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What if you could get a 'greatest hits' version of college lectures? My Favorite Lecture features remarkable talks from Humboldt State University educators, delivered before a live audience in Arcata, California. My Favorite Lecture is a collaboration between Humboldt State University, KHSU, and Arcata Main Street. Subscribe to the podcast via iTunes:
KHSU Magazine
Selected interviews from KHSU's weekday newsmagazine about the Redwood Coast.
A short feature series hosted by Humboldt State University President, Lisa Rossbacher. Dr. Rossbacher highlights campus activities, students, staff and faculty - as well as discussion on the political, financial and social landscape of the CSU system.
Mary and Solomon, from the Northcoast Book Discussion Group, explore literary classics and their relevance to present day.
From tsunami readiness to the tectonic drama playing out beneath our feet, Shaky Ground examines life in earthquake country.
Thursday Night Talk is a call-in talk show on KHSU every Thursday night at 7 PST. Hosted by Brenda Starr, Eric Kirk, Linda Stansberry, and Lorna Bryant.
EcoNews Report
Timely interviews on environmental issues that matter most on the North Coast and our bioregion, along with news and information on upcoming meetings, hikes and events. Presented by the Northcoast Environmental Center, publisher of our bioregion's environmental newspaper, EcoNews. The EcoNews Report features a rotating cast of representatives from our member groups.
Food For Thought
Explore modern food culture focusing on eating local and sustainably produced foods, and food traditions that bring family, friends, and communities together. Interviews with food growers, producers, chefs, food banks, nutritionists, philosophers and consumers on how our food is produced and consumed – give our food a face and a voice, helping us to make more thoughtful and wise choices about this important fuel for our body and soul. KHSU-FM 90.5/KHSR-FM 91.9 Humboldt State University, Arca ...
Ann Diver-Stamnes and Pam Brown retired from teaching careers at Humboldt State University and started having conversations about life transitions, identity, and aging. The conversations enriched their lives. The show explores a wide range of topics with a diverse mix of guests including authors, artists, activists, and community members. The program aired for 4 years on KHSU, wrapping up in 2018. You can still enjoy episodes here at
A poetry program that features a variety of poets reading their own material, discussions of poetry process and sharing of poetry from the past. Produced by Tim Ayres on public radio KHSU-FM 90.5/KHSR-FM 91.9 Humboldt State University, Arcata, North Coast of California.
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The Kinetic Grand Championship runs its 50th race Memorial Day weekend 2018. The event's fun and fabulous Pageantry Competition will be on it's own day, Friday May 25th from 6 to 10 p.m at the Arcata Community Center. Kati Texas, 2008 Rutabaga Queen and Kinetic Universe member talks with David Reed about the reason for the additional day's even ...…
Native women aged 25 - 55 are the station's target audience because "nothing gets started or stopped without them." KIDE FM Hoopa Tribal Radio Station Manager, Joe Orozco talks about the importance of Tribally owned and operated community radio in remote, rural areas and the ways in which Hupa culture is cultivated through the station.…
Shakespeare’s Richard II explores the changing nature of kingship in England, and contrasts the poetic but ineffectual Richard with the Machiavellian Bolingbroke, who deposes him to become Henry IV. Join Solomon and Mary for some beautiful Shakespearian poetry about the downfall of a king.By (Lorna Bryant).
Shakespeare’s Richard II explores the changing nature of kingship in England, and contrasts the poetic but ineffectual Richard with the Machiavellian Bolingbroke, who deposes him to become Henry IV. Join Solomon and Mary for some beautiful Shakespearian poetry about the downfall of a king.By (Lorna Bryant).
Marlon Sherman discusses topics from treaty law, Tribal law and his philosophy of Cooperative Autonomy. Marlon Sherman is a Professor & Department Chair in the HSU Native American Studies Department, specializing in indigenous and tribal law, justice, peacemaking, governance, environment, resource use, culture, history and philosophy.…
The next earthquake is likely to happen when you least expect it. Relatively infrequent events are hard to plan for. Geologist Lori Dengler advises making preparedness a high priority. Make a habit of checking up on your supplies of water, food, batteries and medical supplies.By (Jessica Eden).
Eric Kirk hosts a discussion of opioid use in Humboldt County, as well as concerns surrounding a recent New York Times article that spotlights local addiction issues. Guests include Brandie Wilson of Humboldt Area Center for Harm Reduction and Dr. Bill Hunter of Open Door Community Health Centers. Subscribe to the Thursday Night Talk podcast .…
Following the devastating 2011 earthquake and tsunami in northeast Japan, a small boat belonging to Takata High School in Rikuzentakata was swept out to sea. It reached the shores of Crescent City two years later. Del Norte High School students cleaned the boat and returned it to Takata High School. That was the start of a relationship between ...…
Master food preserver and KHSU's Food For Thought Host, Jennifer Bell talks about the benefits of learning to can local fruits and vegetables and of updating family recipes. She also reveals her secret technique in the care and feeding of a sourdough starter.By (Claire Reynolds).
The Arcata Playhouse presents A Woman's Place is in Her Home . " You know there is mental illness and then there is mental injury. There is the trauma that makes people get PTSD and makes them have difficult and hard times in social situations," explains storyteller Ali Freedlund in her conversation with a homeless woman.…
Dr. Frank Kanawha Lake tells KHSU that "reinstating traditional burning regimes today benefits not only the tribes and those ecosystems, but also the larger society and the public."By (Claire Reynolds).
Chuck Rogers joins Eric Kirk to discuss the latest in national politics including the Cohen raids, potential talks with North Korea, the President blocking his own cabinet's effort to sanction Russia, as well as the anticipated blue wave in November's election including a potentially earth-shaking Senate race upset in Texas.…
Humboldt State University president Lisa Rossbacher discusses next year's budget. With so many unknowns around state legislator and governor decision making, one thing we can applaud is the decision to maintain tuition rates at current levels . There will be no tuition increase for this coming academic year.…
How will we know a tsunami may be coming? Other than feeling the ground shake, we rely on tsunami warning centers to alert us about potential risk. Dr. Lori Dengler explains the process for accessing and communicating a tsunami hazard.By (Jessica Eden).
When an earthquake happens, responding appropriately and efficiently will save lives.By (Jessica Eden).
Abby Wutzler, from Wellington New Zealand, was vacationing in Samoa on September 29, 2009 when she noticed the ocean was withdrawing. She had also been taught about the natural warning signs of a tsunami in school and ran up and down the beach yelling that a tsunami was coming. Many tourists credit Abby’s warning with saving their lives.…
Moisés Molina was on duty in the Chilean coastal resort town of Iloca when the ground started shaking in the early morning hours of February 27, 2011. He was not from the coast but he had seen the tsunami evacuation signs posted in the town and when he saw the ocean change character, he realized it was time to evacuate. He coordinated his polic ...…
Dr. Lori Dengler takes on the mistaken term "tidal wave" when referring to a tsunami.By (Jessica Eden).
Dr. Lori Dengler gives us a primer for the science of tectonics.By (Jessica Eden).
Aveao Faausu Fonoti, Mayor of Amanave, shows the bullhorn he used on the morning of September 29, 2009 to notify the residents of his village in American Samoa. He had attended a workshop sponsored by the Samoan Affairs Office for mayors about tsunamis only a few weeks beforehand and remembered that ground shaking was a natural warning. He ran ...…
Redwood Jazz Alliance is bringing Cuban-born jazz musician Fabian Almazan to the HSU campus on March 6th. Humboldt State music lecturer Dan Aldag spoke with Fabian via phone from New York to discuss the upcoming performance. "...Like roots seeking water, the music of Fabian Almazan ventures beyond the jazz club and the concert hall and into the ...…
The 2018 California Democrats State Convention in San Diego last week gave delegates an opportunity to ratify candidate endorsements, endorse candidates for statewide office ... define the progressive agenda for America, and remain the Big Blue Beacon of Hope.By (Geraldine Goldberg).
On December 26, 2004, Tilly Smith was on vacation in Thailand with her family. Thanks to her school lessons, Tilly helped save many lives by recognizing the signs of an oncoming tsunami.By (Jessica Eden).
The deadliest earthquake of 2017 took place along the Iran-Iraq border earlier this month. Geologist Lori Dengler discusses the tectonics - and politics - of the region.By (Jessica Eden).
The California Earthquake Alliance has developed seven steps for earthquake safety. "Step 7" is to reconnect and restore . The first weeks after a big earthquake or other disaster is a time of transition. Once you've met the needs of family, Geologist Lori Dengler discusses moving toward returning to routines. Check out Living On Shaky Ground f ...…
The California Earthquake Alliance has developed seven steps for earthquake safety. "Step 6" is to assess the situation and take necessary action. Geologist Lori Dengler shares recommendations for what to do following a temblor. Check out Living On Shaky Ground for more information.By (Jessica Eden).
The California Earthquake Alliance has developed seven steps for earthquake safety. "Step 5" is drop, cover and hold on. Then, start counting... Geologist Lori Dengler shares recommendations for what to do when the ground is shaking. Check out Living On Shaky Ground for more information.By (Jessica Eden).
Do we learn from mistakes or simply dwell on having made mistakes? California State University Presidents recently read the book, Mindset, by Carol S. Dweck. As HSU's Dr. Rossbacher explains, the book focuses on fulfilling our potential and how each of us can choose a growth mindset or a fixed mindset.…
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