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Almost Good
David James Keaton and J David Osborne talk movies that almost make the cut
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Dave and I talk about the incredibly uncomfortable new Gaspar Noe flick Climax. We also rant a lot. The grumpiness continues!By JDO & DJK.
On this episode, Dave and I get really grumpy about IT 2, movies in general, everything! We always get pissed and morose after a bad one. And IT 2 was a *bad* one.By JDO & DJK.
Today we have our first guest! We are joined by author Rios de la Luz to talk about giving up on artists that you used to like, how to make scenes tense, and Tarantino in general. JDO finds himself surrounded on all sides by people who didn't like the film. Will he convince them the movie was good? Listen and find out!…
On this episode we talk putting actors' lives in danger, JDO's obsession with cults, the creepiness of folk music, and the consequences of innocuous decisions.By JDO & DJK.
We talk naps, rain, Bandersnatch, the limits of meta, the importance of The Matrix, John Wick dance fighting, and a movie filmed inside of an asshole.By JDO & DJK.
In this episode, Dave and I discuss the new weirdo flick from the director of It Follows. We talk about where it went wrong, what it got right, but mostly...we talk about how it bears an eerie, almost uncanny resemblance to Dave's novel The Last Projector. That's right, folks. We might have a case of some "inspiration" on our hands. Don't belie ...…
In this episode, Dave and I give an honest to god review of the new Marvel movie. We also talk about a stuffed armadillo. Major spoilers ahead!By JDO & DJK.
In this episode, Dave and I talk about vaguebooking, print-on-demand movies, negative energy, The Silence, the banality of the apocalypse, Scare Tactics, Between Worlds, the mystery of Nicolas Cage, black holes, and penis compliments.By JDO & DJK.
On this episode we talk about how to ask someone to repeat themselves without sounding rude, people addicted to being mad on the internet, allegorical storytelling, US, and nu-metal. The tech gremlins were in full effect so I don't sound as crispy cool as normal, but it's a really good episode.By JDO & DJK.
In this episode we talk boom bang superheroes, goth murderer cannibals, tattling on talkers in movie theaters, past racism, writer hierarchies, and book piracy.By JDO & DJK.
On this episode, Dave and I talk about a glorious satanic mess of a movie, a nice subversion of the heist film, and a hot take that posits Jar Jar Binks as a demon who destroyed movies.By JDO & DJK.
Spoiler alert: our "worst of" list have mostly been nominated for Oscars.By JDO & DJK.
For our final episode of 2018, Dave and I talk about Lars von Trier's (try-hard?) new serial killer movie to kill all serial killer movies. Dave gives me (JDO) a checklist of all the serial killers this movie is referencing, and we talk von Trier's behavior and how it relates to his art. Thanks for listening! It's been a great year.…
Dave and I talk JG Ballard, getting into fights while taking your kid to see Santa, Bird Box, and the perils of disliking movies that your friends all seem to like.By JDO & DJK.
On this episode, Dave and I talk social media scolding, Dog Eat Dog, and Schrader's newest, First Reformed.By JDO & DJK.
Dave and I talk: pulling someone out of the driver's seat of a car, internet tattletales, Universal Soldier 4, Cam, the fakeness of online in films, Harlan Ellison's Shatterday, Searching, and the curious case of the n-word entity. N-tity?By JDO & DJK.
Dave and I talk about the newest straight-to-Netflix Coen Brothers movie, anthologies, the Meg, and the Bill Maher / Stan Lee controversy Meg by Steve Alten What Maher said about Lee "The Blinding Whiteness of the Coen Brothers' Wild West" The Last ProjectorBy JDO & DJK.
Abortion, Nazis, and dad rock revenge films. Why do we never see the rich get murdered? Mentioned in this episode: "Killing Babies" by T.C. Boyle Charlene - "I've Never Been to Me" Movies: Leon: The Professional Road House We Need to Talk About Kevin You Were Never Really Here American History X American Pimp Oldboy I Saw the Devil John Wick…
In this one, Dave and I rant about how you can't criticize books, then he talks about not liking BlackKklansman, then we talk MANDY.By JDO & DJK.
Me and Dave are all we've got in this world. ALso, we talk about the Endless, a real ok movieBy JDO & DJK.
We go in-depth with Beyond the Black Rainbow, unpacking the symbolism, what exactly is going on, the use of tropes in a non-aesthetic way (using tools as tools), brain-melting psychedelics, and how Kill Bill 2 might hold the key to the type of storytelling we want in a movieBy JDO & DJK.
I was really frustrated on this one. Me and Dave talk about SORRY TO BOTHER YOU, which is one of the best movies I've ever seenBy JDO & DJK.
on this episode dave and i talk thoroughbreds (american psycho meets heathers, according to the very smart packaging in which the dvd is packaged), equus (lots of penis in that one), heavenly creatures, a good old fashioned rag on true detective 2, samurai swords, and the new hbo series sharp objects…
what if the predators in the new predator movie 69ed? all opinions are invalid big time love fest for hereditaryBy JDO & DJK.
in this one me and dave go in on the worst movie of the summer, 'den of thieves' definitely our most 'tacticool' ep also: why does stallone cut a pizza with scissors in cobra? answers insideBy JDO & DJK.
This week Dave and I mend our betrayal by talking about Jared Leto's appropriation gangster, I do a script doctor, overseas markets, heists, redneck potrayals, and hilarityBy JDO & DJK.
Kanye West, cutting people from Facebook for not liking baby pictures, superhero movies vs. westerns, South Korean film, The Flame Alphabet by Ben Marcus, word viruses, rule-based movies, massive script doctoring of A Quiet Place, why would you have a baby post apocalypse, the intelligence of monsters, and a cliffhanger ending that could spell ...…
After a week off, Dave and I return to discuss directors saying stupid shit, disavowing movies based on their creators, the music loophole, our Netflix queues, Ready Player One...and a new breed of theater gremlinBy JDO & DJK.
slipknot rules, the wheelman, bad dialogue, when process shots go wrong, grabbing sandwiches, conspicuous naming, toothpicks in Asian gangster films, no kids in movies, good tough guys, fred durst’s voice, meta tough guys, keaton kind of liked wheelman, small crimes, bad accents, a good leonardo dicaprio joke, me and dave do some accents, the r ...…
mushrooms at the movies, nice ice cubes, empathy builders, bad teaching scenes, sad music, pacing issues with the hazmat man, dave’s bad jokes, good green, toronto tax shelters, bears that scream like women, weird denial in movies, was there or wasn’t there weird chanting in the cutting open the stomach scene, how you can lose it around others, ...…
On this episode of the Almost Good podcast, we talk about: the racist guy who likes black panther, CGI rhinos, fighting twice, blade 2 as a harbinger for gumby fights, WHAT ARE THE FUCKING POWERS, dave likes the white guy in black panther, Killmonger was right, ass eating James Spader as villain, doubling down on late capitalism, marvel ruined ...…
We talk the awesomeness of Kanye West, Dave transcribes JDO’s drunk call trying to describe Black Panther, why the best movies never run down the middle, Dunkirk, Bane masks in the gym, numetal, Oscar picks (including snubs), A Ghost Story, fake vomit, Ladybird, annoying theater talkers, Alamo Drafthouse vs. Black Audiences, seat kickers, art v ...…
Dave talks about almost getting into a fight on the way to watching a movie about fish fucking, going to watch movies in the 80s, The Shape of Water, the importance of characters changing, what even is an Oscar movie?, Instagram movies, I Tonya, and THE SCRIPT DOCTOR fixes The Shape of WaterBy JDO & DJK.
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