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Hardcore Conservative
Hardcore Conservative Radio is an unapologetic, tell-it-like-it is conservative view of the wacky world of American politics. No punches are pulled, no party lines are toed, just pure, unadulterated hardcore conservative opinion-based news.
Video Highlights of the 2008 Republican National Convention
Video highlights from the 2008 Republican National Convention in Minneapolis - St. Paul. Segments include speeches from the Conventon as well as selected special videos.
Video Highlights of the 2008 Republican National Convention
Video highlights from the 2008 Republican National Convention in Minneapolis - St. Paul. Segments include speeches from the Conventon as well as selected special videos.
Unusable Signal
"Unusable Signal" leaves an indelible mark in the annals of tube show history as we broadcast from this black hole in cyberspace. Join us on an adventure to ridicule every facet of politics and matters we care to discuss with special guests. --Eddie "Cube" Rawls
My Two Cents Radio Show
An African-American Hillary Clinton Democrat talks politics in an "left" and "right" political world!
Liberal Arts Radio with Mark Sutton
This is the official podcast of Liberal Arts with Mark Sutton, the radio show that explores the arts from an unapologetically political perspective.
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Sanity Check
We discuss the failure of ACA repeal, apologize very slightly to John McCain, and run down the complete insanity that was the brief tenure of the Mooch.
Sanity Check
Ben and Mike incorrectly predict the outcome of the GOP healthcare bill and really give it to John McCain
Humor and the Abject Podcast
DING DONG! It’s Humor and the Abject calling! This week, one of the extremely funny hosts of the Las Culturistas podcast, Bowen Yang, stops by the studio to sit on the other side of the mic. Bowen is a comedian, actor, and producer who is one of the minds behind the shows Live on Broadgay and Lake Homo High. We talked about his podcast, fosteri ...…
Two Old Guys Drinking Beer!
Well, it's happened again. We take a week off and the entire Trump Administration does another shuffle of resources. The "Mooch" is out, Reince is out, John is in, and Trump is once again shown to be the con-man that he is. Bob Mueller is on the case, a Grand Jury is impaneled in Washington DC and starting to deliver subpoenas. John McCain give ...…
Lawrence Chin, MD, chief of neurosurgery and director of the neuro oncology program at Upstate, talks about the aggressive brain tumor known as glioblastoma. This is the diagnosis Arizona senator John McCain recently disclosed. Glioblastoma is the most common type of brain tumor, arising from the glial cells in the brain. Its incidence is on th ...…
9th August 2017 - Ron Johnson suggests Senator McCain's cancer caused the "no" vote, refugees flee the United States, Trump tweets, the FBI issues a search warrant, and boobs are everywhere.
The Thinkers & Drinkers Podcast
This week, The Guys give us a policy update, talking the health care failure at the hands of John McCain, the White House pushing new immigration policy and shake ups at the White House staff. Then it's Def-con 1 here at Ditch Privilege with a discussion on North Korea and the rising tensions with their ever growing nuclear program. Afterwards, ...…
John McCain, Karma, Weed Parents, and Hit-N-Run Jerks. The Tangent RSSClick Here For iTunesClick Here For Spreaker.
A routine exam leads doctors to discover a blood clot above Arizona Senator John McCain's left eye. A biopsy reveals the senator has glioblastoma, an aggressive brain tumor. Each year 12,000 people in the U.S. are diagnosed with this type tumor. Most die within two years.By (Mark Heyne).
A routine exam leads doctors to discover a blood clot above Arizona Senator John McCain's left eye. A biopsy reveals the senator has glioblastoma, an aggressive brain tumor. Each year 12,000 people in the U.S. are diagnosed with this type tumor. Most die within two years.By (Mark Heyne).
Flogcast - America's Worst Political Podcast
This week on America's worst political podcast we're reliving the nail-biter ending of the GOP healthcare repeal effort as John McCain shuts down Senate. Savor those delicious Mitch McConnell tears. We also introduce everyone's favorite (and now fired) White House comms director, Anthony Scaramucci.
Six, six, six, six, sixWake Up Call: Trump Administration, America vs Nordic CountriesListener Letter: Love & MarriageTRL: Twilight Zone, Infinity War trailer, Game of Thrones, People of EarthGrows & Glows: Rihanna, Charles Perry, Diddy, Trae the Truth, John McCain
Now that we’re faced with Al Gore’s Inconvenient Sequel, it is tempting to ask, again: What if he’d actually won the Presidential election back in 2000? Remember when the century turned, the chads clung and hung, Florida was in Republican hands, and the Supreme Court ended up deciding the race in favor of the fortunate son of a former president ...…
SEA-SON-THREE. SEA-SON-THREE.Hear that? It's the chant of our frothing fans, clamoring outside this bomb shelter in anticipation of our SEASON PREMIERE. It has been a long month, but now the GOOD FRIENDS are back to talk about music festivals, John McCain and the ever-evolving drama that is the Trump cabinet. Also! OJ Simpson! Jury Duty! Dunkir ...…
The Scooter McGee Show on 1310 KFKA
Scooter gives his take on the USS Forrestal fire, and “possible” re-write of history before McCain dies.
The Scooter McGee Show on 1310 KFKA
Dan from Windsor, Co. talking about John McCain AND Donald Trump, PLUS- “On This Day In Illuminati History.
This week, Gerald is joined by very special guest Chris Braaten (More Gooder Than) to discuss John McCain's high drama in the Senate, Trump's continued smear of America's image, Michael Phelps vs. a "shark," how the new Amazon Alexa may kill you, Scaramucci's abrupt exit and just how hot a chili pepper can be. Please enjoy and share! Find our g ...…
Sean on the Rocks
Man what a week plenty of funny times to talk about from my personal life to Mario and Hector's crazy lives. Did I forget MONSTER TRUCKS!!!!!well as usual get comfortable and get ready to laugh, listen, and chime in with this weeks new episode!*Week Recap: Larry Garza, LOL comedy stand up!, Work, Austin*News: John McCain vote, John Kelly steps ...…
Real Presidents of Washington D.C.
Ray and Sebastian discuss the metaphorical stabbing of Reince Priebus, the whirlwind tenure of Anthony Scaramucci, the heroic defiance of John McCain, and the forthcoming coup d'etat by our nation's military and intelligence functions.
Trigger Warnings: John McCain (again), first grade boys, Edward 40-hands, making decisions, DIY Ikea, twitter trolls, climate change, calculusLearn more about The Bedrock Initiative: to Scott Holmes for our happy music!
Mornings with Kelly Golden
Trump is Improving Economy MSM Not Covering it + Could Tarpageddon 2017 Been Avoided + Scott Baio Bashes Senator John McCain - Powered by Summerville Ford
topics include Charlie Gard, unions, single payer healthcare, and John McCain. Plus OJ Simpson as a prostitute? Badger, Mormon, and Fauss are responsible for this content and nothing said should be held against them..... visit
We look back on Anthony Scaramucci's short but sour career in Trump's White House, learn about new Chief of Staff John Kelly, and discuss John McCain's polarizing effect on liberals.
Rod Arquette Show
Rod Arquette Show Daily Rundown - Friday, July 28, 20174:05 pm: Mike Broomhead, Morning Host at KMYI-FM in Phoenix, Arizona, on how Arizona residents are reacting to the vote by Senator John McCain to kill the Obamacare “skinny repeal”4:20 pm: Congressman Chris Stewart joins Rod to discuss legislation he is sponsoring that would impose penaltie ...…
Click on the 'Listen' button above to hear this interview. Many in Washington are still reeling from last week’s narrow defeat of the Senate Republican’s repeal and replace plan for the Affordable Care Act. In the wake of that failure, some senators have expressed a desire to come together and craft a bipartisan deal.Among them is Senator John ...…
Plus, a new White House chief of staff begins work, Senator John McCain heads home for treatment, a jury will decide the fate of Martin Shkreli and the Kock brothers continue to push for Trump tax cuts.
DOUBLE DIGITS, BABY! Jacques and Joe celebrate this milestone by...talking about politics and sports! Is John McCain a hero? Is Julio Jones an idiot? Is Siri the greatest innovation or a harbinger of human enslavement? PLUS: The Mooch, crying in football, Random Video Game Review, Defunct Sponsor and MORE! Closing Song: "Drunk all the Time" by ...…
Sushi Jackknife
This Week: Phil Vai...uh...Valentine. Dog Tetris. Single Child Home. Marvis: The Fourth Planet from the Sun. The Presidential Combo. Dick Cheney's Foot Rub. Starting rumors about Laura Bush. Eyes Wide Regan Administration. No one gives a fuck about Planet X. Steve Bannon and Marilyn Manson have at least one thing in common. Fuck yeah John McCai ...…
Man Points!
This week there’s at least three. Chris makes is return with tales of the brown bag. Topics are all over the map as usual. Leland declares his love of John McCain. Some how Trump and Poop make it into the same podcast. A “Keeps it Real” or two and a whole mix of Pop culture and Politics. Did you expect to see Worm’s worm? So sit back and crawl ...…
Cajun California
...because this healthcare issue has us shook. This week on @CajunCaliPod, we discuss developments in the Usher story, John McCain's "lol jk" moment, the season premiere of "Insecure," Rick Ross' comments on the Breakfast Club, and much more!
The gang is back like always to break down the weeks triggering topics and divisive conversation. And BOY do we have a doozy for you. Donald Trump blocks all transgender people from serving in the US Armed Forces. Is this a wise choice, or a bigoted blunder? We have John McCain rushing back from surgery to bravely take healthcare away from mill ...…
Dive Bar Zoo
Manny does a little political talk about republicans, trump, healthcare, and the hilarious "stone cold" John McCain YouTube videoFollow us on twitter @divebarzoo
Dimland Radio
How the media is covering Justine Damond. The song 'Institutionaliized' by Suicidal Tendencies reexamined. Some talk about Sen. John McCain. A brief review of 'Full Moon: The Amazing Rock 'n' Roll Life of Keith Moon'. An It's Not True and Three Cool Things from the past week. The show note for this week's Dimland Radio are up at http://dimland. ...…
Principles and Policies Podcast For Saturday 7/29/2017- Barry Sheets and Chuck Michaelis start the show with a discussion of God’s character and the implications of that. We then move over to debates with the Christian community regarding how to evangelize Muslims and other non-believers. We finish with the Republican betrayal of the people who ...…
John and Nate reunite to discuss the most important issues of the week in the "Weekly Update." In this episode John and Nate dive into the failings of the Senate Republicans to pass a key bill to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act better known as Obama Care. John and Nate discuss McCain's "Maverick Move" and which way the legislative bo ...…
YeahButStill Podcast
Special guest Dirty Harry D Cups! Trigger Warning! This week we talk Devos and Title IX, Police Shootings, Trump telling Cops to beat on suspects, the abject failure of Trump Care and "American Hero" John McCain.
On this week's Input Switch, Adam and Will dive into the sheer incompetence and cruelty of the Senate GOP and their healthcare "bill". Also, this week: Trump encourages police brutality and police cheer him on, Trump's speech in Youngstown, OH is insane and dangerous, and we react to the new trailers for Stranger Things and Westworld. McCain Ba ...…
The Peter Schiff Show Podcast
Obamacare Repeal Charade OverThe whole charade surrounding the repeal of Obamacare is finally over. The most recent attempt, labeled "Skinny Repeal" was a big fat lie. They weren't really repealing anything, leaving the essence of Obamacare and accelerating Obamacare's death spiral. If Congress had repealed the employer mandates and the individ ...…
President Trump setting White House free from Useless Republican Establishment. GOP Base looking for reasons to stay with GOPe. Finding any? We blame John McCain for saving Obamacare, even as he tells "bombastic loudmouths" on the radio to "go to hell." Reince Priebus resigns as Chief of Staff, General John Kelly takes over. Could AG Jeff Sessi ...…
Mandy Connell
1. Mandy is on vacation. Mike Rosen, guest host. 1. John McCain kills repeal of Obamacare. 2. Guest: Kevin Williamson, National Review - "No, California: Shady Russians, troubled dreamers, and the daft campaign for Calexit." 3. Mike talks about the current film, "Dunkirk." 4. Guest: Mark Van Loucks - Alternative substance abuse. 5. President Tr ...…
28th July 2017 - Donald Trump shows his "artistic" side, John McCain saves the day, some Democrats clap their hands, and James looks at the sad case of Charlie Gard.
The Ball Hog Podcast
I break down why Kyrie wants to be traded, D-Rose, John McCain and a super funny criminal athlete of the week
Media Watch tries not to blush as the new White House Communications Director unleashes a vulgar tirade. Anthony Scaramucci called a reporter at The New Yorker, handing him a foul-mouthed exclusive on divisions in the West Wing. Plus, Senator John McCain is back to being a hero for many after his vote on healthcare.…
UFC FIGHT NIGHT, girls trip--last chance u season 2, John McCain Cancer, Minneapolis Police, Pedro Hernandez, WWE Battleground 2017, Liev Schreiber son, NY city fines, males crying, new black leaders and other topics Comment, SHARE and SUBSCRIBE instagram@netboydoc…
Donate to the Human Rights Campaign here: This is the 3rd episode of Zero Gravity Podcast by JONATHAN MILLER. ****** Join my VIP Family of Cyborgs here: to the Human Rights Campaign here: this video:In this video electro pop artist JONATHAN MILLER talks about Pokemon G ...…
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