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D.N.A.ロックの殿堂 ~吉川晃司 Samurai Rock~
D.N.A.ロックの殿堂 増子直純(怒髪天)
COOL WOOD JAPAN PROJECT supported by 木材利用ポイント事務局
日本の木材を取り入れた生活は豊かで、楽しくて、カッコイイ!国産材を使うことは未来の日本の木の生活を創ること。しかも便利な制度「木材利用ポイント」もある。そんな日本のクールな木の暮らしの魅力を発信すべく、JFN全38局は「COOL WOOD JAPAN PROJECT」で、木材や国産材の多様な魅力と、「木材利用ポイント」についてお伝えしていきます。
【フラット35】 My Home My Life
食品会社に勤めるごくごくフツウのサラリーマン田中健一(30)が、愛する妻・美雪と、これから生まれてくる子供のために、マイホームを手に入れるまでの奮闘記ラジオドラマ。TOKYO FM/JFN 38局で、土曜10:50〜10:55にON AIRしています!
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The Power of a Man best describes LeRoy McKenzie Jr, Author, Speaker and CEO of JFN Enterprise. LeRoy’s mission is consistent with his message to men about understanding and tapping into their power to live a purposeful life. As CEO of JFN Enterprise he encourages, inspires and provides resources to black entrepreneurs.…
Andres Spokoiny, the President and CEO of Jewish Funders Network, [1] joins Dan and Lex for a deep dive into questions of Jewish philanthropy. Spokoiny takes on big-picture questions like "what is Jewish giving" and also tackles the particulars of how such giving can be conducted most effectively. He also provides his thoughts on broader trends ...…
Boomerang (WMBR)
Track Artist Song Year 1 Public Service Broadcasting The Race for Space 2015 2 Metronomy Boy Racers 2014 3 The Fall Say Mama/Race With The Devil 2013 4 The Rapture Out Of The Races And Onto The Tracks 2001 5 The Drag Our Race Cars 1996 6 Cake Race Car Ya-Yas 1996 7 Devo Race of Doom 1981 8 Big Black Racer-X 1984 9 Queen Bicycle Race 1978 10 The ...…
RGR #30 - Aaron Simonds, Paul Adams, Andrew Pate - We had Aaron on for the 2nd time and we talked about Gay Cancer, new music, and band names. What.... speaking of band names, we would like you guys to comment here or on Face Book or Twitter with your vote to pick Aaron's new bands name. you can pick 1) Batman 2) Ocean Wolf 3) Flagship Black or ...…
Jesus asked that the Feast of the Divine Mercy be preceded by a Novenato the Divine Mercy which would begin on Good Friday. He gave St.Faustina an intention to pray for on each day of the Novena, saving forthe last day the most difficult intention of all, the lukewarm andindifferent of whom He said: "These souls cause Me moresuffering than any ...…
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