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Janette Smith Online
Engaging and Informative Interviews with Celebrities and thought leaders by former award-winning journalist and entertainment host Janette R. Smith.
Completely Uninformed with Janette and Pete
Welcome to Janette and Pete’s new podcast! From real life stories to games to a shared passion for all things Star Trek (along with Pete’s unreasonable desire to leave earth for outer space) to their gut reactions to news about which they are COMPLETELY UNINFORMED. This unlikely duo – a 32 year old man, father of three, and 60 year old cat nut combine to hit you in the gut with laughs and pathos and when it comes to politics…yeah…they’re reactionary, and don’t forget…uniformed.
Empowerment Chats w Janette R. Smith
Get Straight Talk and Expert Coaching proven to help you PUSH PAST STUCK. "Stuck" is a mindset that anyone can fall into. From entrepreneurs, students, at-home moms and dads and everyone in between – this show speaks to anyone striving to LIVE LIFE ABUNDANTLY - and WITH PURPOSE. ABUNDANTLY means fully engaged and liberated in your work, relationships, health and how you make the world better! If you can change the WAY you think, you WILL make better decisions for BETTER LIVING. Host Janette ...
Empowerment Chats w Janette R. Smith
Janette is an Emmy,Telly,Aurora award-winning journalist with 27+ years experience in the broadcast industry reporting and anchoring in markets like Cincinnati, Dallas and Atlanta. Janette was also a DIY Network / HGTV entertainment host. This savvy, progressive thinker is our refreshing new voice on talk radio. As a thought leader and change-agent, her focus is to serve as an architect of healthy discussions, empowering listeners to live empowered. No matter the day's topic each show offers ...
Jus Jase... The Trini Tech.Nition
This is the spot to check out live podcasts from Trinidad's No.1 DJ... The Trini Tech.Nition - JUS JASE
The Janette Oke Book Club
Book Circle Online is the world’s first online network with shows dedicated to the intimate discussion and dissection of various books. This podcast highlights the work of author, Janette Oke. BCO Hosts, comprised of authors, writers, critics and media personalities, discuss all aspects of the book from the author’s inspiration and background to chapter by chapter breakdowns. Hosts offer insight and opinions as well as diverse and thought provoking views.Book Circle Online can be seen here o ...
Celebrity interviews and programs designed to entertain, inspire, encourage and inform in original ways. E.I.E.I.O**Janette is an Emmy,Telly,Aurora award-winning journalist with 22 yrs experience in the broadcast industry reporting and anchoring in Dallas and Atlanta. Janette was also a DIY Network / HGTV entertainment host of a syndicated show and specials for five years.** This savvy, progressive thinker and host is a refreshing voice on talk radio. Her focus is less on being a critic and ...
MedStud Memoirs - Medical School - Premed - experiences, content, and interviews
MedStud Memoirs is a podcast designed for premed, medical school, and other healthcare students. We take the textbook knowledge involved in medicine outside of the classroom by sharing experiences of patients, doctors, and more. MedStud Memoirs is produced by two medical school students: Brian Elliott and Jarett Beaudoin. Music "Beyond Home" adapted from tracks by Brandon Liew on FreeMusicArchive, URL:
Los 5 Horsemen of PA
A weekly wrestling podcast which reviews the week in news, Raw Supershow, Smackdown, plus our topic of the week. Soon we will be doing iMPACT Wrestling reviews also. Join us live for each Pay Per View to hear our commentary at Join Host "The Professor" David Sanders, "The Enforcer" Justin Santiago, "The Superstar" Francisco Bastian, and "The Macarena Kids" Reece and Jarett Theberge each week right here on iTunes. And as always thanks for riding with the horsemen.
Podcasten til Eyvind Stueland
Det er nesten ingenting jeg synes er så gøy som å bli overbevist om noe annet enn det jeg så langt har trodd. Overraskende alternativer til de vanligste tingene vi gjør, ligger ofte rett foran nesa på oss. Kanskje er det et problem eller vanskelig situasjon som gjør oss i stand til å se disse mulighetene? Jeg liker å sette meg selv i slike situasjoner, og jeg liker å høre om andre som gjør det. Noe av det jeg finner ut, deler jeg her på Eyvind Teigen Stueland
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EPICURE_SH-16_Parlons-ÉPICURE...: Juste une jasette entre des collaborateurs du podcast PARLONS_BALADO (Jean-Seb., Mathieu et Max) comme ça, sans invités, histoire de philosopher et de chiller autour de l'univers audio disponible sur le net (ou non...) ÉPICUREaudio à tranché dans le gras des conversations et baffouilles multiples à grand coups ...…
On est enfin à jour dans “The Walking Dead” et on discute de la 2e partie de la 5e saison de la série. On aborde d’ailleurs la finale qui venait tout juste de passer! On avait pas mal de jasette. William et J-S discutent préalablement de 19-2, Gotham, Last week tonight, Banshee et Shameless ainsi que […]…
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