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Join Cassie Jeans, as she explores her own words, words of fellow authors, and famous writers in an intimate and personal way.
Jeans on Toast
Jeans on Toast is youthful wisdom at its most irreverent; 3 Twennysomethings approach different themes as well as revisiting the ridiculous regular features, which include the critically acclaimed "Sandwich or Language" and family favourite "crap kickstarter".
Lawyer in Blue Jeans
Khakis and Jeans
something to share
A man called Danny O'Hanlon tries to be genuinely entertaining with
In Jeans and Joggers
Podcast by Samuel Findlay
Antonio Kroener- The main personality and the electronics wrangler. Any technical difficulties are his fault. He is extremely loud and his laugh sounds like a mentally challenged hyena getting stabbed to death.Regular Guests/Trifecta CompletionPete Lab- Italian American Beard Purveyor. Believer of All Conspiracy Theories. Interests include Star Wars, Video Games and the Cinematic History and Career of Brad Garrett.Justin Forward- The Wild Card of the Trifecta. Justin is unpredictable and inc ...
Peggy Jean's Pies
Our Very First
Dad Jeans
How do you maintain your cool while raising kids—particularly when you were never that cool to begin with? Join hosts Brendan Hughes and Jeffrey Dinsmore as we attempt to stay relevant while navigating the increased demands and duties of the modern dad. A comedic quest to uncover the truths of the universe, one diaper at a time.
Answers to your relationship questions.
Clean Jeans
Jonathan and Ashley pick up the pieces left behind from the fall of It's Not my Fault Podcast
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Ashley schools Jonathan on new rap music.
So much to explore and soak up about this episode with, Cassie Jeans. She teaches about being challenged to show up for your gifts in a way that is graceful and also creates momentum in order to get stuff done!Find out about the Life Intentionally summit as well, she talked about it and this is the link for more info about that:https://www.even ...…
Cassie Jeans opens up her heart and channels in some serious wisdom in this episode. Do you have a habit of beating yourself up? Do you ever find yourself thinking, I've wasted so much time? There is a pattern to this that the soul knows how to navigate. In this episode you will awaken to that truth and feel freedom in your journey and far less ...…
Ashley lives it up for her birthday, complete with Jon dealing with all the drama.
Cassie Jeans shares some intuitive tips about how to feel our way through the internal shifts many of us went through and why recognizing our intuition is the best source for checking in with our soul journey.
In this episode, Cassie answers questions about writing submitted by her audiences. Cute, cheeky, and playful, this is an opportunity to receive amazing info directly from a writer who doesn't give up on her dream.Questions like:How does sleep affect writing?How do you keep yourself motivated to keep writing?Despite meeting so many great author ...…
A new fan writes in to ask Ashley some advice. Ashley dives into video vixens.
There are some aches in this message tonight. Some wonderings about what is happening on our planet and what that means for us as women who are using our voice to bring about consciousness and change. Learn how to advocate and why your voice is needed more than ever. Something is shifting in us as a collective. In this episode, Cassie Jeans sha ...…
How do you believe in your gifts? This downloaded message will open your heart, will release limitations and clear the space for new beliefs about who you are.Extra goods about the importance of sisterhood conversations, the writers' mind, and a divine message for the heart at the end.
Jon and Ash talk about an epic battle at a local McDonalds. A crazy man has a little too much fun on a plane.
Instead of pushing through what would happen if we felt through it and owned the emotions that we are feeling? Is it possible to have days when you don't want to do what you love? Exploring the realms of self-worth on this episode and sharing about a special opportunity to meet in the new year.
How do you trust the process of your calling when it feels like nothing is going right? Tapping into the power and truth of your gifts will open you up to the most incredible possibilities and also, gut-wrenching moments of desperation. Listen to this episode and let the words guide you to where your heart and soul know you can be.…
Jon and Ash return to tell stories of lost birds and missing Fernandos.
Sharing a gift of a story about a little boy who opened my eyes to what it means to embody your gifts and listen to the nudges that come from within.
Pete and Justin stop by and we talk about random shit that has left my mind ten minutes later. I'll probably be in a nursing home within the year.
What do you do when your heart feels wide open and totally exposed? When confusion is necessary to understand what is stirring beneath, this episode explores the power of presence and simpicity.
How do you know if you are on the right path? Cassie shares some great tips on this and gives an example that is not only powerful and intuition opening but also creates a simple guide in your soul to know if you are living according to your purpose(s) and gifts.
This week the fellas fondle the football fever that has engulfed the nation! They dive deep into all things related to the great game, including history (which has a whiff of homosexuality), their playing pasts and a cracking game about players post-pitch career paths!
This was one of those times I couldn't fall asleep and I was like, why not record the thoughts. I literally brought you into my bedroom with this one.
Tune in with Cassie as she delightfully goes into the layers of brokenness and opens up about her path to feeling whole and at peace in her own heart. Grab some sage and your fav crystal and settle in.
Sharing my long journey towards forgiving and blessing those that I would never receive the same from and why this was the most loving and most freeing thing I could do.
Why did I name this podcast, In the Bedroom? And exploring passion and what that means for the life you are living right now.
This week the learned lads adventure into their academic annals, trawling and exploring the three years of university. Peter pours pity on his placement, Alf outs his outlandish outfits and Rob treats us to a brand new game!
The very first episode of In the Bedroom w/ Cassie Jeans- Words that Awaken the Soul!
This time the team tackle the tumultuous world of travel! Whisking you way back to the first travellers and traversing the preferred methods of mobility. There are also currency capers from Peter and a hypnotic hypothetical from Rob.
Tonight we're talking about ... who even knows? We recorded this thing so long ago. And then there was some effed up about the sound, so we didn't put it out, and then we got busy ... it's just a total mess. We're a mess. We're sorry, listeners. Don't give up on us. Don't you dare give up on us.
Pete, Justin and I discuss making a movie. It slowly becomes the greatest movie idea of all time.
This intriguing instalment investigates the mouth-watering world of food. Get ready to digest discussions of nosh they would rid the world of, death row dishes with a twist and feast on future fusion fancies. We also have a fantastic foray into a foodie feature favourite from the first season.
And the BAFTA goes to... Well, listen and find out! In this weeks bonus (and extremely special) episode, the boys come to you live from the Red Carpet at the BAFTA TV awards. Join us as we divulge all the gossip and goings on from inside the Royal Festival Hall on London's South Bank. Who gives the most patronising speech? Why is David Attenbor ...…
3..2..1..Action! The boys are bouncing back with their third season in the trilogy (so far!) and what better way to kick things off than with Movies! This action packed episode will be a thriller, there will be no horror with Peters new feature “when are you old enough” and plenty of fantasy as the lads pitch each other film concepts. Welcome b ...…
Finally the ferocious finale is upon us! This week, the lads learn and liaise all things linguistic; from the first noises pushed out their infant gobs to creative cursing. Country Punt is back for one last hurrah...but with a twist!
This time in the Jeans on Toast time machine, the boys venture back and reflect on their experiences in secondary school. Covering topics like fashion fads and puberty it's sure to take you back to a simpler time of Bebo and GCSE mock's.
Get out your prit-sticks and pipe cleaners, it's time to get Arty! This week the boys make a self-portrait and discover their inner-Picasso as they sketch their way into the art scene. With the return of classic feature "Crap Kickstarter" this episode is not to be missed! @jeansontoastpodcastTwitter: @jean ...…
Tonight we're talking about Toto! The tragedy of Chuck E. Cheese! Dragon’s Lair! The Mission of Orsach! #TheLineup! Octothorphe Uberness! Trolling Mike Pence! The stink of success!
This week we get sickly and sweet with all things love. With your favourite features "Youtube Comments Game" and "Country Punt" back again it's sure to warm the cockles of your @jeansontoastpodcastTwitter: @jeansontoast69
This week we're talking about Jazz Jeans! Lloyd Bridges' Springsteen period! Parenting in public! Inside voices! Fire and Fury! Dull men! The futility of humility!
This week the Jeansmen take a peak into the curious collection of cults this crazy world has to offer. The gang discuss their favourite cults (including a snake-snogging-sect), while also creating one of their own. We revisit the now infamous "Youtube Comments Game", as well as the classic "Country Punt" ...…
Feast your festive ears on the lads as they sleigh ride deep into the concept of Christmas. Alf gives us the gift of Christmas dinners around-the-world game, Peter provides his perfect present and Rob takes us on a tale of the three wise @jeansontoastpodcastTwitter: @jeansontoast69…
This week the team tackle technology; examining exemplary inventions, Peter's vivid virtual Apple Store, Alfie ponders pointless tech, and Rob is back with Country @jeansontoastpodcastTwitter: @jeansontoast69
This episode the boys analyse the amazing annals of all things animal, whether whacky and wonderful species or anecdotes detailing enigmatic encounters. Expect the usual nonsense plus appearances from new @jeansontoastpodcastTwitter: @jeansontoast69
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