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Japanese idol appreciation
The Kaidan Network
A collection of podcasts & interviews created by the eager and talented members of the Tokutuber community, in order to bring more discussions, & debates in and outside the realm of Tokusatsu.
I am your Life Transformation Coach and my role is to help you achieve as much success, happiness, and fulfillment that you can achieve in all areas of your life. I get to observe and partake on your beautiful journey and I love the outcomes that each of you produces. As your A.I.D. to living a successful life, I will help you to identify what's holding you back and help you make the changes necessary for your transformation. Change can occur in multiple areas of your life such as career, re ...
My Old Man Said - an Aston Villa podcast from the award-winning Aston Villa Blog & supporter group - featuring the Villa Underground. UTV #avfc
The Aidan Project
Aidan Coughlan's inquisitive podcast examines current events, history and culture. What is happening in the world and how do we make sense of it? Aidan, assisted by expert guests from around the globe, is on a quest to find out. Why not join him?
Most of the following Kwaidan, or Weird Tales, have been taken from old Japanese books,— such as the Yaso-Kidan, Bukkyo-Hyakkwa-Zensho, Kokon-Chomonshu, Tama-Sudare, and Hyaku-Monogatari. Some of the stories may have had a Chinese origin: the very remarkable "Dream of Akinosuke," for example, is certainly from a Chinese source. But the story-teller, in every case, has so recolored and reshaped his borrowing as to naturalize it… One queer tale, "Yuki-Onna," was told me by a farmer of Chofu, N ...
The latest from actor Raphael Sbarge ("Once Upon a Time," "Mass Effect").
Bed time Stories for Aidan Christopher is a collection of: Favorite stories submitted and read by the Volunteers at This project has been undertaken to celebrate the October 2007 arrival into the world of: Aidan Christopher ! (Description written by: Robert Scott (his uncle))
Bed Time Stories is a collection of 14 short stories especially for young children.
Aidan Chu
Welcome to my collection of tidbits
Hosted by Tom Read and Benyam Kidane, 'Believe The Hype - NBA Podcast' dives into all the major talking points in the NBA, both on and off the court. It takes a comical, laid back, yet insightful approach to covering the league and often features high profile guests including current NBA players and personalities.
Spiritual Calisthenics For People Who Are Willing To Think! Not your typical religious podcast, but with something for everyone whose mind is open enough to function.
I am your Life Transformation Coach and my role is to help you achieve as much success, happiness, and fulfillment that you can achieve in all areas of your life. I get to observe and partake on your beautiful journey and I love the outcomes that each of you produces. As your A.I.D. to living a successful life, I will help you to identify what's holding you back and help you make the changes necessary for your transformation. Change can occur in multiple areas of your life such as career, re ...
Aidan Hates Drama
Aidan only likes comedy. His older cousin Phil, forces him to watch dramatic movies to expand his horizons. Aidan hates it.
Aidan Rico
Welcome to the Aidan podcast, where amazing things happen.
Kadian first fell in love with Apple as a nine-year-old when he acquired his first iPod touch. He loved the aesthetics of this Apple product, its intuitive interface which allowed him to access a whole world of knowledge. He purchased his first MacBook Pro by shoveling snow and by selling his old train set, keyboard and other beloved items on Amazon. Kadian was renowned for his evangelical pursuit to convert everyone, even strangers, to Apple products. By fourteen, he had built an impressive ...
South Wagga Wagga Church
Aidan & Johnny Banter
Two friends and some friendly banter. Most of it self centred trash.
Podcast Series on how to grow online business
As part of the UCLA Extension course Using the Internet for Career/College Counseling Lieve and I took part in this interview to get a snapshot of working as a college counselor in an international school environment.
Hey! Here i will be the weird guy i am. I will talk about serious things i have strong opinions on, but be fun.Feel free to talk and be you!
Podcast by Matt Adams
Join Aidan and Joe in their valiant quest to explore their House of Corners! The House is filled with vertices, each with it's own theme that the two boys are determined to discover and discuss at whimsical length!
Join Oscar-nominated actor Kevin Kline and Oscar-nominated filmmaker Lawrence Kasdan (“The Big Chill”) as they discuss their new film “Darling Companion”. The film follows the story of a woman (Diane Keaton) who finds the love, devotion, commitment, and courage she needs - all wrapped up in a bloodied stray dog who becomes her "darling companion." When the beloved canine goes missing, a shaggy-dog search adventure plays out, drawing together friends and family and rekindling a lifelong love.
Listen to the weekly sermons and other recorded lectures of Fr. Gregory and stay connected to the Orthodox Church in the United Kingdom.
These guys will solve your problems, ease your worries and put a smile on your face! "This is a bold statement I don't think we can live up to this" - Nathan.
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This week, Nuny and The Boys discuss the officially licensed parody "Ghost Stories" or "Gakkou no Kaidan" and go off on enough tangents to fill a podcast, Enjoy!Affiliate Link: info:Purchase Ghost Stories: ...…
Infinity N-wordsThe Kaidan Trio grab Marcosatsu, as they discuss, debate, & detail the highly anticipated, Avengers: Infinity War !!
Join Este and Josh for another episode of The Toku Teens Podcast! On this episode, we talk about the latest news on the new Ultraman series, Amazon Riders on Amazon Video, the types of Rangers Keys, answer your questions, and talk about Avengers: Infinity War, beware of spoilers! We hope you enjoy!​
"A Quiet Place Where Heroes Dick Punch"Lambo is joined once again with Sampson Simpson (Skips) as they dicuss A Quiet Place spoilers & Explicit Superhero attacks
(This story is serial in nature. You should start at the first episode.) Join our relationship experts KAIDAN Professor Shaum Defroyen and Co-Host Radd Flink for the hourly call-in show “Radiationships,” as we examine personal challenges, resolve interpersonal conflicts, and encompass metaphysical difficulties. Callers include a very dirty, thi ...…
Karn sits down with Noxadel aka The Orange Starforce ranger as they discuss their time working on Power Rangers Star Force and all other things Tokusatsu !!
"Chuck Berry's Links in the Description Below" A lively Lambo is joined by Protodubs & Karn, as they discuss fly haircuts, relationships, & even racism !!.
Karn is joined by Josh aka Toku Topics and 1/3 of the Toku Teens, as they discuss the love of ranger keys and more !!
Karn & Lambo are back to discuss last weeks Hasbro reveal, the questionable Lupinranger vs Patoranger hype, and the fact that Blood Stark could be saving the would of Build ?
Karn brings in some exciting new ideas to the podcast's format this episode, but that doesn't stop himself & Lambo from discussing & laughing about the Super Hero Time recaps and the premiere of the new Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel !!
Karn & Lambo rerecord and reengage in the talk of Kyuranger & Build, as both series reach high bold arcs !!
Karn & Lambo, even with technical difficulties, team up as they talk Kamen Rider Grease's appearance & other toku talk !!
In finally his First podcast, Lambo Calrissian & guest, Protodubs sit down to talk the date Monster Hunter Beta, as well as other goodies in this week's ramble.
Karn recruits the always entertaining Lambo Calrissian as they discuss the last 2 weeks of superhero time, patoranger/lupinranger news and suits, Karn's stolen video scandal & more !!
The Bros are back as they do the the weekly Super Hero Time recaps, talk about a director's love for legs and explosions, & some of the used themes & inspirations in Toku !!
This week Lambo Calrissian pops back in, to dicuss the Build Bloodstark reveal, New Super Sentai series leaks, and a confused Karn attempts to understand the Precure anime series !!
On this episode are tracks by Alea Jacta Est (Today You Die, off of, Gloria Victis), Firmam3nt (East, off of, Firmament), Generic (Welcome to My Bedroom, off of, Victim of Society), The Midnight Society (Clarity, off of, Dead of Night), and Yotsuya Kaidan (1995, off of, Too Sad to Tell You). SOCIAL MEDIA Website: Twit ...…
Karn is joined by Lambo Calrissian this week, as the two recap kyuuranger, discuss Build theories, talk their Kaijin from Kamen Rider, & more !!
The Bugster Bros including Lambo Calrissian & Karn of Helemts & Henshin, improperly dicuss what about toku they are thankful for.
Karn and guest, SentaiFive, creator of the youtube series, Power Rangers Hexagon, dicuss the finale of ninjasteel, more PMC info, & toys in their collection !!
Karn & guest, Gokai Doctor, jump into the topics of favorite sentai members, villians, & is ex aid really good compared to the other rider shows?
The Bros infect Karn ,of The Helmets & Henshin Network, as they recap the latest ep of Geed & dicuss the Gaim franchise
On this very exciting episode, not only is its Karn's birthday, BUT ITS KARN'S BIRTHDAY !!Both Karn & his guest, Darrel J Delfin, talk their love for the tokusatsu & power rangers community as well as the hype for Power Morphicon. There are some technical difficulties close to the end, so we apologize in advance.…
The Bros switch things up in this podcast, as they only review Geed's epic 2 part episodes, then tackle the topic of Villians.
With special guest Este, live from Puerto Rico, Karn discuss the previous episodes of Superhero time, as well as an important message and analysis of the Power Ranger franchise . ***Please Note, because Este does live in Puerto Rico, he was been affected by both Hurricanes Irma & Maria. Power is not readily accessible to him at the time of this ...…
Going over the week of Super Hero Time & Power Rangers, they talk and discuss their likes & dislikes in all thing Toku and more !!
The Bros go through the fhilarious & mysterious Superhero time as well as the emotional Geed. Then with their guest, the legendary Marcosatsu, they discuss the hilarious and fantastic world known as Toku abridging.
Karn, with his guest Protodubs, discuss Kyuurangers, Build, & the state of power rangers. They also sing their passion for Digimon.
The bros dive into the the week's super hero time & geed. Then diccuss their favorite power up in the sentai franchise !!
SAI DAI KYU NO POWERFUL GEKI, KUROTO JAN, KUROTO JAN!The bros talk on the recent episodes of Build, Kyuuranger, & Geed. Then the two talk on they hype from the trailer of Heisei Generations FINAL
Welcome to the special guest PDT as they talk all things Ninja Steel, Kyuuranger, Build AND Gokaiger!
Karn & company discuss the recent tokusatsu series. As they go on, please remember, all of their time spent is spent being toku trash.
Karn isjoined by the delightful Marcosatsu, as they meander through Power Rangers, Sentai and eventually Kamen Rider before geeking out about Gaim.
Build is welcomed with open arms, love for the Dark Naga Saga and... Levi Weston gets some character development. "I know I said "Transteam Dagger" but I meant to say "Beat Clawzer/Closer" shut up !" - Karn
This week Karn is joined by his good friend and all around legend, SpecialForm12 as they dissect the ifs, hows and whens of the current toku series!
Setlist: "Yesterday Was Hard On All Of Us" - Fink "Anna Begins" - Counting Crows "Love Has Gone Home" - Fury In The Slaughterhouse "Cast No Shadow" - Oasis "Konstantine" - Something Corporate "Tuesday's Gone" - Metallica "Cut" - The Cure "Shizukana Hibino Kaidan Wo" - Dragon Ash "Fine Time" - Cast "Our Demons (ft. Aja Volkman)" - The Glitch Mob…
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