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Average Joe Keto
You Got a Job? You Got Kids? You Busy? But you also want to lose weight and be healthy? Well You Have Come to the right Place My Friend... Take a knee and listen up.. its going to be easy and tasty!!
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This week Jesse introduces you to A very inspiring football coach named Rob Mendez who only worries about what he can control.
Today Jesse tells you how to lose fat fast. Like if you have a wedding or reunion, or competition that is only 6 six weeks away.
Today Jesse talks about his first Men's Physique Competition and how it went and what he learned... Also he tells you what pop you can drink and still get down to 6% Body Fat
The American Diabetes Association FINALLY gave a Low Carb Recommendation!
Today Jesse Yell's mostly about stupid supplement gimmicks and what to stay away from. And a couple that you should take.
Today Jesse Rants about the New "Eat Lancet" Guidelines... And the Recommended "Future 50" Foods. But mostly he's really mad about the Proposed "Meat Tax" That is on the way.
Today Jesse Rants about the craziness of this so called "Keto Crotch"
Jesse was Hungover... Not from Alcohol.. From an "all you can eat" salad Bar
Today Jesse Talks about what to look for on the back of food labels and how not to get tricked by Big Companies trying to make money off of you.
What Nuts Should we eat... and which shouldn't we?
Today Jesse Tells you the basic Formula For Building Muscle.
Jesse finally responds to Jillian Michael's Keto Rant.
"The US World and News Report" has released it's annual diet rankings list... And as you can probably guess, Jesse Has some Thought on the subject.
Today Jesse tells a story about a recent confrontation he had at the gym and how he handled it.
Today Jesse starts back over from scratch and goes over the basics again... No fancy sound effects... just one man tellin it how it is.
Jesse Tells you what he hopes to achieve this year.
Today Jesse basically tries to talk you off the ledge of doing something your going to regret on new years eve.
Today Jesse basically tells you not to eat cookies and how to stay away from holiday treats. Then he rambles about his recent accident shooting a nail through his finger and how it relates to losing weight... its a reach but he gets t here barely
Today Jesse talks about how diabetes was first diagnosed, how they used to treat it, and what you can do to get rid of it in modern times. ps. Hippocrates "the father of modern medicine," was the first to realize that a low carb diet would help extend life of diabetics.
Today Jesse Talks about how hard it is to eat at a restaurant knowing everything that he does about food. He talks about how hard it is to relax and have a good time, Knowing that the ingredients being put into the food are making everybody fat and sick. And how this relates to a character in the matrix, who wished he could go back to not knowi ...…
This Week Jesse started off by talking about how to maneuver thanksgiving and some tips and tricks to get you through the holiday unscathed.
This Week Jesse talks about The dramatic changes the creator and star of "It's always sunny in Philadelphia" has made to his body over the years. And what we can learn from him and his trainer.
Today Jesse rambles about Harvard and their shady history... and how anything that you hear coming out of Harvard that has to do with nutrition and health needs to be taken with a giant grain of salt
Today Jesse recalls saying that some YouTube guy was on steroids, and that same guy has just now admitted his use of steroids.
Today Jesse Talks about a recent Debate between Joe Rogan And Layne Norton about how the Ketogenic Diet isn't "sustainable" for the Average Person.
Did Robert Atkins have it right with how much protein he told people to eat? and is modern keto missing the boat by recommending too much fat? Today Jesse tells you his thoughts on the subject.
Today Jesse Talks to Siim Land... An author From Estonia who is Teaching people all around the world about Keto, Intermittent Fasting, and Bio-Hacking... and today you get the benefit of his 5+ years of research condensed into less than an hour! enjoy
Stop worrying about how much the earth is pulling you down... Okay Isaac Newton... There are other more important things to think about.
Today Jesse talks about how being repetitive is the key.. and being boring is okay... in fact necessary to success!
Today Jesse talks about the tragic death of Mac Miller and What we can learn from it.
Michael Griffith is a Physical Therapist that is helping me try to run again. He is a Very Smart and knowledgeable on a variety of topics. He uses a Low Carb / Ketogenic Approach to handle his Type one Diabetes. He is in great shape and gives some great advice on how to do the same for yourself. He Tells me about how to train and what to do to ...…
3 - Eggs 1 - tsp Cream of tartar Beat that together good Then add 1 - Scoop of Unflavored Whey Protein 1 - Tsp of Xanthan Gum 2 - Tsp of Heavy Whipping Cream
Today Jesse talks with Matt Ricca. A personal Trainer and health coach who over the years has learned alot on how to help people achieve their goals. Matt Stresses overall health above all. But also has and gets the results that are desired. He Combines Real Food/Primal/Keto diet with a Functional Training approach that is sure to be successful ...…
We are going savage today folks... I Have The Keto savage himself Mr. Robert Sikes in the house... Pro Ketogenic Bodybuilder / Entrepreneur is here to tell us all how to build muscle on keto, so listen up... He also just happens to be a really nice, and "down to earth" guy... He sell's an easy "on the go" keto food called the "Keto Brick" which ...…
Today Jesse talks about his baby boy testing positive for cystic fibrosis and the days that followed
Today Jesse Talks to the King of Sweeteners - Thom King... About all the sweet things that you can still eat. Dont worry about what you can't have... Worry about what you can have... everything!!! just has to be a few tweaks here and there
in 2016 PepsiCo got Sued by CSPI for Misleading Customers about the Health Benefits of their "Naked Juice" Line. Jesse Has Some thought.
Tyler Cartwright is an owner of "Ketogains," one of the biggest groups in the fitness space that utilizes a ketogenic approach to lose weight and perform better athletically. He is a fitness and nutrition specialist, whose experience and advice has helped over 100,000 people. He offer's One-on-One personalized coaching and bootcamps through his ...…
Little baby Jett Jones Was born on Friday and Jesse is on Dad Duty... One little tip on how to stop eating when you've had enough and that's it... But the best episode ever is coming in one short week
You Gotta Be on the look out for people who are not real... I am changing the name of the podcast to be more real in a world where that is becoming more difficult by the day
You got questions??? I Got answers... Lets do this thing!
Keto Pizza Crust / Fat Head Pizza 1 + 1/2 Cups of Shredded Mozzarella Cheese 3/4 Cup of Almond Flour 1 - Egg 1/2 Package / 4 ounces - Cream Cheese 1 tsp. - Italian seasoning (optional)
Here is one that you can make on a special occasion... Delicious!!
Today Jesse Tells a story about his recent car acquisition, and how the dealership was lying the whole time. Then relates it to people lying to other people telling them they can lose weight with out the work.
Spice up your life with some Jalapeno Poppers... Here's How it done
Taco Mini-Sode... Jesse Tells you how to make a taco shell and get a little crunch back in your life.
Finally! A documentary that looks at food from another angle than what we have had forced down our throats for decades... Jesse fully supports this movie and recommends watching it to everyone.
The Most important thing You can do for your health is sleep. It's the quality that is important more than the quantity.. Here are some tips to get right into the good stages of sleep faster.
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