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Millennial Mumbo Jumbo
Two guys, Laine and Marshall, talking about what's going on in culture and how we're interpreting it through our life circumstances and beliefs.
Mumbo Jumbo
Join three amateur podcasters as they attempt to tackle today's hottest topics, politically correct culture, sports, and everything in between.
Medical Mumbo Jumbo Podcast
Ever wonder what your doctor is going on about? How those magical pills work? What bacteria actually are? What physiotherapists do?Medical Mumbo Jumbo hosted by Dr Tom aims to take the confusion out of health and medicine and make it accessible to all. Each episode we go through a different topic related to medicine and the human body and explain it in plain English, and hopefully help you take care of yourself that bit more
Everyone But Them
Two 20 something's talk life, music, games, and insult one another all the way.
NANO Records
DJ Mixes, Videos, Edits and Demos from Nano's artists!
Internal Fighting Arts | Learn Real-World Martial Arts Insights from Top Instructors of Tai Chi - Xingyi - Bagua and Qiqong
Gain deeper insights into the world of internal Chinese gongfu as Sifu Ken Gullette talks with prominent instructors about Taijiquan, Xingyiquan, Baguazhang, Qigong, and the philosophy that guides these amazing martial arts. This is a real-world conversation without the mystical mumbo jumbo -- a No Woo-Woo Zone. You will walk away with deeper knowledge and new inspiration after listening to this fun and insightful conversation.
Scorching Shamrocks Celtics Podcast
Ever wonder why no one on podcasts has the GUTS to say the things about the Celtics that need to be said? That's not a problem now that the Scorching Shamrocks is here to give you the hot takes that no other Celtics show has the stomach to do. Join host Sullivan James Sullivan as he cuts through the lies, numbers, stats and other nerd mumbo-jumbo to get his finger on the pulse of the Celtics. Listeners be warned. The takes are hot and the nerds, they are not.
Morning Logic
Morning Logic is a creative warmup using Logic Pro X. No "mumbo jumbo." Just musicEquipment used:Mac '17Logic Pro XAlesis Q49Check out the podcast on iTunes!
Real Estate Podcast with Patrick Fitzgerald
Patrick Fitzgerald, the VA Loan Guy, is located in San Antonio, Texas and is a true “One Stop Lender”. We originate, underwrite, and close all types of loans. We offer Texas Vet, Veterans, FHA, Conventional, Jumbo, Adjustable Rate, and Investment products.
Ron Wright.....Wright on everything!!!!
Wright On is the truth about the current events and topics that shape our lives. No BS and no panty waist politically correct mumbo jumbo. Just Ron Wright who's life experiences and perspective make him "Wright on.." everything! Call in with any whine you have..and we can get to the truth...Wright on!!
Speaking Human
Our goal on Speaking Human is to simplify complex marketing topics. We toss aside all the buzzwords and mumbo-jumbo to focus on how marketing can bring brands and people together. Hosted by Patrick Jebber and Shad Connelly from creative agency MONSTERS Unlimited. Learn more at
The Christian(ése) Podcast features hosts Taylor Castleberry & Joel Tischauser as they attempt to tackle the hard questions that we all eventually come across in the Christian life. It's a refreshing escape from the usual religious mumbo jumbo, centered around the sometimes serious but often hilarious perspectives of two regular dudes that happen to love Jesus.
Grounded Geeks
Welcome to Grounded Geeks, where we make the geek world relevant. Your parents may tell you that comic books and superheroes have no bearing on real life. Aman and Lena (a brother and sister duo) are here to tell you that that’s just not the case. Join us as we discuss what all that superhero mumbo jumbo says about race, society, politics, and global affairs.
NEONCAST - Neon Stardust Recordings Podcast
• OUT NOW:Marc O'Tool - DIGI 84 (12 Track Album + continuous mix) - STRDST004• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •Think Sexy, think Lazer,... Think 80s, Palmtrees, Deloreans, Sunsets & Beaches ! Like it ... ? So Neon Stardust is 4 U !A R T I S T S:Tosel & Hale ( Lower ( Ace ( No ( o'Tool ( (https://s ...
Packrat Planet Radio
The Throwback Pop Culture Lovefest for the Slightly Obsessed!Join entertainment journalist, music video historian & pop culture guru Stephen Pitalo (that's me) every first Sunday of the month for a gumbo of 80s/90s entertainment content! We'll talk films, music, TV of the era; give updates & tour news on legacy bands; unveil behind-the-scenes true tales from the Golden Age of Music Video (1976-1993); raid Stephen's vault of vintage interview tapes; welcome and interview in-studio guests; ing ...
Free BoomerCast Course
Hello my name’s Julian Mather and welcome to the world of BoomerCasting, a place where over 50s learn how to podcast for pleasure and personal growth. BoomerCasting is the antidote to the over-hyped how-to-podcast industry BoomerCasting translates all of the under 30s mumbo jumbo into a voice over 50s can understand BoomerCasting won’t blow smoke up your patooty so your ego feels bigger BoomerCasting won’t steer you down unnecessary marketing paths that make your wallet slimmer BoomerCasting ...
Deborah Leigh
Fridays 2pm pacific / 5pm eastern The Psychic Love Doctor is in Tune-in to the hit show, Psychic Love Doctor with host Deborah Leigh and intuitive Co-host Daryl. Since 1996, Deborah has taught a family method of perceptive card reading based on an ordinary deck of cards A method passed down to her exclusively from her family, Deborah has not been able to find anything other historical document about the Personal Prophesy card reading method anywhere else besides her grandmothers teachings.Wh ...
Deborah Leigh
Fridays 2pm pacific / 5pm eastern The Psychic Love Doctor is in Tune-in to the hit show, Psychic Love Doctor with host Deborah Leigh and intuitive Co-host Daryl. Since 1996, Deborah has taught a family method of perceptive card reading based on an ordinary deck of cards A method passed down to her exclusively from her family, Deborah has not been able to find anything other historical document about the Personal Prophesy card reading method anywhere else besides her grandmotherrsquos teachin ...
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End of an Era Source: The New York Times Jekesai Njikizana/Agence France-Presse — Getty Images After almost 40 years in power, the reign of Robert Mugabe may be coming to a close as tanks were deployed in the streets of the capital of Zimbabwe. Mr. Mugabe appears to be under house arrest. Much of the public anger centered on his wife, Grace, am ...…
In this minute we talk about rejections and jumbo jets. Special Guest: Mark from DC Cinematic Minute & Tarantino Minute
OPTIMIZE with Brian Johnson | More Wisdom in Less Time - Video
So, we’re ready to go ALL IN and make that 100% commitment with super bright lines. Fantastic. But here’s the deal. First: We need to make sure we make that jumbo-ALL-IN commitment on ONE thing. Not one HUNDRED things. ONE thing. You can pick whatever you want. Research says you’d benefit from making sure that you do something you actually want ...…
Shoot the Breeze with Marcus E. Ako and Laura Sampson
A talk programme dedicated to films and television shows, presented by Marcus Ako and Laura Sampson, with special guest; Senior Agent at Identity Agency Group (IAG), Ikki El-Amriti on Resonance 104.4 FM at 9pm (UK) on Tuesdays (with repeats on Fri at 6am). Podcast episodes available from Thursday morning at 00:30 (U ...…
Steam usage plummets! Human: Fall Flat adds multiplayer, Descent: Underground sells out, and a PS2 game is headed to Linux. Then F1 2017 faces the ChairQAsition! All this, plus your hate mail! Special tanks: Mr_Alert (latest patreon) Phil (increased patreon pledge) Steve-O (USB-C hub from our wishlist) Subscribe: Listen: Download: (adsbygoogle ...…
Radio controlled aircraft modeller Andrew Herzfeld thinks big. He's competed building a 5-5 metre-long Boeing 747 that truly is a jumbo. Andrew spoke to Chris about how he managed to build such a large, flying model aircraft.
Happy Halloween! It’s our jumbo-sized Bird Road Horrorshow, baby! Brought to you by our new sponsor, FX’s American Horror Story. We’re honored. In the news, the DNC calls are coming… FROM INSIDE THE HOUSE! Also, who ever was DNC Zach? Our favorite Halloween horror movies? We played genre roulette: Splatter: Jewish Dave-Evil Dead 2 (36:50); Q-To ...…
OPTIMIZE with Brian Johnson | More Wisdom in Less Time - Video
At this point, most of us know that Roger Bannister was the first person to break the 4-minute mile. Very smart people of his era said that it was impossible. Period. End of story. He, of course, wasn’t so sure. But here’s what’s awesome: Do you know how Roger trained to do the impossible? Hint: He broke down his goal into bite-sized pieces. He ...…
Voices of Wrestling Podcast Network
It's a beautiful affair as Kevin, Drew, and Brennan celebrate the 50th episode of Burning Spirits with a heartfelt wrestling match gift exchange. Each person selected a match for the other two and each match is reviewed on the show! Along the way, the crew share some of their favorite show memories and heartfelt thanks as well. It's a warm and ...…
This show was recorded in the autumn of 2016 less than a year before George A. Romero passed away. A listener named Innes Clatworthy made a generous donation and I asked him if he'd like us to do a show as a thank you. He asked for one of the Romero zombie films. Never one to do things by halves we covered the first and best four. I've already ...…
Lost Levels Club
Mike and Ting talk about Sleeping Dogs, from Intensive Care to the end of the game. Thanks to Johnson (@BlueTieCasual) for sending in feedback! Contains SPOILERS for Sleeping Dogs. The “book club” game is: Injustice 2. Finish the main story by the next episode! Discuss: @lostlevelsclub /r/lostlevelsclub Lost Levels Club on YouTube and Twitch mi ...…
Ten Minute Misconduct
Scott and Will are having the time of their lives, sucks to be Montreal
Hey, Hey, Listen Up!
Research: squeaking in a chair: shaking his head: wearing pants: food we eat: eat dog host: Chompe ...…
This week Marshall and Laine get to record IN THE SAME ROOM! And they are talking about their bet from last week , and an interesting future for Gen Z and how they might be worse off than millennials.
Join the Cause and help the Movement, the PaRDeS Universal ReConstitution for World Repair! Visit my website, podcasts with pdf included, or at iTunes and other places. Please read my book. Title: “PaRDeSism ~ Human Science 101” Subtitle: (PaRDeS primevalism ~ treeseeding our original common-sense on the Bible’s Creation Story ...…
In Week 12 the guys finish the minimalism vs materialism conversation. We find out that Marshall won't turn his shirts into blankets and theres a Fantasy Football bet coming in the future.
Two True Freaks! Mega Feed
Join Hope Mullinax and Chris Honeywell for a JUMBO-SIZED episode of Jaig Eyes & Jedi, a podcast of every episode of Star Wars - The Clone Wars! This week they take a look at episode 13 of season 4 - ESCAPE FROM KADAVO! There will be - DOOKU'S SOLAR SAILER - DOOKU'S TOOTH DISORDER - COLOR HOLO-SKYPE - MYSTERIOUS LIGHTSABRE APPEARANCE - BRUTAL CH ...…
They're here! The guys go into the light on this week's podcast with Tobe Hooper's 1982 spooky haunted house film, Poltergeist. The film's directorial credit has always been shrouded in mystery, and it certainly does have producer Steven Spielberg's fingerprints all over it, but no matter whose name we slap on the poster, it's a fun, scary time ...…
This week Jumbo Johnson, Gnarly Charlie and Josh Mac sit down and talk about the Las Vegas terror attack and US Gun Laws, aswell as breaking down the UFC 216 card and giving their predictions and react to iDubbbz Content Cop on RiceGum!
In Week 11 Marshall and Laine talk about what it's like to have birthdays as an older single guy and it's...depressing. Then they decide to call an audible on their minimalism discussion and talk about the Las Vegas shooting which is the largest mass shooting in modern history and that responding with hashtag activism isn't enough.…
The second episode of Medical Mumbo Jumbo is here and we have a guest!On this episode we tackle The Common Cold and ask how do you actually treat it?
This month, Kaela and David talk about the conspiracy of the missing Mr. Jumbo, Timothy J. Mouse's origins, and pink elephants on parade in this high-flying film that soared into the hearts of millions on Halloween, 1941.
Why 280 Twitter characters won't help keep marketing simple - MAF143 This week it's just me and the mic. And I'm going to talk about keeping things simple. Twitter has just announced a trial to increase the size of a tweet from 140 to 280 characters. The world's already flooded with complexity, bureaucracy, management speak mumbo jumbo and gobb ...…
This week on the tenth episode of Millennial Mumbo Jumbo Marshall and Laine implement some new segments and give some old ones their own official titles to help guide the conversation. The guys discuss annoying people at concerts, their favorite podcasts, why kneeling is or isn't a big deal and why millennials should stop buying so much crap. G ...…
Dan Panosian is just a cool guy. He is an artist who has paid his dues for years, working his way up through Image Comics inking people like Rob Liefeld, doing covers for books like "Daredevil" and X-Men titles, pencilling books like "Spelljammer" at DC. He has worked in almost every aspect of comics and is finally ready to bring it all togethe ...…
Medical Mumbo Jumbo Podcast
The inaugural episode of the Medical Mumbo Jumbo Podcast, guiding you through everything medicine related.On this first episode we discuss the history and formation of the NHS
This week, on episode 9, Marshall reveals a secret about a Fantasy Football bet that changes everything. We talk about controversial music video by rapper XXXtentacion and also if the world is ending this weekend...probably not. Grab your coffee and join the conversation.
Stephen explains Markdown and Ren gets nerdy about iMessage encryption. Then in the Speed Run, Mac storage monitoring, LTE options on the Apple Watch and the #askquery robot. Links and Show Notes Daring Fireball: Markdown Markdown Tutorial iOS 10 Security (PDF) iMessage: The ultimate guide | iMore Messages for iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and Mac ...…
I was not raised in religion. My interest in spirituality is entirely self-motivated. When I was seven years old, I asked to attend a Vacation Bible School, so I could ask questions like "Is Mother Nature God's wife?" MENTIONED IN THE SHOW The Magicians Drawing Down the Moon - Margot Adler The Jungle Book (1967) God’s Eye Trust in Me - Siouxsie ...…
SEPTEMBER 14, 2017 - Finding the balance between new music that is coming ROCKWIRED's way and stuff that is happening in entertainment is a tricky thing, but with this latest issue of ROCK SHOW, I feel like a balance has been achieved. So much has happened in the previous week. I even had the chance to step out and see a movie. No one is more s ...…
Today the three of us talked about a lot of mumbo jumbo on this episode! We talked about the upcoming Canelo vs GGG fight, Ted Cruz's pervy twitter fiasco, the drama at ESPN, the street vendor who was unfairly targeted, the new Porto's in West Co, the upcoming Freddy Mercury biopic, the drama with European metal band Decapitated and went in dee ...…
In Ep 008 Laine and Marshall bring on guests to talk about The Bachelor and how we should interpret it as Christians.
Getting right to the topics at hand we go right into our usual segments. Meet the Hosts. Life in Church House Studios has been pretty routine, except our new addition, a year old kitten, has proven himself to be an alarm cat. Nathan revisits the audio drama projects he’s been doing. Script writing, and posting a few new shows on his other podca ...…
Drum roll please…. Christopher Rhodovi (from The Whiskey Room) and I have finally reached the ‘top’ of the list, ending our BTWOE* series**. Given the trends in whiskey over the past decade it comes as no surprise that the #1 whiskey is a bourbon – specifically Woodford Reserve. At #1, Woodford Reserve came as a bit of a surprise because it’s h ...…
With Josh still gone, Gnarly Charlie & Jumbo Johnson discuss all the goings on through the week including the transfer window, Tighto on X Factor and much more.
Guys, this week is a special treat as our friend Sandra who is a DREAMer,
This week Laine is not a fan of the new Taylor Swift track and the largest natural disaster to hit our state in millennials lifetime has put everyone in a weird place. Grab a cup of coffee, put in your earbuds, and join the conversation!
Episode 28 moved at the fastest pace of the season. Early in the episode we meet Hitmonchan and his trainer Anthony, and how their training habits have affected their family. Brock instantly falls for Anthony's daughter Rebecca, who please with the party to defeat Hitmonchan, in hopes of it bringing her father back home. WOW! Tons of action in ...…
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