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Juan Epstein
Cipha Sounds and Peter Rosenberg's 'Juan Epstein' is the longest running and most beloved hip hop nerdcast on the planet. Based in the legendary Hot 97 studios, Ciph and Rosenberg go in depth on Hip Hop with EVERYONE. They ask the questions that only TRUE nerdy fans can ask. Past guests include Jay-Z, Eminem, Aziz Ansari, Big Daddy Kane, Ghostface, Diamond D, Redman, Patrice O'neal, and many more! Hundreds of hours of Hip Hop gold.
Rosenberg Radio » Juan Epstein
Cipha Sounds and Peter Rosenberg's 'Juan Epstein' is the longest running and most beloved hip hop nerdcast on the planet. Based in the legendary Hot 97 studios, Ciph and Rosenberg go in depth on Hip Hop with EVERYONE. They ask the questions that only TRUE nerdy fans can ask. Past guests include Jay-Z, Eminem, Aziz Ansari, Big Daddy Kane, Ghostface, Diamond D, Redman, Patrice O'neal, and many more! Hundreds of hours of Hip Hop gold.
The Combat Jack Show
The undisputed #1 HipHop podcast, the Combat Jack Show features interviews with HipHop icons & the most in-depth conversations about music, news, culture & race. Listen to Russell Simmons, Chuck D, Damon Dash, Rza, Scarface, D-Nice and more share personal stories and talk exclusively about their journeys, philosophies and viewpoints.
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Eminem Tribute Intro Kendrick Tribute Intro Peer Pressure -- Mobb Deep Hit It from the Back -- Mobb Deep Shook Ones (Part 1) -- Mobb Deep Shook Ones (Part 2) -- Mobb Deep Drink Away the Pain -- Mobb Deep Survival of the Fittest -- Mobb Deep I Shot Ya (RMX) -- LL Cool J Right Back At You -- Mobb Deep Eye for an Eye -- Mobb Deep The Infamous Prel ...…
Too Be Told W/ Elliot Guidry & Coreigh Terry
A podcast quoting another podcast? We aren’t going to say the pulled a Melina Trump on us but you know where you heard it first! Podcast Credits: Juan Epstein - Chris Rock BACK with Rosenberg and Laura May 3 (5:50) Real Time with Bill Maher - Ep. #426: Boris Epshtryn, NeildeGrasse Tyson Special Person in The Room: LaTroya Brooks @Poetik517 Musi ...…
Probably an episode you don't want to miss.
Ciph was not in the house but Laura and I had a great talk with Chris about music and much more.
The life story of the amazing Brother Ali. This is a very special episode. Enjoy!
The Book of Ye | The Kanye West Podcast
Recorded Live at NYC Podfest! Rob & Chris welcome legendary DJ and comedian, Cipha Sounds, to the podcast to talk Ye! Ciph recounts the first time he met Kanye while making “Soundbombing III” for Raucous Records. He reveals his favorite Ye album and the best Kanye beats to play at the club. Later, they discuss the Juan Epstein Episode with Kany ...…
Roc Marci tells his story and much more. Rosenberg and Roc also debate the merits of the great Kendrick Lamar.
Meeting Kanye, how he had to start rapping like a New Yorker, his new album ,writing on Kanye's albums, new Africa, and much more!
The story of the team behind all your favorite Dipset anthems. Enjoy!
The second part of our sit down with Oddisee.
Fine this is not Juan Epstein. However it is an awesome in depth political interview that Laura and I did with Rachel Maddow. Enjoy! New Juan Ep coming Tuesday!
Oddisee's new album is out and amazing. Part 1 of Juan Ep with O is over an hour and includes the formation of low budget crew, the easiest and most rare music, and much much more. True Juan ep specialness.
Jidenna's album came out of nowhere and smacked us upside the head. Meet the man and hear pieces of this album. Such an awesome dude and record.
I did this a few years ago and thought this was a good time to rerelease it. I won't lie. It's maj! Enjoy Juan Eppers....
The classic gems continue!
Large Pro, K-Kut, Rashad "Tumblin Dice" Smith, and Baby Paul come by Juan Ep to celebrate 25 years of Breakin Atoms!! Part 1!!
Well Ciph's mic was somehow off this whole episode (don't ask) but you can still hear him and we talk about ItsTheReal's career and come up as well as an awkward feud with Donald Glover. Then we get into serious (funny) Trump talk. Sorry we've been slow recently!
Laura and Shani Kulture hang out for Juan Ep as we discuss Ciph's nephew, Christmas in St. Lucia, Trump, Run the Jewels, and much more.
PR, Dza, and a quick Red Alert pop in on Juan Ep. We shoot the breeze, hear stories, and play music with some of our favorite guys plus I include our full Real Late interview and freestyle. You're going to enjoy this one!
Ciph has had a change of heart and has a lot to say. Plus the boys unpack the week that was with regard to Shia Labeouf, Charlamagne-gate, and much more. After all that, Rosenberg catches up with Lil Boat and Joey Badass at Hot for the Holidays.
I am pretty sure the title says it all. Happy Thanksgiving!
It finally happened. Backstage at Masters of Ceremony, the 18th letter sat down with us to talk about his entire career and his thoughts on some of the other greats. Still can't believe it happened.
On Saturday October 21st Juan Epstein set up shop backstage at the Barclay Center during the Masters of Ceremony Concert. What happened there was historic. Here is part 1 which was probably the most casual and fun Juan Eppy of the bunch. It features visits from DJ Enuff, a nice interview with Pete and CL, Mike G from the Jungle Brothers, Red Al ...…
Wow Cipha went out to Ohio to hang with Chappelle in what sounded like an amazing weekend. Enjoy the stories!
Ciph was on baby duty today but John Legend stopped by to tell us about the formation of GOOD Music and the start of his career. This may not surprise you, but this is amazing!
Poppa Large -- big shot on the east coast!! Kool Keith comes by to tell us the history of Ultra Mags and be generally hilarious. You will definitely be hearing him again.
Now this is what you call that VINTAGE Juan Ep. The history of Toronto hip hop from Maestro Fresh Wes to Drake and so much in-between. Stories for days ....
Ciph was traveling and Mac was in town so I turned a live Hot 97 listening into a live Juan Ep Interview with Mac Miller. We went in depth on his drug use and recovery, his love of Dilla, new album, lack of understanding of radio, and much more.
So dope. If you don't know the Grammy winning Robert Glasper then step up your jazz game. And your Dilla knowledge game. Matter of fact just listen to this episode and you will do both.
Juan Epstein
1/2 of the Drink Champs steps into the building with Rosenberg and Quartermaine to talk Miami history, DJ nerd talk, and working with crazy ass NORE on Drink Champs. Cipha joins from London via FaceTime for half the show too! Enjoy nerds!
Juan Epstein
T.D.E.'s Isaiah Rashad drops by and drops a bomb! When he tells Rosenberg that he's been MIA because of a drug addiction. They also discuss his relationship with Top Dawg, his new project and much more!! Ciph also reveals exciting plans with Dave Chappelle!!
Juan Epstein
If you like real interviews -- this is not the podcast for you lol. Juan Ep gets invaded by the ladies of Hot 97 -- Laura Stylez, Marisa Mendez, Gia Peppers, and Scottie Beam all pop in to talk with Juan Ep. Ciph also talks about his trip to LA and explains why he doesn't care what people's political views are.…
Juan Epstein
Da Boy Way is the biggest rapper in Thailand, but of course, he is from Queens. He is also married to a huge Thai TV star/racer. Yes racer. This is a totally different and awesome Juan EP!
Yes this is not Juan Epstein. It is Laura and I interviewing Khaled at Hot. However, it somehow turned into such a Juan Ep like show that I decided to put it out to the people (Ciph approved don't worry). Listening to his love of Pete Rock and hearing his Big Pun stories are something else! Enjoy!
D-Nice joins Juan Ep to talk about the story of BDP, the passing of Scott La Rock, Kid Rock looking out for him, and DJing for the President.
Ciph and Rosenberg welcome the hosts of Improper Etiquette aka Laura Stylez and her friend Leah (from Married to the Mob) to talk all things sex, awkward, and otherwise. Juan Ep randomness y'all!
Ciph Hangs out with the Prince and Seth Rogen and Rosenberg Gets Called Fat Publicly !!
Big Pun stories, Big L stories, Cipha Sounds stories, and so much more from Terror Squad OG Tony Sunshine.
Vic Mensa is one of the best young artists in the game and has become a good friend of mine over the years. He came by to tell us his whole story and talk about his new project and much more. Enjoy!
Juan Epstein
What a gem of an episode. One of the Yay area's favorite sons tells the story of how the movement was made. This is really one of those episodes I wasn't even expecting! Enjoy!
After hearing Young Guru’s appearance on Juan Ep, Bink reached out to Ciph to see if he could come set the record straight. So that’s what he did. Here is Bink’s account of how things went down and also some more interesting VA history. Enjoy!
Deon Cole of Blackish, Angie Tribeca, and Conan fame stops by to hang with Juan Ep. After he leaves, Laura Stylez stops by and we get into some good Trump talk. Nearly 90 minutes of Juan Ep for that weekend.
Juan Epstein
What is there to say about this?! Guru came up to the Upper West last night and we did two hours of talk about everrrrrrything. He talked D-Dot, Chucky Thompson, Puff, Hov, Bleek, Just, Kanye, and stories upon stories. You’re welcome!
Man what is there to say about this?! Informative, passionate, awesome, slightly drunk. It’s all here! Happy birthday Ciph! This was amazing. I thought I knew. Apparently I was wrong.
The title really says at all. Ciph and I were back together to talk about Ciph’s pre birthday depression, the passing of Phife, and Kanye dissing me at Phife’s memorial. If you didn’t hear that story — you will probably want to tune in.
A Waste of Time with ItsTheReal
This week on A Waste of Time with ItsTheReal, we welcome our friend and the host of Tidal's stand-up comedy series No Small Talk, Cipha Sounds! Ciph talked working with Jay Z, working with Pharrell, working with Funkmaster Flex, and why he never works with Fat Joe. He shared stories about being 19 years old touring the country with Lil Kim, Ma$ ...…
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