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In 1914, at the age of 51, the novelist and poet May Sinclair volunteered to leave the comforts of England to go to the Western Front, joining the Munro Ambulance Corps ministering to wounded Belgian soldiers in Flanders. Her experiences in the Great War, brief and traumatizing as they were, permeated the prose and poetry she wrote after this time. Witness of great human pain and tragedy, Sinclair was in serious danger of her life on multiple occasions. This journal makes no attempt to be an ...
The New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM) Audio interview RSS feed. NEJM ( is a weekly general medical journal that publishes new medical research findings, review articles, and editorial opinion on a wide variety of topics of importance to biomedical science and clinical practice.
A timely review of the top news of the day. WSJ reporters, editors and columnists offer lively insights into breaking stories and current events.
Audio Summary of highlights and key articles from each issue of The American Journal of Psychiatry
The AICPA presents the Journal of Accountancy podcast. Where we talk about the key issues facing the accounting profession.
The Journal of Clinical Oncology (JCO) serves its readers as the single most credible, authoritative resource for disseminating significant clinical oncology research. Usually presented in conjunction with an original report and an editorial published on, the JCO podcasts enable readers to stay current on the latest research while placing the results into a clinically useful context.
The Journal of Clinical Psychiatry Publisher’s Podcast includes monthly audio updates of the features in each issue of JCP, plus special features added from time to time.
Each week, the Fretboard Journal interviews some of our favorite musicians, instrument builders and historians.
Listen to the ABA Journal Podcast for analysis and hear discussions with authors for The Modern Law Library books podcast series.
The Journal of Immunology ImmunoCasts
The BJAs free podcasts will take listeners on a tour of the world of anaesthesia; interviews with authors and commentaries from key experts on featured articles, plus hot topics in anaesthesia research and practice will be published with each issue.
Strength and Conditioning Journal is the professional journal of the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA). The purpose "SCJ Podcasts" is to highlight current topics in the journal related to the field of strength and conditioning. The NSCA and SCJ are committed to the mission of integrating the practical experience of professionals in our field with evidence-based research to provide practitioners with the most accurate information available. The "SCJ Podcasts" will be a ver ...
A podcast from one of the world’s top cardiology journals that includes highlights from the current issue
AMA Journal of Ethics podcasts explore the ethical and professionalism challenges that medical students and physicians confront in their education and daily practice.
Journal of Oncology Practice (JOP) provides oncologists and other oncology professionals with information and tools to enhance practice efficiency and promote a high standard for quality of patient care. The goal of JOP is to be the authoritative resource on clinical and administrative management for practicing oncologists. The Journal includes original research, feature articles, and section columns on various issues pertinent to daily practice operations, all of which are subject to peer r ...
One hour of the morning's top business and personal finance news. Host Gordon Deal anchors this fast-paced, entertaining and truly useful program.
In-depth interviews and conversations with some of the foremost Mormon Studies scholars in subjects ranging from sociology, history, music, art, philosophy, literature, politics, theology, women's studies, and much more.
Veteran journalist Bill Moyers returns to PBS with Bill Moyers Journal, a weekly program of interviews and news analysis on a wide range of subjects, including politics, arts and culture, the media, the economy, and issues facing democracy.
Hosted by Paul Gigot, the Pulitzer-Prize winning editorial page editor of The Wall Street Journal, the weekly program features newsmakers and members of the Journal editorial page staff debating the major economic, political and cultural issues of the day.
Hear the Journal's sports team's take on the most important topics and events in sports each week.
WSJ Journal Report
Get advice on getting ahead from The Wall Street Journal. Fuel your ambitions and learn how to make yourself healthy, wealthy and wise.
Under volume 57, the McGill Law Journal became the first Canadian legal journal to launch a significant podcast series. The goal was to increase the Journal’s online presence by providing a forum in which to discuss important legal questions, while connecting with our audience in a deeper way. Please email if you have any questions or suggestions regarding our Podcast series. Subscribe on iTunes here:
An Educational Podcast teaching Hunting and Fishing through the internet. Insightful instruction and celebrity interviews! Hosted by Greg Barnhart, Dan Stapleton and Jerry Everhart
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Journal Editorial Report Audio PodcastBy (Fox News Radio).
Mechanisms and outcomes of heart failure: from HFpEF, HFmrEF, and HFrEF to transplantation Read the issue Read the editorial text on the EHJ website
U.S. says still working to reunite 2,053 children with families, growth in retiring baby boomers strains U.S. entitlement programs, and midyear review tips to assess your finances.
Groups trying to lower the volume of a polarized nation, what you are missing in retirement planning, and avoiding career death by Twitter.
Stephen Bishop - the guy behind pop hits "On and On," "It Might Be You" and "Save It For a Rainy Day" - joins us on this week's Fretboard Journal Podcast to talk guitars (especially the gorgeous instrument that he commissioned from Danny Ferrington), movie making, songwriting and more.
Welcome to the Rut Roundup of hunters who have implemented the Hunt Fish Journal's hunting method utilizing licking branches and multiple scrapes to harvest mature bucks. These shows are from last fall's deer hunting season 2017. In this show No.6 you will hear Lee Lanphear and son Aiden talk about their success harvesting three nice bucks and ...…
House GOP postpones vote on immigration bill, SCOTUS allows states to collect sales taxes on more online transactions, and ABC plans spinoff of 'Roseanne' without Roseanne.
La découverte des fosses communes à Sinjar en Iraq et l'ampleur des crimes commis par Daesh contre les minorités religieuses soulèvent d'importantes questions sur la ou les façons dont la justice peut être servie lors d'atrocités de masse telles que commises à l'encontre de la minorité yézidie. Pour nous entretenir sur le sujet, nous avons eu l ...…
What needs to be done to fix the immigration problem, Trump retreats after fury over border separations, and plans to boost zero-emission vehicles.
Dr. David Shulkin is the former Secretary of Veterans Affairs. Stephen Morrissey, the interviewer, is the Managing Editor of the Journal. K.H. Sheetz and D.J. Shulkin. Why the VA Needs More Competition. N Engl J Med 2018;378:2356-7.
Lisa Scottoline, C.E. Tobisman and Scott Turow have at least three things in common: They’re all novelists, attorneys and nominees for this year’s Harper Lee Prize for Legal Fiction. In this special episode, the ABA Journal’s Lee Rawles speaks with all three authors about their nominated books, their creative processes, and the role they believ ...…
A look at the policy of family separation, despite risks border crossings continue, and U.S. auto makers are putting smaller engines into big trucks.
President Trump defends family-separation policy, White House wants a "Space Force," and compulsive video-game playing could be mental health problem.
Dr. Philippa Marrack discusses a 1994 Nature paper by Charles Surh and Jonathan Sprent that identified apoptotic cells in the thymus during positive and negative selection.
This podcast discusses the important risks and potential benefits of PD-1 immune checkpoint blockade in patients with thymic epithelial neoplasms. Read the related article "Pembrolizumab for Patients With Refractory or Relapsed Thymic Epithelial Tumor: An Open-Label Phase II Trial" on
Trump policy of separating families threatens immigration talks, a look inside a former Texas Walmart, now a shelter for migrant boys, and World Cup fans celebrating in Mexico City may have caused artificial earthquake.
Sully Guitars founder Jon "Sully" Sullivan has had quite a journey: from growing up in Chicago, to attempting to be a rock star on the Sunset Strip, to building electric guitars full-time in Little Elm, Texas. Along the way, he raised a kid as a single parent, took on a few day jobs and eventually collaborated with one of his heroes, Grover Jac ...…
The tough battle of fighting shipments of fentanyl, Olympic gold medalist Shannon Miller, and promoting safe summer driving habits.
DOJ report says former FBI director James Comey went rogue when handling Clinton email probe, thousands nationwide protest family separations at border, and this common habit is making your kids act like monsters.
U.S. seeks 'major disarmament' of North Korea, Fed raises interest rates, and what is the deal with eggs.
Dr. Loren Rabinowitz is a resident physician at New York-Presbyterian/Columbia University Medical Center. Stephen Morrissey, the interviewer, is the Managing Editor of the Journal. L.G. Rabinowitz. Recognizing Blind Spots - A Remedy for Gender Bias in Medicine? N Engl J Med 2018;378:2253-5. L.S. Rotenstein and A.B. Jena. Lost Taussigs - The Con ...…
The House is set to debate on two competing immigration bills, AT&T beats the U.S. in an antitrust fight, and Olympic gold medalist Shannon Miller on her fight against cancer.
Jeffrey Porter, CPA, discusses how practitioners are dealing with the changes so far.
President Trump makes what he calls a "very comprehensive" agreement with North Korea, meanwhile Trump economic adviser Larry Kudlow has a mild heart attack, and a new way to avoid summer school for failing students.
Previewing the historic Trump/Kim summit in Singapore, how the GOP hopes to fire up party loyalists ahead of the midterms, and why divorce can be really, really bad for your health.
How Trump's pressure influenced the NFL to change its anthem rules, why is Siri so far behind Alexa, and how to protect your summer move.
On this week’s Fretboard Journal Podcast, we talk to country blues guitarist Todd Albright. He tells us about his early infatuation with the acoustic guitar – from hearing Dave Van Ronk as a teenager to discovering Gamblin Woman Blues’ by Paul Geremia. The Detroit-based musician also tells about being signed to Jack White’s Third Man Records, h ...…
President Trump feuds with allies before G7 summit, Senate intelligence committee staffer indicted in leak investigation, and coffee breaks make us better coworkers.
Welcome to the 2018 deer season! Does it seem early for this show? Well, for some it will but let me paint this picture. How much do you really enjoy going to the woods in September just before opening day and having to deal with all the weeds - weeds that are 5 feet high with thick stocks and need to be trimmed out. Then after making all the r ...…
House GOP leaders scramble to find a compromise on immigration, U.S. struggles to stop smuggling of mail-order opioids, and shattering El Capitan's speed record.
Dr. Amber Willink is an assistant scientist in the Department of Health Policy and Management at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. Stephen Morrissey, the interviewer, is the Managing Editor of the Journal. A. Willink and E.H. DuGoff. Integrating Medical and Nonmedical Services - The Promise and Pitfalls of the CHRONIC Care Ac ...…
From 1873 until his death in 1915, Anthony Comstock was the most powerful shaper of American censorship and obscenity laws. Although he was neither an attorney nor an elected official, Comstock used an appointed position as a special agent of the U.S. Post Office Department and legislation known as the Comstock Laws to order the arrests and pro ...…
Republican secures spot in California governor's race, Fashion Designer Kate Spade, 55, dies in apparent suicide, and here's where it's cheaper to take an Uber than to own a car.
According to Brandon Allfrey, CPA, CGMA, partner with Squire and Company, thought leadership can be a career-booster for just about everyone.
Special Consul Mueller's office accuses Paul Manafort of witness tampering, SCOTUS sides with baker in same-sex wedding cake case, and even a dead hard drive can give away your private info.
GRAALL-2005 study shows no overall benefit for cyclophosphamide intensification in older adults with ALL, despite a general improvement in outcomes for the younger adults. Read the associated article by Huguet et al on
Mike Decker, the vice president of examinations at the AICPA, discusses changes being made to the exam as a result of tax reform — and about how Excel will now be available for use on the test.
President's lawyers says he can't be subpoenaed for illegal activity, Paul Ryan just wants out and should you do a social media cleanse.
101 lessons they never taught you in college, how to listen to what Amazon's Alexa has recorded in your home, and things you didn't know about the Stanley Cup.
Andy Galpin discusses the Point/Counterpoint column and gives advice for potential authors looking to submit for this column.By (Ben Reuter, SCJ Podcast Editor).
Dr. Ian Jeffreys discusses the soccer special issue published in issue 40/3 of Strength and Conditioning Journal.By (Ben Reuter, SCJ Podcast Editor).
A patient with a severe burn injury doesn’t just need physical care and support to recover – suffering such injuries can also create significant psychological and emotional challenges. This month on Ethics Talk, we sit down with Dr. Monica Gerrek, a burn ethicist, and Andrea Rubin, a burn survivor, to explore how burn teams can support patients ...…
On today's Fretboard Journal Podcast, we talk to two of the most promising young guitarmakers we know: Meredith Coloma of Coloma Guitars and Isaac Jang of Isaac Jang Guitars. Coloma talks to us about how she's found a unique audience for her guitars thanks to her hometown of Vancouver, British Columbia. She also talks to us about the creation o ...…
Dr. Bernard Lo is the President of the Greenwall Foundation. Stephen Morrissey, the interviewer, is the Managing Editor of the Journal. B. Lo. Beyond Legalization - Dilemmas Physicians Confront Regarding Aid in Dying. N Engl J Med 2018;378:2060-2.
This Podcast highlights the importance of BCMA-CAR T therapy for patients with relapsed refractory multiple myeloma and discusses future avenues of clinical investigation. Read the related article "T Cells Genetically Modified to Express an Anti–B-Cell Maturation Antigen Chimeric Antigen Receptor Cause Remissions of Poor-Prognosis Relapsed Mult ...…
This week, we talk to visual artist James A. Willis. Why are we talking to an artist on the FJ podcast? Because Willis has plenty of guitar and music-related projects under his belt. He's at least partially based in Nashville, where he’s served as the "Artist in Residence" at Gibson, he's used guitar cases as canvases for his Saints series and ...…
Anticoagulation in clinically difficult situations: insights into safe and effective management Read the issue Read the editorial text on the EHJ website
This podcast includes commentary upon a large case control series that examined the incidence of cardiac injury in association with radiation dose to distinct segments of the left ventricle and coronary arteries. Read the associated article by Taylor et al on
Dr. Julie Donohue is a professor in the Department of Health Policy and Management at the University of Pittsburgh Graduate School of Public Health. Stephen Morrissey, the interviewer, is the Managing Editor of the Journal. J.M. Donohue and H.A. Huskamp. Doughnuts and Discounts - Changes to Medicare Part D under the Bipartisan Budget Act of 201 ...…
After losing both the 1960 presidential election and the 1962 California governor’s race, Richard Milhouse Nixon vowed at a press conference, “You won’t have Nixon to kick around anymore” and seemed to have written the epitaph to his political career. He left for New York and became a partner in a white shoe law firm. Yet six years later, he wo ...…
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