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WGN - The Download with Justin Kaufmann Podcast
The Download with Justin Kaufmann Podcast from Chicago's Very Own, 720 WGN
Israel National Radio - Rafael Kaufmann
Leche y Miel - Milk and Honey is a Spanish language podcast hosted by Rafael Kaufmann. It covers Israeli politics, Judaism, music, and interviews community leaders, new immigrants from South America and other Spanish speaking countries and more. Rafael was born in Uruguay and currently works in public relations in Judea and Samaria. Leche y Miel airs live every Tuesday from 2:00 p.m. - 3:00 p.m. Israel time on Israel National Radio. Rafael Kaufmann nace en Uruguay, recibe educación judia y s ...
Swedish LingQ
Join Steve Kaufmann, founder of LingQ, and his Swedish guests on the SwedishLingQ podcast. Sign up for a free account at and study the full transcript using LingQ's revolutionary learning tools.
Scooping the Texas Rangers
Todd Kaufmann and Jasen Southward break down the Texas Rangers while talking to big names in the baseball world and having a good time doing it.This Podcast was created using
French LingQ
Join Steve Kaufmann, founder of LingQ, Henry, Marianne and others on the FrenchLingQ podcast. Sign up for a free account at and study the full transcript using LingQ's revolutionary learning tools.
German LingQ
Join Steve Kaufmann, founder of LingQ, Hannelore and guests on the GermanLingQ podcast. Sign up for a free account at and study the full transcript using LingQ's revolutionary learning tools.
English LingQ
Join Steve Kaufmann, founder of LingQ, and Mark, Jill and others on the EnglishLingQ podcast. Sign up for a free account at and study the full transcript using LingQ's revolutionary learning tools.
Italian LingQ
Join Steve Kaufmann, founder of LingQ, and his guests on the ItalianLingQ podcast. Sign up for a free account at and study the full transcript using LingQ's revolutionary learning tools.
Know The Cause Podcast
Doug Kaufmann, the host of the popular TV show, Know The Cause, he became interested in the subject of fungus as it pertains to disease while working in the area of food allergy.Doug was a U.S. Navy Medical Corpsman attached to the 7th Marine Division in 1970. Upon coming home from Vietnam in 1971, he had strange symptoms that until the early 1980’s, he thought were related to food allergies. A research paper in 1980 entitled “Antigenically Intact Food Macromolecules Exiting The Gut Lumen” o ...
The Way of The Linguist: A Language Learning Odyssey
The audiobook, The Linguist: A personal guide to language learning, describes LingQ founder Steve Kaufmann's journey in learning to speak 9 languages and explains how you too, can become a linguist!
Kaufman Hall Point of View (New)
Kaufman Hall Point of View podcasts provide brief, insightful perspective on key issues of concern to healthcare providers. Topics covered include healthcare payment and delivery reform, hospital and health system governance and management, strategic and financial planning, cost and clinical variation reduction, service distribution, physician integration, capital management, and mergers and acquisition.
Russian LingQ
Join Steve Kaufmann, founder of LingQ, Anna Ivanova and guests on the RussianLingQ podcast. Sign up for a free account at and study the full transcript using LingQ's revolutionary learning tools.
Arias and Songs | WFMT
Arias and Songs celebrates great singers of the past and present, from Maria Callas and Jussi Björling to Renée Fleming and Jonas Kaufmann. Each week, recording collector and host Larry Johnson spins a wonderful web of opera, operetta, Broadway tunes, art songs—even vintage pop. Expect the unexpected as Larry guides you through the range and nuance of vocal artistry, with some programs tied to local performances, as well.
Synthwaves on KFAI
Out of Minneapolis, Minnesota SynthWaves is a weekly web-cast featuring all new and relevant to the 80s revival synth scene. Your host, Noah Kaufmann aka Bennimushu has been following the scene for over 5 years and now brings you, the listener, on board for the journey.
Steve's Tips
Steve Kaufmann gives his tips for using LingQ and learning languages.
Some call it fly-over country -- the big, burly middle between the East and the West. We’re coast-less, and OK with that. Life out here isn't what it used to be. We're Midwestern ... ish. This is a podcast about the thinkers, doers and change-makers that make up our part of the country. Hosted by writer, storyteller and public radio journalist Gina Kaufmann, a Midwesterner born and raised.
Steve Speaks with David Marley about Politics.
Join LingQ founder Steve Kaufmann and David Marley as they talk about politics.
Portuguese LingQ
Join Steve Kaufmann, founder of LingQ, Mairo, Susana and others on the PortugueseLingQ podcast. Sign up for a free account at and study the full transcript using LingQ's revolutionary learning tools.
Your Language Adventure
LingQ founder, Steve Kaufmann, explains how important your attitude and enjoyment are to your success in English learning.
Tom's Marketing Podcast
Join lifelong marketer, Tom Kaufmann, as he provides a series of marketing tips.
The Rotary Club Interviews
LingQ founder, Steve Kaufmann, speaks to different members of the Rotary Club of Vancouver. The Rotary Club is an organization made up of people with different vocational skills that use their abilities to assist their community both locally and internationally.
Learn German with the German Twins - Deutsch lernen mit den German Twins!
This podcast helps you to learn German like a native speaker. We are two native German teachers with multiple years of teaching experience who share our experiences with you. On this podcast we talk about grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation hacks in order to really boost your German learning. We also discuss interesting topics about German culture, habits and lifestyle as well as language motivation, improving your memory and much more. Our goal is to help you learn German fast and speak i ...
It’s Our Research
This is a podcast companion to the book, "It's OUR Research: Getting stakeholder buy-in for user experience research projects", by Tomer Sharon (Morgan Kaufmann, 2012). This podcast introduces interviews and videos by the best of UX researchers and stakeholders from all over the globe.
Language Learner's Manifesto
If you want to learn a language, this manifesto is for you! Read it and follow it to success. These principles have guided LingQ founder Steve Kaufmann in learning 11 languages.
Love Conquers All by Robert Benchley
Sixty-three essays on a variety of topics as wide apart as Family Life in America, Opera Synopses, Bigamy, International Finance and many more, Love Conquers All by Robert Benchley strangely enough does not touch upon romance at all! However, these delightful notes provide hours of browsing pleasure for young and old readers alike. Robert Benchley was a well-known humorist and newspaper columnist, radio and television presenter, actor, scriptwriter and broadcaster. He is also credited with c ...
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History Extra podcast
Historian Miranda Kaufmann, author of Black Tudors: The Unknown Story, explores the lives of several Africans who resided in 16th-century England
Military Network Radio
Linda Kreter and Military Network Radio with co-host Les Davis talk today with Kristy Kaufmann, Executive Director of the Code of Support Foundation. Their integrated efforts with case coordinators nationwide address complex needs, peer navigation, financial planning and support, and mental health needs. PATRIOTLink is a new resource navigation ...…
Doug KaufmannPaul Barattiero2:30 - What does water have to do with great health?3:00 - "I think I've found something that can help your wife!"7:00 - Your Body's Many Cries For Water8:00 - "We're delivering hydrogen, and water is the delivery for the hydrogen"8:55 - "Doesn't water already contain hydrogen?"10:00 - Hydrogen has a selective target ...…
Dynasty PodcastsChicagoverse 159 - Justin Kaufmann (WGN Radio)http://dynastypodcasts.com Chicago broadcaster Justin Kaufmann visits Dynasty Podcasts to take a break from leading his own interviews, and talk about his two decades in radio, in an interview recorded at Virgin Hotels. Kaufmann reflects on getti ...…
In this dynamic conversation we look at how Eric’s Four Virtues of a Leader — focus, courage, grit and faith — bring more power, impact and connection to both your career and love life. Show notes: In this episode we cover: How to be someone who not only envisions, but execut ...…
Rescue the Rescuer | PTSD, Addiction, Relationship Help and More for First Responders and Their Families
Andy Kaufmann is the co-founder and executive director of Check Point One.He is a registered yoga teacher and certified equine specialist. Prior, he worked for the Code of Support Foundation, General Dynamics, and was retired after 20 years in the U.S. Army as a helicopter pilot.Kristen Fitzgerald is the co-founder and Equine Program Director o ...…
Christian apologetics is the discipline of making a defense for the Christian faith. Apologetics, therefore, has an important place in the life of a believer. But what place does it have? Does our faith rest on the sum total of a bunch of rational arguments? Or, do the arguments rest on our faith in God and thereby give rise to worship? In this ...…
Doug Kaufmann is about to open your mind to a concept that could be the root cause of all your health issues.To say I enjoyed this interview would be an understatement, and I know you’re going to love it too. In fact, I think it was my favourite interview to date. Doug Kaufmann is not only extremely knowledgeable but he is also a true gentleman ...…
Tim Bateman Comedy Podcast
Jonathan and I discuss his development and continued use of his creepy comedy style and how he admired Andy Kaufmann, Jack Ass and dark humor growing up and how that is incorporated into his comedy stylings now. We also discuss his penchant and love of getting kicked out of open mics and he tells hilarious stories of pranking people as a teenag ...…
CapX presents Free Exchange
In a special edition of the CapX podcast, recorded live in Parliament, Nicky Morgan, Sunder Katwala, Garvan Walshe and Eric Kaufmann debate whether immigration is a good or bad thing - with Robert Colvile in the chair.
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