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Joe Pags Show
The Joe Pags Show, heard Mon thru Friday, 5 - 8pm CT, on NewsRadio 1200 WOAI, San Antonio
The Joe Pags Show
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It's Free Speech Friday. Joe's special guests today are Filmmaker/Author Dinesh D'Souza and Republican Gubernatorial Candidate from Florida, Ron Desantis .
On a Mansize Thursday Joe talks with the Daughter In Law of the POTUS Lara Trump about the Presidents agenda, dealing with the media and the importance of the upcoming midterms, also guest Abigail Marone from, schools teaching teens how to interact with police officers, Honduras caravan chaos, Micheal McDonald Impersonations, a ...…
It's Hump Day. Today Joe talks about the Ted Cruz and Robert Francis "beto" O'Rourke debate that happened last night. Special Guest today, US Rep. Jason Lewis Republican from Minnesota.
The Joe Pags Show 10-16-18It's Taco Tuesday, Joe's special guest today Eric Trump/Trump Organization, Geoff Diehl/R-Candidate MA, Rep Sean Duffy/R-Wisconsin 7
Today on the show we discuss the story of Elizabeth Warren and her apparent Cherokee heritage, but more importantly it provides the opportunity for another Pags Parody! We also discuss Sears going bankrupt. Guests on the show are Michelle Malkin and David Harsanyi.
Hour 1- Alyssa Milano Topic, November Elections Topic, GUEST Sarah PalinHour 2- GUEST Dr. Sebastian Gorka, GUEST Rick Perry, Facebook Breach TopicHour 3- GUEST Senator Ron Johnson, Kanye West White House Visit Topic, GUEST Doug Adler
It's Free Speech Friday. Joe's special guests today are Republican Candidate from Texas Chip Roy and (ret) Sheriff David Clarke
It's a feelin' alright Thursday. Joe's special guests on the show today are Author Dan Bongino, Doug Adler From Raymond James And Associates, And from Campus Reform we have Carmen Diaz.
It's hump day. Joe's guests today: US Energy Secretary Rick Perry, Republican Senator from Wisconsin Ron Johnson, and author Dr. Sebastian Gorka.
10-9-18 Joe Pags ShowIt's Taco Tuesday on the Joe Pags Show, Joe's guest today Dr Gina Loudon/Author
Joe Pags Show 10-8-18It's a MoTown Monday on the Joe Pags Show, Joe's special guest today is Gov Sarah Palin/Fmr R Nominee VP
Hour 1- Brett Kavanaugh Vote Topic, Joe Pags Parody, Kavanaugh’s ConfirmationHour 2- GUEST Donald Trump Jr., GUEST Kellyanne ConwayHour 3- GUEST Ann Coulter, Pags Parody Re-run, GUEST Diamond & Silk
It's Free Speech Friday. Joe chats with special guests Diamond And Silk/Political Commentators and Recording Artist Kaya Jones
It's a feeling all right ThursdayOn todays show Joe talks more Kavanaugh and chats with special guests Gary Byrne/AuthorZachary Petrizzo/Campus ReformSen John Cornyn/R-TX Senate Judiciary Comm
10-3-18 Joe Pags ShowIt's a humpday on the Joe Pags ShowJoe's special guests today Doug Wardlow/R-MN AG CandidateAndrew Pollack/Meadow’s FatherNikita Vladimirov/Contrib. Wash. ExaminerKellyanne Conway/Counselor To the President
On a Crazy Train Tuesday Joe talks with Special Guest Donald Trump Jr. with the latest from Washington, also Guest Conservative Commentator Ann Coulter
On a Mo Town Monday Joe Talks with Emily Miller from the Ted Cruz Campaign, and Michael Malice with the latest from North Korean, also talking the Kavanaugh FBI Investigation and the new NAFTA deal and what it means for America
Hour 1- Supreme Court Hearing Topic, Kavanaugh Topic, FBI Investigate on Fords AllegationsHour 2- Senate Judicial Committee Topic, GUEST Juanita Broaddrick, Sexual Harrasment TopicHour 3- GUEST Bridgette Gabriel, GUEST Elaina Valdes, Pags Parody
Joe Pags Show 9-28-18It's Free Speech Friday!!!
We discuss the Kavanaugh hearings and provide live updates throughout the show. And we also talk to Erin Cooke from Campus Reform.
On a Hump Day Wednesday Joe talks about the latest accusations against Brett Kavanaugh by the client of Attorney Micheal Avenatti, also Guests Cornerstone Church Pastor John Hagee and Conservative Talk Show Host Jeff Kuhner. Thats Amore!
9-25-18 Joe Pags ShowIt's Taco Tuesday on The Joe Pags Show.Joe's special guest today is his sister Elaina Valdes to talk about her book and Toby's Law
On a Mo Town Monday Joe talks with Bill Clinton Accuser Juanita Broaddrick, also Author Matt Margolis, with the latest Brett Kavanaugh Accusations
Hour 1- Brett Kavanaugh Hearings Topic, GUEST Ted Cruz, Midterm Elections for 2020Hour 2- GUEST Brandon Straka, Walk Away Movement, GUEST Nico LahoodHour 3- GUEST Dr. Ben Carson, GUEST Tom Fitton
Joe Pags Show 9-21-18It's a Free Speech Friday on the Joe Pags Show
Joe Pags Show 9-20-18Joe's guest today Sen. Ted Cruz of TX, Brandon Straka/Founder #WalkAway, and Joe catches up with Campus Reforms' Abigail Marone
Joe Pags Show 9-19-18It's humpday on the Joe Pags Show, Joe talks with special guest Dr. Ben Carson/HUD Secretary
9-18-18 Joe Pags ShowIt's Taco Tuesday on the Joe Pags Show
On a Mo Town Monday Joe Talks about the Kavanaugh Accusers Political Past, also Guest Bexar County District Attorney Nico Lahood
Hour 1- Brett Kavanaugh Topic, Joe Pags Parody, GUEST Ted CruzHour 2- GUEST NYC Police Commissioner Bernard Kerik, 9/11 Topic, GUEST Eric TrumpHour 3- GUEST Sheriff David Clarke, GUEST Rep. Jim Jordan
9-14-18 Joe Pags ShowIt's Free Speech Friday
9-13-18 Joe Pags ShowIt's a feeling alright Thursday, Joe talks with Former Sheriff David Clarke and catches up with Campus Reform
We have Eric Trump on the show once again! Also joining us is U.S. Congressman Jim Jordan from Ohio.
9-11-18 Joe Pags ShowIt's Taco Tuesday and Joe talks about the anniversary of 9-11
9-10-18 Joe Pags ShowIt's a Motown Monday, Joe's guest today are Bernard Kerik/Fmr NYPD Chief and author “Grave Above the Grave”. Joe also talks to Dr Gina Loudon/Author “Mad Politics: Keeping Your Sanity in a World Gone Crazy”
Hour 1- Sen. Cory Booker Topic, Nike Ad Topic, GUEST Diamond and SilkHour 2- GUEST Ann Coulter, GUEST Sheriff Mark Lamb, Live PD TopicHour 3- GUEST Dr. Sebastian Gorka, Immigration Policy, GUEST Matt O’Brien
9-7-18 Joe Pags ShowIt's Free Speech Friday!!!
Joe is Washington this Thursday evening and had plenty of guests. Joining us on the show are Louie Gohmert, Sheriff Mark Lamb, and DIamond & Silk!
9-5-18 Joe Pags ShowIt's humpday, Joe is live from Washington D.C
Hour 1- GUEST HOST: Bryan Suits, McCain Funeral Service TopicHour 2- Remembering John McCain Topic, Bush and Obama McCain Speech, Aretha Franklin TopicHour 3- Russian Military Excercise, Russia on Syria/Ukraine, McCain Funeral Recap
8-31-18 Joe Pags ShowIt's Free Speech Friday, Joe's special guest today Dinesh D’Souza/Filmmaker – Author and Jeff Kuhner/Host- WRKO
8-30-18 Joe Pags ShowIt's a feeling alright Thursday on The Joe Pags Show, Joe catches up with Campus Reform
8-29-18 Joe Pags ShowIt's Humpday on the Joe Pags Show
8-28-18 Joe Pags ShowIt's Taco Tuesday and Joe talks to special guest Sen. Ted Cruz
On a Mo-Town Monday Joe Talks NFL Protest, the New Trump Trade Deal with Mexico, Senator John McCain Passes, the Jacksonville Gamer Shooting, and Manu Ginobili Retires after 16 Seasons with the San Antonio Spurs
Hour 1- Mollie Tibbetts Murder, ICE Pags Parody, Illegal Immigration TopicHour 2- GUEST Ann Coulter, GUEST Border Patrol Agent Gary Brugman, Border Patrol TopicHour 3- Immigration Topic, GUEST Brigitte Gabriel, Toxic Masculinity Pags Parody
8-24-18 Joe Pags ShowIt's Free Speech Friday and Joe talks to special guest Ann Coulter
Joining today's show are Former Border Patrol agent Gary Brugman and Yale Law student Emily Hall. Joe discusses the murder of Mollie Tibbetts and many more topics on the show.
On a Hump Day Wednesday Joe talks to conservative talk show host Jeff Kuhner from WRKO about the Mueller Investigation, also Hunter Pollack, brother of Meadow Pollack, with the latest from Parkland County, Florida
On a Crazy Train Tuesday Joe Talks with Conservative Talk show Host Simon Conway with the latest from Iowa, also Chris Garcia to talk the economy, that plus breakdown of the VMAs
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