is here to help and give back to our community of information security professionals.
Telecom Junkies
Telecom Junkies is a bi-weekly podcast that is produced for the enterprise segment of our telecom market.
Gowling WLG's intellectual property (IP) experts discuss the latest developments. NOT LEGAL ADVICE. Information made available on this website in any form is for information purposes only. It is not, and should not be taken as, legal advice. You should not rely on, or take or fail to take any action based upon this information. Never disregard professional legal advice or delay in seeking legal advice because of something you have read on this website. Gowling WLG professionals will be pleas ...
Our goal is to educate users of security cameras and video surveillance systems.
IT vendor briefings summarized in 5 minutes or less.
Conversations between Peers in the Communications Industry podcast channel on No Jitter ... dedicated to bringing commentary, news, interviews and timely updates on the communications industry.
Audio interviews about Rights Management
Each year 1.7 million Hospital Acquired Infections (HAIs) occur; 99,000 deaths occur due to HAIs, and HAIs cost $20 billion in healthcare costs. Why is this important? -- 70 percent of all the HAIs are PREVENTABLE! Infection Prevent Spotlight was created by an Infection Preventionist (IP) who is Certified in Infection Control (CIC) for other IPs and for anyone and everyone who is responsible for keeping patients safe from harm. It is hard to be and IP and be responsible for reducing HAIs (CL ...
SF MusicTech Summit
Podcast by SF MusicTech Summit
Large IP Network scenarios
Beers with Max
Grab a beer and join host Max Traylor for conversations with extraordinary people that have created unique processes that are transforming marketing and sales. This is a BYOB virtual meeting.
LA Life
Whether the throbbing thump of electro, stylized sounds of French house, or the late night pulse of dirty progressive, LA Life features it all, brought to you from one of the world's most happening destinations—Los Angeles, California. This is a series of dirty, sexy, and raw house music, mixed by LA's hottest DJ duo, Compromised (Ali Haeri and Stephen Ip). Subscribe, and take a little Saturday-night-Sunset Strip with you on the go.
The Bix Show
David Bixenspan talks to friends and other guests from the worlds of pro wrestling and sometimes MMA.
The Ashimmy Blog
Writings on work, kids and network security
The Practical Feminist features Laura Ip and Ruth Unrau digging into politics, education, leadership, community, and everything in between through a feminist lens and from a practical perspective. A generation between them and waking to their feminism at different points in their lives, everything is up for discussion and critique.
Internet Archive
The most recent additions to the Internet Archive collections. This RSS feed is generated dynamically
Learn more about Singlewire products, including InformaCast, by subscribing to this podcast.
Fanatic is a Games Workshop fans podcast covering all their games and IP including licensed products. Age of Sigmar, Warhammer 40K, Blood Bowl, Adeptus Titanicus, Lord of the Rings, Necromunda, Battle Fleet Gothic.
A regular series of Video Podcasts outlining Best Practice in Project and Management Consultancy - presented by KHLIP-TV - Knowledge Hemispheres Ltd IP Television, pronounced 'KlipTV' for short - With your host Dr Savi.
The most innovative companies want to tell you something
Service Provider Podcasts from Alcatel RSS feed.
A podcast about BioWare's newest IP Anthem. Hosts Steve, Mike, Devon and JD are your guide to surviving the Shaper Storm.
CyberSecurity Sense is LBMC Information Security's weekly podcast that will provide insight and updates on such information security topics as: Managed Security Service Providers, IPS Monitoring and Managed IDS Services, Security Information Event Management, Digital Forensic Analysis, Electronic Discovery and Litigation Support, Computer Security Incident Response, Penetration Testing, Risk Assessments, Security Program Planning, Web Application Security Assessments, ACAB LADMF Certificatio ...
We’ll have much more information coming soon. June 1 2017 begins our first official IP Production rotation. January 2018 begins our first IP Release rotation.
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0 - Guess we're waiting for the Ecstasy to kick in. 5 - I whistle all the time. 10 - Attention Deficit Disorder Rock 15 - I am the plaster of Paris, the horse hair plaster that's holding to the lathe sticks. 20 - The ancient prewar dance far. 25 - Whatever the fuck Picard said. 30 - Elephantitis scrotum in a stew 35 - The ten year tenure 40 - B ...…
Mitch talks about snowy weather in April 17th. He is also chats with Brian Beebe about Trump’s alliance with Fox News and why that could turn ugly…Also The Conspiracy talks about the Syrian Chemical attack as fake.
Zach returns again to join James in reviewing and discussing the Steven Spielberg directed IP-mashup Ready Player One and the Jim from The Office directed horror-thriller A Quiet Place. Subscribe: iTunes / RSS / Sticher / Overcast Sign up for the Cinereelists Fantasy Movie League! If you need a password, it’s heyguys. Follow Cinereelists: Faceb ...…
Kyrgyzstan’s former President Almazbek Atambayev is back in politics following his unchallenged appointment as head of the ruling Social Democratic Party of Kyrgyzstan (SDPK) on March 31. His return to politics comes amid rumors of tensions between him and current President Sooronbai Jeenbekov, his handpicked successor elected just over 100 day ...…
In this interview, Chis Ronzio shares how his latest business venture can change your life and your business with Trainual. Trainual is the easiest way to docu ...…
Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol, i.e. DHCP is a protocol that assigns IP addresses to devices on a network. Every device that connects to the internet, Windows – Default Router IP Address Explained Windows What Is the IPCONFIG Utility in Windows…
Your listening to the Creative Guidance Podcast, Episode 10. Today we talk about how NOT to do video (trust me, I am an expert). Stay tuned. Hi, my name is Carrie Silverhorn, and I’ve been a graphic designer for nearly 20 years…it’s my passion to help business owners not only to overcome any business obstacles but to also come up with creative ...…
Coming up in this episode… Nasa Hubble Dinosaurs Listen below with the audio player or Click Here for complete show notes and video from the show. Feedback Postcard from Jorge On This Day In History for April 11, 2018 This is the 101st day of the year in the Gregorian calendar. There are 264 days remaining in 2018. It was on this date in 1951, ...…
Yes, this interview is with THE Neil Moore – the guy who is tied with only one other human on the planet for having every Expert level cert from Cisco – All CCIE’s and the CCDE. I first found out about Neil through a YouTube channel he had when he was at HP doing some interop stuff with their switches. The funny thing is, THAT EXACT CONCEPT is ...…
Saddened by the recent announcement that Toys R Us will be shutting its doors forever, Christie and Nicole have decided to take this opportunity to honor the stores and brands of yesteryear that have succumbed to similar unfortunate fates. In loving memory of: Toys R Us Babies R Us Kids R Us KB Toys FAO Schwartz Noodle Kidoodle Discovery Zone Z ...…
Join host Larry Jordan, live from our booth on the NAB Show floor, as he talks with: Alan Hoff, Vice President, Marketing Solutions, Avid Xavier Garcia, VP/GM Workstations, HP Will Waters, Director, IP Workflow, NewTek Bryce Button, Director of Product Marketing, AJA Video Systems, Inc. The post Digital Production Buzz – NAB Show BuZZ LIVE 2018 ...…
Robert Pizzini – iFly Skydiving Va Beach | Ep. 212 Robert Pizzini used his 26 years of experience in the Navy to start an indoor skydiving business. He is the Managing Partner and Chief Executive Officer of iFLY Va Beach Indoor Skydiving. He began to develop iFLY Va Beach Indoor Skydiving in 2010, bringing this technologically advanced experien ...…
Very excited to hear that Casey Neistat is likely going to be doing a podcast. With my position in the podcasting space as the CEO of the second largest podcast hosting in the United States, I will be reaching out to him to see if we can work with his team. In tech news simply incredibly information coming out about Facebook and personal medica ...…
Very excited to hear that Casey Neistat is likely going to be doing a podcast. With my position in the podcasting space as the CEO of the second largest podcast hosting in the United States, I will be reaching out to him to see if we can work with his team. In tech news simply incredibly information coming out about Facebook and personal medica ...…
It’s our tenth episode but we’re still learning things about each other. For example, Rachel is on Von’s Top 3! (Awwww.) Von is young heart. (Awww.) But we also stroll down a more introspective road both with the music and our thoughts about them, including an epic interview with our favorites Great Peacock. But we don’t let things get too seri ...…
Hosted by the CSIS Humanitarian Agenda, in partnership with the CSIS Middle East Program: Labeled the worst humanitarian crisis in today’s world, the conflict in Yemen is entering its fourth year. To understand the impact the war is having on the Yemeni people, and the challenges it poses to policymakers, join us for a discussion with David Mil ...…
Oh, yeah, one of those pervy guys was secretly taping from several angles in the bathroom. And they were werewolves. This week, enjoy our full-episode discussion of Season Eight, Episode Four “Bitten” We’ll be sure to try and figure out how she got all the footage, and we also might talk about: You deserve a break today. Were those the cameras ...…
Enjoy this bonus IT Origins interview episode. Our regularly schedule podcast will post April 10, 2018. Zachary Smith is the CEO of Packet. I had the privilege to talk to Zachary Smith from Packet in our most recent IT Origins interview. We discussed how he went from majoring in the double bass at Juilliard to becoming an IT entrepreneur. We al ...…
Episode 204: When a Play Goes Wrong Have you been there? The cast is fighting, no one knows their lines, maybe the flu has swept through the entire school. There are times when opening night is approaching and you are sure you won’t be ready. Drama Teacher Lea Marshall shares her experience with the play that went wrong, what she learned and wh ...…
I don’t believe you can ask about work-life balance directly. I do believe you can get the answer your question indirectly. Here’s how. ABOUT JEFF ALTMAN, THE BIG GAME HUNTER Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter is a coach who worked as a recruiter for what seems like one hundred years. His work involves career coaching, all as well as executive jo ...…
Easter – The Lord of All Dave Riddle – 4/01/2018 Key passage: Acts 2:14-36 What is happening? Acts 2:14-16 God’s Man; God’s Plan. Acts 2:22-24 Listen to David Acts 2:25-31 Lord and Messiah Acts 2:36
In this episode, Shaykh Zahir Bacchus covers the 85th aphorism of the Hikam: ” Created things, their outward is on enticement, while their inward is a sobering lesson, The self looks at their outward enticement while the heart looks at their inward lesson” This podcast covers “The Hikam”, considered a classical masterpiece in spiritual literatu ...…
Networking is one of the most important skill that any working professional or entrepreneur must have. That's why a lot of people are joining networking groups to build and maintain their contacts, and relationships with them. Sometimes, there are some netwo ...…
Here is a riddle for you my preciousssss (OK if you’re a Lord of The Rings fan, you can totally geek out as I attempt to channel Golum). What am I? “I am the most precious thing you have in your business but the one thing most people take for granted. I am the one thing many people feel comes naturally to some, and never to others. I am the thi ...…
By the tender age of five or six I had become utterly convinced of the doctrine of total depravity. I didn’t know the doctrine yet by that name. I had memorized bible verses about all sinning and falling short of the glory of God, none doing righteous, none seeking God. But even in those early years it wasn’t merely conceptual for me. I knew no ...…
“The Winter of His Content” (Season 25, Episodes 14) Today’s installment gets completely derailed by Pat’s cat (and his bad Borat impressions), but on the upside we’ve stumbled across another good episode! So it all balances out, right? Hosted by Patrick Brennan and Craig Mazerolle Research by Craig Mazerolle Produced by Patrick Brennan Logo by ...…
One man standing tall in the fight for equality for all races in the LDS church in the 1940’s and 50’s was Nelson Lowry. This episode dramatizes his exchange of letters with the first presidency of the LDS church headed by George Albert Smith. Timeline: 1947: Heber Meeks goes to Cuba to evaluate possibility of opening up mission there Meeks wri ...…
What has RISC-V done for you lately? In this week’s episode of Fish Fry, we chat with Rick O’Connor (executive director of the RISC-V Foundation) about the history of RISC-V, the evolution of the standards being developed within the foundation, and why Rick thinks that RISC-V is the most interesting thing to happen in the microprocessors in the ...…
Good Friday celebrates the finished work of Jesus Christ. What was the finished work? What does it mean for you and I? In this message we look at what Jesus came to earth to accomplish, and how that brings about a freedom in our lives. Connect with us: Website: Instagram: Facebook: https:// ...…
Podcast: The Ride combs through the remains of two failed theme parks: The World of Sid and Marty Krofft and Hard Rock Park. Two beloved IPs. Two parks that closed forever. With Jason Woliner (The Last Man on Earth, Eagleheart).
How do you ask for what you want in bed? Do you wait around hoping your partner will know what you want? Do you send out subtle signals of sexual willingness- only to feel rejected when your partner doesn’t get the message? We ALL need to develop the skills of naming authentic desires and inviting other people to share in our pleasures. True se ...…
Welcome back to The Game Informer Show! On this episode, Ben Hanson, Jeff Cork, Dan Tack, and Jeff Marchiafava talk about our review of Ubisoft's Far Cry 5. Ben Reeves then joins the podcast to talk about the bizarre Nintendo 3DS game Detective Pikachu. After that, we dive deep on our time playing the new park building sim Jurassic World Evolut ...…
Vigaland Non-celebrity #MeToo Story #13-Ashley I remember that night like it was yesterday. It started just as any other night at my grandparent’s house: having dinner, playing cards and, of course, watching the nightly news. Only one thing was different that night. Nana decided to take a shower which I don’t remember her ever doing when I’d vi ...…
If you’ve wanted to begin building a foundation for success, but haven’t been sure where to start — then today’s Grow Live is for you! Join Matt Johnson, Natalie Lane and Misti Ferris as they discuss ways to maximize your marketing strategies and stay in budget. Learn why budgeting ahead of time can help you take advantage of unexpected opportu ...…
Will the Russians meddle in Latin American elections this year? Russia expert David Salvo, a fellow at the German Marshall Fund’s Alliance for Securing Democracy, talks about possible Russian motives. Is Putin attempting a head fake to distract from his own misdeeds? Are old KGB hands making mischief in the Americans’ backyard, just because? Sa ...…
“… The work of concentration, deepening and clarifying makes us more available to the moment …“ Description: This teisho is the second talk from the Fall 2017 sesshin. Henry continues to outline an overall map of what Zen offers as a means of extinguishing the three fires—desire, aversion and delusion. This unfolds into further discussion of th ...…
“… The work of concentration, deepening and clarifying makes us more available to the moment …“ Description: This teisho is the second talk from the Fall 2017 sesshin. Henry continues to outline an overall map of what Zen offers as a means of extinguishing the three fires—desire, aversion and delusion. This unfolds into further discussion of th ...…
Morgan Mandala is a mindful master of the imagination who merges the world of spirit with matter in her magical artwork. As a painter, Morgan travels the world to perform her art on stage during live music events at some of the coolest transformational festivals on Earth. Join us for a conversation about symbols, spirit, and sychronicity. You m ...…
Mandeville, La – by James Matthew Wilson, On The Mike Church Show A Dramatic Reading. The Stations of the Cross by James Matthew Wilson, with artwork by Daniel Mitsui A fourteen-part cycle published serially with accompanying iconography. I. Jesus Is Condemned I tried to think for half an hour About the face of […]…
Trade Remedy Or IP “Rocket Docket” The Future Of Section 337 by CSIS
Special guest, Reagan Taylor, Assistant US Attorney, joins Freddie Albaugh, Dr. Chuck Hannaford, and Anne Floyd to discuss strategies to help parents and family members assist kids not just navigate but also thrive in our digital world. Learn in this episode: pros & cons of social media and digital technology what the typical online predator "l ...…
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