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Pub Quiz Podcast
This is a real pub quiz, recorded live in various South London pubs. You can play against the rest of the pub either alone or with some friends. All you need is a pen and paper, as well as a means of listening to the podcast. I also recomend you get a few beers and some snacks to recreate the feel of a real pub quiz. If you really want to get authentic, I suggest throwing some sawdust on the living room floor and inviting a few strangers in.
Doctor Campbell's Science Demo
This is an ad hoc video podcast of short films demonstrating basic scientific principles. The fields covered tenuously include Biology, Physics and Chemistry. This stuff is just for fun so please don't quote anything you heard here in a science essay. The files available are encoded in H.264 format and packaged as M4V files that will play in iTunes and on (video) iPods. If you don't want to do it that way then is also hosting them in their lovely flash player format. If you have ...
Kambel Serle - Midnight Solem
Kambel Serle - Midnight Solem CD
Kambel Serle - Hope
Kambel Serle - Hope CD
Selected Latest Bayans of Hazrat Maulana Tariq Jamil Sahab DB
Hazrat Maulana Tariq Jamil Sahab DB
L'entrevista d'"El mat"
Mnica Terribas conversa en profunditat amb els protagonistes de l'actualitat. De dilluns a divendres, a partir de les 08.30 h.
Nonsensequential Podcast
Adjective: Senseless information delivered in no particular order
Air Buds Podcast
Air Buds is a podcast hosted by Jamel Johnson, Peter Moses, and Mike Benner where they have stupid smart discussions about the NBA.
Stream Team Podcast
Join Joe Holt & Jamel Singleton as they discuss entertainment news, movies, TV and more on the Stream Team Podcast. Then stick around at the end of each episode, for a spoiler filled movie review from from one of the major streaming services. (Netflix,…
Mitologia aplicada
Els dimarts, de 16.45 a 17.00 h, comparem l'actualitat amb els mites antics per veure que s'assemblen ms que no ens pensvem. Amb el periodista Antonio Baos Boncompain.
T4 con Vicente Ortega (Podcasts)
No seas el último en escuchar este podcast. T4 con Vicente Ortega (Podcasts) publica sus episodios antes en iVoox.Sintonitza amb el sport
Boston Red Sox Newsfeed: Breaking News, Pre-Game Reports, Recaps & More
CLNS Radio's Boston Red Sox Newsfeed delivers instantaneous news and reports all in real time. In this news feed, you will receive quick hit audio reports, updates and instant analysis on the Red Sox. Red Sox Newsfeed is also the home to CLNS' pre-game reports equipped with a featured interview from Boston's opposition that night. Various contributions also come from Jess Thomas, Lauren Cambell, Jared Scali and more. Can't watch the game? No access to the newsroom? No problem. Subscribe now. ...
Tots els Vídeos relacionats amb el curs de Webcasting... bons o no.
Naqshbandi Tassawuf
Live recorded Islamic bayans and lectures uploaded in English and Urdu. Based on tasawwuf.The aim and objective of spiritual path (sulook) is to make the heart of the seeker yearn for Allah's pleasure similar to the body's demand for food. This can only happen when the heart is, - filled to the brim by the majesty and love of Allah and - empty from the desires of all that is other than Allah (ma-siwa Allah)Until this love of other than Allah exists, to the extent that it resists the love and ...
Vapor Funk
Vapor Funk is a weekly series of live dj sets mixed by Kambel and Rhythmic. We play everything from drum & bass to dubstep to electro house. We're based out of Boston, MA and occasionally feature guest mixes from other local djs.
El mat de Catalunya Rdio (Marc Garriga)
L'estiu 2014 el programa respon, amb rigor, a un comproms de servei, informaci i entreteniment. La primera part est centrada en temes d'actualitat amb la presncia dels seus protagonistes i en l'anlisi i la reflexi dels tertulians. Tamb ens fixem en tot all que es cou a les xarxes socials i repassem la premsa del dia.Diriament viatjarem per la Microcatalunya, aquells municipis de menys de 500 habitants, i tamb farem ruta per aquells indrets que van ser protagonistes ara fa 300 anys, el 1714, ...
So Basically Podcast
So basically is a podcast formed and presented to you by a group of young males from South East London. We cover a variety of controversial topics from our differing opinions on media and society. So basically podcast is so different as no one episode is the same with our members and guest appearances we offer a variety of personalities and humour suited to a larger sea of listeners.Members:CallyTwitter: (N/A)Instagram: (N/A)Sneaky (Wayne)Twitter: @arcanexsneakyInstagram: @arcanexsneakyJamz ...
Team G'Day Update
Jamel Boukabou (Senior Executive Marketing Director) hosts this regular update on Youngevity products and business. Focusing on his home country, Australia and abroad.
Stories from the Faerie Queen by SPENSER, Edmund and LANG, Jean
A major work by Spenser, The Faerie Queen, was published between 1590 and 1596. As an allegorical work, it can be read on many levels. According to Jeanie Lang, Spenser always looked for the beautiful and the good when he wrote. Lang said, "There are many stories in The Faerie Queen, and out of these all I have told you only eight." The eight are "Una and the Lion," "St. Gergoe and the Dragon," "Britomart and the Magic Mirror," "The Quest of Sir Gregory," "Pastorella," "Cambell and Triamond, ...
Off The Ropes Podcast
Off The Ropes is a bi-weekly comedy podcast featuring the tag team duos of Washington D.C. area comics Talib Babb and Jamel Johnson alongside media production duo Antoine "The Don" and Staxs The Producer. We discuss anything in the news from social issues, entertainment, sports, politics, and whatever the hell else crosses our minds.
360 - Meet the Director and Actor
From two acclaimed artists: director Fernando Meirelles (City of God, The Constant Gardener) and writer Peter Morgan (The Queen, Frost/Nixon). With a stellar international cast that includes Rachel Weisz, Anthony Hopkins, Jude Law, Ben Foster, Jamel Debbouze and Moritz Bleibtreu, 360 is a moving and exciting dramatic thriller that dazzlingly weaves together the stories of an array of people from disparate social backgrounds through their intersecting relationships.
What's in the Box
What's in the Box: Stories from the Sam Bell Maxey House State Historic Site is a podcast where we discuss artifacts in the historic site's collection that are normally in storage or are a little harder to notice in the period rooms. The site has over 10,000 artifacts, with a lot of them in storage, and What's in the Box is a way for Site Manager Kaitlin and Curator Amanda to talk about these artifacts. You can find the Maxey House on Facebook and Instagram or at www.visitsambellmaxeyhouse.c ...
Weekly gossip and the comings and goings on in Val's World
Corresponsalia experta a Madrid
L'asturi Esteban J. Girn va nixer amb un trauma heretat: el seu pare va fer la mili a Lleida. El tamb conegut com 'el guitarrista simptic de Toundra' va haver de crixer sentint les distorsions (positives) que el seu pare li explicava sobre els catalans i sobre Catalunya. No cal dir que la seva infncia i joventut van ser una veritable auca i, al final, es va acabar installant a Madrid. Ara, en plena maduresa vital -ja ha fet 27 anys- i en qualitat de dinamitzador cultural, connecta amb 'Els e ...
Ziyaad Patel
Qari Ziyaad Patel was born in South Africa and is a man of multi-talents which he manages with extreme clarity and perfection.After commencing memorisation of the Qur’an at the age of 11, Mufti Ghulam Hassan Saib of De Deur at Ogies – Mpumalanga saw him through his successful completion by 14 years of age after which came the mastery of Tajweed under the guidance of Hafiz Dr. Abdul Qadir Hansa Sahib which he topped up with further perfection under the wings of Sheikh Abdullah Atiya Bayomi.He ...
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An award winning singer, songwriter, producer and visual artist, Brittany Campbell is unequivocally equipped to tackle the industry’s ever-changing climate exemplifying the virtues of musical reverence, visual innovation, curated collaboration, and pure raw talent. Boasting 4 studio releases, her debut EP Nerd (2011) reaching the Top 10 NYC pop ...…
Amber Campbell is a certified birth and postpartum doula, childbirth educator, a newborn resuscitation skills provider – CPR certified, and she is the proud owner of Blessings, Births and Beyond Inc.! She has helped many women in South Florida on their journey into motherhood and I love her energy! I have referred many clients to her from my ow ...…
Last year Belize landed on the lowest rung of the Trafficking in Person’s (TIP) report - for the third year in a row. Victor Boutros, a former U.S. Department of Justice prosecutor and founder of the Human Trafficking Institute, describes what his institution is doing to get the government of Belize to do the right thing. If you have a question ...…
It was a beautiful thing to see the scenes of rescue and kindness during the recent hurricanes. Nobody was asking people who they voted for or their position on confederate statues as they helped each other with patience and dignity. This begs a question. How do we get people treating each other like this and serving one another absent some for ...…
The latest edition of the Original Eleven features interviews with rush linebacker Mike Wagner, who had two sacks in the Lafayette win, and new running backs coach Jamel Mutunga, who discusses the return of Charlie Volker, his backfield core, and the Columbia defense. Broadcaster Cody Chrusciel returns to look back at the 38-17 win at Lafayette ...…
Paul and Ava bring in Jordan, Cambell and Law to continue discussing what is going on with the NFL #takeaknee initiative. Listen to find out how students are processing this.
The Wisconsin Vegetable Gardener​ Radio Show from 9-23-17 on 860AM WNOV​ Topics:Joey and Holly talk about Seed saving the plants that are the easiest and ones that are best to buy new, Also the problems we have had on our tomatoes their guest Fermentation expert for 30 plus year from fermenters kitchen of facebook ...…
Air Mail From Dip
10:15 A.M. 9/21/41 Dear Mom & Dad: I spose you have been wondering just what has happened to your long lost son. Well I’m still O.K. & in good shape & feeling fine & healthy & in tip top condition. I just haven’t had a chance to write to anyone during the last week. In fact I started a letter to you last Sun., expecting to finish it on Mon eve. ...…
Episode 51 is dedicated to the memory of a WWE Legend, Bobby The Brain Heenan This week we have the Final 4 sports stories of the week. We start off with a look back at week of the NFL season. We talk about Brady’s bound back game, Browns Lose-O-Meter, Dallas getting rolled in Denver, and on a scale of Andy Dalton to Tom Brady, Jam names his to ...…
Meditation Jam with Maria Rinné, transformational energy meditations, travel tips and life!
We have had an awakening of the female energy for some time, in both woman and men. Now it’s the male energy that is up under the magnifying glass to be re-opened and transformed to its pure core.I can see it so clear and absolutely love it. It’s not only about the men getting their rightful energy back but also the balance of this energy withi ...…
Christine discusses Jemele Hill's tweet calling President a white supremacist, and the left's cavalier use of pejorative terms like "racist" and "nazi."
Join Josh and Special guest Dick Duffey with sports. We talk about the local Monroe comic con, why you should watch screen junkies on youtube, comic book top sales, Frank Miller brings us in for a third helping of The Dark Knight with Master Race. We discuss why to not trust uncreative people in hollywood. Jamele Hill, Espn and The President. I ...…
Lubie gives his 2 cents on ESPN's Jamele Hill's comments toward Kid Rock & president Trump.
On the latest edition of the Ridiculous Upside podcast, we devote the entire show to an interview with CJ Williams and Jameel Warney, who helped push team USA to a gold medal at the FIBA Americup. Over the course of the 30+ minute interview, the duo touch on their first impressions of Jeff Van Gundy, experiences in South America, their comeback ...…
The Beyond the Game crew minus Brandon Johnson conducts an exclusive interview with Jamel Ramsay, the head coach of the Nassau Lions football team. They also break down the biggest NFL and MLB news.
International & National Security Law & Religious Liberties Practice Group Podcast Since the summer of 2014, ISIS has been waging a blitz through Iraq's Nineveh province, murdering and displacing Iraqi Christians and others. The European Union, Britain, and the U.S. have labeled the campaign to eradicate Christianity from Iraq as genocide. Howe ...…
Mixtape Radio Show by Luca Guerrieri
Mixtape Radio Show 09901. Dandy Mekon - What's Going On_Denney vs Detlef Re-Edit (FFRR)02. Sergio Del Lago - Miss You (Claps Records)03. Onyva - Reason For Dawn (White Label)04. Jamie L Ward - It's Time (Wired Hands)05. Eddy M - 5 Tips (Nothing Else Matters)Track Of The Week06. Matais & Cusack - Be Nothing (Valiant Records)07. Christina Cruise, ...…
Major Jameel Janjua, experimental test pilot with the Canadian Armed Forces, shares ideas on how he stays appropriately "switched on" given the needs of any performance situation. His world, much like in medicine, is a high-pressure, high cost of failure performance context. Jameel provides rich insight on a range of human factors, and high-per ...…
Big Geek Show - comic books, movie reviews, tv, comic con interviews, and more
— SPOLIER ALERT — Recap of S07E05 of Game of Thrones. Jamie lives, but how long before Cersei gets sick of his betrayal? Terion tries to convince everyone to stop killing everyone else. Dani gets a lady boner when Jon touches her dragon. Dickon gets roasted and there’s a new Lord Tarly. Sir Mormont of the Friendzone returns and much, much, more ...…
In this special episode Sally the Researcher and Carri, from the LDS Dating podcast, talk about Beast as he goes through “the Hero’s Journey” The Smithsonian Documentary about The Real Beauty and the Beast The Hero's Journey by Christopher Vogler The Hero with a Thousand Faces by Joseph Cambell, a Wikipedia Summary Links Beastly Minute pages on ...…
Boots N All Country
This episode begins with a three song tribute to Glen Cambell, who passed away this week after a long courageous battle. We also feature two songs fromthe new Destiny cd, as well as some country classics.
Auntie Maxine Share's a powerful wordNEW MUSIC from Erica Cambell, Alton Eugene, Lecrae, and The Walls Group!#JustinBieber #realsidechicks #Kaepernickstillunsigned #trump Helen and Dan learn how to cast out a Vegan Demon!Your hosts also sit down with singer,producer, songwriter and lover of Jesus- Alton Eugene, to discuss the music industry, se ...…
This week I have Jamel Johnson on. Jamel was a DC based comic who recently moved to LA. Jamel was one of the best when I started comedy and a real stand up dude who everyone respected. Jamel has been on Comedy Central, opened for Louie C.K and runs a great show in LA at Meltdown. Jamel dives into what it is like going to the big leagues of come ...…
Max Vangeli Presents: NoFace Radio
Max Vangeli Presents: NoFace Radio - Episode 053 01. Jamie L Ward - Shakedown 02. Nicola Fasano & Miami Rockets feat. Andrea Love - Love Will Save The Day (Funkerman Remix) 03. Charlie Puth - Attention (Oliver Heldens Remix) Pick Of The Week 04. Dave Winnel - Souljacker 05. Kill The Buzz, Badd Dimes - Dirty Drums 06. Simon Fava & Gregor Salto f ...…
The Old Just Grubbin Podcast
Lauren, Jamiel, and Big Al are joined by CJ for this episode. The fellas run down the latest in food news which included a poopy headline, more power rankings and a new questionable study. They close the show with Al giving everyone his Pork Sweat Boys power rankings, Jamiel gives us the details of the NJ BBQ Championships that took place in Wi ...…
HIPHOP DON´T STOP & Friends RadioshowWas euch erwartet: Live-Mixe verschiedenster Künstler, Interviews und noch vieles mehr,also hört rein :)Dieses Mal mit einem exlusiven Mix von Dj Cambel Nomi (Freak de L'Afrique/Berlin)Für alle, die die letzten Shows verpasst haben, hier könnt ihr in alle Shows reinhö ...…
Jamie and Kristina discuss the week’s news including a healthcare update, which senator is tasked with overseeing individual tax reform, and what the Supreme Court decision on the travel ban means. Kristen Cambell, executive director or PACE (Philanthropy of Active Civic Engagement), also joins us to talk about civic engagement, how funders are ...…
This week on Who's There? it's true, we're catering to YOU. First, more on Rihanna's new hook-up, Hassan Jameel, and whyyyyy that explains her 'feud' with Naomi Campbell. Then, who remains a Who post-Pretty Little Liars? Is it...all of them? Some of them? A newly-mommy'd mommy vlogger named Acacia Brinley who does some of the most impressive In ...…
This week I sit down with guitarist/producer Eric Ambel in Brooklyn to mine through the finer points of a career built on desire, attitude, and talent. After all, you don't get to play with the likes of Joan Jett or Steve Earl by pigeon-holing yourself into one style.An accomplished guitarist, producer, and club owner, Eric's journey in the mus ...…
After no episode last week, the guys react to the Tavon Young (10:10) and Dennis Pitta injuries (2:23). Assistant Director of Player Engagement Jameel McClain also joins to talk about the work he's doing with the rookies (17:50) and what it's like being a suit now (16:37). Got a comment or suggestion? Email the show at ...…
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