Best karaoke podcasts we could find (Updated May 2018)
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Karaoke Theory
Karaoke Theory is a project by Anna Kealey & Justin Falcone, where we explore the hows and whys of karaoke culture.
Karaoke Idol is a online contest. Come and join us here on the BTR with your Host Tiffany and the Judges Panel... Each Monday night @ 8pm cst ~ 9pm est.
Karaoke Nation
Award winning singer, composer, arranger and music producer... George Dare, shares insights into the world of singing. Everything from singing in concert to karaoke in a lounge, to the elite business of recording in the studio.
Karaok Big E
It’s time to step up to the mic and give it all you got on Karaok-Big-E. The truly original karaoke podcast where Big E and Kevin sing the songs that have meaning to their guest and find out why those songs are so important to them. Contact the show with your song suggestions, sing along at home, and get ready for a lot of laughs and a lot of fun. And remember, you can’t be a star if you don’t shine!
Paul Gray Karaoke
Artist collaborative M.River & T.Whid face off in the first performance art smack down of the new millennium… Karaoke Deathmatch 100! This alcohol-fueled blood feud features 50 rounds of sing-along fury (taped live over an 8-hour period with hardly any pee breaks). No Carpenters hit too cheesy, no heavy metal lyric too trite for these teleprompter warriors to hurl in a battle to the end. Who will emerge victorious? Only YOU can decide.
Podcast by Ultimate Rec
Bands do "cover" songs. Some bands do nothing but "cover" songs. Why are there no "cover" comedians? there is.Comedy Karaoke is hosted by Akron Ohio stand up comedian Ricky Melton who each week has a special guest on to do their "cover" version of a classic stand up comedy bit.
At this minute somewhere in the world, someone is standing in front of a bar or at a party and doing karaoke. This podcast talks about the why and how and which songs we hate to hear. If you love karaoke like we do, you might enjoy giving this a listen. Thanks. provides backing music and sing along tracks for use in worship, prayer, and meditation for a wide variety of faiths. The Spiritrax library includes spiritual songs, hymns, contemporary worship music, holiday-specific music, and more. All tracks are original arrangements and recordings of your favorite religious music. Customization available on most tracks to suit your specific needs.
Da Puter Shacks NEW "SMOKING" Karaoke Radio Show., also Host of the Scaredheart Gospel Hour..Monday nights one hour show casing the best karaoke singers to be found on the inter-net today...our future stars in Da Making...join in Da FUN...get ready to dance...Rock, Roll,Country,Blues, Pop, Swing, all music...right in one hour, with your Host (ME) DJ " Da Mouth Of The South" Butch Melton...BE THERE OR BE SQUARE..!!! Sacredheart Gospel Show is on every Thursday Night at 8pm usa long ...
Bathroom Singer
I love hindi songs. These are some songs I have attempting to sing. I hope you like them. Send any comments and feedback at
Stack of Dimes
Stack of Dimes headbutts the internet with shows about movies, junk food, the 80's and 90's, childhood memories, and JCVD. We are the official podcast for all of your guilty pleasures.
Goodnight songs from great composers of previous centuries
Turbo Blender
Turbo Blender is a show about things of interest. I cover news, books, TV, video games. Listener feedback is discussed and future shows will contain live interviews and travel logs
It's a karaoke night! It's a talk show! It's a podcast! It's all of these things and more. Join Brendan Flaherty as he attempts to find the universal muse and showcase the karaoke superstars you never knew existed, Thursday nights at Amigos
What's The Buzz
2 Karaoke DJ's in Rhode Island talk about life
Karaoke Star is one of the coolest shows in Canada
Meet Proud Mary and her eclectic and provacative cast of guests, sock monkeys, and Domo. Her weekly rants and raves cover everything from bad Craigslist dating entries to important karaoke tips for virgins and lounge lizards all captured on video on her bed. So relax, keep all your hands and feet in this vehicle of life at all times and buckle up, you are sure to enjoy the ride!!
The Official Blog of the SnugRadio Podcast & LIVE chat show.
Momspective Radio
Listen and laugh. I double dog dare you.
The latest backing tracks from SBI for singers, vocalists, karaoke, parties and more - available to order online now at
Extremely Shy group (ESV) in Vancouver, BC, Canada. Hosted by Assistant Organizer Kevin. This podcast is about anything fun and interesting about people in our group or in Vancouver. Join us for some fun times and get to know us as a group and our members!
Bullet Train
Bullet Train is a podcast produced by Asia Pacific Arts, an online magazine based in Los Angeles that has been covering pan-Asian arts and entertainment since 2003. Launched in February 2015, Bullet Train features pop culture stories connecting Asia with the rest of the world. We'll travel from Chinese dramas, K-pop and Bollywood to YouTube, karaoke and comic books and take you where you didn't even know you wanted to go.
Under The Bus With Fagsy is a wild potty mouth filled romp through pop culture, celebrity interviews, farts, karaoke shockers & mind-boggling homosexuality. Produced, written and performed by Fagsy Malone. Recorded, edited, and mixed by Fagsy Malone. "Larry" performed by Fagsy Malone.
That's So Us
Just a preschool dropout and a karaoke girl
A Day in the Life
"A Day in the Life" is a daily history segment about music and the ideas it inspires. This segment is part of Critical karaoke, a KRCC affiliated radio show run by Prof Ryan Bañagale and Prof Steven Hayward, featuring a wide range of guest contributors.
ActorVoice Over TalentVOVoiceoverAudiobook NarratorCommunity TheaterFilm/TVKaraoke
Weed Pizza
Weed Pizza is a weekly podcast produced and hosted by Don Takano. It covers weekly topics regarding music, films, and media, with very heartfelt testimonials regarding actual pizza places. Plus, karaoke!
We will dissect everything from how to negotiate painful awkward moments, to the perfect karaoke song for every occasion.
Dog. a podcast
Hello! Welcome to an 8-part podcast about a thirty-something dog walker who's in the middle of a quarter-ish-life crisis. She's has recently been fired from her job, struggling to pay the rent, looking for happiness, and trying her best to find a life that doesn't suck. As Colleen tries to make sense of the ups and downs of her life she begins walking dogs. Stumbling along the way and between karaoke bar singing she meets all sorts of interesting people, places, and stories connected to and ...
Start your day with Jesse Lozano in the Morning on Star 94.1 FM. Lots of fun, San Diego's BEST Variety of music, Delana's Dish, and unique features like: Second Date Update, The Lonely Parents Club, Clash of the Chromosomes, and Car Seat Karaoke.
Dr. Jolley has achieved remarkable heights in the speaking industry, having come from humble beginnings of being a fired singer, who was replaced by a karaoke machine! He has gone on to be named "One of the 5 Outstanding Speakers in the World" by the 175,000 members of Toastmasters International. He has also been inducted into the prestigious Speaker Hall of Fame as well as achieving the distinction of Certified Speaker Professional by the National Speakers Association.
Welcome to the KloweryHour⏳ podcast where words become reality. Hopefully this will be a great platform for discussions on Dragon Ball super The Walking Dead Fear The Walking Dead and also entertainment but self entertainment freestyle karaokes
Pure Imagination
Darkly comic short stories and improvised skits concerning such topics as Neil Armstrong's Giant Leap for Mankind Pancake House, Tragedy Karaoke Night, and the lunar robot band Infinitron Superdroid, all set to hypnotic music.
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This week's episode of the Rundown will open your eyes to the finacial dangers you could be exposed when buying or selling: $1 Billion in real estate wire fraud last year (FBI – Federal Bureau of Investigation, Colorado Bureau of Investigation), how a wire works, how making phone calls are making a come back, and much, much more. This is a spoo ...…
Apple removes CallKit Apps from Chinese App Store. Rumors of a cheaper "Beats" HomePod. WWDC Keynote invitations go out. Amazon sells facial recognition tech to law enforcement. New Animoji Karaoke ad. Apple Music hits 50 million subs. Apple's Virginia and North Carolina plans. Andy's Pick: Right angle charge plug adapter Alex's Pick: Filmic Pr ...…
Welcome to Karaok Big E! This week, Big E and Kebmo are joined by their trusty engineer Blake! The format is turned on its head and the boys all play a game of good ole fashioned Karaoke Roulette! Grab onto an object close to you and use it as a microphone and join us! SETLIST: 27:30 SONG 1 32:40 SONG 2 37:09 SONG 3 44:09 SONG 4 49:27 BONUS SON ...…
On this week’s edition of “Your Only Excuse to be Home on a Saturday Night” CB Radio, it was Episode 534 with your hosts Sir Rockin, “Godfather of Extreme” Rob Parks, “X-Core Soldier” Subway and CB Radio President The Lone Jobber (Lone Jobber). Topics on the show included: *The Latest in Blame Rob & Blame Sub Moments *Greater Than Great Debate: ...…
on this episode Dan and Nick discuss Francis Ford Coppola's masterpiece "The Godfather" 1972 based on the book "Mafia" by Mario Puzo follow us on twitter and follow us on instagram promos by IMDB Journey Podcast and Karaok Big E podcast enjoy listening and please give us review!!!!…
Sean stops by for episode 101. We talk all things music. From first concert to favorite karaoke songs. We also dive into movie soundtracks and tv show themes. That’s just scratching the surface. Listen and subscribe.
Glad to be back just getting to the point with ya all. This week Al's power went out and he stubbed his toe or something. We have Al reads the news. A bear knocking on the door, something about a jeweler and a guy banging the bullies mother. DK claims he has lost his wits, what are wits anyway? Bowling Alley Karaoke Episode 4 is on the play lis ...…
WE'RE BACK! It's ya boy PHIL A. No more setbacks the podcast is on. CAN'T SH*T STOP THIS!The return episode features special guest, LeRoyCHOPS. We speak about his latest project, "KARAOKE" available at leroychops.bandcamp.comFollow us..Phil A : @beatmakinmcLeRoy: @LeRoyCHOPS
After a busy busy few weeks our hero's return to catch up on each other lives and to review Avengers. Waring we like this over though you probably can't tell from how we talk about it. So kick back relax and here your two fave Podcasters Atom Z and Dave talk about some shit, Twitter so stop and say hi!!! @lowblowpc @thatAtomz Where to send all ...…
Jered and Esther spend some time with top friends of the show, Kristi, Stacee, Matt, and John. We discuss combovers, parallel life narratives, spicy foods, and that ever-troubling panty-snatching Aunt Gail (whose strengths will be discussed in a future episode). Special bonus: Matt pronounces Karaoke.…
Welcome to a short Mid-Week segment we call Would You Rather Wednesday. We sit down with one of our panelist and ask some silly questions and try to get some suggestions for something to distract us during the work week. This edition has it all...bad karaoke song choices, live concerts in your bedroom and sober singing. And Major Monocle wants ...…
DD Podcast Episode 27 - Keep Yo Witz About Yo The podcast debut of Jeremie Witz. Whether or not a hot dog is a sandwich, how terrible of a person Dion is, KFC, vinyl, movies and music that you missed out on, karaoke craziness, Zach does Tom Sawyer, and a long discussion about music, Jimmy's fridge update, inaugural what's in Tom's wallet. (Rema ...…
Karaoke is going to set you free!
Welcome to Karaok Big E! This week, Big E and Kebmo are all by themselves singing listener (you know who you are) recommended karaoke songs. Grab onto an object close to you and use it as a microphone and join us! SETLIST: 00:16:01 SONG 1 00:33:40 SONG 2 00:47:31 SONG 3 00:56:41 SONG 4 01:02:26 BONUS SONG Thanks for listening, and we hope to ha ...…
Nick Wolff interviews District 24 Conference attendees Amy Bowen, Jessica Codr, and Kaleema Kerbs about the District 24 Toastmasters Conference. Spoiler Alert: There was karaoke. (At the conference, not on the podcast. Sorry!)By Jessica Codr.
In this episode XTina dishes Depravity Corner first and Balls and her are joinedby their special guest and Balls close friend and resident Sex Expert, Pitbull!/Balls asks Pittbull and XTina some raunchy questions with hilarious results!/XTina asks a few youngsters the age old question "Where do babies come from?"and MORE!!/ A special Mothers Da ...…
On this Milestone Episode, Joel and Anthony started off with there last week individual activities, then jump right off on the Ban of Codeine by Nigeria Government. They also talked about copy right infringement issue in Nigeria Music industry and how Tekno sampled jogodo without seeking proper permission, before ending the podcast on NBA recap ...…
Welcome to Distraction Point TV hosted by Al the producer and DK. This week we check back in on Als weight loss challenge. We replay Episode 3 of Bowling Alley Karaoke and give an update on when the new episodes will be available. Weird news stories include. An injured army soldiers incredible bionic penis, woman calls 911 for beer, and footbal ...…
Welcome to Distraction Point TV hosted by Al the producer and DK. This week we check back in on Als weight loss challenge. We replay Episode 3 of Bowling Alley Karaoke and give an update on when the new episodes will be available. Weird news stories include. An injured army soldiers incredible bionic penis, woman calls 911 for beer, and footbal ...…
Direct from Finland, here is DEMILICH. Well, not exactly. It was a rather hectic night. Boy. Let me tell you. The first half is before the doors opened. The second half is the after show edition. All sorts of characters appear and reappear here. Be sure to follow up on the links I've provided for you. Photo by Hillarie Jason - https://www.hilla ...…
In this episode, I sit down with the wonderfully mellifluous Aaron Kessinger to discuss the ancient art of karaoke. It gets pretty silly and pretty sweaty. In fact, we actually took this show on the road to Dave's on Broadway in Glendale and belted some classic karaoke jams. Unfortunately, those files were lost in a freak accident... but also.. ...…
Camella and Josh sit down and talk about things they like, and how they spend the limited free time they share. This week, Josh and Camella are back, a day late and a dollar short. But they’re here and talking about the new Sanrio program Aggretsuko and going out to Karaoke. For more content like this, check out Support this ...…
So many legitimate complaints and so much entitlement. How do we balance the two? Courtney and Tara discuss the difficulties of first world problems when you are living in a developing nation. 01:31 Off topic already to talk about karaoke booths in China. 04:26 "There could be a goat in the milk aisle.” 10:12 Of weird stamps and paperwork. 16:2 ...…
Here's the fifth installment of "McFly's Midweek Therapy". Today, McFly goes off on his supporters, Youtube vloggers, skinny shorts, karaoke bars, and shopping carts
Welcome to Karaok Big E! This week, Big E and Kebmo are joined once again by the First Lady of Karaok Big E, Steph. You may or may not be surprised by celebrities that have twins, but you will definitely love the singing on this episode! So sit back, relax, let and the boys (& girl!) serenade you in song- sing along, we dare you! SETLIST: 00:23 ...…
To say that Tamara Littleton, chief executive officer of The Social Element, was ahead of her time would be an understatement. Founding her global agency 16 years ago, social media was but a blip on the radar and not even close to the marketing and societal force it is today.“My dad thinks that I invented social media,” she said. “I genuinely h ...…
Put on your "nerdy" glasses & get ready to hear us talk all about Geek Charming! Plus, we talk about our first karaoke performance, who was popular at our own high schools, & more!Watch clips from previous episodes on YouTube here: ...…
In this episode, Anne reminisces about LAX Lot C, Courtney reveals her karaoke go-to's, and Marie calls for the manny revolution.
Stunning vocalist Katie Simone joins Petticoat Rule to talk about her insane schedule as a full time working musician, splitting her time between original solo work, weekend cover gigs, weddings, coaching, and, of course, practicing... as well as a bit of fun thrown in at open stages and karaoke! She also wows us with her unbelievable 'siren' c ...…
Hello, my name is Yvette: I have a TESOL Teaching English as a second language and a college diploma in Office Administration Medical Option. I have experience in the physical environment. Volunteering at the library doing the Reading Buddies Program being a Big Buddy as my love for books is contagious I believe it allowed me to be a role model ...…
Today’s broadcast is Episode 28 for Scene Sunday, May 6th, 2018. Today’s Episode is a free play of elements found throughout the space just outside of video game music, covers, remixes, chiptunes, karaoke, and so much more, on a program we're calling "Sense of the Scene - vol. 1" Tracklist - provided in various formats depending on "scene subge ...…
A misdial radio request leads to an entire conversation about how white people might be aliens... Plus, another Blumpkin Media commercial at 24:51, Good Idea Bad Idea at 25:36 and the unnerving return of Guess Who Karaoke Roulette at 26:58.
BROKEN FUNNY BONE PODCAST EP23 "MICHAEL POOPLAY LIVE FROM SKATCHEWAN" BROKENFUNNYBONEPODCAST.COM * BROKENFUNNYBONEPODCAST@GMAIL.COM Starring: Jason, Blake, Dustin, and Mariann What’s been going on with Maid Mariann Blake’s Deck Job BFB NEWS Sex Dolls Painted Blue Penis Poop Train Karaok Big E Promo Maid Mariann’s Makeup Minute Chet Waffles RETU ...…
Today on The Neil Haley Show, The Total Tutor Neil Haley will interview Billions Actor David Costible. Costabile’s work includes memorable parts in some of the most innovative shows in recent years. He currently co-stars as Mike “Wags” Wagner, right hand man to hedge fund king Bobby Axelrod (Damian Lewis) in “Billions” (which recently delivered ...…
Our notorious audio phantom (Zoltrax, King of Riddles) curses our recording once again, but we soldier on undeterred to give Rory a good razzing about our hilarious Wizard Stuff. This week on Saturday Morning Tuesdays: Zero the Memory Thief displays shockingly poor financial skills • Honky Priest vs. Werehunk • Anime Wizard Andy has go to real ...…
Welcome to Karaok Big E! This week, Big E and Kebmo are joined by the almighty creator and Patron Saint of Karaok Big E, Jason. Lots is discussed in this record breaking episode, including Jason’s existing/new podcasts. So sit back, relax, let and the boys serenade you in song- sing along, we dare you! SETLIST: 00:22:15 Jason Song 00:45:51 Big ...…
Here are your Wichita State University digital signage announcements for Monday, April 30th through Sunday, May 6th, 2018: Stop by the Rhatigan Student Center every Wednesday for the live music series, RSC Unplugged. RSC Unplugged for Wednesday, May 2 features Michael J. Engdahl Trio from 11 a.m.-1 p.m. in the RSC’s Starbucks Lounge. Grab a cup ...…
Radio Hauraki's celebrating New Zealand Music Month with the Locals Only Podcast! This Week Angie and Tom sat down for a beer with Joe Walsh and Bryan Bell (Ekko Park, Jordan Luck Band) to hear about life on tour. From Taxi Karaoke in Italy to impromptu surgeries in a pub in the heart of Ireland. Thanks to New Zealand On Air!…
Welcome back. Tonight on the show Al does his first weigh in for the 14 week weight loss challenge. Needless to say DK is not happy and its time for a plan. All this running in a chair listening to Indian drums, makes DK think its time for Chair Masturbation.Viewer mail...we love you allFirst up its Al reads the news.6 sex fantasies that are mo ...…
The guys learn that the karaoke game isn’t for the weak in this week’s episode of the Tolerable Nausea Podcast. Listen in as the talk about competition, confrontation, lady boys and getting scammed. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter. Questions? Comments? Come and be on the show, contact us at…
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