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Join Kim Eierman, Founder of EcoBeneficial!, for useful gardening tips to improve our environment. Kim shares her own tips and interviews some of the leaders in the ecological gardening movement.
The Kim Orlesky Show
This podcast is dedicated to learning from amazing entrepreneurs and business owners like yourself. Learn about the successes and failures that led to the eventual success of some of the most inspiring and influential entrepreneurs in the world, to gain ideas, inspiration, and motivation to continue building the business of your dreams.
Welcome to #SorryNotSorry with Jenna Kim Jones! Each week Jenna and her husband/producer Allan sit down and tackle a wide range of subjects in this half hour podcast that is sure to make you feel better about yourself. To learn more about Jenna, follow her on twitter @JennaKimJones or visit her website at Photo Credit: RMR Pictures ( Music Credit: Graham Knox Frazier (
The performance podcast from the Palais des Beaux Arts Wien. Streamed live to a phone, played back on headphones and recorded with in-ear microphones at a street corner in front of the Palais des Beaux Arts Wien. In the end no one really knows whats going on anymore in the end but we think it is rather good. Produced by Benjamin Tomasi. This podcast features binaural recordings, which sound best through headphones.
e-BIM, the electronic Business Intelligence Monitor, is a forum for sharing ideas, best practices and solutions within the business community. The emphasis of e-BIM is on peer-to-peer communications within the business professional community.Simply put, you can interact, share solutions to your business problems with an incredible network of authoritative sources and practicing professionals. It's easy. It's fast. It's free.e-BIM enables you to find from your peers a method, a solution, a pr ...
Free Hypnosis/Hypnotherapy, life coaching and self development audios. In a world of never ending challenges how would your life be improved by reducing stress, anxiety, low self esteem, worry or changing bad habits that you just can’t seem to shake? Become a master of your own life and unlock your full potential with this free podcast. Each episode includes practical self help tips and advice covering a wide range of challenges that you might be facing in your everyday life. Alternative Pro ...
Your host, Kim Saeed takes you on a journey toward recovery and transformation following narcissistic abuse.
Kim Walsh-Phillips is the CEO of Elite Digital Group and expert on direct response marketing. Kim provides you with the strategies and tactics to get the highest return on investment.
The Kim Doyal Show
Grow an online business, stay sane, and have fun in the process (while actually getting results).
Real Talk Kim
Kimberly Jones‐Pothier, known as Real Talk Kim, travels the world fulfilling her passion and purpose of loving people back to life.She is a wife, mother, pastor, entrepreneur, best-selling author, entertainer and most importantly a worshiper after God’s own heart.Pastor Kim and her husband Mark Pothier are the Senior Pastors at Church of the Harvest in Fayetteville, Georgia and together have four sons.She is a human rights advocate with a passion for giving back and believes in the compassio ...
Personal Branding, Marketing, Copywriting, Coaching, Business
Mike Kim
Live Your Message. Love Your Work. Leave Your Mark On The World.
Present day readers live in a world that's emerged from the Cold War and the endless rivalry of the Super Powers but this book goes back and traces the origins of the conflict and mutual antagonism between nations. Kim by Rudyard Kipling is set against the background of the Great Game as it was called the tug-of-war between Britain and Russia for the control of Central Asia. The novel's action takes place during the Anglo-Afghan Wars of 1839-42. The novel's sweeping narrative, the depth of c ...
Every episode of this true crime podcast, Stacy researches a case and masterfully crafts a story for Kim, who knows nothing about true crime and and mainly responds with pop culture references, sound effects, and jokes.
Each week we provide tech lessons, answer questions, and bring you interviews of the most successful engineers and thought leaders working in the IT space across technologies like datacenter, virtualization, cloud, networking, collaboration and security. Listen in as you will gain insights, strategies, tips and more to help you level up along your journey in becoming a Rockstar SE! And here’s your host Terry Kim. So let the class begin!
BIM digest
엔지니어링 분야 podcast 방송(BIM, 컴퓨터 그래픽스, 소프트웨어 공학)입니다. 기존 Podcast 업체 서비스 종료(2011~2014.12)로, 해외 서버로 옮겨 다시 시즌 3(2015.4~)방송을 시작합니다.
Assorted stories from KBIA-FM
A series of BIM Podcasts, with which you will find many aspects of BIM.Charlton Recruitment introduces “BIM 2017 podcasts” a must-listen series for anyone involved in Government construction projects as BIM is still a major trend. Charlton Recruitment will train the market place by bringing BIM Industry experts who all give their opinion regarding their proper experiences.
Molly Richardson and Kim Trumbo share weekly conversations and interviews covering LGBT related news and popular culture on the Ok 2 Be LGBT podcast.
Hosted by Kim Clark & Jasper Redd | The Goosedown is a showcase of comedy, music & podcasts. Full archive can be found at
North Korean leader Kim Jong-il died at 8:30am on December 17. He was 69 years old. In late 2010, he anointed his youngest son Kim Jong-un as his successor. This course examines the leadership of Kim Jong-un in the Democratic Republic of Korea and its implications for reunification on the Korean peninsula, U.S. relations with South Korea, and the prospects for renewed talks with North Korea. Find more information about the CSIS Korea Chair at
For the first time in Asia, Jay Kim sits down with some of the world’s most successful Entrepreneurs, Investors, Founders, and Thought Leaders to catalogue their entrepreneurial journey, review critical lessons learned, and divulge secrets to success. Listeners will immediately gain valuable insights and actionable advice. A must listen for all aspiring young entrepreneurs and startup founders.
Kim Kardashian
daily news on Kim Kardashian
This is Beyond CAD, a show discussing the future of engineering and construction including 3D visualization, building information modeling, UAVs and Drones, virtual reality, real-time game engines and more. This is also the story of how I moved beyond CAD and started Civil FX, a company that provides 3D visualization and other services for transportation, construction and other civil engineering projects.
This broadcast is designed to help you grow in your everyday life as a Christian. Each episode will have a special emphases on either Family, Business, Church, Government & Law, Finance, Arts & Entertainment and Media.The Bible refers to these as 7 mountains and/or kingdoms. Kingdom Business hosted by Hakeem J. Webb, Senior Pastor of Kingdom Business International Ministries. Pastor Hakeem, is an internationally respected bible teacher, author, and entrepreneur coach, his spirit filled messa ...
Kim The Money Diva
Kimberly “The Money Diva”Gray is a Certified Financial Educator (CFEI) who’s goal is to empower you to make smart money decisions to lifestyle your want. I am financial expert who has a passion to get you financially fit in debt management, credit, saving and retirement and legacy building. It’s time to kick start your financial journey.
Assorted stories from KBIA-FM
KCIM Newscast
Western Iowa's News Leader
KCIM Sports
Western Iowa's News Leader
Doorway to BIM
“The Doorway to BIM” brought to you by ASSA ABLOY Openings Studio. A podcast that focuses on the ever-expanding topic of building information modelling, and how you can improve your workflow and professional experience.
Kim Out Loud
Straight up, no BS, progressive, honest perspectives about what the heck is going on in today's politics.
KBIA Newscast
Get a short burst of regional news from KBIA's newsroom delivered straight to your pocket twice every weekday.
With occasional class, Kevin and Kim sit down each week to practice the art of conversation. They get deep, they get funny, they have little shame, and they like it that way. From interviewing addicts in recovery and telling stories of first-hand cult experiences, to discussing their day-to-day life in a way only these two can, Kevin and Kim cover it all.
Support me on Patreon: RSS: include: Libertarians, Freedom, Liberty, Progressives, P ...
Kim is a fabulous adventure story set in India during the former British Empire. It tells the story of a street-wise but (in typical Kipling fashion) highly moral Anglo-Indian boy who becomes enmeshed the “the Great Game” -– the competition between Britain and Russia for control over Asia. Taking time off from his role as the traveling companion of an aged Tibetan lama, the boy is trained as a spy, matches wits with various evildoers, and wins out in the end. So much more than just a spy sto ...
Assorted stories from KBIA-FM
CONVERSATIONS With Kim is a podcast dedicated to getting the story behind the story or headline. I feel that w can all learn so much from each other. Everybody has a story of endurancce, conquering a fear and successfully living and learning on this journey called life. I invite you into my living room for a little conversation that will hopefully open your mind and give you the opportunity to think about things a little differently and with a fresh perspective. For more on Kim visit ...
The go-to podcast for Australian teachers looking to better integrate ICT into their classrooms.
Your hosts take on the news, science, life, and weird stories from around the world. The results are funny, provocative, and fun. There's no hidden agenda and no deep government ties here. Main stream media beware, these guys will call out #FakeNews when they see it. You can love them or hate them, but either way you won't want to miss what they say next! Stay up to date on the world around you. Impress your friends with conversation starting opinions and juicy facts! Truly the best news!
Assorted stories from KBIA-FM
New podcast weblog
Podcast by Kim Eagle
Assorted stories from KBIA-FM
Kim Gould
Kim brings her unique view of the evolution of humanity through her website It combines the Human Design System with other great transformative tools.
Nourish is a podcast to encourage, inspire and nourish women's souls and spirits. Host Kim Bakaev will have interesting interviews and conversations with women (and a few men sprinkled in!) that will provide positive content and "nutrients" for thriving in life.
Simply Kim
I love shiny things and talking about random stuff!
Alex Kim
Welcome to Alex Kim, where amazing things happen.
Conversations about anything and everything Spiritual, as well as other fun and cool non spiritual discussions between Kim Isherwood, an Intuitive Medium and Kimberly Klein, author and Intuitive Counselor.
A Video Blog about the Northeastern Ohio Real Estate Market for buyers and sellers by Northeastern Ohio's premiere Realtor Michael Kaim.
Professional napper Nina Kim Just Woke Up to talk to you about race, gender and pop culture through an Asian-American lens. You’ll laugh. You’ll cry. You’ll learn. So don’t sleep on this.
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