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Dr. J. Michael Feazell sits down with influential Christian theologians, professors, and writers to discuss Trinitarian topics on a personal level. Dr. J. Michael Feazell is Vice President of Grace Communion International, a Christian fellowship with 42,000 members, worshipping in more than 900 congregations in 100 nations worldwide.
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Author Paul Young, and Theologian C. Baxter Kruger discuss the impact of the Trinity on evangelism, and our participation in the message of Jesus.
N.T. Wright talks about themes in his book, How God Became King: The Forgotten Story of the Gospels.
Dr. C. Baxter Kruger and Paul Young talk about Dr. Kruger's book, The Shack Revisited, which examines the theology embedded in Young's original narrative.
What role does theology play in our every day relationships?
Rev. David Torrance talks about how to approach our sin, personally and in the pulpit.
When we try to separate the gift from the giver, grace separated from God, we make salvation about ourselves.
Dr. Steve McVey discusses the frequently misunderstood topic of God's wrath, and its relationship with God's love.
Rev. David Torrance shares some of the lessons he has learned about parish ministry.
Rev. Dr. Elmer Colyer explains whychurch renewal programs don't work and how gospel-centered congregations needto take the lead.
Ministers are not messiahs -- their role is to join the Messiah in the work he is already doing.
God's heart beats with love for everyone he’s made, so he calls them into fellowship with himself. This is good news, not just for Christians but for everyone.
Dr. Paul Molnar discusses how God's will gets complicated when it intersects with our choices.
Jesus' resurrection frees us from death and sin, and it is the beginning of the reconstitution of everything in Christ.
Rev. Dr. Elmer Colyer discussesrepentance with us and why we don't repent well on our own.
Dr. Parry discusses God's purpose for salvation. He shares with us that Christ's salvation is already achieved for everyone, and we can participate in that.
How should the work of Christ affect our lives and relationships?
Dr. George Hunsinger talks about his work; examining the theology of the Eucharist across different Christian heritages.
Rev. David Torrance recounts how God led him into ministry.
The Book of Romans can be confusing without centering on the core teachings of Romans chapters 5 through 8. Due to a camera malfunction, we do not have video of this interview.
Dr. McVey stresses the importance of an accurate understanding of the cross, and how it affects our view of the whole being of God, Father, Son and Spirit.
Rev.Dr. Elmer Colyer examines the relationship betweenjudgment and grace.
Dr. George Hunsinger talks about the importance of keeping the focus on Christ and the relational nature of the eucharist; how it can serve to break down denominational barriers.
When Christ saves us, he is drawing us into his relationship with God the Father. Although God is changeless in one sense, he was able to become human.
Dr. Purves recounts valuable learning experiences he has had in ministry and stories of people who have had an impact on his life. He also speaks about the importance of bringing the gospel to people on a specific and personal level.
Douglas Campbell looks at examples of how Paul brought the gospel and purpose to the mission field.
Dr. Parry discusses the importance of "lament" and the role of Israel in salvation history.
Jeff McSwain describes the goal of Reality Ministries - to help adolescents understand that they belong.
Rev. David Torrance explains what it means to receive Christ: that we share in his death and his resurrection -- death to our old life of sin, and a new life in Christ.
Dr. Daniel Thimell and Mike Feazell discuss the Trinity; it is the foundation for both the doctrine of God’s love and the knowledge of God. They also examine how we are called to participate in the life of Christ.
Dr. Andrew Root talks about relational Youth Ministry arisingout of place sharing rather than patterns of influence.
Dr. Steve McVey shares the theological insights he has gained over the years.
There is a place for the various arts and for imagination in the church.
From the beginning God has wanted his people to bear his image.
Dr. Campbell encourages us to look at the gospel of grace in a new way. He speaks about how the gospel addresses and informs our understanding of sin and ethics in a way that challenges the model of a conditional or contractual grace.
Dr. C. Baxter Kruger discusses the goodness of God and our moments of darkness.
Christianity is not primarily about right behavior, but about relying on Christ's completed work for us.
Dr. Gordon Fee talks about the renewed image of the Father through his likeness shared in Christ the Son.
God the Father was in Jesus Christ, as God become human, who took our humanity into the heart of God and gave us a new humanity in the process.
In this interview, in Scotland, Robert Walker highlights who Christ is for us. He is the editor of two of Thomas Torrance's books: Incarnation and Atonement.
We all bring a personal persuasion to our interpretation of Scripture, so it's important for us to read the Bible through a Christ-centered lens.
The wrath of God and hell come about because of God's love. Good science indicates God's existence.
Colossians 3:3 has been called a decisive verse for the entire New Testament. Our lives in Christ are real, and yet can't always be seen.
Elmer Colyer discusses how hell and God's wrathare related to God's love.
Dr. Metzger talks about participation in the triune life of God.
Dr. Gary Deddo gives new perspective to the saying "What Would Jesus Do?"
We do not need to be afraid of doubt. When we fear that "God is not here," that is when God is likely to be found.
A pastor should connect the story of God with the context of individual people, so the pastor needs to be tightly connected to God and the people.
Jesus is truly human, and that shows us what it means for us to be truly human.
Converted Christians will be led by the Holy Spirit to care for others, reflecting our communion within the Triune God.
Steve McVey talks about the way Christians live -- trusting in the grace of Christ.
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