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"Permanent. Physical. Suffering." - Prodigy The eighth birthday of the podcast, but a rough month in the world. A last-minute change to the selection for this episode opened up the inclusion of some verses by Prodigy of Mobb Deep, who passed away just a few days ago. On top of the musical tribute, the title and artwork of this episode are inspi ...…
"Lent 05: Jesus Raises Lazarus from the Dead" by Tim Suttle 4/2/2017 2017.04.02 – Lent 05 John 11:1-45 – Jesus Raises Lazarus from the dead Anybody seen the movie Arrival, w/Amy Adams & Hawkeye from Avengers? It’s a great film in its own right, but it’s a fascinating discussion of language. Clip: kangaroo It’s not true, but it proves my point. ...…
by Sean Finnegan I presented this talk at the 18th Theological Conference held near Atlanta, GA. In it I present a case for the radical practice of loving our enemies. Whether you believe Christians can and should use violence to defend themselves or others or if you think more along the lines of Christian pacifism, this talk will familiarize y ...…
Hash House Harriers Podcast - H3 Podcast
Brown Noser is on the road and leaves SqueezeMe stranded and floundering. My suggestion, skip the first 20min till I get my shit together and actually get some people to talk to. Joined by Weird All Spankobitch and Chiquita Bananal. Circle included creative challenges including a song check (highlights listed below.) Subscribe to the podcast wi ...…
Black-Eyed and Blues Music Hour
Black-Eyed & Blues Show 80 Write Up Playlist: Dave Hogan- Next Time Around, Craig Hartley Trio- Dial 411, Mike Crandall Band- Just Livin’ The Blues, Miss Tess & the Talkbacks- Everybody’s Darling, Roberto Morbioli & Morblus- I Play My Blues, The Can Kickers- New London Blues, The Soul of A Man- Got to be Some Changes Made, Lustre Kings- Long Le ...…
Y-Dread's Reggae Podcast
Summer Might Be Over......but you work hard all week or you work hard looking for work, all week!?Forget your troubles, forget your weakness, forget your sorrows and Party!! Y- Dread mixes the latest in Dancehall hits coming from Jamaica. Enjoy! -Warning Explicit Lyrics-*************************Supernova Intro - Matrimony Riddim - DJ Y-Dread We ...…
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