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Spirited Daydreams
Tune in for the latest "Inspiration from The Light" with Spirited Daydreams, popular featured host! Since the first show in January of 2013, many thousands of listeners from around the globe have tuned in and are also still listening to the archived shows.Karla Shields of Spirited Daydreams is inspired by the light to help and heal. Her healings & readings have brought a sense of peace and closure to many people the world over who have utilized her gifts firsthand. Karla is very passionate a ...
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Superhero Slate
Superhero Slate has our first look at Marvel’s Defenders, confirmation on the future of the Green Lantern films, an unannounced X-Men movie, and more! Riff & Raff News Guardians (7:00) Last trailer for film Feb. 23 release in Russia Guardians of the Galaxy (10:40) First look at villain via Toy Video game details Marvel’s Inhumans (16:20) Produc ...…
Second in the series on "Your Self-Improvement Project", this chat will be on the topic: It's time to be happy again! Tune in Saturday at 10:30 am (Eastern Time) for a 30 minute show on this energy opening, possibility thinking, spiritual involvement topic with Karla Shields of Spirited Daydreams. Can't make the live show? No worries, it will b ...…
Spirited Daydreams
In the "real world" it's hard to be thankful, I hear. He does this, she does that, they are doing this, look at what's happening! Let's take 30 minutes this coming Sunday at 11:00 am (Eastern), 8:00 (Pacific), 4:00 pm (UK) to tune in to Karla Shields of Spirited Daydreams, who will bring more "Inspiration from The Light" to us, on this subject. ...…
Things happen in life to all of us, and no matter how confident, strong, smart and stunning we usually are, even the most spiritual person can feel like a bowl of oatmeal! Join Karla Shields of Spirited Daydreams for an honest, candid and inspirational chat about spiritual and non-spiritual ways to get your edge back! Don't loose heart... there ...…
Karla Shields of Spirited Daydreams is out. She's telling the truth for those that wish to hear. For all others this may fall on deaf ears and that is as it will be. Truth ~ We as a body of people have generalized to the point of insanity and have given power where there is none. Quote: "Darkness is the absence of light. It is not a unique and ...…
Are you wondering how in the world you can break loose from the chains of sadness in your life? Starting over again after times of great change in our lives can seem like an overwhelming mountain! After some of the toughest times of your life, picking yourself up and moving on is challenging for most of us. No worries! Wondering how to move on, ...…
DCTV Arrow Legends SHIELD Supergirl The Flash
News In news this week, a cast member departing TV’s Gotham and anew cast member joining. A miniseries indevelopment from John Barrowman – The 49th Key. Casting news in Ashvs The Evil Dead and some character bios from the Flash / Arrow Spinoff project In Winners andSinners this week Powers Season 1Episode 1 “Pilot” An adaptation of Brian Michae ...…
Jess and Josh geek out over the Agents of SHIELD episode "One of Us." Did it make sense legally for Karla Faye Gideon to not be in prison for killing someone? What can Jess tell us about Wisconsin? And which SHIELD is the real one?
Are you good at making up Excuses as to why you aren't living the life you really are meant to live? Are you following the crowd to gain their approval? Join Karla Shields of Spirited Daydreams for a chat from some real life experiences and examples of how taking aleap of faith and following the call of Spirit can actually benefit those you lov ...…
Karla Shields of Spirited Daydreams officially launches her Blog Talk Radio Show! Listen to learn a bit about Karla and Spirited Daydreams.
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