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Morrison Hotel Presents Summer of Love - The Last Gasp. Photographs by Herb Greene.
Morrison Hotel Gallery is proud to present the photography of Herb Greene. Herb Greene photographed the rock musicians and other members of San Francisco's cultural milieu during the height of its creative productivity. Greene, a friend of many of San Francisco's most influential musicians, worked as few photographers have: not as a documenter from the outside, but as a participant within the music scene he was photographing. Many of his photographs have become signature portraits of these m ...
Morrison Hotel Gallery Presents: Here, There and Everywhere. Robert Whitaker's photographs of The Beatles.
Robert Whitaker, credited for shooting the Beatles in the most formative stages of their career, brought his very rare and large collection of fine art prints for an exhibition in our New York Gallery. Robert recounts the story behind the controversial “Butcher” cover for the Capitol Records release of Here, There and Everywhere among others. This video and the show include images of The Beatles as well as members John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr.
Morrison Hotel Presents the photography of Barry Feinstein.
Morrison Hotel Gallery is proud to present the photography of Barry Feinstein. Barry Feinstein's photography creates a world of imagery spanning music and Hollywood's most extraordinary artists. His work has appeared in Life, Look, Time, Esquire, Newsweek and scores of other magazines and album covers. His photographs of Bob Dylan, George Harrison Janis Joplin and others are considered "classics" of the genre. His Hollywood work in the '50s and '60s has a timeless viewpoint unequalled in tod ...
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NCTE Voices from the Middle
This podcast is all about teachers who read: Katherine Sokolowski and Gretchen Taylor talk to us about their reading habits and books that have had an important impact on them as teachers and readers. Later, Voices from the Middle coeditor Dr. Sara Kajder facilitates a discussion with Katherine and Gretchen about what it means to be a teacher w ...…
Host Jeff Estrela sits down in the car studio with fellow stand-up comedians Leny “The Butcher” Corrado and Dave Sokolowski to talk about stand-up, multiculturalism and tough crowds.
In 2013, MOCRA celebrated its twentieth anniversary. To mark the occasion, MOCRA Voices has been talking with people who have been affiliated with the museum over the years. In this episode of MOCRA Voices, we bring you some of these conversations and reflections. Guests include: Pamela Ambrose, Thomas Sokolowski, Mary Reid Brunstrom, Ted Wood, ...…
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