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Isak & Erics officiella podcast.
Conference messages, interviews, monologues and creative sketches by Frank Viola Author.
The Life is a Marathon show gives you inspiration, motivation, and resources to empower you to thrive and win in the marathon we call “life!” Bruce Van Horn is a Life Coach, Mentor, Thought Leader, Best-Selling Author, Entertaining and Motivational Speaker, Dad, and Marathon runner. He brings his respected insight, wisdom, leadership, and storytelling abilities to this podcast to share with you information, tips, life-hacks, and entertaining and heart-warming stories with the goal of helping ...
This Is A Podcast!
Every week, Thomas and Kristi, a couple of 20'something young lovers, poke fun at the state of the world, in a way most wouldn't.Hardly the voices of a generation.Available everywhere you are!
I Say It Right
Say it Right in any Language believes that pronunciation is everything. Say it Right language provides a simple and straightforward approach to speaking and learning a new language. It is a fun, fast and easy way to learn new languages using one simple phonetic system called I Say it Right Vowel Symbol System. I Say it Right stresses consistency, clarity, and above all, simplicity. I Say it Right Vowel Symbol system provides a new way to pronounce foreign languages easily and accurately thro ...
"Fame is a Bitch" with A.J. Benza, deconstructs some of the biggest scandals and tragedies of our lifetime. These stories are about the powerful seduction and fateful grip of fame. Our tragic figures are those that couldn't fight off the influences, pressures and distractions that worked like grease upon their grip. Benza brings an insiders perspective and his tough-guy demeanor, bold narratives and aggressive pursuit of the truth, distinguish him as an authentic and original voice. A.J. kno ...
In 2015, Rosie Waterland published her first book, a memoir called "The Anti-Cool Girl". The book is about her childhood, her growing up, and her becoming an adult; all with mentally ill, drug and alcohol addicted parents, child protection, foster care, caravans and couches. There were crazy and very difficult times but also some funny times too. Rosie is 30 now, her mum Lisa is now 53. Since the book came out, the one question Rosie is always asked is more than any other is, "Has your Mum r ...
The Comedic Pop-Cuture Nostalgia Podcast.
A movie podcast that takes a trip down distorted and unreliable memory lane
A podcast about the future.
Not limited to one genre but bringing together a mix of the best in new House music. An uplifting mix of House, Tech House, Funky Tech, French House, Deep House, Chicago House, Detroit Techno, Jacking House - anything I like that fits in the mix.
Cheers & Queers
A podcast where Black queer femmes Isake Smith and Kirya Traber sit down to chat about any and everything while having a drink
The Life is a Marathon show gives you inspiration, motivation, and resources to empower you to thrive and win in the marathon we call “life!” Bruce Van Horn is a Life Coach, Mentor, Thought Leader, Best-Selling Author, Entertaining and Motivational Speaker, Dad, and Marathon runner. He brings his respected insight, wisdom, leadership, and storytelling abilities to this podcast to share with you information, tips, life-hacks, and entertaining and heart-warming stories with the goal of helping ...
I Shake My Head with Lisa and Sam follows the friendship of two funny women in their late 40's who find themselves having some of their best conversations in the car! We want you to forget about your life, laugh at ours and let our humor be the least stressful part of your day!
Join Damon & DJ as they verbally eviscerate things you enjoyed in your childhood.
The Is All about Math videoPodCast we are dedicated to provide short instructional videos on Mathematics. In these video lectures we handle multiple areas of mathematics. These videos will be useful for teachers and students at many levels.
If you are an Amazon FBA Private Label seller then this is the podcast for you. Talking all things Amazon FBA, private labeling, entrepreneurship, and business. Get the latest tips, tricks, information, and advice to get your Amazon private label business started and on the way to massive success! Subscribe and leave a review today! Visit Amazon FBA Podcast
Providing inspiring insights to help you grow your business, improve yourself, or add value to those around you, the Success is a Choice Podcast features some of the most successful people across various industries. Host Jamy Bechler is a former college basketball coach turned John Maxwell leadership trainer. He is the author of The Leadership Playbook and works with teams and organizations throughout the country. The podcast has guests ranging from professional sports coaches to actors to b ...
A show about video games for people who aren't necessarily into video games! Each week we take a real 4 letter word as fuel to find the most interesting stories and bring them to you.
This is AI
This is AI, hosted by Digital Strategist Jonathan Seal and Microsoft MVP Gary Pretty, is a monthly podcast dedicated to helping you cut through the hype to understand how AI is disrupting the business world. Joined by a range of fantastic guests in studio and at events across the globe to discuss the latest news, developments, and trends within the industry. Whether you’re an industry expert or just interested in how AI can solve customer experience challenges, this is the podcast for you!
Creative Strings is for musicians and music-lovers, especially violin, viola, and cello players, looking to live creatively, whether in your musical education, projects, music career, in the practice room, classroom, onstage, or on tour. Each interview is edited carefully and mixed with a blend of musical clips from the Creative Strings community curated by jazz violinist Christian Howes. . Creative Strings is a non-profit organization with a mission to support music education through outrea ...
I Make Winners
Talk Radio format discussing the subconscious mind, self improvement, hypnosis, hypnotherapy, rewriting your life script, removing symptoms of ADD/ADHD/PTSD/, and much more.
A weekly show centered around discussing faith and it's intersection with life. Weekly interviews with Theologians, Pastors, Artists, and more. Let's find out...Can I Say This At Church?!?
This educational video segment is designed to explain what databases are, the different kinds of information they can contain, and the advantages of using them for research.
IRAI ISAI's Podcast
ISAN 507: Cultural Anthropology [Audio]
This is a radio podcast for American news, culture and information for English Language Learners.
Uncomfortable is OK is a Podcast where Chris Desmond explores the science, the stories, and the strategies of getting out of your comfort zone, and how the magic happens when we do.
Dare I Say...
The show where two brothers journey on a quest to unnecessarily complicate the simple things you enjoy! Join Allen and Bobby Griffin as they discuss movies, television, games and comic books and see how far they are willing to take their nerdom.
Sales Is King
New Ideas & Conversations with Sales Leaders about the techniques required to succeed in the current marketplace.
Lyssna till undervisning
Actual Dungeons and Dragons play but the players are all evil alignment…
ISAN 507: Cultural Anthropology [Video]
Starting in the wonderful hobby of Amateur or HAM Radio can be daunting. Using low power with little experience is challenging but can be very rewarding. Every week I look at a different aspect of the hobby, how you as a beginner might fit in and get the very best from the 1000 hobbies that Amateur Radio represents. Note that this podcast continues as "Foundations of Amateur Radio".
WTF Is A Podcast
Papi & Scoopz discuss everything from entertainment, sports, to edgy news opinoins from their 21 Year Old Perspectives. They're also self proclaimed Hip Hop Experts. They will make you laugh & they'll make you think. WTF Is A Podcast ?! These guys don't know they're just talking sh!t !
Everyone is a Critic Movie Review Podcast featuring Sean Patrick, Josh Adams and Bob Zerull
Sa Majeste is a Dj
Listen to my mix and mashup. Every month a new mix for you with electronic and commercial song from today. Enjoy and join me on facebook. minutes de pur bonheur, un mix tous les mois. C'est a découvrir, j'attends vos commentaires.Vous aimez, partagez sur facebook.A bientot.CONTACT +32 474 309100
Micheal Pope, CEO, joined ASEB in 1997. She served as Program Director, Director of Development, Executive Director and CEO in 2013. In August 2015, Micheal added being a radio talk show host on Blog Talk radio. Her talk show “Life is a Sacred Journey” is designed to share with caregivers and others the many aspects of aging. Micheal believes that everyone must contribute if change is to come about. Serving on the board and staff of ASEB is one of the greatest highlights of her life, an hono ...
I Saw That Movie
Podcast by CB Shamah and Mark Jones
The Official Dave Pybus Podcast. Maybe not as depressing as the title might have you believe.
I saw the Lord
Burden of Proof Publications presents I Saw the Lord. This is a podcast featuring Brandon Russell (@BOPpublications) and Brent Wright (@brentley_wright). Together they go through each chapter of Burden of Proof: Using Known Concepts to Reveal Eternal Truths in order to provide an insightful commentary.
Each episode is 15 people answering the same question. See "Podcast" for more.Engineering by Ryan Woodhall. Theme music by Steve Durand. Movie guy voice by Andrew Morgado.
What is a Mason
Truth about Freemasonry
I Shake My Head with Lisa and Sam follows the friendship of two funny women in their late 40's who find themselves having some of their best conversations in the car! We want you to forget about your life, laugh at ours and let our humor be the least stressful part of your day!
So much opportunity abound with YouTube. Learn how to craft powerful videos. Download our Podcast.
This little podcast is a vehicle for funny ideas or thoughts that our hosts want to share with the world, Ian and Adrian.
For his second Podiobook, Bill Schmalfeldt goes from the sublime to the ridiculous. His follow-up to the non-fiction "No Doorway Wide Enough" is this fanciful, hilarious narrative, voiced by disgraced, former alcoholic truck driver Billy Big Rig (who can never reveal his real name because everyone wants to kill him) who -- if he is to be believed -- infiltrated a terror cell, went to Afghanistan, and single-handedly saved America from another terror attack in the days after 9/11. Along the w ...
Entrepreneur Melin Isa chats with successful entrepreneurs and experts to motivate and empower you to finally create a prosperous business and life that you love.
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Isak is a former hairstylist with over 20 years experience who has today become a digital marketing specialist and entrepreneur. Isak became a co-founder of a beauty tech startup company called Virtzy. Paying it forward, his goal is to motivate and educate other struggling entrepreneurs so they can achieve their own goals.…
Created by Omid Singh & Meg Charles. Featuring Isak Allen, Joe Dosch, Jamar Neighbors, Michael Lenoci, Chris Lev, Brad Williams and Amir K.
For Show Notes and Coach McKeefery's Website - Now Available on iTunes Pick up your copy of Coach McKeefery's #1 Amazon International Bestseller "CEO Strength Coach" - Please “Thank” our sponsors who bring this show to you for free: PLAE - Sorinex ...…
Vad kan kvinnors röster ur historien säga oss om det moderna Sveriges framväxt? Isak Hammar i samtal med Eva Helen Ulvros, professor i historia. Inspelat på Bok- och biblioteksmässan i Göteborg, september 2017.
Stockholm-based composer Ellen Arkbro is known for her work as a minimalistic explorer of experimental and ambient territories. Here she has made a mix featuring Japanese and Scandinavian music for acoustic string instruments, rhythmic electronic music, and two works for organ composed by her colleagues and dear friends Isak Edberg and Kali Mal ...…
Idag pratar Elinor, Isak och Johanna om Radiotjänsts imponerande indrivarskillz, koketterande skryt om mångfald och minnesforskaren Sven Å Christiansons egna bortträngda minnen. Medverkande: Elinor Svensson, Isak Jansson, Johanna Wagrell Producent: Rickard Nerbe
Idag pratar Elinor, Johanna och Isak om spelberoende sossar, smarta Kim Jong-un och "Tar du den i tvåan eller?"-myndigheten. Medverkande: Isak Jansson, Johanna Wagrell, Elinor Svensson Producent: Rickard Nerbe
Radio 14 har träffat Isak Snow är festivalgeneral på Vox-festivalen. Här berättar han om årets festival som är den 18-20 augusti.Radio 14 är möjligt tack vare ett samarbete med Hyresgästföreningen och ÖBO.
In this episode Brian hooks up with a comedian friend, Isak Jansson. They talk about the numerous travels, horrible gigs and Isak's time in Australia and South Carolina. Unfortunately due to technical problems the episode was cut short with roughly 30 minutes. Enjoy and stay tuned for next episode of It's Not Like You…
Tankesmedjan hör bön och bjuder på efterfrågade inslag ur arkivet. Olika smeder genom programmets historia får varsin podd och i dagens riktas allt ljus mot Isak Jansson. Det kommer bland annat handla om smygrasism, studentfirande och kvinnor i krig. Medverkande: Isak Jansson, Marcus Berggren, Fredrik Söderholm, Johanna Wagrell, Elinor Svensson ...…
On today's show, get ready for some resentment, misery, and existential dread. That's right, it's Ingmar Bergman time!! Lady P is joined by Michael Leader of Film 4, and resident Bergman aficionado, Dave Eves, to discuss the 63rd movie on the Sight and Sound Critics' Poll, Wild Strawberries (1957). The film follows an elderly protagonist named ...…
Gäst: Isak Jansson I varje avsnitt pratar Sandra Ilar med en komiker och ställer fyra frågor: Vad driver dig till att köra standup? Hur förhåller du dig till döden? Hur ser du på meningen på livet? Vilken är din favoritfärg? @sandrailar // Ett extraavsnitt till alla Patreons där veckans gäst svarar på en femte fråga ...…
Who doesn't love a book about books? (Possibly Ann.) Listen to our picks for the ultimate reading angle for book-lovers. We'll end with what we're reading this week and some news. Magpie Murders by Anthony Horowitz The End of Your Life Book Club by Will Schwalbe How to Find Love in a Bookshop by Veronica Henry (releases August 15) Ann's picks: ...…
We're back! Och tillbaka är även Nima Tavallaey, som pratar om misären i IFK Göteborg i synnerhet, men är även med och pratar om det svenska U21-fiaskot och pedagogiken kring Claes Erikssons uttalanden om Alexander Isak. Nima breakar även en nyhet om Filip Helander som tyvärr hann publiceras av hans redaktör, och därmed inte är så mycket till b ...…
Idag pratar Isak, Tomas och Johanna om att nazism är en grej igen, att det ska vara så svårt för katolska kyrkan att låta bli småpojkar och att vi måste sluta vara så tacky. Medverkande: Isak Jansson, Tomas Högblom, Johanna Wagrell Producent: Filip Orrling
Idag pratar Johanna, Isak och Tomas om det stundande importförbudet i Alvesta, magiska skoluniformer och så levererar vi tyvärr dåliga nyheter för röksugna barn. Medverkande: Johanna Wagrell, Isak Jansson, Tomas Högblom Producent: Filip Orrling
Queen & J. are two womanist race nerds talking liberation, politics, and pop-culture over tea. Drink up!On this episode… Is the LGBTQ+ community another whites only club? Can you be queer as f!ck and Black as f!ck? Also Black women, wigs and appropriation. This week’s hot list: What’s up with the new Pride flag? QTPOC and protest movements, Mig ...…
Isak, Tomas och Johanna laddar för sillfrossa med att snacka om Yankeetown på Arlanda, Bunker BK och att Nordkorea fan vad läskigt! Glad midsommar! Medverkande: Isak Jansson, Tomas Högblom, Johanna Wagrell Producent: Filip Orrling
Johanna, Tomas och Isak festar till det med att snacka om hur kasst pensionärer har det, hur svårt det är med jämställdhet i musikfestivaler och att en snippoperation inte behöver vara hela världen. Medverkande: Johanna Wagrell, Tomas Högblom, Isak Jansson Producent: Filip Orrling
Agnosia, a duo formed by Eric and Miguel, producers with a long way behind the decks and productions.Started on music scene 7 years ago, My Bloody Valentine, Joy Division, Slowdive or Explosions in the sky are some of the inspirations of his personal “vision” of music. Now, with this project, they want to explore the atmospheric side of music. ...…
Idag pratar Isak, Johanna och Tomas om flaggspråk och smörgåstårtor, om övervakning av sexisar, knarkisar och vanlisar och om att Alliansen hämtat intriginspiration från en galax långt, långt borta Medverkande: Isak Jansson, Johanna Wagrell, Tomas Högblom Producent: Filip Orrling
Idag pratar Tomas, Fredrik och Isak om kriminella flyttgubbar, livsfarliga tygbitar, statens bristande simultankapacitet och stor humor i brittiska underhuset. Medverkande: Tomas Högblom, Fredrik Söderholm, Isak Jansson Producent: Filip Orrling
Idag pratar Tomas, Marcus och Isak om sopkaos i storstäderna och att Sverige är sämst på drogpolitik. Medverkande: Tomas Högblom, Isak Jansson och Marcus Berggren Producent: Filip Orrling
Velkommen i SKAMkrogen. En podcast, hvor vi nørder om serien SKAM – uden at skamme os! Så blev det endelig weekend, og vi er klar med en snak om episode 7 i sæson 4. Hvor går grænsen på de sociale medier? Kan Isak udtale sig om racisme? Og er Noora ved at konvertere, eller underviser hun Yousef i førstehjælp? Lyt med, og hør, hvad vi snakker os ...…
Idag välkomnar Isak & Johanna den nya förmågan Clara Kristiansen. De pratar om att folk vill ha tydlighet i politiken, att Trump inte är nöjd med sin livbåt och att det är mycket kiss i modern konst. Medverkande: Isak Jansson, Clara Kristiansen, Johanna Wagrell Producent: Filip Orrling
Håll i dig, för idag pratar Johanna, Isak och Marcus om åldersbestämningar, poddars makt över rättssystemet och om allas rätt att ligga samhället till last. Deppigt och kul i härlig onsdagsmix. Medverkande: Johanna Wagrell, Isak Jansson, Marcus Berggren Producent: Filip Orrling
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