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Dot and the Kangaroo (version 2) by PEDLEY, Ethel C.
A 5-year-old girl named Dot is lost in the outback after chasing a hare into the wood and losing sight of her home. She is approached by a red kangaroo who gives her some berries to eat. Upon eating the berries, Dot is able to understand the language of all animals, and she tells the kangaroo her plight. The kangaroo, who has lost her own joey, decides to help little Dot despite her own fear of humans. The book is filled with criticism on negative human interference in the wild in 1884. (Sum ...
Kangaroo Court College Hoops Podcast
Podcast by Sporting News
Dot and the Kangaroo by PEDLEY, Ethel C.
Dot and the Kangaroo, written in 1899, is a children's book by Ethel C. Pedley about a little girl named Dot who gets lost in the Australian outback and is eventually befriended by a kangaroo and several other marsupials. (Summary from Wikipedia)
Clay Mation
Toggle's podcast
Stacks On The Mill
Stacks On The Mill is a Wellington-based weekly radio show following the trials and tribulations of the great game that is Rugby League.“Stacks On The Mill” was a term heavily used by ex-Rugby League commentator Jason Costigan. The man himself may have been rightfully forced from his post, but his legacy lives on…Tune in for your fix of insightful yarns, challenging statistics and bizarre facts about all things (but not strictly) Rugby League.
the first animated podcast ( i think )
In Tune
We've switched stations folks! Hop on over to "How To Ride Your Kangaroo To School"
Riders of the Purple Sage by Zane Grey
Dubbed the “most popular Western of all times” Zane Grey's Riders of the Purple Sage was the benchmark by which every other novel in the “Western” genre came to be judged. It portrays the archetypal lone gun slinger, out to wreak revenge for past wrongs who falls foul of the rich and powerful and finally rides away into the sunset, having rid the town of poisonous villains! Riders of the Purple Sage is set in 1871, in a remote part of Utah. It opens with the young and lovely Jane Withersteen ...
LongBall Presents...
LongBall Presents is a show about... stuff. Each week Mitch and Rose and some friends tackle a different topic ranging from the history of the toothbrush to phantom kangaroos. You won't know until you tune in. Or look at the episode title.
Nonsense Verses by Edward Lear by LEAR, Edward
This is a collection of some of the delightful nonsense verses and stories by Edward Lear. A lot of them are also my favorites. The Jumblies, The Owl and the Pussy-cat; the Broom, the Shovel, The Poker and the Tongs; The Duck and the Kangaroo; The Cummerbund; The Dong with the Luminous Nose; The New Vestments; Calico Pie; The courtship of the Yonghy-Bonghy-Bo and Incidents in the Life of My Uncle Arly. Also included at no extra cost are two sections with my favorite Lear limericks. Only abou ...
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Monsters in the Morning
10.19.2017 Orlando Magic kick off their season. Jimmy cooks at Second Harvest. Boxing kangaroos. RRR-Number 1 songs with Rock in it. Cancer awareness month. Where You At Cape Coral Florida? SoCal Val back in studio. Best Bands by State. News with Debra Roberts. Meat of The Week with Pettys. To The Top with Carlos. Monster Sports. Websites.…
Chirp Chatter: A Ball State Sports Podcast
Anya Eicher is a junior captain of the Ball State field hockey team. She also happens to be from Australia. So that said, we sat down to talk about what it's like being so far from home, what her country is like and her perspectives on America.
Tokyo Disneyland Resort is an experience beyond any other. It has so many aspects to enjoy that this episode will be just food. Because how else do you fuel a 30,000 step per day visit!? Brought to you by the reason Australians don't travel by kangaroo (thanks Lewis...)
This week, the Boys discuss s slight change to the shirt situation. Thank you very much for bearing with us and understanding. They discuss the sleeping patterns of androids, if kangaroos are dogs or cats, bio implants being out in criminals, their most gluttonous meals, a Baby’s recent marriage and some relationship advice, a listener’s sister ...…
On this somber edition, Nancy Finley, Jerry Feitelberg and Ralph Tyko discuss the fires that are raging in the northern part of California, and the horrific effect it is having on our community. Later in the conversation, Jerry, a Pharmacist, fields Tyko's incredibly, poorly constructed question about PEDs, with his usual style and grace. Ralph ...…
How 'Straya' Are The People Of The MNC? Pretty Darn Strayla.. From Wrangling Sharks To Warding Off Kangaroos With Thongs.
Cross Play with Collin & Curtis
This week we discuss what makes something scary, Collin's got a field report from the Battlefront 2 beta, and Curtis comes in under par. Show Notes: 00:01:35 Breaking the Ice 00:13:46 Never Stop Sneakin' 00:19:48 Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition 00:40:38 Andrew House stepping down, John Kodera new CEO 00:47:35 Nintendo World Championships 00:56 ...…
This week on Episode 25 of Shouts From The Sideline, Q and James discuss the NRL & AFL Grand Finals and give their thoughts on the big moments, the differing post-game speeches from Tex Walker and Gavin Cooper, the questionable Dally M Team of the Year awards, the Kangaroos team selection for the World Cup, James picks his side to face England ...…
Don, Jon, & Dragons
(Rule of adventuring 9B: There's ALWAYS a big cat.) This week, the boys talk about animals including combat encounters from the lowly housecat up to the mighty mammoth. What's the scariest monster out there? (Hint: it's a kangaroo.) Plus, they talk about all the ways animals can work FOR a party, from paladin mounts to animal companions and eve ...…
WERD The First Black Owned radio station and Captain Kangaroo both bebuted to-day! #WERD #WERD640AMAtlanta #FirstBlackOwnedRadioStation #CaptainKangaroo #BobKeeshan
We take a look at the awesome comic book film The Dark Knight Theories and the Dark Knight theory: ‘What is Alfred’s Sinister Plot?’. That Dark Knight theory is one of many that Joe and Anthony propose in this episode of Abstract Nonsense the Fan Theories Podcast. What is this show? - As Explained By Joe The Dark Knight Rises What is the Dark K ...…
Wilton Foster is an Indigenous Elder from Wanarn remote Aboriginal community on the Ngaanyatjarra lands of Western Australia. In this episode, he speaks of Kangaroo.
Emily and Abby come together this week to talk all about the Austin & Ally Episode 102 Kangaroos & Chaos. Interact with Us Twitter: @abilyalways Email: Website:
adidas,kangaroos,county champs and Big Pun by Blair Thompson
On this week's episode of the Formula, Jo Miller from Be Leaderly and Trevor Carlson sit down to discuss Jo's fifteen years to becoming an overnight success.Jo is a leading authority on women's leadership, who is a sought-after, dynamic, and engaging speaker, delivering more than 70 speaking presentations annually to audiences of up to 1,200 wo ...…
The TumblingSaber Podcast - A Star Wars Podcast
Hey everyone! It's another Totally New TumblingSaber Tuesday and we've got another big show for you! In this week's news we discuss: Luke’s final outfit in TLJ Morrisson wants to play Rex again Warwick Davis’ role in Han Solo movie? Kessel Run in Han Solo movie? Vader to cameo in Han Solo? And then in our extra-lengthy Binary Sunset, powered by ...…
A podcast about weird and funny music. Sometimes crazy, sometimes awful, sometimes hilarious, but always strange.The Legendary Johnny Trash brings you a selection of Rock'n'Roll songs that are a bit different. Or a lot… Like these:The Holly Twins - OkeefenokeeB. Bumble & The Stingers - Nut RockerHarry Breuer & His Quintet - Bumble Bee BoleroDea ...…
VOX #11, October 1984 Playlist: Husker Du - Pink Turns To Blue This Mortal Coil - Kangaroo The Smiths - William, It Was Really Nothing The Lucy Show - History Part 1 Rip Chords - Language In Disorder K.D. Lang And The Reclines - Hanky Panky Tears for Fears - Mothers Talk David Bowie - Blue Jean U2 - Promenade Romeo Void - A Girl In Trouble (Is ...…
Anomaly Detected! The Imaginauts invite you to explore this strange phenomenon with them as they discover the 'Mystery' to be found in our own reality. But what's on the other side? And where's Fred, the Science Officer gone to now?What became of D. B. Cooper? Could he really be Tommy Wiseau? What do you call an elephant/snake hybrid? Is the pl ...…
The Morning Blaze Topics: Hour 1 Ban cotton! It is a racist crop…Mexico was hit by a huge earthquake where nearly 200 people have been killed... Stand United’s Angela Morabito joins the show today… Hour 2 Headlines with Keith... A female jogger has been named the mad pooper… There was a Kangaroo on the loose in Wisconsin... Every generation goe ...…
Robin Banks & The Worst of the Hi FM Morning Show
Engineer Jish gets called in India!!!.. the famous kitchen story... hopefully it's his toe... George's Netflix trouble... the woman whose dream it is to meet RB and GR... bad mood every morning... update on pooh date story... Apple news... Australian wedding, kangaroos... Crayola's new blue colour named... trying to get Hala FM's attention... g ...…
All That Glittered
In this, the 25th episode, Dan and Carolyn read the novelization of the 1997 kung-fu kangaroo movie Warriors of Virtue. Dan loved this book for reasons that are now unclear. He has not seen the movie. Neither are quite sure what to make of this book, and neither can quite imagine what the movie must be like. Insane, surely. In this episode, Car ...…
The Morning Blaze Topics: Hour 1 Ban cotton! It is a racist crop…Mexico was hit by a huge earthquake where nearly 200 people have been killed... Stand United’s Angela Morabito joins the show today… Hour 2 Headlines with Keith... A female jogger has been named the mad pooper… There was a Kangaroo on the loose in Wisconsin... Every generation goe ...…
RGN deputy editor John Walton is in conversation with Jamie Freed, a Reuters senior correspondent covering aviation and business in Sydney. This episode, John and Jamie delve deep into the context and background of Australia’s airline duopoly and the growing strength of Qantas’ position. How is Qantas thriving given Australia’s end-of-the-world ...…
- Postal Pleb - Vodka Pirate - Kim Jong Un: Soccer Hooligan - Kangaroo Invasion - Karma - Pool Shark
1.0 - The Variability of Badgers Thanks for listening! Now go take a nap. All stories in the order they appear, Plormbo Buzzfeed Would You Rather Chinese Face Masks FaceID and Mass Spying Kangaroo Farm Fatberg Gambling Issues Monkey's Like Selfies One Bad Old Man Hilary Clinton's Hair Music: Support Completely Unrel ...…
Talkin' Wild with Dan
Lil Frisbee returns to talk more about his life, as Izzy gets a deep dive into his stomach to get a look at his gallbladder.Izzy: Sam BowersLil Frisbee: Matthew BeardDan: Dan Schiffmacher
Alex and Jacob discuss Man City vs Liverpool, why Bournemouth are struggling, UCL results and the rest of the action from matchday 4 of the Premier League season.
Join Eric and the Doctrinaires as they chat about self-righteous celebrities, Sergio Dipp, eating kangaroo, and much more!
Join Eric and the Doctrinaires as they chat about self-righteous celebrities, Sergio Dipp, eating kangaroo, and much more!
Dave & Mahoney
WWE Diva Charlotte Flair stops by the studio and talks about her busy schedule, the Mae Young Classic Finals, plus her book she co-authored with her dad, Ric Flair; Australians are being told to eat more kangaroo as population hits double that of humans; plus Dave and Mahoney Morning Show: Best Of clips.…
The Josh Innes Show
Josh plays his old play by play demo tape; talks about the Dodger's losing streak and the Indians' winning streak; covers the Texans' QB controversy and Obrien's chances of getting fired. Where is Duane Brown? Steve Sparks Joins the show to talk Astros. Warren Moon joins to give his take on the current state of the Texans and their Offensive Li ...…
Pyongyang responds with further threats against the US. Also: Turkey in Russian missile defence deal, Australians urged to eat kangaroo meat and driving the electric car revolution
From the car being hit BY a Kangaroo to sleeping in a nasty freight crate!! / / Mike, Em & Sammy on GC Tuesday / /
Hope Church, PCA
A new MP3 sermon from Hope Church, PCA is now available on with the following details: Title: Kangaroo Court Speaker: Stephen Wilson Broadcaster: Hope Church, PCA Event: Sunday Service Date: 4/9/2017 Bible: Mark 14:53-65 Length: 31 min. (32kbps)
Justin and Greg do Anchor
Hallmark is making 33 TERRIBLE Christmas movies?!? 🎄 • Everyone from Boston are cheaters. • The SMARTEST, most MANIACAL dog on the planet. 🐶 🌎 • Kangaroo pouch plastic surgery.
The Seattle Files
After his marriage fell apart in Ohio Dr. David Swinson Maynard headed west on the Oregon Trail to get a fresh start in California. On the way he found love, changed course, and helped found the city of Seattle. Today’s Guests: Anthony is a Seattle writer/performer of comedy. You can see him in Sober Virgin, Kangaroo Court, and Hell Yeah (forme ...…
This week's episode of the educated apes is a full compliment of host who don caps. We butcher the theory of gravity and all other scientific boundaries. Turns out A-a-aron is not the scientist he believes himself to be. We finally answer the question that has been on all of our minds for a number of years... Where is Uri Geller now? Batch expr ...…
Truth Revolution Radio Show
Can God tell a lie? Can a meat-eating dinosaur prove the Bible is wrong? Can kangaroos actually swim (or water ski)? These questions and more, this week on Truth Revolution. Join us as Pastors Jeff and Dave tackle the second part of Questions Christians Can't Answer, an article on…
dr. rulon clark is a behavioral ecologist, evolutionary biologist, and a professor at san diego state university. he is currently utilizing special high-speed cameras to study predator/prey interactions between rattlesnakes and kangaroo rats. in this conversation, dr. clark helps me understand how environmental and ecological factors affect evo ...…
After doing some adulting, your favorite internet duo is back! We’ve been on quite the hiatus but we’re here and balls deep in the news [...]
This time on Elevator Storm, we're talkin' Tank Girl. Will and Sam examine the especially odd 90s adaptation of the punk comic, before taking matters into their own hands. This episode: we think about Doctor Frankenstein, the merits of origin stories, and the physical insanity that is the kangaroo. Music: Keep Grooving by Disasterpeace Donate t ...…
Claire & Dane - hit99.7 Riverina MIA
Today..... Dane saw something he has never seen on his way to work this was a small dark hopping animal. Was it a small kangaroo perhaps a Wallaby but he wanted to know if you've seen it too. Dane got engaged to his girlfriend last week in Hawaii. Big Boss Yammo said that he needs to have a date and plan already set out. This morn ...…
The Challenge: Identify a country town that could field a an all-time XIII man team that could compete with Queanbeyan's all-time Kangaroo and Wallaby filled juggernaut. Rules: The town/city must have 40,000 people or less and Kyrie Irving is not to be named. Competitors: Tim and JackVerdict: Queanbeyan. Always. Wins.…
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