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Tysons, The by SINCLAIR, May
Another frank May Sinclair exploration of fin de siècle English love and sex, marriage and adultery, "The Tysons" is the story of the caddish Nevill Tyson and his beautiful but frivolous young wife Molly. Sinclair uses a different narrative voice than we hear in much of her fiction, a sort of witty Jane Austen archness as she dissects the characters of the provincial village Drayton Parva. As always, she demonstrates an intriguing mixture of Victorian prudishness and modern free-thinking, pa ...
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This week on Unorthodox, we’re still full from all that Shavuot cheesecake. Our Jewish guest is actor Stephen Tobolowsky, who plays Jack Barker on HBO’s Silicon Valley, and whose latest book is My Adventures with God. He tells us about getting recognized in shul (he started going to synagogue twice a day to say kaddish after his mother died), w ...…
YUTORAH: R' Aryeh Lebowitz, Ten Minute Halacha -- Recent Shiurim
Ten Minute Halacha - An Avel Saying Kaddish and Leading the Davening - May 8, 2017 -
Ten Minute Halacha - An Avel Saying Kaddish and Leading the Davening - May 8, 2017 -
In this episode of Kaddish, listeners share their stories of chosen family and grieving the losses of loved ones.Where is there room in the Jewish tradition to honor the role that chosen family, logical family, plays in our lives? How have others mourned the losses of chosen family?Featuring the voices of Rabbi Vivie Mayer, as well as Rebecca, ...…
Chez moi, on est communiste et athée de mère en fils. Arrivée en France dans les années 1920, ma famille juive polonaise s’est vite détournée de l’Ancien Testament pour se consacrer à la lutte finale. 70 ans sans parler de religion, et voilà qu’en 2016, la grande-tante Jeannette, bientôt centenaire, annonce qu’elle veut faire dire la prière des ...…
ABOUT DEBBIE GOODSTEINDebbie Goodstein was the writer and director of Voices from the Attic (1988), which was shortlisted for an Academy Award. Voices from the Attic had a limited theatrical release, was broadcast for three years on Israeli television on Yom Hashoah (Holocaust Remembrance Day) and in the U.S. on the Discovery network. It was wi ...…
Graham Garner of the Friends Southwestern Burial Ground and Namrata Kolla of Coeio join episode 6 of Kaddish to share stories of synchronicity and celebrating identity in burial.Learn more about FSWBG at more about Coeio at
The alleged fight between all time great, Manny Pacquiao, versus British superstar Amir Khan seems to be in jeopardy. Bob Arum told media at a Top Rank press conference today, "Michael is on his way back to meet with Manny but it's kaddish for the UAE deal. It's dead...I'm talking to him about another proposal for another fight, not Khan. Khan ...…
Halakhic Methodology- Rabbi Haim Ovadia
Naomi Leapheart discusses queer reproductive loss in episode 5. Listen to the full episode here: featuring some crucial listener feedback at the top of the show, and this article: you want ...…
Halakhic Methodology- Rabbi Haim Ovadia
Analysis and commentary on the second part of the Kaddish.
Halakhic Methodology- Rabbi Haim Ovadia
Understanding the context, text, and role of the Kaddish
Ariana Katz is the host and creator of Kaddish the podcast. Ariana is a rabbinical student at Reconstructionist Rabbinical College in Philadelphia. She is a member of the Philadelphia Reconstructionist Chevra Kadisha (Jewish burial society), a volunteer chaplain and board member at Planned Parenthood of South East Pennsylvania, and a member of ...…
Bureau 42 Master Audio Podcast Feed
A golem has risen, and it doesn't like Nazis. Who does?
Bureau 42 X-Files Retrospective Podcast
A golem has risen, and it doesn't like Nazis. Who does?
Naomi Leapheart and Christa Craven discuss queer reproductive loss in episode 5. They weave the body and spirit into our imaginings of what reproductive loss is- something that happens to queer bodies, and in queer families.If you want to share your story of reproductive loss with the Kaddish community, you can call 240-KAD-DISH and for a liste ...…
Filed Under X - Aussies Talking X-Files
It’s Valentines Day, so why not spend it with your true love … Filed Under X. This week we talk Zombie Weddings, Mulder’s heritage and hate crimes. It’s a perfect mix of topics on this day for lovers.
Not Another X-Files Podcast Podcast
It's the "toofer" from an X-Phile's dream! This week Vanessa and Carolyn tackle Kaddish and Unrequited in a two-for-one deal that you can't pass up, even if you are a corpse brought back from the dead by your one true love. All your favorite segments plus the girls dive into the burning questions YOU want answered! How many trombones joined the ...…
R. Hecht's Wednesday Night Shiur
In memory of Nachman Yakov ben Tzvi Hirsh & Batsheva Chana bat Yibadlu Avraham Blessings, Thank You for Kaddish, Still do Teshuva even after the Holocaust, A special Brocho, Yosef Special more than anyone.By (Rabbi Yitzchak Hecht).
Jacqui Morton shares her story of reproductive loss, and the founding of Holding Our Space ( along with the transcript: you have a story of reproductive loss that you wish to share with the Kaddish community, call (240)KAD-DISH for a listener episode.Donate to support the Kaddish fundra ...…
In this episode of Kaddish, guests Dr. Joy Ladin and Noach Dzmura discuss transgender taharah, the ritual washing of the dead before burial. "It takes some strength of soul and not just individual strength but collective understanding to avoid the void. And to stand up demanding to be seen and heard." Adrienne RichNovember 15 is Trans Day of Re ...…
PocketDocs - Full program podcast
Kaddish. Sunday divinations. Late Night with Fog and Horses.
What is it about the taharah ritual that can transition a person from this world to the next? And why does it necessitate gallons of water? Rabbi Linda Holtzman, founder of the Reconstructionist Chevra Kadisha of Philadelphia joins Kaddish to talk about the origins of the local progressive community that washes and prepares the dead for burial. ...…
Bonus episode this month.A conversation with Deidre Scherer, textile artist that often focuses on the faces of the elderly, they dying, and the deceased. Content warning: storytelling includes audio of air raid sirens.Follow Deidre's work: Podcast: kaddishpodcast.comThanks to Moment Magazine for covering Kaddish this ...…
Hailed by the Philadelphia Inquirer for “projecting polished charisma and a singing sound,” cellist John-Henry Crawford has a passion for sharing powerful music with audiences near and far. His collaborator today is the wonderful pianist Victor Santiago Asuncion. Music Chopin – Introduction and Polonaise brillante Op.3 David Sanford – Seventh A ...…
What role do art and artists play in contemporary Judaism? Amichai Lau-Lavie, founder, Executive Director, and Spiritual Director of Lab/Shul [1], joins Dan and Lex to kick off a unit of episodes exploring that question in detail. He speaks about his own experiences leading an artist-driven community, and he takes on a variety of related questi ...…
This episode features the health, teaching, and sickness of Megan Andelloux, sex educator and hospice volunteer. This episode explores dementia, hospice, and advance directives. More at kaddishpodcast.comSupported by advertising from Years of Radical Dreaming, a 5777 Jewish calendar. Order yours at:…
Jewish Public Media (All Feeds)
This week on the podcast we're talking about the new podcast Kaddish: The Podcast, and for that segment we'll be joined by creator and producer Ariana Katz, and for our second segment we'll be talking about the new movie Indignation. The post Kaddish: The Podcast, and Indignation appeared first on Jewish Public Media.…
JPMedia: Talking in Shul
This week on the podcast we're talking about the new podcast Kaddish: The Podcast, and for that segment we'll be joined by creator and producer Ariana Katz, and for our second segment we'll be talking about the new movie Indignation. The post Kaddish: The Podcast, and Indignation appeared first on Jewish Public Media.…
Yiddish Tales (יידיש מעשה) by VARIOUS
For this week's short we spoke with Ariana Katz, creator of the Kaddish podcast - a new show about death, mourning, and the people who do it.(You can listen to Kaddish here: )
Introducing Kaddish, a podcast about death, dying, and who we are while we do it.Featuring:+The liturgy of Black Lives Matter+Elliott batTzedek, poet and liturgist+The tale of Rabbi Akiva, a cemetery, and the origins of the mourner's prayerEpisode 1 is out in August! @kaddishpodcast…
Frank London talks to JR about composing for The Merchant in Venice at Venice Ghetto 500 In the next of our chats with members of the cast and creative team of the very first production of The Merchant of Venice to be staged in the Venice Ghetto itself, Judi Herman talks to Frank London, composer and musician. The Grammy-winning trumpeter and c ...…
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