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Jivamukti Yoga classes live from the mother ship in New York City's Union Square. Jessica teaches musically infused and philosophically amused classes that aim to inspire, uplift, incite, and ignite! Jivamukti classes combine physical technique with music, spiritual scripture, non-violence, and meditation.
Podcast by Jivamukti Yoga with Jules
Urban Jiva Podcast
Strengthen your Jivamukti® Yoga practice with and become an urban warrior for change
Free yoga classes led by Centre Luna Yoga founder and Jivamukti certified teacher Jennifer Maagendans.
Kiki Says
Chant! The Yoga Sutra with Kiki Flynn Weekly Sanskrit Chanting and Discussion of The Ashtanga Yoga of Patanjali - Jivamukti New York City as well as other talks from workshops and teacher trainings.A student of Ashtanga Yoga and Sri K. Pattabhi Jois since 1993, Kiki Flynn was introduced to yoga in 1982 and became a student at Jivamukti in 1989 where she later taught. Kiki has been a student of Sanskrit Recitation under Dr. M.A. Jayashree and Professor Narasimhan for over 15 years. She is a w ...
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Class recorded on April 27th, 2018 to celebrate my birthday and ten years of teaching yoga! Bryan Hayslett plays the cello for class.
This jivamukti yoga open level class was recorded at Jivamukti Jersey City, the class focuses on standing poses and the theme is inspired by the Jivamukti Focus of the Month. Please visit: Please connect with me on social media: T/I: @yogastickler F: Jessica Stickler Yoga
Reading is from Bell Hooks - "All About Love" Donate to the podcast:
Class is based on the Jivamukti Focus of the Month: Reading at the beginning of class is from: "Holy Madness," by George Feuerstein For info, classes, workshops and more! Visit: Connect with me on socials: Twitter/Insta @yogastickler FB: Jessica Stickler Yoga…
This full length jivamukti yoga open level class was recorded at Jivamukti Yoga Center Jersey City on Sept 23rd, 2017. More classes are available via: For more about Jessica, Events, Retreats, Videos:
Jules Febre in New York City, Jivamukti Yoga Center Union Square, June 2016* Best heard with speakers
Jules Febre in New York City, Jivamukti Yoga Center Union Square, June 2016Chanting Om* Best heard with speakers
Theme of the class is based on the Jivamukti Yoga Focus of the Month, which can be read here: about me, and upcoming events: Donating to the podcast here:…
This is a full length jivamukti yoga class, recorded at Jivamukti Yoga School in New York City. Donations to this podcast can be made at
This podcast was recorded at the Jivamukti Yoga studio in Jersey City, NJ -- you can join us remotely from anywhere, anytime by logging on to jivamuktiyogalive.comPlease visit for upcoming classes, events or to book a private lesson.
Live Stream
Full length Jivamukti Yoga class, recorded in Union Square, NYC.
The theme of this class is based on the Jivamukti Yoga Focus of the Month - "Open Doorways" - April 2017: more info about Jessica and her classes, please visit:
This class starts with the story of Mastayendra, a very woke fish. The class focuses on twisting and the connection between yoga and navigating preference and prejudices in the world. We use a yoga belt in this practice for some of the twisting.Read the full Jivamukti FOM here: Donate to the podcast: yogastickl ...…
Live Music by Stephanie Carlin: out more live classes via:
Communication is nourishment. We have to choose what kind of food we nourish our relationships with. This is a challenging twisting sequence, and its helpful if you have a yoga belt to work with (though you can certainly improvise without!)
This class was recorded at Ananda Ashram in Monroe NY. Ananda is the spiritual home of Sharon Gannon and David Life's teacher, Shri Brahmananda Saraswati. The class is part workshop, part open class with a mix of some anatomy, some yoga asana, and some thoughts on freedom. I donated my pay from the retreat to Southern Poverty Law Center, and I ...…
The yogi seeks to uncover the truth, to see beneath the layers of reality -- we can look to the many depictions of the goddess to reveal to us the uncovering of truth to get to our nature and our connection with the universe. More:
This podcast is about gratitude and humility, focus and perseverance..... and turtles!!Music by Bryan Hayslett: Support his music bryanhayslett.comThis is a deep hip opening class, leading to kurmasana, tortoise
This podcast is recorded live at Jivamukti Yoga School in NYC. The music for this class is by Max ZT, check his band out at Also, check out this short companion video for the weird (perhaps incoherent) part of the sequence. blocks for this practice is very helpful.…
The guru is the energy that leads to awakening, when we mistake the proximal guru for the ultimate truth, we can run into problems. Live Music by Lisa Apatini and Tiago Ribera. Sequence is very twisty, leading up to rotated bound triangle using a belt. Youtube video for visual instruction:…
Why do we practice physical postures? There are so many forms of yoga, and the most common form in the west is the physical yoga.
This is the story of an Octopus, read from "The Soul of the Octopus." This story takes place in an aquarium, which ultimately I believe all animals should be free from their cages -- perhaps the more we know about these amazing animals the less we will be inclined to keep them in captivity. In the meantime, what about the eggs in the fridge and ...…
Our creative development is interdependent and interconnected to all various factors in our lives and especially to our teachers. Music by Bryan Hayslett:
Are we bound by our conditioning, or does the possibility of freedom, spontaneity, creativity exist? Where does true spontaneity come from and what is its relationship to practice?
We bring our own assumptions, viewpoints, prejudices, predispositions to each relationship and encounter with another. Yoga primes us to see the potential for more than just one viewpoint, and opens up the potential for limitless possibility and and expansion of sense of self through compassion for all beings.…
Jivamukti NYC, February 10, 2016 We chant Chapter 1, through to sutra 41 - the sutra on samapatti, an experience of a mind as clear and resplendent as a jewel.
Jivamukti NYC, February 3, 2016. We chant through Chapter 1 sutra 33. Understanding the antarayah - the blocks to put awareness. We look to a strong body, mind and steadiness of breath as well as friendship and compassion always.
Jivamukti NYC, January 27, 2016. We chant 30 Sutras with a fair amount of ease and insights and terms along the way. As for this amsita "I am-ness", do I choose to stay "I" defined? Can I choose freedom instead?
A yogi cultivates relationships that are mutually beneficial, not only with other beings but with the earth itself. How are our preferences, our comforts, our habits adversely affecting our ability to relate with the earth and with all beings.
When we speak of the 'guru' in yoga class, we are speaking of that part of ourselves that we cultivate, an attitude of being humble and open to the possibility that we don't know everything, to the possibility that other people, other experiences, even animals, a piece of music.... these can all be teachers for us, they can all lead us to the p ...…
The accumulation of all of our past experiences influences our thoughts, words, and actions in the present moment. Yoga practice helps us to become aware of these subtle causes and conditions which influence our behavior and reactions.
The practice of "nada yoga" or sound yoga tunes our bodies, hearts, and minds to the harmony of the universe.Live music by Kirsten McCord:
Understanding the nature of conflict, and the nature of our response to conflict or our perceived enemies (external or internal) is key to learning to stop the war. Watching our response to obstacles or hinderances during practice can give us insight as to how we are waging war with our inner demons. Music by Kevin Nathaniel: http://www.mbirasa ...…
We are not the solidly material selves we imagine ourselves to be. Our bodies are energy and space, on a quantum level. We imagine that we are solid bodies, resting on other solid bodies. This is an illusion. What if we identified with the space and energy that comprise our bodies rather than the 'solid' matter?…
We spend much of our lives searching for meaning, when it is in fact up to each of us to create meaning in our lives. Death awareness can help to re-prioritize so that we can focus our precious energy on those things that give our lives the most meaning. The practice is a hamstring/hanumanasana focused practice. It could be helpful to have a be ...…
Memory and Forgetting as part of practice, and part of yoga. Memory serves a key role in practice, but we also get caught up in memories as a definition of our individual personality, which can have limiting effects. We have to remember to forget what we think we know sometimes in order to advance our practice.…
Spiritual practice can provide us with the means to overcome our tendencies and habits, unless it becomes another cloak for those very same tendencies. We are challenged to stay alert to the ways in which spiritual practice might provide a convenient justification to avoid our difficult experiences and feelings.Music by Matt Wiviott: liveyogamu ...…
The mother and her tongue. Recorded at Bliss Yoga Studio on a recent teaching trip to Grand Cayman Island.
Yoga is now. Our mental excursions to the future and the past are a distraction from the experience of yoga which is only the present moment.
Yogis use mantra and music to connect more deeply with our true self and with the nature of the universe.Music by Kevin Nathaniel:
featuring original music by Stephanie Carlin
Intelligence means everything connects -- alignment of body, breath, intention, speech, and action. Misalignment creates tension in the body or in the mind. When all component of the yoga practice are working together, harmony, serenity, peace of mind, and joy arise.
Most of us identify with our past, specifically our past scars -- the experiences where we feel someone else has hurt us. This identification with past injuries limits our perception of ourselves. The goal of yoga is to clear out all the gunk, all the baggage, all the dirt, so that we can live harmoniously, in tune with others and with nature. ...…
Everything is empty of meaning from its own side, and is perceived according to the nature of the mind that is doing the perceiving. The more we are able to expand our perception, the more we are able to let go of the clinging to identity. The class is a very hamstring focused physical sequence.
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