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Popular History of the Art of Music, A by MATHEWS, W. S. B.
Preface by W.S.B. Mathews: I have here endeavored to provide a readable account of the entire history of the art of music, within the compass of a single small volume, and to treat the luxuriant and many-sided later development with the particularity proportionate to its importance, and the greater interest appertaining to it from its proximity to the times of the reader. The range of the work can be most easily estimated from the Table of Contents (pages 5-10). It will be seen that I have a ...
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Modellansatz - English episodes only
Pascal Kraft is a researcher at the Institute for Applied and Numerical Mathematics of the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) and he introduces us to Julia Sets which he investigated for his Bachelors Thesis. It is natural for us to think something like this: If I take two simple things and put them together in some sense, nothing too comp ...…
The Energy Transition Show with Chris Nelder
What kind of grid architecture and markets will we need in order to actually operate the distributed, decentralized grid of the future? What sorts of regulatory models will be needed? And what does it all mean, from a philosophical point of view, about how human society is organized? How can mere mortals begin to understand … Continue reading [ ...…
“Mindfulness” is becoming a fashionable buzzword. However, there’s nothing new about it. It is part of human nature itself. Mindfulness means paying attention, with intention, to the world as it is with an attitude of equanimity. This means that one focuses one’s attention upon some of the huge array of sensations arising from within ourselves ...…
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