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The Following Podcast from 2GuysTalking
The Following Podcast, from the creators of The DEXTER Podcast, 24 Podcast, and TERMINATOR Podcasts are back with a new flagship podcast - a weekly, in-depth, nitpicklingly fun look at the hit FOX program The Following, starring Kevin Bacon! We'll look at and review the writing, the characters, and the continuing unpredictable path of Former FBI Agent Ryan Hardy as he steers his way through the murderous Joe Carroll's Edgar-Allen-Poe-inspired story! Tell us what YOU think!
TV Talk - The Following
TV Talk – The Following. TV Talk Network is America’s Largest Producer of Podcast Content. Delivering Talk Shows daily about your favorite TV programs via the FREE TV Talk App to your smartphone or tablet every morning. TV Talk – The Following Featuring Hosts George Wolf / Hope Madden. Starring: Kevin Bacon, Ryan Hardy, James Purefoy, Joe Carroll, Natalie Zea, Claire Matthews, Annie Parisse, Debra Parker, Adan Canto, Paul Torres, Nico Tortorella, Will Wilson, Kyle Catlett, Joey Matthews, Sha ...
The Following in 60+! A Companion Program to The Following Podcast from 2GuysTalking
An ultra-quick, humorous review of this Episode of The Following, starring Kevin Bacon as former FBI agent Ryan Hardy! Only from The Following Podcast -- Humorous and Entertaining Reviews of Edgar-Allen-Poe-filled days of Ryan Hardy on FOX!
Horror News TV | The Following Fan Podcast
This it the Horror News TV The Following fan podcast about the FOX TV show featuring hosts Dave Dreher and Doc Rotten | The Following / Kevin Bacon / James Purefoy / FOX / Television / Ryan Hardy / Joe Carroll / Mark and Luke
History In The Bacon
The ultimate Kevin Bacon podcast, featuring a complete "baconalysis" of every Kevin Bacon movie. The married couple who run this thing are two-to-three degrees of separation from Kev himself.
UCD Scholarcast - Series 2: Archaeologies of Art: Papers from the Sixth World Archaeological Congress
This series features highlights from the many presentations in the Archaeologies of Art theme of the Sixth World Archaeological Congress. Douglass Bailey from San Francisco State University reflects on the current relationships between contemporary art and contemporary archaeology and suggests some radical new directions that this disciplinary collaboration can take. Blaze O'Connor discusses the unique synergy that was the archaeological excavation and reconstruction of the studio of modern ...
WORD OF MOUTH with Leiti Hsu
Wednesdays at 2:00PM ET Every week, join Leiti as she gets real with star-studded chefs, sommeliers and restaurateurs from around the world about what really matters in life: love, fear, business, pleasure. Show kicks off with what’s good right now at the Greenmarket. We WINEddown with a boozy tête-à-tête—sometimes even an in-studio tasting, live! Life. Legends. Love, fear, business, pleasure. The person behind the personality. Behind-the-scenes of fine dining. Top spots and how they got to ...
Cop Car: Meet the Filmmaker
Join executive producer and actor Kevin Bacon for a discussion and Q&A about Cop Car. The throwback thriller follows two young boys who stumble across an abandoned police car hidden in a secluded glade and take it for a quick joyride. Their bad decision unleashes the ire of the county sheriff (Bacon) and leads to brutal consequences.
Kevin and Codys Podcast
Kevin and Cody think about things too much. Then they talk to each other. Cody over analyzes sociopolitical trends in modern culture while Kevin sniffs his fingers and tells ridiculous jokes. When not podcasting, Kevin and Cody make livings as bio hazard cleanup engineers. They are socially inept and terrified of technology. They both like boy bands with chick singers. When eating at restaurants, Kevin will order the calamari and Cody will get the veggie sub with bacon and lemonade.
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Welcome to your weekly dose of the Reel Film Nerds! This week we discuss a fun, witty, and action filled comedy, Game Night! Once again, the infamous Seth Marquardt has bailed on Matt. Fret not movie goers Matt's good buddy Hoppy Mike is here to save the day! We also introduced a new feature how does this movie relate to the Marvel Cinematic Un ...…
We Love to Watch
Nostalgia Month gets to the meat of the month, with the Kevin Bacon-starring, Tremors. We're joined by our favorite dynamic duo, Dustin and Adam Koski. You can find their podcast, Vanishing Point, on ITunes, You can find us on ITunes, Stitcher, Google Play, leaving this two-bit podcast for better things in the big city, and Tune-In.…
Quality Show
Some Fortnight Players are getting more than their victories robbed from them, Sony has grounded its players, They won’t let them go outside and play, After 12 arduous months, 1 man has the determination to git gud, Quality Community Fortnight Players Being Robbed Sony Blocking Cross-Play Again? Crogunk Viable In Pokken Man Utterly Defeats Dark ...…
Greatest Lie With Pete And Taylor
Episode 37! This week the guys give their reviews on “Death Sentence” starring Kevin Bacon and “Triple 9” with a stacked cast including Norman Reedus, Aaron Paul, Woody Harrelson and more! The guys are pulling a Double Feature for next week, two movies each. They discuss “Woke-ish” the Marlon Waynes Netflix special. Pete brings in a special sur ...…
In the third hour, the guys talk about the NCAA tournament and scenarios for the Big 12 Tournament. AJ does the Zadok Jewelers Gem of the day. They Debate the careers of Donald Sutherland vs. Kevin bacon and some more movie talk. In the final segment AJ and Adam talk about the secret unreleased WU-Tang Clan album.…
Included in this episode: Carl Czerny, the man, the immortal pedagogue, the shamefully underrated composer, the legend. Join us as we peel away at the onion layers of the man who is most notably remembered for his technical exercises, but deserves much more credit than we...give him credit for. Also included in this episode: 6 degrees of (Kevin ...…
Horror Hill
In this first episode of Horror Hill, we bring you two spine-tingling tales from Stephen Bacon and Kevin David Anderson, performed by host and narrator Jason Hill, one of which echoes from the death rattle of a dying world, while the other might just… get under your skin. Stories featured in this episode “Lord of the Sand” by Stephen Bacon – mo ...…
Tyler Zabel & William Miller discuss Agents of SHIELD and other Marvel movies and shows! This episode recaps and analyzes AoS Season 5 Ep. 8 "The Last Day"!!!Music is "Iron Bacon" provided by the divine Kevin Macleod at
In this surprisingly topical episode, we dissect Paul Verhoeven's 2000 sci-fi hit Hollow Man, starring Kevin Bacon's bacon, an invisible ape, and a whole lot of distasteful violence. Paging Johnny Depp!
In Episode: 36 of the Unrestricted podcast Chris and Jesse Discuss: Our Love for all things Food Listeners list of crazy things they've eaten SilverKing/Frank: Tripas Tawnya: Lengua The Stuff Podcast: Spaghetti Tacos Will's Wife (Hey Down in Front Podcast): Turtle Brent: 2.5lb Burger (Not the craziest thing he's had in his Mouth) Jeff and dan S ...…
For these two, it's kind of like a local version of the old Kevin Bacon game. In a town of nearly 100,000 people, it's hard to pinpoint a few people whom everyone knows. But when it comes to this couple, the chances of you having a connection to them in 6 degrees or less may be slightly higher. In addition to being the second-generation proprie ...…
In this episode we discuss the films of Kevin Bacon; from "Animal House" to "Cop Car” and (almost) everything in between - and remember...“Farewell, Aquarius, and we thank you.” (Jack Swigert, “Apollo 13”).
Now Playing - The Movie Review Podcast
Saw director James Wan wished to leave the horror genre behind when he signed on to adapt Death Sentence - author Brian Garfield's previously unmade sequel novel to Death Wish. A buttoned-down Kevin Bacon cuts loose, kicks off his Sunday shoes, and follows in the footsteps of Charles Bronson's pistol packin' Paul Kersey once a street gang targe ...…
The changing nature of work has had huge implications for how we measure productivity, with traditional metrics now inadequate in today's knowledge-based economy. It remains notoriously difficult to link employee productivity to the work environment. AECOM has been exploring the link between performance and the design of the physical environmen ...…
In this week's crunchy nugget of internet goodness, Jared learns the difference between Kevin Bacon and Kevin Spacey. Adam and Jared then realise what Spacey's new allegations could possibly mean for Critical Wit's favourite film, 'Nine Lives'. They also discuss Thor: Ragnarok, Facebook memes and robot rights.…
My Brother is an Idiot
Our first guest to the show is Emma! Coming on to defend herself while I roast her.
Download Popular Authors Free Audiobooks of Comedy, Satire
Listen to audiobook in full for free on Title: Why We Don't SuckSubtitle: And How All of Us Need to Stop Being Such Partisan Little B*tchesAuthor: Denis LearyNarrator: Denis LearyFormat: UnabridgedLength: 6 hrs and 36 minsLanguage: EnglishRelease date: 11-01-17Publisher: Random House AudioRatings: 4.5 of 5 out of 26 ...…
Drummer Isaac Crow discusses the production of the new OrchidxMantis record, fashion, Bach, Kevin Bacon, and trip hop.
Jesus and John Wesley with Coffee and a Side of Bacon PodCasts
The Important Question by John Wesley don’t forget Saturday October 28 at 5 PM CST is our first live broad cast!! Search YouTube for Kevin Wesley or download the Mixlr app for iOs or Android then go to Jesus John Wesley with Coffee and a side of Bacon to listen live
In this episode of the horror review/discussion show 'Screams After Midnight,' we discuss classic slasher movie 'Friday the 13th.' The film is Directed by Sean S. Cunningham and stars Betsy Palmer, Adrienne King and Kevin Bacon. This episode is part of our Octoberthon to celebrate Halloween! patreon: twitter: ...…
Everything I Learned From Movies
Continuing John Carpenter Month, Steve & Izzy are joined by Brandon from the Basement Condition podcast to discuss the 1983 classic "Christine" joining the writing of Stephen King with the direction of John Carpenter... and including a poor man's Kevin Bacon & John Travolta in the movie. They also try some wonderful beverages from Benoit-Casper ...…
Scream Stream
This week I review the indie horror film, The Void, inspired by H.P. Lovecraft. I also cover some recent news involving Ash Vs. Evil Dead Season 3, Stan Against Evil, and the new Tremors series starring Kevin Bacon. The Void Written by: Jeremy Gillespie, Steven Kostanski Directed by: Jeremy Gillespie, Steven Kostanski Synopsis: When Sheriff Dep ...…
Cultish: A Movie Podcast
In this episode we attempt to see what's on the other side as we flat-line with Kiefer Sutherand, Julia Roberts and Kevin Bacon. With the Ellen Page staring remake currently in cinemas we want to know: why has this cult movie suddenly found new life and appreciation, and does it really deserve it?On the panel is Warren Badenski and Paul Woolhouse…
Welcome to our Friday the 13th special in which we watch the classic film from 1980! Jason is ironically yet appropriately absent from this episode as Elliot Shaffold joins Cory in co-hosting one of our best from Season 1. We talk about civil rights for invisible people, create the best slasher movie villain, and go too far down the Google hole ...…
Hosted by Melody Rose, Oliver Drennan, Alana Jordan, and Lacretia Lyon – A weekly series that covers storylines, news and announcements from the TV world of horror, covering shows such as Teen Wolf, American Horror Story, Supernatural, Bates Motel, Scream Queens, The Strain, Scream, Outcast, iZombie, Z Nation, Dead of Summer and many others. Th ...…
Movies, Destiny 2, and Kevin Bacon? There are thousands of quality podcasts, but you chose us instead. Thank you. Like us on Facebook at Find us on iTunes at Scraping the Bottom can be contacted at scrapingthebott ...…
Off Topic with The Movie Guys
This week the guys review the 2017 remake/sequel not starring Julia Roberts, Kevin Bacon or William Baldwin but definitely has somebody who looks a lot like Kiefer Sutherland. Ellen Page does star. We like Ellen Page. We also speak to Lord of the Rings aficionado and actor Beau Baker about his recent trip to New Zealand. Shaun wants to know his ...…
Lousy Talk Radio Detroit
We're heartbroken, angry, and confused about the tragic events in Las Vegas.One brave survivor tells his tale of horror about the shooting and the surrounding events.We kindly ask for your help in supporting the victims and families of this terrible tragedy.Sadly, terrorism struck our neighbors to the north this week as well.As we continue this ...…
Texas Podcast Massacre: A Horror & Comedy Podcast
The Texas Podcast Massacre crew goes over the horror news that you need to know from the previous week, gives recommendations on what you should be watching and previews the next movie review. Topics Discussed for 10/02/2017 IT Chapter 2's release date revealed No one missed when The Mist show was canceled Kevin Bacon as Freddy? David S. Pumpki ...…
In todays podcast we discuss Hugh Hefner Marilyn Monroe Playboy Cesaro RAW sign Vince McMahon ARSE Australia space morgue FBI pensies Johnny Maniel CFL Kaepernick Montreal Alouettes Neville Montreal Canadiens NSA Roy Moore Versace Canucks sweater Ricky Steamboat Jared Kushner Alien Covenant Prometheus Tesla Elon Musk battery GFW Impact Wrestlin ...…
In this episode, the boys discuss the kneeling protests, review the Punisher Trailer and the second (or third) episode of The Orville.
Too Many Thoughts
Nick, Nico, Zakk and Adam travel back to a simpler time. A time when movie monsters fought rednecks, not the Justice League. A time when doomsday preppers were virtuous, not ridiculed. A time when seismology was a leading field of scientific study. And a time when Kevin Bacon was six degrees of sex appeal. The year was 1990 and the film was Tre ...…
Why is This a Thing?
Nick, Nico, Zakk and Adam travel back to a simpler time. A time when movie monsters fought rednecks, not the Justice League. A time when doomsday preppers were virtuous, not ridiculed. A time when seismology was a leading field of scientific study. And a time when Kevin Bacon was six degrees of sex appeal. The year was 1990 and the film was Tre ...…
Kevin is in New York and the boys couldn't be happier! Tune in while the dudes and a very special guest talk about the city, Museums, eating vegan, and Jake's Bacon Egg and Cheese sandwich love Follow us on twitter! @gakejodek @TheAstrophys New Episodes every Sunday!!
The Good, The Bad and The Just Plain Standard
Wherein we talk about the 2014 fictional puppy killing event. Talking about candlemakers, IMDb, Con-Man, Yann’s mother, dogs, tactics, Hitman’s Bodyguard, walking out, Cineworld, titular characters, amending our previous Doric section, correcting an Atomic Blonde fact, McGuffin epiphany, clarification on Game of Death 5 fight choreography, relo ...…
The Good, The Bad and The Just Plain Standard
Wherein we talk about the 2014 fictional puppy killing event. Talking about candlemakers, IMDb, Con-Man, Yann’s mother, dogs, tactics, Hitman’s Bodyguard, walking out, Cineworld, titular characters, amending our previous Doric section, correcting an Atomic Blonde fact, McGuffin epiphany, clarification on Game of Death 5 fight choreography, relo ...…
Culture Lust
Welcome to the first 7 Nerdly Sins podcast called Culture Lust. We force ourselves to watch a completely random movie that is on Netflix and then sit around talking about what we like and what we don’t.This episode we are watching and talking about the 2010 wrench swinging, ugly crying, Dwight turned HERO, movie titled “Super”. Starring mall ni ...…
Ag News: Gov. Ricketts Leads his Second Japan Trade Mission ... Omaha Congressman Don Bacon (NE-2) feels importance of telling Nebraska's ag story Guests: Shannon Peterson, Gothenburg Ag Committee talks about Saturday's Nebraska Hand Cornhusking Championships.Jessie Harding's last RRN interview with Governor Pete Ricketts ahead of this week's t ...…
Here's the second half of episode one as promised! Tell everyone we kept our word. A good recommendation goes a long way!
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