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Chrome, Flash Java and Office on iPad, iPhone, iTouch: AlwaysOnPC App Guide
Brief Video Demos, Tips and Tricks for using AlwaysOnPC app on iPad/iPhone
Applash iPhone Podcast (mp3)
Applash is devoted to bringing you the latest news in the world of iPhone and iPod touch.
Podcast – Teaching & Learning Together
This is our sharing space. As I share my thoughts, I invite you to share yours...
Zollotech Podcast
Zollotech provides you with Apple News and Product reviews.
LIQUID a Podcast
The Fluid State of Mobile App Development
Dominicans Interactive - Irish Dominicans
These are the multimedia podcasts from Dominicans Interactive. Please visit our website to learn more about our activities or to support us. If you have an iPhone/iTouch or iPad, also check out the iDoms Reader App in the App Store!
Sammy Ramsey's Podcast
I touch on a few subjects! Its about Acceptance in Society!
Disneyland Videos (HD Version)
See Disneyland through our high definition videos (in 720p optimized for computer playback, Apple TV, and Apple iPad. Not playable on iPod, iPhone, or iTouch) Comments can be emailed to Filmed at the Anaheim California themepark on March 27, 2009. Visit Disneyland Videos on Facebook at: or on YouTube at These videos show Main Street USA, Disneyland Railroad, Disneyland Vehicles, Stree ...
Joining our Chinese Learning Network
Whether learning Chinese is for business, travel, school, or pleasure, NiceVac's Chinese Learning Network is a good choice for you. Our professors from popular universities in Beijing and Shanghai have over 30 years of teaching experience of Chinese language. They applied Instructional System Design methodology to customize 5 types of learning programs tailored to each individual's learning needs. We provide you with programs from onsite classroom instructions in China, online instructor led ...
Shannon on Blog Talk Radio
300 lbs of liberal attitude. I touch on topics that the mainstream media is afraid to touch. Show airs live, Saturdays, at 3pm ET
Mac OS X Screencasts » English Videos
English screencasts about your favorite Mac and iOS apps.Our German Podcast is available on the website or the iTunes directory.Infos: Mac OS X Screencasts creates tutorials, software reviews bundled with free license giveaways or discounts for all kinds of Mac and iOS specific Software. Visit our website at: Most of our videos are recorded in high quality. Unfortunately that means most of our videos won't play on an iPhone or iTouch Devices.
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In Episode 50 I touch upon some of the wonderful episodes I've captured over the last few years and how they have inspired me to keep pushing and striving to design my life in the way I want. Enjoy! Show notes: SurfProgression Techniques, Episode 1, Episode 3, Episode 2, Papaya Wellness, Episode 4, Episode 5, Episode 6, Episode 7, Episode 11, E ...…
Gospel Saving Church
Overview - Relief To The Brethren. Acts 11:27-30.Our message today comprised of a few different ideas.1) The specific offices of apostle, prophet, evangelist, etc. that God gave to His servants in the Bible, and that Christ gave to His 12 apostles.Does God still give these offices to people today?2) The love that the outcast Hellenists show for ...…
Today I touch on why attending events and conferences are good for you. I focus more on exposure and environment and why it’s important.
www.yazzyparadise.com and I touch base on the rise of the Chiefs, Mitch Trubisky and other rookie QBs being put in pressure situations to lead their teams towards success. Finishing it off with The Real Deal segment asking questions on teams that are leading their division. Like and follow, as well as subscribing ...…
After reading my Peace Corps memoir, Sheev had several questions and comments that he sent me in an e-mail. This started the idea to have in on the show, both as a guest (Episode #011) and as a host. We talk about the writing process, my service, and my unfiltered, raw account of my time in the Peace Corps. Here are some of the questions he sen ...…
In today's episode, I touch on the recent Trump comments about players kneeling, explain why kneeling won't create change and how players should stop showing up to games to create real change
Special Thanks to our Patreon Pledges! Click to see what you can get rewarded with On this episode, I talk about the difference of how fight sports are done in America compared to New Zealand. Also, I touch on the how far the podcast has come, and much more. SPONSORS Mee Eat Paleo - Code: HONOR for 10% off your online order Onnit - Get exclusiv ...…
With mental health awareness day on our doorstep, I thought it was time to discuss (a whistle stop) all things mental health. I touch on some medications and a lil on my story and journey and recovery of mental health illness. Much love, Maya xxx
In this week's podcast I go over the most important WR/CB matchups of the week. I also touch on some value plays in both season long and DFS. Last I touch on some important situations that we need to be monotoring going into week 3.
I touch on a few of the larger tidbits of soccer news and weigh in with my opinion. The "racist" Lukaku chants going down at Old Trafford. Neymar and Dani Alves playing keep away with Cavani. An extension of my never-ending case to fire Arsne Wenger.
Learning to recognize personality types can go a long way to facilitating quality communication with your board, staff, volunteers, and even fundraising prospects (like a nonprofit fundraising hack). In this episode, I touch briefly on several different profiling systems, and talk about the one I'll be using at my board orientation.Link to a fr ...…
On this episode I touch upon what family is and how sometimes we can have family breakdance and what we can do to improve them
Episode 2: I touched on the WWE nude leaks and shot the breeze with Stella Cheeks about WWE and RuPaul's Drag Race.
Overly Blunt Podcast
THESE BARBERS GOT ME FUCKED UP! Where the excellent barbers at tho? If any of you have a barber to recommend me to please let me know. I'm done praying my haircut come out super saiyan each time i touch that chair. These barbers got me all the way fucked up. Send me to your barbers preferably in Riverside/IE area. Press play, hear me rant, and ...…
This week Trixie meets special guest star Daneerys Targarden, from Game of Thrones, and talks about vegetables, Karen Carpenter and bricklaying… Click here to watch this comedy podcast on YouTube, featuring special guest from Game of Thrones, book reviews and advice on fashion, lifestyle and health and fitness. Full Transcript Welcome to the T. ...…
Oh man, forgive me for my lateness. Now, that we go that out of the way, let's ride. On this episode, We have Maze & Frankie Beverly stopping thru, The Larry London Project, Les Dion, The SOS Band, The Brandon Brown Collective, and the list goes on. Sit back, relax, and let the rhythm take you. Thanks as always for tuning in, and remember---Tel ...…
Morsels & Stories: I talked about crossing ourselves, one of the many gestures some Anglicans make during worship. I touched on the variety of ways people may or may not gesture during worship. Sermon: Jesus says calls Peter a satan and a stumbling block and I hear echoes from the rest of the Bible. The lessons can be found by clicking here. I ...…
in this segment i touch upon the hoped for goals and desired impact of this documentary series.
Ever though " what the hell is fashion anyways ? " I touch on that topic! Cause from time to time I've asked myself that. I'm bringing out a more in depth view of how I see fashion in my own way. What impact does clothes have ? Huge one if you ask me. The description might sound boring but you're forgetting that it's me talking about it so you ...…
On today’s podcast, I touch base with John Orr, Executive Director of Art-Reach. After the “Arts Funding Panel: Who Should Pay?”, I realized that we have known each other for 17 years and John’s path that lead to Art-Reach is an interesting one. We talk about Art-Reach’s mission and goals as well as the accessibility opportunities of our cultur ...…
Self care is the buzz word of the moment and it can mean a lot of different things to a lot of different people. In this episode I touch briefly on the concept of self care and why it matters to us.
Hello EB-5 investors. This is Floyd Mitchell with Welcome to episode three of the EB-5 investor portal podcast, recording on Friday July 14th 2017. Today's episode is titled The EB-5 Visa with a focus on India. Our guest today is immigration attorney, Swee Shankar of Shankar Ninan & Co LLP. Swee brings a wealth of experience in Immi ...…
In episode 102 I dive into the complicatedworld of a single in what seems like an "every body has some body" type of world. I touch on topics like the pressures of the internet, desperation, not waiting in vain, being spiritually compatible, being the one before you find the one, not forcing it and so much more!…
In this episode I touch on not allowing self obstructions to your learning, Mental Health culture trending towards always going to the root of things, and how that if you're better than your parents it's because of your parents. For show notes and more episodes visit: ...…
AudioRising's podcast
**POSSIBLE TRIGGERS** as I touch on what a crippling Fear of Eternity has cost me and how self-medication is NOT the way to go.
What happens when we die? Death will come to us all, so I am sure the answer has interest. Many look to religion and faith for answers, while others insist on scientific enlightenment. The truth is nobody really knows until you get there. How does suicide affect that path? Introduce that to the equation and the answers turn into more questions. ...…
Click To Play "Who Am I?" By Tevin White Recorded live on 7/16/17/17 in Charlottesville, Virginia in Mono using a TASCAM PCM Recorder on an iTouch Version 6.1.6 "Who Am I?" By Tevin White Click To Play "Who Am I?" By Tevin WhiteBy (Marshall Katzman).
HVAC Ladder - Career & Business Growth
Zoomlock Kit is an Investment Decision In this episode, I talk about tool expenses and decisions like whether you should buy a Zoomlock kit . I talk about the differences between being an employee, a lone wolf, and an entrepreneur when it comes to lifestyle, expenses, and income. Strategically, you need to decide which one of these categories y ...…
HVAC Ladder - Career & Business Growth
Zoomlock Kit is an Investment Decision In this episode, I talk about tool expenses and decisions like whether you should buy a Zoomlock kit . I talk about the differences between being an employee, a lone wolf, and an entrepreneur when it comes to lifestyle, expenses, and income. Strategically, you need to decide which one of these categories y ...…
Working with models in studio vs outdoors = Huuuuge difference! I touch on what the differences is. Fashion photography tips and philosophizing about desires and goals and always taking the next step. Famous, important or no ? Things I touch on in this episode!
Inside The Relentless Mindset
The Podcast is Back! And, It Has New Face! (well, sort of) In this episode, I talk about how my fitness career got started and the major events that have put me in the current position I find myself today! Check it out! I’m working on some new podcast art and about 97% I’m going to use the below image. You might recognize it… it’s from my book! ...…
In this episode, I go over the firing of Anthony Scaramucci, the importance of following non-mainstream media twitter accounts, and I touch on what's going on in the world while we were focused on the White House.
In this podcast, we had the opportunity to interview Business and Relationship Coach, Mike Lindstrom. Mike earned his JD from California Western School of Law and worked right out of college as a consultant with Tony Robbins Organization. He has been interviewed on FOX, CNN and HLN and speaks regularly at corporate events on behavioral skills f ...…
Click To Play "Louis Munroe" Live at Supertone Recorded in Mono using a TASCAM PCM Recorder on an iTouch Version 6.1.6 "Louis Munroe"- Live at Supertone Click To Play "Louis Munroe" Live at Supertone For more information about Louis Munroe visit: (Marshall Katzman).
I touch on 4 of the 5 previous podcasts highlighting important subjects I may have left out the first time. How could I forget about these!? The post Episode 6: The Police, Antifa and the State….Time To Clean Up! appeared first on Free Man Beyond The Wall.
Here I touch on the main difference between faith and nihilism.Support the creation of more free content, and get rewards: me here,Instagram: https://soundcloud ...…
Joe da Silva | Podcast for your Business and Personal Success
There are hundreds of ways to become more efficient, effective and productive, therefore, making you more profitable. In this week's episode, I touch on only seven of these. However, they are possibly the biggest ones.
Farm And Ranch Country (Bill Graff)
Agriculture is generating a lot of data, always has, always will. And, it is valuable data. And, the government since the start of farm programs has collected a lot of data from farmers and ranchers. Not just the USDA office that is getting data from us. IRS gets your income every year. Local government has real estate tax information, who owns ...…
Exploring personal definitions of FAMILY, how they often transcend common bloodlines, and being civil toward those who don’t fit our personal molds. Thank you for listening in and being a part of my growing “podcast family!” The podcast was conceived from a desire to find a creative outlet for regaining a little more of my own personal balance ...…
This episode highlights some of the issues of how toxic the yugioh community can be. I touch up on topics from the NAWCQ about people getting their cards stolen. Zodiac duelist and other yugioh communities are mentioned as wellPatreon Producers Are Jeremiah! And Vladek! Check out Vladek at ...…
10 July 2017 - Today I was joined by all three of the new associates: Michele LeSure, David Paquette & Joel Dent. They are all bringing new perspective and strengths to the show so I am reveling in the opportunity to showcase them. Will is still on vacation but he is back next week with, hopefully, some interesting stories to tell. Michele star ...…
KnicksNation Podcast
Its been a while but join me as i talk about the Knicks recent news including Phil and Melo. It seems like there is always something with this team and it never seems to end. Also I touch on the Steve Mills situation and what direction I want the Knicks to go in. Thanks for the support!
Podcast – Liz Cirelli
Last week I touched on where I consider fear to come from in spiritual terms: from my perspective, it is a method employed by the darker forces at play on this planet to keep us from expressing our creative gifts. Why? Because our creative expression is also the gateway to our empowe ...…
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