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In this Podcast, I, Not Jo(h)n, ask 2 different Jo(h)ns would you rather questions. They are often made up on the spot, or only a few minutes before recording, and they have no idea what I'm going to ask. New episodes uploaded every Monday! Join us and try to follow our chain of thought...
Morning Joe
Join Joe Scarborough, Mika Brzezinski, and Willie Geist, for in-depth and informed discussions that help drive the day's political conversation. Top newsmakers, Washington insiders, journalists, and cultural influencers, come together on Morning Joe for unparalleled insight and analysis around the day's biggest stories.
Conduit to the Gaian Mind
Dirty John
Debra Newell is a successful interior designer. She meets John Meehan, a handsome man who seems to check all the boxes: attentive, available, just back from a year in Iraq with Doctors Without Borders. But her family doesn’t like John, and they get entangled in an increasingly complex web of love, deception, forgiveness, denial, and ultimately, survival. Reported and hosted by Christopher Goffard from the L.A. Times.
John Hodgman's Today in the Past podcast is now The Judge John Hodgman Podcast. Have your pressing issues decided by Famous Minor Television Personality John Hodgman, Certified Judge. If you'd like John Hodgman to solve your pressing issue, simply email it, along with your phone number, to THAT IS ALL.
Hank and John Green (YouTubers and etc.) answer questions, give questionable advice, and talk about Mars (the planet) and AFC Wimbledon (the 3rd tier English football club).
Good Job, Brain!
Part quiz show, part offbeat news, and all awesome. We here are nuts about trivia and pub quiz! And we are darn sure there are people out there who share our unusual obsession. Play along and laugh along as Karen, Colin, Dana, and Chris school each other on some of the weirdest and most interesting facts about our funny little world.Do you relish beating your friends at Trivial Pursuit? Do you blab out the answers at the gym when Jeopardy! is on? And don't you just loathe badly worded questi ...
The John Batchelor Show is a breaking-news program that focusses on global politics, economics, war-fighting, hard sciences, space exploration, literature and whimsy. Four hours a night, seven days a week; most rigorous news analysis in the New World; followed daily in 192 countries.
Ask Pastor John
John Piper answering tough theological and pastoral questions.
Professor Elizabeth Joh teaches Intro to Constitutional Law and most of the time this is a pretty straight forward job. But with Trump in office, everything has changed. Five minutes before class Professor Joh checks Twitter to find out what the 45th President has said and how it jibes with 200 years of the judicial branch interpreting and ruling on the Constitution. Hosted by acclaimed podcaster Roman Mars (99% Invisible, co-founder Radiotopia), this show is a weekly, fun, casual Con Law 10 ...
John Piper Sermons
John Piper is founder and teacher of; he is author of more than 50 books and travels regularly to preach and teach. New messages are posted to this podcast as they become available. Piper’s sermons, books, articles, and more are available free of charge at We want people everywhere to understand and embrace the truth that God is most glorified in us, when we are most satisfied in him.
The official podcast of, every week the guys discuss the latest games, issues affecting the industry and more! This is THE gaming podcast for mature gamers.
Josh Peck is the host of Josh Peck Disclosure, the number one source for commentary on conservatism, Christianity, and all around common sense! Every day Josh provides his analysis of the top trends and news of the day, plus every week he hosts the full-length JPD Weekly Show. Full videos can be found at
The Chasing Joy Podcast shares meaningful conversations about wellness that will bring energy and joy into your life. Every week Chasing Joy dives into a topic related to wellness and brings on new guests with expertise in that area. This podcast will entertain, educate and inspire you to live a more joyful, energized life.
Pastor, Our Lady of Good Counsel Catholic Church-Plymouth, Michigan
Jah Prince
Monthly+ - the home of everything Jah Prince and Sunsplash Media LLC.
The legend speaks his mind about the week's football events and answers your questions every Thursday at 7.20pm. We may even get a sing song going.
Jump Start Your Joy is a podcast by Paula Jenkins, a transformative life coach, retreat leader, and speaker living in the San Francisco Bay Area. The show focuses on the many ways that people follow their dreams, and look for joy in their every day lives. Paula hand picks guests with inspirational stories; people who have intentionally and mindfully decided to follow a path that brings them joy. We talk about how adversity can bring out one's strengths, how acceptance precedes growth, and ho ...
Join bestselling author Jon Ronson as he traces a very strange butterfly effect. A teen in Brussels had an idea – to make porn free and easy to stream online. The consequences of that idea are mysterious, delightful, surprising, and sad. This 7-part series takes you on a journey to places you’ll never expect.
The John Locke Lectures are among the world's most distinguished lecture series in philosophy. The series began in 1950 and are given once a year.
Joe Bussard's Country Classics airs every Friday from 5-6pm on WREK 91.1 FM in Atlanta. Underwritten by Dust-to-Digital since July 2004, the show features American roots music from Joe's collection of rare 78rpm records.
The Loh Down on Science is the fun way to get your daily dose of science in less than two minutes. The program explains the world of science with a dash of humor. Hosted by writer/performer and Caltech alumna Sandra Tsing Loh, it's a program for those who love science as well as for those who avoid it!
Speaker, Author, Radio Personality and Success Coach - Kimberly Rinaldi brings Lessons in Joyful Living to you now. Using Quantum Healing, Meditation, Behavioral Therapies (NLP, Hypnosis, EFT, etc...) along with the wisdom and tools her guests provide She believes in empowering others, empowering you. She believes YOU have the ability to break through any and all barriers. Whether issues of Love, Health, Business, Spirituality or Money, Kimberly Rinaldi's Lessons in Joyful Living Radio bring ...
A show about Judaism and sexuality
Adam and Joe
Highlights from Adam Buxton and Joe Cornish's show at the Big British Castle, as broadcast on BBC 6 Music.
AM Joy
Every weekend on AM Joy, award-winning journalist and author Joy Reid passionately tackles the most important political and news topics of the week, exploring how policy decisions are shaping the country, while also bringing viewers in-depth interviews with leading newsmakers.
Why Oh Why
Named a best new podcast of 2016 by The New York Times, NPR, Huffington Post and iTunes. Andrea Silenzi speaks with friends, experts, and guys in bars about where love, dating and sex meets technology. The show tells the stories about relationships often blurring the lines between memoir, documentary, and fiction.
Welcome to Oh No, Ross and Carrie!, the show where we don’t just report on fringe science, spirituality, and claims of the paranormal, but take part ourselves. Follow us as we join religions, undergo alternative treatments, seek out the paranormal, and always find the humor in life’s biggest mysteries. We show up - so you don’t have to. Every month we share a new investigation, along with occasional bonus interviews and updates.
Spreading the message of One Love through word, sound and power. Playing the best of reggae music – from original roots to the most current in roots & culture. For more information or to donate to the show, visit Thanks for listening and enjoy the vibes!
Whaddya Know Joe?
Productivity stories from the trenches. What works and what I'll never do again. Hosted by Joe Buhlig.
Award-winning career advice blog & podcast! ★Hacking and reimagining an easier job search process for you!
The latest podcast feed searching 'Pastor John MacArthur' on
Through this podcast, John and Lisa Bevere hope to challenge and position you for a successful life in Christ. For more information, or to contact us, visit
Unlimited Joy
Self-help, Life Coaching, Spirituality, Christian Metaphysics, and personal & professional empowerment, Life coaching, Emotional Healing, Psychic and holistic healing. Go to
An encyclopedic reference of strange-but-true stories compiled as a time capsule for future generations.
We do the job and put wresting over, we talk about the past, present and future. Doing the Job is a weekly wrestling podcast hosted by Denny Lugz, Sean Spurge, and M2J. We stream live every Tuesday night at (about) 8 PM E.S.T.You can contact us at,, or us a voicemail at (646) 820-3332
The Daily Show Podcast without Jon Stewart takes you behind the scenes with the writers, producers and correspondents who make the show. Everyone but Jon, really. New episodes every other week.
Not a Real Job
Digital marketing advice for small business owners and entrepreneurs from Chris Van Patten and Joel Kelly
John 00 Fleming brings you the best in serious Trance, Psy Trance, Techno and Progressive Trance + Best guests from around the world."A national treasure of trance music"BBC Radio 1 (Essential mix)"One of the Pioneers of the electronic dance music scene"The daily Telegraph NewspaperJohn 00 Fleming is an artist who has achieved international success in a career spanning over 20 years without dishonouring his musical essence or fans. With over 10 million album sales and 30 produced mix compila ...
International Superstar DJ John B with his Weekly Drum & Bass and ElectroTechno Podcasts - Live DJ mixes recorded at gigs all over the world.
Features all the latest mixed martial arts (MMA) news and video content, including coverage of UFC, Strikeforce, Bellator and more.
Tune into Joe Budden and his friends Rory & Mal and follow along the crazy adventures of these very random friends.
Radio X is the ONLY station that can put up with their weirdness. Elis: Welsh, Swansea City fan. John: Bristolian, Queen fan. Who will triumph in this battle of wits? Place your bets and tune in to Radio X at 1pm on Saturdays to hear the outcome. Radio X is available across the UK on digital radio, 104.9 FM in London, 97.7 FM in Manchester, on your mobile or via
Build a career that matters to you with job search strategies and career advice from Find Your Dream Job. Every week, we share insider secrets and job search tips on how to get a great job and develop a purposeful career. Looking for your first job, searching for direction in your career, or just need tools to find a job? Join Mac Prichard, the Mac's List team, and our expert guests every week for job search inspiration, empathy, and actionable advice to help you find work that matters! Find ...
Afternoons on 94WIP
Start A Business, Become Your Own Boss And Spend More Time With Your Loved Ones
English lessons that you can understand - lessons, grammar, practice, pronunciation, idioms and more ...
The Jon Gaunt Show
The Jon Gaunt show for those bored with the bias of the Mainstream Media. Jon fires from the lip in his no holds barred show.
A Team of John O’Sheas is a weekly football podcast that answers the questions no one is asking. It was started as a bit of fun by a group of friends at Cambridge University but it wasn’t long before it became much more than that. Now the team meets weekly to ponder the sorts of questions that aren’t being asked by anyone else in the football world. With its unique approach, the podcast quickly proved to be a hit and is now being listened to religiously by football fans around the world. Joi ...
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A new MP3 sermon from is now available on with the following details: Title: CT5 Who Am I? Speaker: Peter L. Meney Broadcaster: Event: Children Date: 6/17/2018 Bible: Matthew 19:14; John 6:37 Length: 9 min. Overview: Mat 19-14 But Jesus said, Suffer little children, and forbid them not, to c ...…
A new MP3 sermon from is now available on with the following details: Title: CT5 Who Am I? Speaker: Peter L. Meney Broadcaster: Event: Children Date: 6/17/2018 Bible: Matthew 19:14; John 6:37 Length: 9 min. Overview: Mat 19-14 But Jesus said, Suffer little children, and forbid them not, to c ...…
This week, we had a terrible connection, and even worse food.
A new MP3 sermon from Sacramento Covenant Reformed Church is now available on with the following details: Title: #41: Less Recognized Forms of Hatred Subtitle: Christian Philosophy and World Speaker: Greg Uttinger Broadcaster: Sacramento Covenant Reformed Church Event: Sunday School Date: 6/17/2018 Bible: James 2:1-17; 1 Joh 3:1 ...…
This week, we travel down a trail of condiments and overlords.
John FarleyPastor-TeacherSunday,June 10, 2018He gives names to all the starsCol 1:16All things have been created by Him, through Him, and for Him.Joh 1:3Col 1:17-18Before He created anything, the Son, Christ, existed with the Father and the Spirit.Joh 17:5, Joh 17:24Before the world began, God the Father blessed us with every spiritual blessing ...…
An episode of the Australian pop music TV series. Although the series began in 1958, I believe this is one of the earliest surviving episodes. Performers include: Johnny Devlin, The Graduates, Patti Monroe, Grade Wicker, The Devils, Kim Nichols, The Cherrytones, Rod Devlin, Brian Penglase, and Joh.... This item belongs to: movies/classic_tv_emp ...…
The Jo(h)ns dip their toes into the Butt Rock waters by going over Kid Row's 1989 self titled album. They discuss the Hair metal genre and how the band fit into it, the albums ridiculous lyrics and themes, dig real deep into Sebastian Bach, and more... Check it out and subscribe!
Anton Heggvik - 03. juni 2018:Bibelvers:2. kor 5:19Joh 1:29-34Salme 119:130-131Luk 24:32Luk 5:24-26Joh 4:31-34Ap 26:16-19Matt 13:18-23
Its a two part "Convince Me" MEGA POD!!! In part one, Shaggy tries to convince John that HAIM is a band worth checking out by digging into their 2013 debut album Days Are Gone. The Jo(h)n's discuss the bands balance of pop vs. rock sound, comparisons to Stevie Nix and Fleetwood Mac, the bands music videos, how they differ live from their record ...…
From the wayback machine circa 2017 and the deep archives of WESU Middletown! Prolific author Keith R.A. DeCandido phones in to The Pint for an hour long pop culture bonanza. Keith has written original novels as well as being the most prolific writer of novelized tie in series. What is a tie in? What properties has he written for? What original ...…
Vidar Dalsbø preiker om temaet kom og ver med meg, som er den siste av fire preiker med hovudtema Kom. Det er tema henta frå Led nasjonalt 2018.Bibelvers:Joh 15:1-17Gal 5:22-23Tit 3:14Kol 3:10Fil 1:9-11Joh 6:60-70
Part 1 in a 6 Part Mini-Series! The Jo(h)ns and The Manster cover their Top 5 Heroes of Independent Comics! Jon insists on making his list a Top 6, Manster only seems to read books from one company in particular and Ganache lays out some serious The Walking Dead spoilers! Be warned! Also after we sign off, stay tuned for a SPOILER filled quick ...…
Do you like surprises? a present? to go someplace special with your family? a sweet treat? Everyone likes surprises! Jesus liked them too. In our story today He gave His disciples two surprises! “[Jesus said,] ‘You should do as I have done for you.’ ” JOH
Dan, Johs and Producer Matt recap the NCAA tourney and talk some of the greatest upsets of all time. And find out what they think about the ESPN top 20 athletes list.
The Jo(h)ns get together and talk a whole slew of rando. Who did what on Super Bowl Sunday, what funny books are tickling our fancies, and who is the latest actor being courted to play Batman's least favorite clown are a few of the questions we ask and answer right here. Also a well known piece of cookware vs. a legion of idiot fanatics and hea ...…
Philippians 2:1-11 – Philippians: Life Together Transfiguration Sunday – February 11, 2018 (am) We come today to one of the most familiar passages in Paul’s whole letter to the Philippians. In fact, it’s among the most familiar in the NT. This text gives us a look at the work of the Lord Jesus Christ on our behalf from a unique angle. Where Joh ...…
It’s a year since Donald Trump was inaugurated as the 45th president of the United States. And in that year, he’s caused a lot of changes in the job of constitutional law professor Elizabeth Joh of TrumpConLaw podcast – in particular, one verb is now off limits. Plus: Paul Anthony Jones, aka etymologist extraordinaire Haggard Hawks, describes h ...…
[From ws17/11 p. 25 – January 22-28]“Let no man deprive you of the prize.”​ – Col 2:18.Consider this picture. On the left we have two old people looking forward to the hope of being with Christ in the Kingdom of the Heavens. On the right we have young people looking forward to the hope of living in a paradise earth.In reference to Christians—to ...…
Bart:Podcasts: Walljump Appels en Peren Een podcast over media Met nerds om tafel Ear biscuits Games: Fortnite Divinity Original Sin Overwatch NBA2K18 Horizon Zero Dawn Films: Dunkirk Star Wars Passengers Joh Wick 2 Pirates of the CaribbeanFilmsStar wars the last jediTransformersDunkirk Fast and furious 8KongGamesNBA 2k18ForniteZeldaCod WW2Divi ...…
we sit down and talk with Mikes brother Joe
Buried in the archives of the State Library of Queensland for 30 years have been the Joh Tapes, a series of rarely-seen interviews with former Queensland Premier Sir Joh Bjelke-Petersen. The former Premier rails and rages against the injustices he perceived as having brought him down from Queensland’s top job. Journalist and Author Matthew Cond ...…
Ever wondered what goes on behind closed doors in Parliament House? Former political staffer Sean Sammon shares his experience of the riding political roller coaster that was the Rudd-Gillard-Rudd government and how he got out alive. Links to some of the things Sean touched on: “That handshake” - watch the moment former Labor Opposition Leader ...…
John Marks '61, P'95, sits down for a discussion with Carmen Muñoz-Fernández, director of Learning in the World and instructor in Spanish, and Eric Roland, Precourt Director of Partnerships at the Tang Institute. Marks reflects upon his time as a student at Phillips Academy, recalled moments from his life’s work, and shared his views on the mea ...…
How is Morgoth like a Captain Planet villain? Who builds a nature preserve next to a black hole? All this, plus spider baby-daddies, Ewok blood rituals, and too much Joh Yowza in our first ever All-Tree Extravaganza!9 Best Trees in Tolkien - - https://vignette.wikia.nocoo ...…
Welcome to Life Church Columbus podcasts! This is a message by Ramon Forbes: The purpose of our lives is to pursue Him and discover who He is. Come pursue with us! Scriptures: Matt 5:6, Psa 63:1-2, Psa 8:1-9, Gen 3:8. Gen 1:26, Joh 4:24, Psa 27:2, Phil 3:7-9. We hope you enjoy listening.By
19 Nov 2017 AM, Joh 4:27-42, Alex Russell
The Seven Pillars of Reformation Part 4Speaker: Pastor Fidel Soto, Pastor of Miami Springs SDA ChurchTitle: Sola ScripturaSeven Pillars key text: Pillars Theme: Seven Pillars Notes: more information on Plantation SDA Church, please visit us at http://www.plantati ...…
Joh 8:31 So Jesus said to the Jews who had believed him, “If you abide in my word, you are truly my disciples, Joh 8:32 and you will know the truth, and the truth will set you freeTrue freedom comes from knowing the truth. Join us this Sunday at 11:00 AM Except to be encouraged and equipped.
2013 || Creating Ethical Faith Communities — Anne Joh by Middle Collegiate Church
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