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Thursday Night Talk from KHSU
Thursday Night Talk is a call-in talk show on KHSU every Thursday night at 7 PST. Hosted by Brenda Starr, Eric Kirk, Linda Stansberry, and Lorna Bryant.
KHSU Magazine
Selected interviews from KHSU's weekday newsmagazine about the Redwood Coast.
My Favorite Lecture from KHSU
What if you could get a 'greatest hits' version of your college education? My Favorite Lecture features remarkable talks from HSU educators, delivered for free in front of a live audience in Arcata, California. My Favorite Lecture is a collaboration between Humboldt State University, KHSU, and Arcata Main Street. Subscribe to the podcast via iTunes:
Shaky Ground from KHSU
From tsunami readiness to the tectonic drama playing out beneath our feet, Shaky Ground examines life in earthquake country.
Campus Connections - KHSU
A short feature series hosted by Humboldt State University President, Lisa Rossbacher. Dr. Rossbacher highlights campus activities, students, staff and faculty - as well as discussion on the political, financial and social landscape of the CSU system.
EcoNews Report from KHSU
Environmental issues that matter most on the North Coast.
KHSU's Classics Now
Mary and Solomon, from the Northcoast Book Discussion Group, explore literary classics and their relevance to present day.
EcoNews Report
Timely interviews on environmental issues that matter most on the North Coast and our bioregion, along with news and information on upcoming meetings, hikes and events. Presented by the Northcoast Environmental Center, publisher of our bioregion's environmental newspaper, EcoNews. The EcoNews Report features a rotating cast of representatives from our member groups.
Food For Thought
Explore modern food culture focusing on eating local and sustainably produced foods, and food traditions that bring family, friends, and communities together. Interviews with food growers, producers, chefs, food banks, nutritionists, philosophers and consumers on how our food is produced and consumed – give our food a face and a voice, helping us to make more thoughtful and wise choices about this important fuel for our body and soul. KHSU-FM 90.5/KHSR-FM 91.9 Humboldt State University, Arca ...
Through The Eyes Of Women
Mondays 1:30PM-2:00PM Through the Eyes of Women is a locally produced, public affairs program which has aired on KHSU since 1985. KHSU is located at Humboldt State University in Arcata, California. TTEOW is produced for, by and about women. Our staff is completely volunteer. Through the Eyes of Women provides programming that explores women’s political, social and economic lives, as well as the obstacles and restrictions experienced in the form of discrimination. In addition, Through the Eye ...
Mad River Anthology
A poetry program that features a variety of poets reading their own material, discussions of poetry process and sharing of poetry from the past. Produced by Tim Ayres on public radio KHSU-FM 90.5/KHSR-FM 91.9 Humboldt State University, Arcata, North Coast of California.
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This design with a simple instruction basically allows children to create a really intricate awesome geometric pattern that they might not be able to otherwise freehand themselves. explains Aren Page.By (Katie Whiteside).
Do you know what your health risks are if you are working in the cannabiz?By (Katie Whiteside).
The deadliest earthquake of 2017 took place along the Iran-Iraq border earlier this month. Geologist Lori Dengler discusses the tectonics - and politics - of the region.By (Jessica Eden).
The California Earthquake Alliance has developed seven steps for earthquake safety. "Step 7" is to reconnect and restore . The first weeks after a big earthquake or other disaster is a time of transition. Once you've met the needs of family, Geologist Lori Dengler discusses moving toward returning to routines. Check out Living On Shaky Ground f ...…
The California Earthquake Alliance has developed seven steps for earthquake safety. "Step 6" is to assess the situation and take necessary action. Geologist Lori Dengler shares recommendations for what to do following a temblor. Check out Living On Shaky Ground for more information.By (Jessica Eden).
The California Earthquake Alliance has developed seven steps for earthquake safety. "Step 5" is drop, cover and hold on. Then, start counting... Geologist Lori Dengler shares recommendations for what to do when the ground is shaking. Check out Living On Shaky Ground for more information.By (Jessica Eden).
The California Earthquake Alliance has developed seven steps for earthquake safety. "Step 4" is to make preparations for the aftermath of a disaster. Geologist Lori Dengler recommends working toward minimizing potential financial hardship following an earthquake by strengthening your home and considering insurance. Check out Living On Shaky Gro ...…
From Buddha to Wotan to Luke Skywalker, the hero’s journey remains remarkably the same across cultures and generations. This is Joseph Campbell’s thesis in his “Hero With a Thousand Faces”. Join Mary and Solomon as they discuss Campbell’s “monomyth” which reveals how much we all have in common.By (Lorna Bryant).
The California Earthquake Alliance has developed seven steps for earthquake safety. "Step 3" is to organize your disaster supply. Geologist Lori Dengler recommends preparing at least two weeks of water, food and medical supplies . Check out Living On Shaky Ground for more information.By (Jessica Eden).
The California Earthquake Alliance has developed seven steps for earthquake safety. Geologist Lori Dengler emphasizes "step 2": Make an earthquake or disaster plan.By (Jessica Eden).
The California Earthquake Alliance has developed seven steps for earthquake safety. Geologist Lori Dengler emphasizes "step 1": Recognize your hazards.By (Jessica Eden).
Geologist Lori Dengler encourages all of us to take part in the Great California ShakeOut Drill, an annual event to practice what to do when you feel an earthquake. Click here for details on the ShakeOut and more emergency preparedness information.By (Jessica Eden).
“If we build this athletic program the right way we will get fantastic leaders coming out of our athletics program that will impact the rest of the campus,” said HSU Athletic Director Duncan Robins in an interview with KHSU’s General Manager Peter Fretwell. Football is in the spotlight as Robins discussed a few approaches to handling this deficit…
Thursday Night Talk from KHSU
California Red, Blue and Green? No, not cannabis strains - but the idea of the Golden State becoming three separate states. There is a push to carve up our state. Would you vote for this in 20 with guests HSU political scientist Kevin Lyle Murray, HSU political-cultural geographer Matthew Derrick, and former County Supervisor Mark Lovelace disc ...…
On Thursday Night Talk: The Race Beat , Lorna Bryant introduces us to HSU's Cultural Centers: Humboldt State University MultiCultural Center (Carlos Sanchez, coordinator), African-American Center for Academic Excellence (Kenya U. James Nunley, coordinator - not present), Latinx Center for Academic Excellence (Fernando Paz, coordinator and Victo ...…
"If you have confidence in yourself and your worth in the community, you will succeed." Dr. Manohar Singh is the new Dean of the College of Professional Studies at HSU. He is coming to Humboldt state from Penn State University (Abington) where he served as the Professor of Finance and Head of the Division of Social Sciences and Business. Dr. Si ...…
Tamara McFarland of the North Coast Peoples Alliance and Arcata city Council Member and Vice-Mayor, Sofia Pereira came by the KHSU Magazine to talk about the upcoming “Run, Serve, Lead” seminar taking place on Friday, Sept. 22, at the Grace Good Shepherd Church in McKinleyville from 6 to 8 p.m.By (Claire Reynolds).
Geologist Lori Dengler discusses notification systems for hazards and emergencies... Beyond television and radio, alerts can be sent to you via phone or email. Dr. Dengler encourages signing up to be notified!By (Jessica Eden).
A black woman and a white woman meet at a racism training class in Humboldt County and they question the presentation. “We were prompted by Josiah Lawson’s tragic murder,” says Zera Starchild about creating an alternative to what they had experienced at the workshop. Jill Larrabee and Starchild designed a discussion titled the Heart of the Matt ...…
FEMA, the Federal Emergency Management Agency, has been very busy this year. Lori Dengler discusses disaster declarations and some of the financial considerations for recovery following a catastrophic event.By (Jessica Eden).
Thursday Night Talk from KHSU
Eric Kirk talks with Kate Trower and others about Redwood Pride and the upcoming parade/march in Arcata on September 24th.By (Geraldine Goldberg).
Mexico was the first country in the world to develop and implement an earthquake early warning system. Within seconds of the recent 8.1 quake in southern Mexico, the temblor's location and magnitude were calculated and alerts were sent to neighboring communities. Geologist Lori Dengler talks about the importance of this effective early warning ...…
The goal of an evacuation is to get people out of harm's way... It's hard to leave the comfort of our homes in an emergency. But when the call to evacuate comes, what will you do? Geologist Lori Dengler encourages heeding evacuation notices.By (Jessica Eden).
Ben Brown, Curator from the Clarke Historical Museum spoke to the KHSU Magazine to announce the Opera Alley Block Party during Arts Alive! in Eureka on Saturday, September 2nd from 6-9 p.m. E Street will be closed off between 2nd and 3rd to host art and food and music, this is a fundraiser for the museum!!…
“Apparently bacteria jump on board right away,” says comedian, writer and podcast host Paula Poundstone in a conversation with Magazine Host, Claire Reynolds. She is referring to a segment in her book “ The Totally Unscientific Study of the Search for Human Happiness ” and some of the experiments she just had do try out . CenterArts is presenti ...…
Do we learn from mistakes or simply dwell on having made mistakes? California State University Presidents recently read the book, Mindset, by Carol S. Dweck. As HSU's Dr. Rossbacher explains, the book focuses on fulfilling our potential and how each of us can choose a growth mindset or a fixed mindset.…
We all know phony stories abound on social media. When it comes to geologic occurrences, Dr. Lori Dengler says be careful when fantastical stories catch your eye - fact check with trusted sources like USGS - and don't share unverified stories.By (Jessica Eden).
Geologist Lori Dengler discusses the rare total solar eclipse. Seismologists have long studied the moon and sun's influences on our planet and determine that this special alignment does not trigger earthquakes. Gravitationally speaking , the eclipse is nothing special.By (Jessica Eden).
Current digital networks and analytical techniques have vastly improved our understanding of earthquakes. Data is processed within minutes of a temblor... Geologist Lori Dengler reckons these initial estimates are "pretty darn good."By (Jessica Eden).
Dr. Jen Maguire, HSU Assistant Professor of Social Work spoke to Danielle Orr on the KHSU Magazine about the local screening of the documentary film, Locally Grown; America's Food Revolution August 19, 2017 in the Native Forum at 4p.m. on the HSU campus. The film showcases local farmers and food producers http://www.locallygrownthefilm…
Mary Harper and Solomon Everta from Classics Now discuss Charles Kingley’s The Water Babies- A Fairy Tale for a Land Baby where young Tom becomes a water baby and goes on a journey to learn about kindness.By (Katie Whiteside).
Thursday Night Talk from KHSU
On this Thursday Night Talk on KHSU , host Kevin Hoover of the Mad River Union will discuss the film, " Locally Grown, America's Food Revolution " with local food activist and Co-Executive Producer Suzanne Simpson, Humboldt State Associate Professor of Communication Dr. Joshua Frye, HSU Assistant Professor of Social Work Jen Maguire.…
On this segment of Shaky Ground, Geologist Lori Dengler takes on the word epicenter . Depending on magnitude, the "dot on the map" may or may not be an accurate representation of the seismic waves of a given earthquake.By (Jessica Eden).
On this episode of Campus Connections , HSU President Lisa Rossbacher highlights the upcoming solar eclipse. Dr. Rossbacher recalls experiencing this amazing event in years past -- and finds possibilities for optimism and hope.By (KHSU - Humboldt State University).
KHSU's Lorna Bryant, Peter Fretwell and Jessica Eden discuss the Voice of Diversity Initiative. This program initiative will include oral history and storytelling about the experiences of the diverse residents of the North Coast, based on the belief that human stories build bridges.By (Jessica Eden).
Thursday Night Talk from KHSU
It has been said that the richest class in America is the only class conscious class. Where are the unions? Have progressive movements abandoned the working class? Was the Bernie Sanders campaign the last gasp of working class politics? Join Eric Kirk to discuss the future of class politics.By (Geraldine Goldberg).
Earthquakes occur on faults and fault ruptures many miles beneath the surface. Dr. Lori Dengler says we needn't worry about storms and surface water affecting our seismic reality.By (Jessica Eden).
HSU President Lisa Rossbacher remembers the tragedy of the Kent State student protest of 1970 -- and considers more recent protests on college campuses across the country. Dr. Rossbacher concludes, "The right to dissent is fundamentally important."By (KHSU - Humboldt State University).
A humpback whale was recently freed from entanglement in fishing gear off of Crescent City's shore. HSU President Lisa Rossbacher celebrates the collaborative effort to save the whale's life.By (KHSU - Humboldt State University).
Small earthquakes really don't do much for stress release - but they do facilitate healthy discussions about preparedness. Dr. Lori Dengler shares some logarithmic understanding of the smaller quakes in our region.By (Jessica Eden).
Charmaine Lawson, mother of Josiah Lawson, spoke about her son and his legacy. She's joined by David's cousin Keesha Weaver in the studio and her sister Ameera Acuna on the phone.By (Mike Dronkers).
Thursday Night Talk from KHSU
On Thursday Night Talk, Bruce Pollard, comic book aficionado joins Eric to discuss the social, historical, and cultural significance of mainstream comic books from the 1960s to present.By email| (Geraldine Goldberg).
Dr. Cheryl Johnson - the newly appointed executive director of The Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (ODEI) at Humboldt State University, spoke with KHSU about her new job and the road ahead.By (Lorna Bryant).
Diversity training speaker Jessica Pettitt stopped by the KHSU studios to talk about her newly released book, Good Enough Now . Jessica uses humor to ease individuals "down the path to understanding they are good enough to make the changes they seek." Jessica Pettitt will host a book signing Friday, July 14, 2017 at Northtown Books in Arcata. L ...…
Ian Scarfe, Founder and Director of the Trinity Alps Chamber Music Festival speaks to Danielle Orr on the KHSU Magazine about the seventh annual summer concert series this year at the Morris Graves Museum of Art. Featured music this year will be an exciting combination of classical and romantic masterpieces, as well as brilliant contemporary works.…
Thursday Night Talk from KHSU
Linda Stansberry pulled out her childhood journal recently and found her younger self taking life too seriously. For her final show with Thursday Night Talk, Stansberry gathers some of the brightest people in her life to ask the question, “What Advice Would You Give Your Younger Self?” She's joined by Jamie Carroll, Susan Seaman, Troy Williams, ...…
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