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Podcasts – The John, Frank, and Chuck Podcast
A podcast by John Holmberg, Frank Caliendo, and Chuck Powell with producer Rich Page
Pastor Anthony Charles Williams II is an enigma to many but no one can deny his five fold ministry. He is a prolific teacher, preacher, evangelist and prophet of God. He specializes in deliverance, re-establishment of order, and flat-footed preaching of the unadulterated Word of God. Called to preach at 13 years old in front of KFC, he ran from his calling for 3 years. At 16 years of age he began preaching the Word like he was 40 years old. He was drilled with the Word by his parents the lat ...
oGoInsider Leadership Podcast with David Novak
The oGoInsider Leadership Podcast Features hosts David Novak and Gregg Dedrick. oGoInsider Leadership Podcast is a bi-weekly podcast with today's best leaders. Each episode will give you an inside look at how Heartwired and Hardwired leaders make a positive difference in the world. David Novak is a renown expert on leadership and recognition culture. David is a New York Times best-selling author and the co-founder of Yum! Brands, the world’s largest restaurant company (KFC, Taco Bell, Pizza ...
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Feits gives his thoughts on Kevin's situation and the future of KFC Radio.
Week 32 of Barstool Radio is in the books and it was one for the ages. Kevin Clancy returns from his 8-month paternity leave much to Dave's dismay. Kevin spent his entire paternity leave harassing Dave online, so Dave kept a record of all the things that Kevin did to bug him. You would have thought Kevin never left the way they weren't getting ...…
People, sometimes loud guitars are not the answer.Don't take drugs ok. Give them to me! Johnny took drugs and exploded!Right in the middle of KFCJohnny took LSD,Johnny took PCPJohnny took MDMAJohnny took TNT, Oh No!The people said, Johnny was a crazy fool!Or was he?Johnny sniffed glue,Johnny applied glue,Johnny applied a lot of glue,Johnny stuc ...…
Diane talks about failures of her co-workers in the lab. She also shares a story about fat vs sugar and how science does not often give a definitive answer. Peit shares birthday stories and his opinion of KFC.
The Leadership Platform — Adriaan and Louis continue their conversation with Doug Smart - CEO of KFC sub-Saharan Africa. In this conversation they focus on Doug’s passion for leadership and his personal #leader journey. — Adriaan and Louis interview leader Doug Smart - CEO of KFC sub-Saharan Africa - who shares his view on ’The Essence of #Authentic Leadership’.
Noah Syndergaard calls in to take 10 questions and make fun of KFC. Barstool Feud with Kelly Keegs. Lying to girls. Britsh accents. Barstool DVR. The importance of core strength. Sex tapes, sex positions and people that have had sex with Derek Jeter.By (Barstool Sports, Inc).
This week Jack, Nathan and Kris get down and dirty talking about various fast food mascots. From the history of the McDonalds extended universe, the Burger King pant pulling magic to the big man of KFC himself. Not to mention an exploration into some lesser known mascots like the Domino's pizza mascot. Meanwhile Jack and Nathan engage Kris in a ...…
From A Hat
Welcome to From A Hat the show where each week we draw our topic out of a hat, just like it says in the title! This Week the gang stumble upon a flux capacitor and talk about Time Travel! Ben wants to go it alone, Phoenix wants to take a backpack of Hand Sanitiser with him and Will Wants to take a backpack of KFC refresher towelets with him and ...…
If you want to bask in the misery of KFC, this is the episode for you. The Patriots win the Super Bowl in epic fashion. KFC is tormented to a spectacular degree.By (Barstool Sports, Inc).
M Personal Development | Lifestyle Design
Sometimes we just need to hear the story of another person who got through a challenge to motivate us. Today I (JB Glossinger) discuss the story of Colonel Sanders the founder of KFC, and who was told 1009 times. It is pretty amazing that he started KFC at the age of 65. This is a wonderful and motivating story. Join me today, here at MorningCo ...…
The new KFC Radio with Kevin, Feitelberg, Asa Akira and BC is off to a smashing start, so each podcaster took a look back at their favorite moment of the new show so far. Plug in, listen to the best of the KFCR, subscribe and leave a rating.By (Barstool Sports, Inc).
Kevin sits down with Big Cat, Dan Katz, to get real about everything from struggling with their newfound fame and success, what drives him, their competitiveness early on in their careers, Dan's background, homesickness in New York, the end of KFC Radio, some of the hard feelings from the fallout and much, much more. Download, smash that subscr ...…
It's the post World Series edition of KFC Radio with KFC and Feits. They talk baseball, being oblivious when girls hit on you, and a whole lot more.By (Barstool Sports, Inc).
10/13/2016 Thursday – Author Carmine Savastano returns to the Ochelli Effect an joins Chuck Ochelli for Sinister History. Tonight they discuss “Likely and Unlikely Leads and Threats in the JFK case“.
In this weeks of KFC Radio, Kevin and Feits talk about how honest to be with someone about why you broke up with them, dating three people in a row with the same name, how long until girls can engage in butt play with their boyfriends, the New England Patriots and more.By (Barstool Sports, Inc).
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