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Kazan Drum and Bass Community Podcast
Kazan Drum and Bass Community Podcast. Drum and Bass music, interview with artists and fun.
Kazan by CURWOOD, James Oliver
Kazan (sometimes published with the subtitle The Wolf Dog) is a once very popular novel by environmentalist and author James Oliver Curwood. After a trip to the Yukon area of Canada and Alaska, Curwood wrote a series of wilderness adventure novels that were best-sellers in the 1910’s and 1920’s and remained popular through mid century. Jack London had begun the vogue for northland dog stories with his Call of the Wild and White Fang, and there were many imitators, but none had a greater impa ...
Ruby Sparks: Meet the Filmmakers
Join director John Hillcoat (The Road, The Proposition) as he discusses his new film Lawless starring Shia LaBeouf, Tom Hardy, Jessica Chastain, Guy Pearce, Mia Wasikowska and Gary Oldman. Lawless is based on the true story of the infamous Bondurant Brothers who find their bootlegging business under threat in Prohibition-era Virginia, by authorities who want in on their profits. Based on the novel by Matt Bondurant, the screenplay was written by Nick Cave who also scored the film’s soundtrac ...
CNN Praha Podcast
Messages from the ministers at New Beginnings Church Prague - Kázání ze sboru Nové začátky Praha, církev Nová naděje
Społeczność Chrześcijańska we Wrocławiu
Nagrania kazań (lub innych wydarzeń) w Społeczności Chrześcijańskiej we Wrocławiu.
Dj Pest-one of the most popular DJs of the city of Magadan, Kazan, Moscow, Yaroslavl ', Minsk, Zhmerenka, Khabarovsk, Russia, Ulyanovsk, and other cities. Started career: 2003. Music Media: Vinyl and CD Favorite Styles: Breaks, Dark Psy Trance, Deep Techno, Drum & Bass, Electro Techno, Hard Techno, Hardcore, Minimal House, Minimal psytrance, Progressive Trance, Tech Trance, Techno, Trance His interest in music Sergei became...
Vortichez: experimental sounds
Sound artist Vortichez has been collecting sounds world-over since 2010. After departing from London, 2 years in Berlin consuming as much techno as she could get her ears near preceded year-long stays in Hanoi, Nachingwea (rural Tanzania) and Zanzibar, Kazan and Moscow, Riga, and currently Astana. Her dynamic tape music and field recordings (Elastic Dreams, Bivouac Recording, Obs, Framework Radio) reflect this diversity of sound sources and influences, transformed by an arsenal of computer t ...
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Play the Game 2017 - Kazan Action Plan: Real action or words on paper? Wednesday 29 November 2017 9.00-11.45 Chair: Andreas Selliaas Speakers: Iva Glibo: The Kazan Action Plan - what makes the difference? Alison Burchell: How Oceania uses the Kazan Action Plan Louise Bezerra: Towards a National Sports Plan for Brazil Mogens Kirkeby Bob Munro: W ...…
Settling the Score
Another Kazan/Brando collaboration turns up as the AFI’s #19: it’s Alex North’s score for the 1951 film adaptation of Tennessee Williams’ stage classic A Streetcar Named Desire. Why is North’s groundbreaking use of jazz so effective? Why was the music for the famous “Hey Stella!” scene deemed to be too sexy? And what does it sound like to go to ...…
Settling the Score
Counting down to #22 on the AFI’s list takes us to Leonard Bernstein’s score for the 1954 classic On the Waterfront. Were Lennie and Elia Kazan making the same movie? Is this the prettiest love theme ever? And, how is Jon’s Marlon Brando impression?
Timur Mingazov - MBS Mix #33 (Happy Birthday My Dear Son / Deep & Tech House Sep`17) PLAYLIST: 01. Way Out West – Tuesday Maybe 02. Kotelett & Zadak – Nijo 03. Moodtrap – Out Of Time 04. Dusky – Cold Heart 05. Black Loops – Blomst 06. Vid Vai – Flying 07. Robot Koch, Delhia De France – Reach 08. Heinrich & Heine – The Other Side Dedicaited Maf ...…
Off Camera with Sam Jones
What makes a kid cry on her birthday? The occasional cake-induced stomachache or bouncy-house bruise, sure. For Zoe Kazan, it was a sense of what she was leaving farther behind, and she cried every year. A direct and unselfconscious view of our imagination and its creative expression gets harder and harder to find in the rearview mirror unless ...…
We discuss (with spoilers) Diana's pick My Big Fat Greek Wedding (2002). A young Greek woman (Nia Vardalos) falls in love with a non-Greek (John Corbett) and struggles to get her family to accept him while she comes to terms with her heritage and cultural identity. Also stars Michael Constantine, Lainie Kazan, Andrea Martin, and Joey Fatone. Tw ...…
Shamanic healing is as old as time, but Wikipedia and I could only trace back to the Khanate of Kazan in 1552. Early anthropologists termed it Shamanism, borrowing it from the Turks and Mongols. I'm not an expert on this, which is why I invited one on the show, but it seems that a Shaman is one who can travel between the Spirit world and ours a ...…
Released in 1970, Barbara Loden's "Wanda" is a monumental achievement of American independent cinema. It tells the story of a woman living on the margins of society, rejected by almost everyone, a failure in just about everything she does. Loden was inspired to make the film after reading about a woman who was sentenced to 20 years in prison an ...…
This week I am joined by the wild and crazy Matthew Barry and the wiry Connor Pinto AKA The Stick and we have an especially super-sized episode cuz these movies are pretty great! We talk some EPICS (Lawrence of Arabia / There Will Be Blood), a crime drama by the sea (On the Waterfront), a time traveling killing machine (The Terminator) and a fa ...…
The Hopscotch Friday Podcast
First off - apologies for the sound quality in this episode. But as promised in episode Episode 27 here is a mini-episode on Kumail Nanjiani's The Big Sick, directed by Michael Showalter and starring Zoe Kazan and Holly Hunter. Here is a romantic comedy with a difference. First it draws on the real life experience of Nanjiani and his wife Emily ...…
Back Row and Chill with Jahannah James and Noel Clarke
Jahanna and guest presenter Carla Harrison Hodge get to chat to Richard Sparks, the man who kick started Rowan Atkinson’s early career! Jahanna also caught up with Zoe Kazan about her brand new film, The Big Sick.
She might be starring in this summer’s dramedy The Big Sick but when it comes to makeup she keeps drama-free
She might be starring in this summer’s dramedy The Big Sick but when it comes to makeup she keeps drama-freeBy (
She might be starring in this summer’s dramedy The Big Sick but when it comes to makeup she keeps drama-free
Consider the complexity.Watch. Facebook: YouTube: Soundcloud: Google Play: iTunes: Medium: LinkedIn: Twitter: Instagram: RSS: | Ksenia Kudelkina in Kazan, ...…
The Big Sick is the 2017 romantic comedy, directed by Michael Showalter and starring Kumail Nanjiani and Zoe Kazan. Kumail plays himself in this autobiographical retelling of his relationship with his now wife, Emily Gordon (who co-wrote the film with Nanjiani). The film deals with issues of familial expectations, cultural clashes, and what it' ...…
Over-the-top news from Down Under: a potential reboot of McLeod's Daughters?Then it's on to God, ghosts, comas, and villains.​At 3:04: Oprah's SuperSoul Sunday leads Hollister on a spiritual quest to The Shack, where Octavia Spencer (Hidden Figures) plays God.​5:56: Ghostly boos or critics' boos? Kristen Stewart and Olivier Assayas (Clouds of S ...…
The Spoiler Warning
Episode Description: In this episode, Christopher Schnese and Stephen Miller review The Big Sick. Directed by Michael Showalter. With Kumail Nanjiani, Zoe Kazan, Holly Hunter. A couple deals with their cultural differences as their relationship grows. Show Notes Hosts: • Christopher Schnese and Stephen Miller Featured Review: • The Big Sick The ...…
KCBS Entertainment Editor Jan Wahl reviews the two movies out in theaters this week. Sofia Coppola's 'The Beguiled' starring Nicole Kidman, Colin Farrell and 'The Big Sick' with 'Silicon Valley's' Kumail Nanjiani, Zoe Kazan, Holly Hunter, Ray Romano.
Welcome to Episode One of ‘Cinema and the Psyche’. I decided to start with an explanation of how I’m breaking down the cinematic medium for further study. By choosing specific aspects of the form, based on their historical emergence, I’m able to see more clearly which creative/technical paths have been (to a greater or lesser degree) neglected. ...…
Darren falls out of love with a hairless Whole Foods employee, Anthony walks away unsatisfied from a traffic altercation, and a dog runs loose in Peets. Plus, we review some movies! Including the comedies, 'Rough Night' (Scarlett Johansson, Kate McKinnon, Zoe Kravitz), and Judd Apatow and Michael Showalter's 'The Big Sick' (Ray Romano, Zoe Kaza ...…
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