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Ask The Therapist (With Dr. Nicholas Jenner)
Today you are one step closer to a new you where you feel empowered and on a positive path to growth and well-being. My name is Dr. Nicholas Jenner, I offer online therapy and phone counseling in the comfort of your own home or office. Contact me today at www.drnjenner.comBlog: www.boundariesofthesoul.comFree From Codependency:
The Brody Jenner & Dr. Mike Dow Podcast
Brody Jenner and sex & couples therapist Dr. Mike Dow offer a fresh take on relationship issues that young people face today. They are joined by weekly celebrity guests who help navigate their audience's love lives while engaging them and letting them participate through social media.
Official Kardashian/Jenner Apps: Special Event
Join us for a discussion with key members of the team behind the exciting new lifestyle apps from the Kardashian/Jenner sisters. Developed as a partnership between Whalerock Industries and the sisters themselves, the apps give fans unprecedented, personal access. Through the app, they share original and curated content, including tutorials, fashion and beauty tips, live streaming, and much more.
Powerful Questions with Jenner
This is the Powerful Questions podcast where I challenge your mindset and allow your light to shine through. Asking powerful questions will provide clarity and lead you down a path where transformation is not only possible, it’s inevitable. Join me and find out how to effortlessly shift your mindset and naturally transform your life + business by asking powerful questions. Jenner’s mission is to inspire women to fearlessly pursue a life of purpose and passion. Life is too short to not do wha ...
The K-Hole: a Kardashian Podcast
Not everyone can keep up with the Kardashians. So we'll be providing weekly recaps and detailed analysis of the most important show in reality tv history alongside real time Kardashian news. This is not an ironic podcast.
Mere Christianity
In the vein of C.S. Lewis' Christian classic, we are a group of Christ followers seeking to defend the beliefs of "Mere Christianity"
The Roxy Report LGBT Podcast
The Roxy Report Podcast is Hosted By Roxy Clark, Professional Idiot and Transgender Woman! From News of Transgender fish to What the LGBT is up to this week Join Roxy as we delve into the more humorous side of the LGBT Community!This Podcast was created using
The K-Hole: a Kardashian Podcast
Not everyone can keep up with the Kardashians. So we'll be providing weekly recaps and detailed analysis of the most important show in reality tv history alongside real time Kardashian news. This is not an ironic podcast.
Mario Testino for Mira Mira
On the Sofa, Mira Mira’s ongoing podcast series, is a point of entry to the world of Mario Testino, his collaborators, and his friends. Michael Kors, Gigi Hadid, Kate Moss and Penelope Cruz have all shared the couch with Mario so far, going over their careers in candid, honest detail. With images to guide the listener from covers to campaigns, it provides unparalleled access and exclusive insights.​
Why don't you think like this
Anna Jay and Keith Anthony jr, two politically incorrect friends living in a politically correct society. Join them as they discuss everything that you won't.
Fuzzy Slipperz Podcast
My thoughts and views on todays news with some advice
Sex with Brody
Brody Jenner, Stevie Ryan, and sex and relationship therapist Dr. Mike Dow offer a fresh take tackling life's biggest mystery... sex and intimacy, all through a celebrity and pop culture lens in this podcast format talk show. Joined by a weekly celebrity guest, our hosts dish on hot and heavy topics as well as help callers navigate their SEX lives.
Bea and Julz Do a Podcast!
Two best friends, one a self-proclaimed rat boy and the other a self-proclaimed aficionado, swap wardrobes for a week in an attempt to understand each other better.
Draftkings Ultimate Fantasy Podcast
The DraftKings Ultimate Fantasy Podcast keeps you updated with the very best in daily fantasy sports news and highlights. Join John Kincade and Rob Jenners each week, joined by celebrity sports enthusiasts and experts in the industry as they provide you with the knowledge to make educated and informed fantasy sports decisions during this fast paced and comedic sports podcast.
Off The Crosse-Bar | TEAM Radio Podcast
Vancouver's new Lacrosse Show with Teddy Jenner, Tuesday evenings on TEAM 1410 AM.
Vaccines - From Concept to Clinic with Oxford Sparks
In this four-part podcast series Dr Sean Elias and colleagues introduce and explore the work of the University of Oxford Jenner Institute in the development of new, innovative vaccines.
I Was Totally There
3 Dudes hanging out and making fun of each other. We talk about everything from sports to Caitlin Jenner. And we have a damn good time doing it. I promise you will laugh!
In Other News with Noah & Jordan
The podcast where comedy duo Noah & Jordan chat about the headline from page nine. From time to time they'll peruse the news and tangent their way onto more important newsworthy articles like... Kendall Jenner quits Instagram.
SBCN Small Biz Podcast
The Small Business Community Network (SBCN) Small Biz Podcast. Featuring interviews with CEOs and other small business leaders, the latest new trends and tips for your successful business. Hosted by SBCN Co-Founder Linda Ockwell-Jenner, the SBCN Small Biz Podcast would be of interest to people thinking about starting a small business, or small business owners who want valuable insights for growth.
Lethal Weapon, Too Podcast
The Lethal Weapon Too, Podcast is Dave and Adam talking everything from aliens, to women, to reptile people and Bruce Jenner comes up a lot. Old friends raised pon the Russian River in Northern California drinking and having a good old time. DAHAGOT. Dave is a plumber and Adam works in the vineyards. Both kinda like their jobs but prefer to not be there.
Brief Account of the Bahai Movement, A by ROSENBERG, Ethel J.
“Many believe that we, in this century,” writes Ethel Rosenberg, “ are witnessing the dawn of a new spiritual epoch or era. A renewal of the Spirit is making itself felt in the Churches and in the religious and social life of all lands. This is in harmony with the teachings of the Bahais, and of their Great Leaders, now represented by Abdul Baha the ‘Servant of God,’ known to the outside world as Abbas Effendi. Once again, the Light is shining forth from that land which may indeed be called ...
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This week's episode of the Intelligence Squared podcast was recorded in a studio in London's Soho. We were joined by Caitlyn Jenner, the world's most famous transgender woman, as she talked with the Guardian's Jonathan Freedland about US politics, Caitlyn's fascinating personal journey and the recent revolution in how people think and talk abou ...…
Wendy Williams slams Kylie Jenner – Robert DeNiro slams trump – Gene Simmons wants to play in North Korea – William Hung wants American Idol to do bad Auditions – Ford new SUV is nice.By (Alice 105.9).
A weekly series that keeps you up to date on all things Kardashian and Jenner related. The series will include after-shows for the various Keeping Up with the Kardashians spin-offs. During the hiatus weeks our hosts will discuss news & announcements. Throughout the series we’ll bring in guests to join in on the fun! Your […] The post Revenge Bo ...…
Cat ordered an Irish breakfast. Francessa goes off on caller about fantasy sports. College football ratings up while NFL ratings are down. Doug not happy with NFL refs. Time for Iggy's Drops of the Week. Time for Maggie O'Brien's picks of the week. Maggie's bartender has been listening to the show for 2 minutes. Iggy hasn't heard from his priso ...…
The place-getters in the Under 23 Mens Time Trial talk post-race about a variety of topics. Callum Scotson is focusing on the road, Sam Jenner is keen for some leadership roles and Jason Lea was happy with the result and the progression he's been making in recent years. Three pretty different young guys all with different paths ahead of them to ...…
SEGMENT 1: Wendy Williams is stupid and fun with World Series audio. SEGMENT 2: Zane's a new sidekick for his priest. SEGMENT 3: Why you shouldn't eat certain junkfoods. SEGMENT 4: Dear Meathead. SEGMENT 5: Bruce Jenner bathroom door controversy part 1. SEGMENT 6: Bruce Jenner bathroom door controversy part 2. SEGMENT 7: Lewis Black interview. ...…
SEGMENT 4: Dear Meathead. SEGMENT 5: Bruce Jenner bathroom door controversy part 1. SEGMENT 6: Bruce Jenner bathroom door controversy part 2.
Kylie Jenner And The Kardashians
4 P.M. At Fashionista
Editor-in-Chief Alyssa Vingan Klein, Deputy Editor Tyler McCall and Senior Editor Maura Brannigan are chatting with Contributor Steve Dool about everything that happened in 2017, which has to be the longest year on record. Did you forget about all the editorial changes, every single hyped "drop" or Kendall Jenner's Pepsi commercial? We're remin ...…
Litty & Sh*tty in the Big Bad City
Ladies and lady lovers, this week we have the infamous Griffin Stoddard on the mic. Griffin is a director, artist and all-around ghoul. You may have seen him in the Wizard of Oz as the Wicked Witch of the West, or just prowling the streets of the Lower East Side. Either way, you can't forget his hilarious, wildly dark personality. In this episo ...…
We've got merch! Find the video version on YouTube! To celebrate passing 50 episodes, we are giving you all more ways to enjoy the podcast! Video versions will now be on YouTube, and of course, we're always available wherever you get your podcasts. ...…
Best Podcasts Similar To Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me! - 3 Episodes a week
Published on 21 Nov 2011. Thirty days after a casual dinner conversation about doing a reality television show, Keeping Up With The Kardashians started filming. Six years later, Kris Kardashian is hoping for another 26 seasons.In 2013, the Kardashian family earned $65 million in profits. Behind the clothing, jewelry and perfume empires is a fam ...…
CLASSIC PODCAST: Yes, back in May 2017, Felipe Rose (the native American since 1977) and Jim Newman (the cowboy since 2013) from the Village People joined Rach, Jacq & Dene for one of their best shows ever, so if you didn’t hear it the first time around join the party now! YeeHAAA! They were in Australia on their 40th anniversary tour and still ...…
Why is somebody texting us about Caitlin Jenner, we're disappointed that there's no audio of Barrett's interaction with Francesa, who are people that should not be forgotten about, what if Stingray was robin-fed alongside Larry at a TMA Live, Iggy's mic isn't working now, this is Plowsy's sound board, discussing rules analysts, Fun with Audio f ...…
WHAT’S THE 411 PODCAST GENERAL DESCRIPTION Join journalist Kizzy Cox and comedian, Onika McLean, the hosts of What’s The 411, as they do a quick take on people and events from hip-hop and pop culture; and a fresh take on the activities of people and subjects in the news or, just because they want to. There's comedy and hilarity, and seriousness ...…
Playlist Half Life by Oh Pep! on Remote Control Records (Remote Control Records) Bad Baby by Negative Gemini on Self Released (Self Released) WANT by W.H. Lung on Melodic Records (Melodic Records) That Easy by Yellow Days on Good Years (Good Years) Monday Tuesday by Girl Ray on Moshi Moshi Records (Moshi Moshi Records) Pancakes by Emancipator o ...…
Transcript: Well, welcome to Gender, Sexuality, and the Gospel. We don't have a lot of time, so what I'm going to do is, your notes that you have, I don't know exactly ... I think I know what's in your notes. I don't know if everything's in there that I have or not, but that ... actually, I'll grab one over here. Thank you. The material that yo ...…
John Travolta is the latest to be accused of sexual misconduct. Tom Sizemore has been accused of disgusting acts. Kourtney Kardashian has an obnoxious diet. Kris Jenner wants to take the family to space. Being a vegetarian could make you live longer. How to blow your nose the right way.By
We read/judge our favorite #StupidQuestionsForRappers and crown a new hashtag champ! CR tees up SJW's (and more) with a unique take on Louis CK. This week's celeb genocide includes Kris Jenner, Lorde, Carl Sagan & more! Follow us @Todd_Gillett @CRParsonsComedy @OpenMicRejects Todd Gillett CR Parsons
Abstract. There are numerous problems with the hypothesis that brain dopamine (DA) systems, particularly in the nucleus accumbens, directly mediate the rewarding or primary motivational characteristics of natural stimuli such as food. Research and theory related to the functions of mesolimbic DA are undergoing a substantial conceptual restructu ...…
We're now on Spotify! Thank you for listening and getting us to FIFTY episodes! On this week's MTV The Hills Podcast: Heidi is caught in the middle of beef between LC and Spencer. We talk: Picking between a friend and a significant other; LC projecting; Brody chiming in; Marty interrogates Sam, and so much more! Also: MVP of the week, we flush ...…
Mommy's Media Medium's Podcast
(11/7/17) Welcome to November. The new month brings in new audio issues, surprise, surprise. But you girl works around them with ease and effort....Okay, more like with randomness and being all over the place, but would you expect anything less from moi? In this episode I talk about Miley Cyrus & Liam Hemsworth possibly already tying the knot, ...…
Our guest Dinesh joins us for a very funny segment of who’s trippin, we talk about 21 Savage’s lyrics, why Indian people are so funny, and we have a slight argument about which wings are the best.
On episode 5 of WTFDTSM, Jackie and Cristiana scold you for your possible alcoholism (jk) and create some conspiracy theories regarding Kris Jenner and Eminem. We are still offering a poem and a shout out for a review, but now you can simply share us on your Facebook page and get the same deal. We're givers! Don't forget to subscribe to get the ...…
Fashion Around the World
Today on Fashion Around the World, I have my friend, Krystal Chao, an international student at Marquette University. Krystal was born in Hong Kong, but grew up in Macao, China. This week, Krystal tells me of her struggle to find her style after years of wearing a uniform, and how she has embraces the American style. Specifically, the chic and g ...…
Soul Sistas Podcast's show
This week we talk about the black girl blockbuster movie Girls Trip, Amber Rose doesnt think Philly women are pretty? Caitlyn Jenner mad about Trumps Trans Stance, and we having a #PETTYPARTY Yall!!!
On this week's MTV The Hills Podcast: Heidi doesn't know how to deal with Spencer; LC and Heidi get bodied by an intern from NYC. We talk: Reppin' the east coast; bad accents; Heidi's confusion; net worth; Emily bringing the thunder, and so much more! Also: MVP of the week, we flush jabronis down the Jabrone Zone, and Trivia Time! Recommendatio ...…
MTSNB’s R&B-centric ninth eppy finds Will and Eric diving deep into a juicy Kylie Jenner musical conspiracy theory, nearly starting rumors about Awful Records, and discovering the simple R&B genius of Gavin Turek, theMIND, and Da-P. Download Your browser does not support the audio element.By (Will & Eric).
The Chet Buchanan Show
The Terrible Herbst Spence's Challenged Jackpot has now risen to a grand total of $123 with Spence's 1st win in a row today! You can win all of that money and an additional $1,000 if you beat Spence in Spence's Challenge... It's a five question pop culture Trivia Game! Practice, Play, Win! Call Everyday at 7:25am for a chance to play! Which can ...…
My Brother my here through all, my elendil, my uso! FEEL ME LolWhats up my name is Kyron!Your official orator, your designated duke of narration, your royal of random rhetoric.Letting yiu know off top, my topics tend to vary, if you looking for youtube channel where some bilbo baggins faced weirdo is going to post 17 videos a week talking about ...…
On this week's MTV The Hills Podcast: Heidi's birthday celebration; Audrina tries to bury the hatchet; Brody and LC kiss; Spencer causes trouble. We talk: Technology problems; work appropriate clothing; rocking polo shirts; getting drunk on the cheap; appletinis & Jaegermeister; minimalism; fancy socks, and so much more! Also: MVP of the week, ...…
Marsha's Plate: Black Trans Talk
Bedroom reciprocity, Caitlyn Jenner, Toxic Masculinity
My Brother my here through all, my elendil, my uso! FEEL ME LolSnapchat:jterosallmighty Whats up my name is Kyron!Your official orator, your designated duke of narration, your royal of random rhetoric.Letting yiu know off top, my topics tend to vary, if you looking for youtube channel where some bilbo baggins faced weirdo is going to post 17 vi ...…
Is Kris Jenner a good mom? And, would you seize the same "opportunities" that she did to catapult her family into their fame?
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