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Filler is a creative industries podcast broadcast from Notes, a coffee shop in central London. Co-hosts Harry Hitchens and Matt Shore sit down with the biggest and brightest creatives, delve into their stories, and draw lessons from their experiences. Whether we’re interviewing one of Facebook’s first design hires, or a 17-year-old with a feature film in the works, Filler aims to inspire the young and inform the experienced through good conversation. New episodes every Sunday at 6PM BST.
Creative Insurgents is all about living a creative life by your own rules. We address topics like living a more fulfilled creative life, marketing, selling art online, and more.
What is the Type A Creative? I'm so glad you asked! The Type A Creative is a podcast for driven creatives. For a long time, when I thought of the word “artist” I usually thought of a painter — someone floaty and magical, absorbed in their own world of art. But, I’m not like that. Yes, I’m a writer and designer. But I’ve got a business brain and some monster-sized ambition to match. For years I’ve been running a business and building a career around my creative skills. But now, I’m also worki ...
From Chapman University in Orange County California, Catalyst gives listeners a chance to learn about the Creative Industries through conversations with individuals from a wide array of backgrounds who are working in CI all over the globe. Hear how CI is influencing the public and private sector alike, and how local influences shape a region’s creative landscape. Hosts and CI ‘s biggest fans, Taryn Stroop and Shannon Halverson-Gorajia explore CI in the 21st century highlighting the people, p ...
Shooting J's in the NBA join John Amoroso and Jeff Adams as they talk all things NBA
Every episode will be condensed and quick, featuring a proven creative leader that will tell us one thing you can change right now that will dynamically cultivate creativity in your team, company or in you personally. Don't forget to view the show notes for each guest at
Interviews and discussions with creativity experts, faciliated by Linda Dessau, the author of Ten Ways to Thrive as a Creative Artist.
Welcome to the Jennifer Allwood Show! Listen in for business strategies and interviews with small business experts to help you build a business and a life that you love. It’s my hope that you will find encouragement every single time you listen!
A Creative Voice
We hear the stigmas that are surrounded around mental health, "you don't have a reason to be depressed, get over it." and we hear the stigmas surrounding sexual abuse, "you are just looking for attention, why are you speaking about it now?" but too little of the time are we bringing a message to eliminate that stigma. Today, we change that, by speaking about my struggles, by speaking about yours, we can turn these stigmatized topics and allow the to be heard.
Follow along on Amie's journey to becoming a creative entrepreneur. She gets real with the ups and downs behind owning a small business and carving out a place for herself in the photography industry. Check her out for motivation, advice, and a real creative community that will fuel your passion!
Subscribe now! Providing you entertainment on the drive in to work! Flash fiction and short stories written by Carrie Zylka and Alice Nelson as well as a host of other authors. Horror, Thriller, Drama, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Comedy in more. The show is similar to Night Vale, Serial, Scarecast, Lightspeed, Nightmare Magazine and Unusually Short Stories.
This city, your perspective: A Creative DC uses new media to celebrate + promote DC's emerging, established, and diverse creative community and creative economy. With over half a million perspectives in the #aCreativeDC feed to dive into, Direct Message is a look at the ins and outs of creative life in Washington, DC, hosted weekly by A Creative DC founder Morgan H. West.
Carl King is the author of the book, "So, You're A Creative Genius... Now What?" -- an unconventional career guide for musicians, artists, animators, comedians, and boat motor repairmen. This accompanying audio podcast features candid conversations with creative professionals as they share theories, techniques, and experiences in the industry.
The Odd Men Out Show is a weekly podcast where Ram and Duck interpret corporate culture for Right-Brained people who don’t understand their Left-Brained environment. Basically, our intent is to teach you how to be successful without losing your artistic heart…. and also to share some embarrassing cautionary tales from our past… you know, so you don’t have to make the same mistakes as we did. Honestly, we used to be idiots.
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Join Jeff Adams and Nicole Welch as they talk Seasons Change for Jeff Adams Show Today's topics1. Seasons Change 2. Kris calls in and gives us update3. Melissa Breastfeeding 2.0 4. L.A. Macabre update 5. Jon Ward calls inCallers: RC KRIS, Melissa (Breastfeeding Contributor) Dan L.A. Macabre and JON Ward partner in JA Creative…
Join Jeff Adams, Lou Mongello, and Kris Cruz as they talk current events and what happen over the weekend! Plus one of the weirdest show ever by The Jeff Adams Show casts.Join us Monday-Thursdays at 12:30PM EST till 2:00PM EST.DON'T MISS THE EXPERIMENT!Today's topics1. Disney2. Marvel3. Inside Disney4. Disney is not FrozenLet's welcome Blog tal ...…
Join Jeff Adams, Denny Khane, Chris Fisher, and Kris Cruz as they talk current events and what happen over the weekend! Plus one of the weirdest show ever by The Jeff Adams Show casts.Join us Monday-Thursdays at 12:30PM EST till 2:00PM EST.DON'T MISS THE EXPERIMENT!Today's topics1. Uber adventures2. Bucs Brief3. Dead Air4. Dead AirCallers: Matt ...…
join Jeff Adams and his great cast Hank Taylor, RC Kris and special co-host Pastor Neal Dyer and his friend Seth Pierson. We talk current weird news,SNL 40,Michael W Smith, Christian music,NIGHT OF JOY,Rock the Universe, Benham brothers,Andrew Chavarrilla, The Intersection, WAAR Media,kkk,krispe kreme ,garbage truck, star wars, dead, pirates of ...…
Episode 48: THE Leadership Japan Series - Introducing How to Make Your Presentations High Impact Greg: Konnichiwa and welcome to Episode 48 of THE Leadership Japan podcast. I am your host in Tokyo, Dr. Greg Story, president of Dale Carnegie Training Japan, and much more importantly, you are a student of leadership, highly motivated to be the be ...…
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