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I Share Hope is a series of interviews with world leaders discussing their beliefs and experiences with hope and how they use hope on a daily basis in their own life and in the lives of others. They discuss real stories from their past and cover such topics as experience, relationships, failure, success, coping, depression, suicide, acceptance, business, psychological issues, illness, inspirational and motivational ideas, life, vision, goal setting, love, family, friends, strength, action st ...
iShare Videos of High School Senior and Family portrait sessions produced by Brian Gailey Photogrpahy in Klamath Falls, Oregon.
Gary Gordon, president of Pacific Park Financial, Inc. and chief editor of ETF Expert, makes the world of exchange-traded fund investing easier.
Tiny Leaps, Big Changes is a self-help, wellness, motivation, and inspirational podcast about the day-to-day behaviors we all engage in that determine the results we gain in our lives. On this show, I share simple personal development strategies you can use as well as the habits you can develop to get the most out of your life.
In this podcast I share my thoughts, experiences and daily life with you the listener. I hope it is both enjoyable and useful to you. I'm now on twitter at KveldridaPST, follow me.
I am an entrepreneur and currently running I share my insights, things I've learned along the way in hopes to teach you the things I had to learn the HARD way!
1802 Dixon Avenue · Rock Falls, IL 61071 · 815-626-1234 ·
The #1 Mens Development podcast for inspirational stories & strategies to thrive! This quest takes me across the globe to interview the world's most successful minds and sharing my own insights along the way. As I continue to learn and implement the “Hacks” to life, I share the best through the podcast and in the Facebook group "Awaken Your Alpha with ALW" Search & Join us in the pursuit of MENS high performance. Get all the resources from each shows spotlighted guest, get your support and y ...
A Playful Day
The A Playful Day podcast explores everyday life, creativity and identity. On the podcast I share stories with featured guests, musings on life and moments that define us, and always a through line of creativity.
1802 Dixon Avenue · Rock Falls, IL 61071 · 815-626-1234 ·
I’m an entrepreneur, author, and podcaster. On my podcast, I share ideas to improve productivity so you can build a better life, career, and business.
Welcome to the Vegan Fitness Podcast where I share every bit of knowledge that is out there concerning vegan bodybuilding.
Tiny House Chat is a podcast all about tiny houses and tiny living. Hosted by Ryan Mitchell I share information about living in, building and many other topics related to tiny houses.
The Biddy Tarot Podcast reveals how you can connect deeply with your intuition and live an empowered and enlightened life, with the Tarot cards as your guide. The show is perfect for Tarot beginners, aspiring Tarot readers and experienced Tarot professionals who want to read Tarot with confidence. Listen as my guests and I share our very best tips and strategies to help you become an accurate and insightful Tarot reader. Whether you are looking to master the Tarot card meanings, develop your ...
Knitting Blooms
A weekly knitting podcast where I share my knitting and spinning knowledge through tutorials and my current projects.
Stress is something we all but few have ever mastered it. Join me (Bill Cortright) in this pilot episode of The Stress Mastery Podcast as I share my story and in-depth experience on mastering stress.
The Effective Minimalist is a podcast on working towards and living a good life. In each episode, I share my experiences, questions and ideas as I try to apply the concepts and approaches of minimalism to my life, to get rid of the clutter and make space and time for the things that truly matter.
I share with you my twenty year search for three people who were abducted and who have never been found.
Sewing Together
Welcome to Sewing Together! I'm a PDF Sewing Pattern Designer for Apple Tree Sewing Patterns and this is a sewing podcast where I share sewing tips and information as well as a bit about me. Each week I invite you to participate in the conversation online through social media. View more info and the show notes by visiting
Official podcast of the Ephemeral Rift YouTube Channel where I share my thoughts, observations, perspective and personal experiences on a variety of topics ranging from the everyday mundane to politics, and as of November 2017 featuring music from various genres. YouTube: Facebook Page:
The award-winning podcast for learners of Spanish worldwide. "Hi! My name is Karo Martínez. Español Automático is based on my own experience that learning a foreign language is NOT difficult. I speak fluently 4 languages and I want to help anyone who dreams about speaking Spanish to achieve it in a natural, fun, stress-free and automatic way. Learning a foreign language may be a very satisfying experience if you do it the right way. So if you want to switch from learning Spanish to actually ...
Hi, I'm Celestine Chua, founder of, one of the top personal development blogs in the world. The Personal Excellence Podcast is about how to live your best life in today's world. I share practical tips on personal growth in our fast-paced world today, covering topics from relationship to business to productivity to achieving happiness. Let's get started! :)
Start Over Coder
I'm leaving my corporate 9 to 5 to start over as a programmer in pursuit of financial independence. On the podcast I share all of my experiences and lessons learned, from learn-to-code resources to getting paid for your work, and all of the wins and losses along the way.
I'm working towards debt freedom and financial empowerment. Join me as I share the stories of amazing people making more money, paying off debt, and learn how to sell their personal expertise online. I help help online entrepreneurs make more money one connection at a time.
Disasters from History is a narrative podcast which tells the fascinating stories of historical events that have gone horribly wrong. Listen along as I share the lesser-known stories behind the most catastrophic events in history and discuss their historical impacts. The stories you will hear range from heart-wrenching tales of great tradgedies, to stories of seemingly harmless events that ended disastrously. Whether you consider yourself a history buff or not, I urge you to lend me your ear ...
Life Coach London
I share information on how to break through blocks and step into your dreams and purpose once and for all. Spirituality, Self Help, Personal Development, Reaching your unlimited potential, Past Life Regression, hypnotherapy, NLP
Call Center Boss
I share the tips and techniques that have worked for myself and my team for years.
Minimalism On Wheels
This is the first and only podcast about living as a minimalist in a camper van. My name is Gurgîn and I used to live the Swedish dream, but I realized that there's was more to life than the 9-to-5 lifestyle so I decided to sell and donate all off my stuff, I quit my job as a radio host and bought a RV so that I could travel and live cheap with my dog Ronja. On this show, I share personal development strategies about minimalism, simplifying, organizing, personal finance and veganism that you ...
Help Me Be Me
Help Me Be Me is an emotional toolkit for creating positive change in yourself. I like to think of it as self-help for people who hate self-help. I'm Sarah May, author/podcaster/all-around happy person, and these are the tools that work for me in my life. I think they'll work for you, too. For all the tools I offer, check out YayWithMe.comWhat I share is my personal opinion and not a diagnosis for treatment. I am not a licensed therapist and this podcast is not a substitute for professional ...
The Lively TV Show
Welcome to my new vlog series! In the Lively TV Show, I plan to take you with me on my adventures as I share a more personal perspective of my intentional life.
Tiny House Chat
Tiny House Chat is a podcast all about tiny houses and tiny living. Hosted by Ryan Mitchell I share information about living in, building and many other topics related to tiny houses.
Hey I'm John Morris. I'm a freelance web designer from Nebraska and I help other web designers with two things: 1) how to code and 2) how to market yourself so you can turn your coding skills into a full-time income online.This is my podcast where I share my tips, tricks, and techniques for fast-tracking your coding career, quitting your day job, and earning a (substantial) full-time income as a coder. Be sure to FOLLOW me so you don't miss out on any of the day-job-killing info I'll be sharing.
Power Selling Radio is all about making money online. From affiliate marketing to selling on Amazon & eBay I've tried just about everything. I share with you my tips on creating websites that make money with Adsense, eBay Partner Network and Amazon Associates. I also discuss selling products on Amazon using FBA - and on eBay.
100K Downloads and counting... I created this podcast for network marketers / mlm home business entrepreneurs like You that want to build a modern network marketing business using modern time-saving modern online methods Whether you're on your commute, in the gym or simply some productive "me" time. I'll share the exact online strategies on lead generation, recruiting, team building, branding and effective application so you can build a thriving business that pays you in profit and freedom. ...
3 Minutes with Kent
Hi there! I'm Kent ( and on this podcast I share a thought or two of things that I've found to be useful in my journey as a web developer. You can subscribe on iTunes here: and on RSS here:
GAPS Diet Journey
Join me on GAPS Diet Journey as I share the many stories of adults and children who are regaining health with the Gut and Psychology Syndrome nutritional protocol by Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride.
Join me as I share life and leadership lessons from video games, using my method of "Allegamy" - the interpretation of a video game to reveal a hidden meaning, typically a personal development or moral one. More lessons on
This is a weekly podcast for Highly Sensitive Persons (HSPs), introverts, empaths, intuitives, INFJs or anyone else that wants a little help supporting sensitivity! My name is Michelle Lynn. I share my experiences as a highly sensitive person while discussing the works of Dr. Elaine Aron. It is my intention to provide useful tips and resources for other individuals looking to balance, maintain, and enhance their own unique sensitivities. The show is perfect for HSPs, introverts, empaths, int ...
Welcome. I’m Andrew Henderson – perpetual traveler, international entrepreneur, and citizen of the world. Each week, I share tips and insights gleaned from my world travels on how you can find more freedom, grow and protect your assets, and live a radical life on your own terms. I help you achieve your own freedom with my daily field reports, weekly syndicated radio shows, helpful products, and live events. Every year, I travel to about one dozen new countries (sometimes many more) in search ...
The Joncast
Welcome to The Joncast, hosted by speaker, poet, author, and YouTuber Jon Jorgenson. On this podcast, I share weekly sermons tackling the toughest questions and biggest struggles of Christians everywhere.
Stoic Argenis
Listen in as I share daily motivational, stoic quotes, philosophies and thoughts about life and business.
Welcome to the Podcast of "" ! This is Thom "the Astrology Guru" inviting you to Know Astrology! I am an Astrologer & Author! Host of "Psychic Sundays" ( radio show that aired on 88.5 FM KAKU, Maui, Hawaii), Teacher ( offered Astrology classes @ the University of Hawaii). I was born to this world with an incredible curiosity & a wealth of Psychic gifts that I have honed for decades to bring you an amazing, validating,never to forget experience! In addition, my soul's pur ...
Trots Media
Trots Media is Harness Racing Victoria's media brand, delivering previews, reviews, key participants interviews, wagering tips and expert insights for the great sport of harness racing in Victoria.
A place where I share my thoughts on the law, what's happening and where I'm going.
This is the podcast where I share my experiences traveling and studying abroad in Copenhagen, Denmark.
Every wondered if life as a homesteader is all it's cracked up to be? Ever wish someone would just sit down and tell you all about it? Hi, I'm Amy Dingmann from, and life on our 5-acre Minnesota homestead keeps me busy. Come hang out with me while I share a real and hilariously truthful look at what it's really like to live a farmish kind of life.
I lost 100lbs over about 14 months and have kept it off ever since. My success was fueled by studying the science and bio-chemistry behind weight-loss. I share what I learned in plain-english, and teach others how to do exactly what I did, and talk about the Weightix system that I built after my journey.
Missy Says..
Welcome to Missy says. Here I share my thoughts about us.
Smiling Gardener
This podcast is created by a Certified Organic Gardener, for you, an organic home gardener. I share organic gardening tips you can put to use right now in your garden. I focus on the following 3 topics: How to grow your own chemical-free, nutrient-dense, impossibly-delicious nuts, seeds, fruits and vegetables; How to control insects, diseases and weeds forever without any chemicals; How to make your soil and compost so healthy and alive that you almost want to eat it!
Are you frustrated by not reaching your real estate investing goals? Are you tired of not getting good, actionable information to avoid mistakes and earn a good living? My name is Brad Chandler and I understand your frustration and I want to help. In late 2002 I had a negative $80,000 net worth. I spent 8 months working 80 hour weeks trying to learn the real estate investing business and find my first deal. Whew! However, once I learned the tricks and found my first deal, I ended up buying 6 ...
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In this episode I share the first time I experienced a great flow of Unconditional Love Energy.
Summary In this podcast, I share a video taken at the 2017 GoGreen Conference held in Portland last October. The presentation talked about how Lean concepts can be used to address the people and planet side of sustainability. I co-presented with Matt Horvat, the founder of our nonprofit volunteering group called Lean Portland. We show a great v ...…
How can we be the best parents for our children? No one knows the exact answer or a secret formula. However, what we do know is that there is no perfect parent out there who does everything right. On this episode, I share how I make a difference in my child's life, along with the little changes I've made that's got me killing it at the mamá lif ...…
Hey sales leaders and PR folks.... #ShowUcare I'm fired up on this episode ranting about two methods that are really bothering me that both Sales and PR leaders are leveraging in this digital world! Below you'll see the two posts that inspired this episode! Comment on the post after listening to this episode where I share more context and advic ...…
My guest on today’s show is Kraig Guffey. Kraig is the Founder and Strategic Director of Syrup. Passionate about helping small companies grow in maturity & revenue, Kraig leads a team of doers to execute across the digital channel—brand, web, social, paid media, funnel optimization and more. Even though he’s executing in the digital world, he t ...…
Subscribe to never miss an episode: iTunes | Android | RSS In my early 20s, after many years of being in therapy, I found myself on my own and completely exhausted. My PTSD, anxiety and depression was at an all time high, all those years in therapy had been keeping me alive but I was far from actually living. So what are the keys to healing fro ...…
Welcome & thank you for taking time to pause with me today for this week’s episode of Peace in the Pause podcast. In this week’s episode we will explore a pranayama practice called Belly Breathing. As I shared in a previous episode the average person breathes in and out up to 23,040 times per day, but most of us do it inefficiently, taking shor ...…
How are you supposed to trust the process if you’re not sure the process is correct? How long do you trust it for before it’s time to pivot? On today’s episode with Mental Performance Coach to the Boston Red Sox, Cleveland Browns, and high performers everywhere, Justin Su’a we dive deep into these questions. Justin describes in detail the level ...…
The post-episode mini-podcast for Episode 1 of the Wonderful Worlds of Disney Cast (Disneyland 1955 Opening Day Part 1: Black Sunday)In this mini-episode I share a little about myself and the main podcast, and go a little more into the first episode of WWoDC along with my own thoughts on the topic.If you enjoyed these episodes and want to suppo ...…
I did a survey and asked over 3K artists what is it they want the most. In this video I share the results of the survey.
I have been extremely interested in CBD (Cannabidiol) is one of at least 113 active cannabinoids identified in cannabis. I reached out to my friend Grant from Citizen CBD to come on the show and explain the benefits of CBD. I share my experience with CBD and how it improved my life.
In today's episode I share my latest nutrition experiment and what that means for the facts about nutrition that we have been told.
Sometimes the sales basics feel mundane. Sometimes we burn ourselves out making phone calls and sending emails, and we feel like we’re spinning our wheels. Without regard for how effective it is, we want to try something different. On today’s episode of Sales From The Street, I share my own experience with burnout and the […] The post TSE 809: ...…
This episode is the recording of March’s live Q&A. These Q&A sessions take place the second Tuesday of every month. The questions answered in this episode were submitted by listeners of this podcast, both ahead of time and live. I am, once again, joined on this episode by Brendan Mahan. If you’re listening to this on the day it is published, yo ...…
I'm sure you've heard the saying that - you can't pour from an empty cup.I completely agree it's hard for you to be able to do anything for anyone unless you're in a good place first.Hence the concept of self-love. You can't love anyone else unless you love yourself first.I know you get that.Less popular however is how you develop love for your ...…
In this episode of Morning Sunshine with Jillian Bolanz we are going DEEP into who you are ideal client is... how to define them and how to best serve them. I share with you the top two reasons why you feel like your ideal client can't hear you and both those reasons are actually all about YOU. Hint: you are not giving yourself enough freaking ...…
This episode I share my insights into house hacking 1-4- family homes with FHA mortgages. For any questions please follow my personal blog at
Recently I've been getting lots of requests to do remote recording sessions for artists... So I thought I'd walk you through my process for recording in my home studio- and collaborating with artists via the internet. PLUS, I share some tactics I use to not only make my job easier and more convenient, but also to make more money! Check it out!…
"To Achieve Good Results, Work All Night and Eat Soup". Cedric Villani is the Field's Medal winning maths professor from Paris who changed the world by discovering a new theorem (by accident). He has since dedicated his life to communicating the beauty of mathematics and insists that "to achieve good results, work all night and eat soup". He is ...…
In this short episode, I share my notes on Denver's win over the Timberwolves. ***STIFFS NIGHT OUT*** The Celtic on Market 1400 Market St. Denver 1:30 Tip-off Join us this Saturday for our final Denver Nuggets watch party of the season. We’ll be joined by Super Mascot Rocky, the Denver Nuggets Dancers, Nuggets in-arena host, Katy Winge, and lot ...…
Run an agency? I’m guessing you probably don’t run one like Johnathan Dane. KlientBoost has grown exponentially in the past few years, and that has a lot to do with content marketing. In today’s episode of “Content and Conversation”, Johnathan Dane joins me to talk about his PPC agency’s highly impressive content marketing strategy. I share som ...…
Welcome to Healing Emotional Eating Episode #24: The Weight of Disapproval Has anyone ever told you that you’re too sensitive? Do you sometimes get mad at yourself for feeling too deeply and then reaching for ice cream to distract or comfort yourself? Well, join the club! Today we’re going to shed some much-needed light on our sensitive nature. ...…
In Episode 5, I share with you the importance of exclusivity and isolation.
Today I share some thoughts on bikes and my thoughts on them while searching for one myself
What up, what up! Welcome back to The Dope Soul Podcast :) In this episode I share with you the two major components to the secret of having it all and creating a happier more positive vibe for yourself...every single day. I also tell you how to put this into motion to start working toward making these shifts RIGHT NOW, TODAY. To learn more abo ...…
What's the worst advice you've received? What's the worst advice you've given.... It's time to set the record straight on some of this BS that is being told to our future generation.... it's also important to remember that TIMES HAVE CHANGED and some advice that we were given in the 90's is no longer of value in 2018 and beyond thanks to digita ...…
Series Title: Easter 2018 Introduction: (Hello! My name is Pastor Nick). Have you ever thought you understood something but you really really really didn’t? Have you ever gotten that embarrassing shock of realizing you’ve been looking at things completely wrong? It feels like someone poured ice water directly onto your brain, like your seeing t ...…
Today I share a story where I was on the brink of quitting, why I didn't and why it will be the biggest regret of your life if you do quit.
Episode #28 Months ago I found myself starting tasks but rarely finishing. Having multiple projects lingering made me feel stressed and unorganized. I even used to start multiple books at once. In this episode, I share ways to help you focus, get back on track and complete projects! It's time to feel productive and accomplished. Listen in by cl ...…
Hey Friends, Welcome back to the Broken Blended and Blessed Podcast! The fitness industry has hundreds of options for us to lose weight and be healthy, however, most of them are 'lies' and all of them drag us in to chase perfection. In today's episode, I share how I fell victim to many of the … Continue reading Ep. #6: Seven Elements to Lasting ...…
On todays episode I’m sharing with you an interview I did on Jen Caseys podcast: Social Media to Sales. We talk about all things Pinterest Marketing! I share it all, including some of my top secret strategies that have helped my Pinterest account reach over 1M viewers every single month! Here we go!
I discuss kids that I refer to as “sensitive nervous system kids” who present as challenging and willful and how they are usually misunderstood and frequently misdiagnosed as having conditions like ADHD. As parents we are often confused about what to do and what our options really are when it comes to these strong willed kids. Unfortunately, wh ...…
For this episode I shared about my journey regarding complaining and being grateful I hope you love this
In this final instalment of my Investment Decision series podcasts, I shares my thought process that went into buying shares of Priceline (now called Booking Holdings) during the February mini-meltdown. When the market was going haywire in early February, I was watching to see if any stocks that I had on my wish list, were suddenly attractively ...…
In this third instalment of my Investment Decision series podcasts, I shares my thought process that went into buying shares of Baidu during the February mini-meltdown. When the market was going haywire in early February, I was watching to see if any stocks that I had on my wish list, were suddenly attractively priced. Baidu had made a big move ...…
After spending a few hours living the pirate's life in Sea of Thieves, I share my initial thoughts on Rare's multiplayer swashbuckling adventure.
In this episode I take a few minutes to introduce myself and the purpose behind the podcast. I share some statistics regarding suicide and how I believe this podcast can help encourage those who are experiencing difficult times in life.
I serve God when I share my home with others.“Do not forget to entertain strangers, for . . . some people have entertained angels without knowing it”(Hebrews 13:2, NIV).
In this episode, I share why podcasts may benefit you personally. And how to leverage them for self hypnosis benefits to get the results you want in life.
Why is it that people who want something so bad often never get it. The needy boy never gets the girlfriend. The poor man struggles to achieve financial success. "The rich get richer and the poor get poorer" These common understandings are what I discuss in this episode. Often, those who directly pursue achieving other things are able to indire ...…
Truly engaging and inspiring conversation with MaryMartha Ford-Dieng, award winning creator of the Ultimate Clapback game. Losing her father at an early age and shouldered with the responsibility of caring for a disabled parent, MaryMartha Ford-Dieng is no stranger to difficult times. She turned her pain into play by developing a card game, The ...…
If you've ever experienced anxiety and panic or know someone who has, this episode is for you! And tag a friend who needs this. I share my take on where anxiety/panic comes from and an exercise I use to release tension, worry, anxious thoughts, feeling stuck/trapped and physical manifestations of anxiety/panic. Let me know your thoughts on this ...…
What are the negotiation secrets of women leaders in the automobile industry? I share inspiring insights from the Women in Automobile Networking Breakfast at the New York Auto Show and talk about how you can apply these insights to gain the upper hand in your career negotiations.
Are you ready to JUMP START YOUR TRANSFORMATION? Do you want several areas of your life to change, yet you don't know where to start! In this episode, I will give you insight nto HOW TO JUMP START WITH YOUR MORNING ROUTINE! I expose you here to setting your day up for success with your morning routine. You will learn the basics about HOW TO JUM ...…
In this episode I share some awesome news....I have been invited to be part of the Kia Family! With that comes the awesome opportunity of flying out to San Diego to take part in the Kia Influencer event, where I will get to see the brand new Kia Stinger! I also talk to a couple of awesome dads - Jeff Bogle and Brandon Billinger, who will also b ...…
"Buy Less. Choose Well. Make it Last. Quality Not Quantity". In this extended bank holiday edition we chat about the Dame of British Fashion, the lady responsible for founding the punk movement who believes that fashion really can change the world. Conscious to not turn this episode into just 'another' biography about one of fashions most loved ...…
Do you dread those inevitable getting to know you/small talk questions like “What do you do?” I found this type of question especially hard to answer every time I had a period without being a caregiver. The technique I share today helped move my answers to questions like these from small talk to a tool for genuine connection.…
Life has its twists and turns. You can plan out what you want. But do you always get what you want? Lately I've been struggling. A ton of unknowns. In fact, I've felt very empty at times, frustrated at God; yet determined to figure it all out. Desire to be supported and encourage by other like-minded women? Join us at Women of IMPACT. http://fa ...…
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