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Kind World
Kind World is a show about compassion from WBUR. Through stories big and small, we explore the effect one act can have on a life, to better understand each other and ourselves.
Body Kindness
This is not a weight loss show. This is about redefining what it means to pursue health, where your well-being matters more than your weight. When you practice Body Kindness®, you create a more satisfying life by being good to yourself. Learn how self-compassion and acceptance help you cultivate a “caregiver” voice and quiet the “inner critic”. Rebecca Scritchfield and her guests have interesting conversations about the cultural influences that keep you stuck in “diet prison” and how to brea ...
The Mindful Kind
The Mindful Kind, hosted by Rachael Kable, shares exciting insights into mindfulness journeys and provides listeners with simple and effective practices to incorporate into their own lives.
The Kind Rewind
Travis and Teresa McElroy watch and review some of their favorite movies and tv shows and report back to you! Do they hold up? Would someone who's never seen them enjoy them? What is going to become your new old favorite? Check in with The Kind Rewind and find out!
Just have a kid and you're overwhelmed? Mary and Blake are too. They're parents who have no idea what they're doing, and they're asking the experts on all things baby. It's an entirely "judgement free zone," where we can laugh at each other's stories of success and failure. Mary and Blake discuss their whines of the week, wins of the week, and also give their Parent Pick of the week. But this show is nothing without it's listeners - so there is as much listener feedback as humanly possible. ...
Mother and daughter True Crime podcast. Come for the stories, stay for the accents. Covering lesser known cases with banter thrown in.
Jono Fisher hosts inspiring conversations with remarkable people. The highs, the lows and what fuels a kind and courageous life. Be inspired as we dig deep into what matters most with best-selling authors, artists, scientists, celebrities, business leaders and wisdom teachers.
MP3 Audio Teaching by Andrew Wommack.
From the darkest alley to your own front yard. From the future of medical science to old-fashioned vampires and werewolves. All Kinds Of Things Kill. Nine stories of horror and fear from Robert R. Best. What will kill you?
MP3 Audio Teaching by Andrew Wommack.
Kinds of Cooking
A podcast wherein two guys pick a weekly ingredient and cook with it.
Kind Mind
Psychological insights from art, science and spirituality for personal balance and widening our circle of compassion to embrace all life including our own. Learn more at
Every wondered if life as a homesteader is all it's cracked up to be? Ever wish someone would just sit down and tell you all about it? Hi, I'm Amy Dingmann from, and life on our 5-acre Minnesota homestead keeps me busy. Come hang out with me while I share a real and hilariously truthful look at what it's really like to live a farmish kind of life.
Each week Calder Prescott hosts My Kind of Jazz, a selection of his favourite Jazz numbers from 10am every Thursday, replayed Sundays from 1pm on OAR FM Dunedin.
MP3 Audio Teaching by Andrew Wommack.
Host Stephanie Dawn Elizabeth, Certified Inner Kindness Coach + Mentor for Girls, is determined to change the way the world views girls and girls view the world. The Girl Kind Podcast is dedicated to inner kindness, self-acceptance, and all things meaningful living. Weekly episodes bring you fresh ideas, helpful, practical and empowering tips/tools, tons of storytelling and ever-inspiring interviews. Creating community and impacting massive change.
Welcome to the Daily Kindness Note Podcast! DKN uplifts those who desire an extra boost of human kindness by sending you a short daily email filled with love, kindness, and inspiration. In these podcasts, we’ll be hand-picking the best DKN’s and going a little bit more in-depth to inspire you and improve your daily life. Remember to visit to learn more & sign up and remember to subscribe on iTunes :)
Each week we bring you a series of personal and values-based interviews with scientists from all fields. Our hope with this podcast is to give listeners the chance to meet the scientists behind the science.
Welcome to our podcast called Kind " where you get a little bit of all the right ingriendients to spoon in on Something we all need Gardening Food,
Kindness Network is a show dedicated to increasing the level of kindness awareness.To be a member of Kindness Network, all you have to do is to perform at least one act of kindness every day. Callers to my show share their kindness experiences (giving or receiving) creating a "kindness consciousness" that can truly change the world.Be kind, and call. - Mark Turner
Kind Soundwaves
This is a conversation-style show, where I talk to interesting people with interesting things to say, or interesting things that they do. I'm nobody special. Just a regular guy.
Elise Moore and David Fiore aspire to cover every time travel film ever made (in this continuum, at least). Together, we'll dive deeply and dialogically into this eternally compelling genre. Our discussions will draw from philosophy, psychology, anthropology, history, narratology, and aesthetic theory. We'll even try to wrap our minds around the physics, when the films demand it. It's an ode to paramours and paradox by two people who really give a flux. But wait! There's more! This is also t ...
Some Kind Of Show
Between 1 and 3 narcissistic assholes that firmly believe their inane banter and pedantic musings are of such a quality the rest of the world can only benefit from listening.
Two of a Kind
A weekly phone call between two bicoastal BFFs who discuss pop culture news & all your favorite childhood movies! Hosted by Krystal & Stacy.
That Kind of Girl
An American, a Canadian, and an Irish woman walk into a living room, hit record, and start talking about all the things "nice girls" are not supposed to say in polite conversation. We're not nice girls, we're That Kind of Girl, and it's time we stopped sealing our lips.Hey! It's Caitlin Cook (the American one), Niki Davis (the Canadian one), and Róisín Nic Ghearailt (the Irish one). We're your hosts of That Kind of Girl, the anti-shaming podcast where we openly discuss that which is still ta ...
Some Kind Of Magic is a podcast that seeks to understand and embrace the magical in the mundane, everyday moments of life. Conversations will center around gratitude, mindfulness, creativity, meditation, intuition, spirituality, living in alignment, finding your purpose, and the bigger picture of wellness. For more information and show notes, visit
Home of the Be Kind and Rewind Podcast talking everything that is nostalgic about the 80s, 90s and more! Part of the Poop Culture Extended Universe!
Three comedian friends brought together by their obsession with the show The West Wing discuss mostly everything else.
London-based 'evil' duo Marco Gee and Adam Watts joined forces officially in 2015 after working for years together on events in London's club scene. Marco and Adam, originally from Italy and Australia respectively, realised their passion and taste in house music was in sync and in 2014 they started duelling back-to-back at their afterhour party ‘UNCHILL’. They became inseparable at the decks, wowing their followers week in week out with their signature blend of deep house, tech house and cut ...
Kind Savage
Podcast by Niki G
Kindly Podcast
Amber Bemis interviews experts in the field who will teach us how to infuse mindful practice into our everyday lives.
A bi-weekly podcast with a different friend every week. We will talk about current events, funny stories about ourselves, odd news, movies, and a little bit of everything.
Please, Kindly
Home to the Please, Kindly Podcast, hosted by your favorite feminists-of-faith killjoys, Chelsea & Stephanie. Get your links here for all the week’s news & nonsense shared on the pod -- and please, kindly leave a question or two.
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Podcast by SKoST
Follow Your Kind
Conversations with heroes of plant-based nutrition, activism, conscious capitalism, self-discovery and passion hosted by Krystyna R. - an Atlanta resident with a mission to build a community around kindness and healthy living.
Ashley Lauren from the blog will highlight last week’s kind, feel good, funny and inspirational news stories as proof to you that last week truly didn’t suck. Ashley's witty and lively interviews, storytelling and charming insights and rants will shed new light on all the Kind and Badass Sh*t happening in the media, our communities, and all over the world. Too often people confuse kindness with being a weakness. And that sucks! Not only is it strength, it's also badass. It has ...
Acts of Kindness
Reminding everyone of all the good in the world.
The One You Feed
"This podcast saved my life"- Amy W Conversations about Creating a Life Worth Living- Named Best of 2014 by iTunes. Open minded discussions of habits, meditation, wisdom, depression, anxiety, happiness, psychology, philosophy, and motivation.
Podcast by Shefali Desai
Be Kind Replay
Be Kind Replay is a bi-weekly podcast focused on the video game industry with a special look at small game studios. Hosted by Nick and Kaitlin, you're in for a wild ride. *Enjoyment not guaranteed
My Kind of Mann
A podcast about the services and staff at Cornell's Albert R. Mann Library.
One Kind Radio
Your Source For Independent Music
Be Kind, Rewind
Welcome to Be Kind, Rewind a podcast featuring movie fanatics Alexander Volz and Jonathan Eiger, we review the latest films out in theaters. We don’t take ourselves too seriously, but we love doing this. Join us, as we bring on guest to discuss our top films, movie news, technology and even video games.
Some Kind Of Podcast
The podcast of choice if you want to listen to 3 men talk everything from apples to zebras. We'll try to keep you entertained...who knows you may even laugh.
Animal Heroes is a podcast of feel-good short stories and interviews about Loving Life with Animals. Laurel Herman, inspired by her experiences meeting people through her own service dog, has recorded countless conversations with strangers about the power of the human-animal bond. Kids and adults - strangers no longer - share surprising glimpses into their lives. Laurel founded AnimalHero and AnimalHero Kids in 2005 to celebrate people who help animals, and animals who help people. All Anima ...
Last of Your Kind
Musician, songwriter, producer and renaissance man Ed Harcourt chats to his heroes, collaborators and eloquent friends about everything from war, songs, and empathy to cocktail recipes.
Funny Kind of Sad
!WARNING!All tracks untitled. Music without concepts. No genre, all genres. Only emotions allowed. Slow listening. Eyes closed are recommended. Enjoy without prejudice. Free download on iTunes.
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Honestly? Not one of our best. Matt took the idea of “leaders” and wound up with a whole ton of Canadiana arcana, including a fight song for John Diefenbaker, and some Nixon on piano stuff. Marisa kind of abandoned the idea and found some songs about mean bosses. Well, they can’t all be winners. The playlist is here: ...…
The sports world went wild earlier this week as the news of Sports betting becoming legal caused a variety of emotions. What kind of impact with this have in a positive or negative way to the games we love so dearly? Well the fellas are joined by Mario Falsetti a lawyer and friend of the show based in Milwaukee to help us all make sense of what ...…
Thanks for listening TheGeekCentre Podcast is co-produced as a part of the Podmage Production Team. | A different kind of casting
Tez appears in the city of Cairn, a bit........ behind the times. He talks with a familliar old wizard, and attempts to teach a minotaur about style and geography. That word you're using, I don't think it means what you think it means. We have launched a Patreon! To check out the tiers and help us grow click here to pledge! We're growing on Twi ...…
There are all kinds of cute, trite, and even "right-sounding" phrases out there, which people genuinely believe are either A) In the Bible, or B) Things God would agree with. Unfortunately, they aren't either of those things and, often, do more harm than good. When we, or someone else, loses a loved one ir friend to death, it might be best if w ...…
Podcast highlights: 09:35 How do Asian startups go on the "pitch" side of things? The Valley does very well on the story side. In Asia, there is an overemphasis on technology and not so much in the story but this has changed dramatically over the past year 17:05 Coming from "Motor City" Detroit, Michigan, Kyle touches on the innovations in the ...…
People like to feel bad. Let them. Don't let them pull you into their story. You can be kind and respectful but you don't have to buy what they are selling.
Jeff Ritter is a local hero that aims to inspire the world through kindness. He does that through his nonprofit organization, Jeffros Heroes, a Non-Profit organization that inspires kids in the hospital who are sick and have terminal illness by bringing hope and happiness to those kids and their parents. He uses the power and positivity of supe ...…
At the tender age of 6 years old, I began playing all kinds of sports, from Tae Kwon Do to Rugby. Following my self made philosophy "Breaking Up With The Old You". I was able to become a 2x Rugby Collegiate All American at only 23 years of age. Being a first generation college graduate from Florida International University, earning a bachelors ...…
Your Austin Music Minute maven is often asked how the saying “Don’t behave,” life’s golden anti-rule and the closing quip of DJ El Gee’s weekday afternoon show, came about. Well, you’ll read it here first: The White Ghost Shivers were a huge inspiration behind it. There are delightfully huge portions of double entendre going on in many of the S ...…
The beard does not make the man and Metallica does not make good music. Stephen A. Smith also stops by to discuss all the different kinds of sports.
Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms wants to give city police officers one-time, $1,000 bonuses. The mayor’s office didn’t respond to WABE’s request for comment about the bonuses, but at a city council committee meeting last month, Human Resources Commissioner Sherri Dickerson pointed out the 17 percent vacancy rate in the department. “Being a p ...…
John Foster is a world-renowned designer, author and speaker on design issues. His work has been published in numerous books and every major industry magazine, hangs in galleries across the globe and is part of the permanent collection of the Smithsonian. He is the proud recipient of a gold medal from the Art Directors Club. He is an internatio ...…
While the city outside doesn’t exactly disappear inside Oakland Cemetery’s gates, the traffic and the trains running by do take on a more muted tone among the mausoleums and monuments. That’s where Oshun Layne, a New York-based artist is guest curating for the “Golden Hour,” being presented by the Arts at Oakland and Dashboard US. Arts at Oakla ...…
Really Bad Neighbors - Legal Expert Loretta Powers. MS3 Gang Members are Animals according to Trump. Pelosi kind of likes them. Real or Fake!
Welcome back everyone to another week of VYPE Locker Talk Radio Im Todd James and this episode is packed with all kinds of news hitting the Houston high school sports scene. In the first segment VYPE Editor in Chief Josh Koch brings in VYPE sportswriters Ashton Jeanlewis of Fort Bend and Edward McFarland Jr. of Houston ISD. Josh, Ashton, and Ed ...…
On this episode Anthony and Drew sit down with their long time friend and very gay married lesbian Denise to talk about all kinds of gay stuff, paintballin' in the hood, how liberal is too liberal, and as always have some fun with headlines. Check us out on the Gram @iamanthonyportillo & @podcastasshole…
There are all kinds of cute, trite, and even "right-sounding" phrases out there, which people genuinely believe are either A) In the Bible, or B) Things God would agree with. Unfortunately, they aren't either of those things and, often, do more harm than good. When we, or someone else, loses a loved one ir friend to death, it might be best if w ...…
7th Sunday of Easter Year B The Gospel reading you just heard is part of what is commonly called Jesus’ high priestly prayer, toward the end of a much longer passage where Jesus is speaking to his disciples at the Last Supper. Immediately after Jesus concludes this prayer for his disciples, he will travel to the Garden of Gethsemane where he wi ...…
This is Booyakka, a book podcast, but not like the kind you’re used to! Hosted by John Townsend!Find me on social media:Twitter: the Booyakka podcast:Anchor: Feed: http://f ...…
The Awareness Show is about becoming aware of and being informed about the causes of different kinds of syndromes that are out there. I will also be playing music from classics to current hits. I am here to promote awareness and causes that are important to people in everyday life.
Join host Allison Elkow-Lazicky as she talks with Meredith Sullivan Benton about tragically losing her husband, Jim shortly after adopting their daughter, Addy. Meredith talks about the strength she drew from the support of co-workers and leaders at a job that she had just started. She discusses the specific leadership traits of Jim as a teache ...…
Join host Allison Elkow-Lazicky as she talks with Meredith Sullivan Benton about tragically losing her husband, Jim shortly after adopting their daughter, Addy. Meredith talks about the strength she drew from the support of co-workers and leaders at a job that she had just started. She discusses the specific leadership traits of Jim as a teache ...…
Henry and John are stoked for this, the penultimate episode of Zero Credit(s), if you follow John’s definition of penultimate (almost 100). The internet’s been abuzz with yet another This or That scandal/debate and we want to know what you hear? Are you a superintelligent person of supreme taste who hears Laurel? Or do you hear something else a ...…
In our second episode of this Vennie Connect series, founder of Venerable Women and podcast host Dawn Morningstar shares a guided meditation inspired by and channeled from the Divine Feminine Collective. Dawn interviews lifelong Minnesotan and Venerable Women Luminary Leader in training, Patricia Beck. Paige Severson shares from Tanaaz Chubb, c ...…
The application period for the $5M startup competition is underway. In this episode of the Latitude podcast, we answer all your questions, talk about the right kind of startups for the competition and why Nate's Nacho Stand probably wouldn't win the million dollar award. Peter Burakowski, 43North's VP of Marketing, Organizational Strategy and H ...…
This episode talks about the very real issue of abuse and domestic violence as wells its impact on those that are the victims or in an environment where abuse of any kind is present. With insight from victims as well as non victims we take a look at and a listen to how some of these events played out, how its changed us or those we know and wha ...…
After a cinematic flight of fancy, Patch gets back down to then nitty-gritty of finding your bliss - specifically, he talks about how the process literally MAKES YOU LIKE GOD. Not in a Jim Carey making Jennifer Aniston's boobs bigger kind of way, but in a real genuine, creating order our of chaos kind of way. Check it out!…
Happy Friday! Today Ben and Joel have a bit more structure thought the conversation is still far reaching. What kind of taco would you be? That led to recounting first impressions. Then we headed into favorite watches and listens which took Ben to a dark place on so called super hero movies (not that great). Then they finish up with Joel workig ...…
On this weeks episode I am joined by local craft beverage journalist and fan, Nick Britsky of He schools me on spirits and the different kind of mixers that can be used to make a craft cocktail. We also discuss his journey in the craft beverage industry along with his podcast Heard Podcast. ...…
We know a millennial who doesn't think the world is owed to her and got #1 score in the nation. What a surprise!Pregnancy and placentas. Stories from residency and new age treats.Song of the Week - The Firm - Radioactive Concierge medicine specialists tackle everything from Obamacare to Breaking Bad in this one-of-a-kind podcast. The most liste ...…
Constant comparison and constant competition can easily question ones own identity, it can even lead to wanting to be someone else. Listen to James’ story and what happens when the competitive nature of an industry take over is personal life. Could ‘likes’ and ‘followers become a new kind of currency in our society? Or is this already happening ...…
Legendary musician Steve Hackett joins us for this lengthy interview upon completion of his North and South America tour, which mixed songs from his vast solo repertoire with selections from Genesis’ history. Steve continues to create new music at a steady pace, releasing studio and live albums to much acclaim and success. He just released the ...…
Anchor lead: Activated immune cells throughout the body are important in multiple sclerosis, Elizabeth Tracey reportsWhat exactly goes awry in the immune system that results in multiple sclerosis? Recent research by Michael Kornberg, a research fellow and neurologist at Johns Hopkins, and colleagues, demonstrates that immune cells utilize a pat ...…
Anchor lead: Could keeping the immune system under control be as simple as managing your diet? Elizabeth Tracey reportsImmune cells involved in multiple sclerosis rely on sugar to activate them, recent research by Michael Kornberg, a research fellow and neurologist at Johns Hopkins, and colleagues, has shown. The common MS drug dimethylfumarate ...…
Anchor lead: Finding out how a specific drug for multiple sclerosis works may help in the development of more effective therapies, Elizabeth Tracey reportsDid you know that your immune system function and your diet may be linked? That’s one finding of a recent study by Michael Kornberg, a research fellow and neurologist at Johns Hopkins, and co ...…
In this week's MASSIVE episode (it kind of got away from us...) Bubba catches up with longtime friend and Founder/Ministry Leader of the Back Row Baptist. If you're an avid listener of the BRB Podcast, you've heard the first part, already. Go ahead and skip to 35:45 for our interview with Matt Coker about why he makes games and the barriers he ...…
Nat's been taken hostage by the Spanish Inquisition, so it's down to Alex & Sarah to try feel the empty void that Nat's left due to lacking in gobshite talk in this episode.Frank Turner / Be More Kind 7:00Parkway Drive / Reverence 25:50
This week Scotty is back from The Star Wars Destiny World Championships, JD and Scotty talk Solo, and wonder what kind of rules breaker Han is. They talk Destiny and X-wing 2.0 and a lot more. Plus we find out JD is scared of ET! All this in one action packed episode. Follow us @pezzyfett @scottywhite…
Murielle Fellouse, founder of Date Like A French Woman Podcast joins us as a Conscious Dating,Relationship and Self Love Coach. We discuss how one has to shift the brain and energy level to make emotional and energetic space for the love and richness you really want in your life. Murielle shines the light on the emotional vampires and what we m ...…
The AFA Podcast is back with our longawaited 100th episode For this special episode we wanted to do something different and asked our twitter followers to vote on which film we would discuss The winner was Katsuhiro Otomos classic AKIRA which celebrates its 30th anniversary this year The team this time joined by AFA writer and artist Ali Cat Ha ...…
False, mistaken, and assumed identities abound and keep Christopher and Lydia busy in this romantic comedy! Promo: Geek Radio Daily ( Visit our TeePublic store! (
This week’s guest is James Powell, the writer of House of Fear, an all-ages horror anthology comic. There are three issues of House of Fear out now, each dealing with different horrors, including Lovecraftian creatures, haunted houses, and...snowmen. I assure you, they’re all pretty creepy, although not scary enough to give your kid nightmares. ...…
Patricia Gray is an animal music researcher, working with all kinds of creatures (humans, whales, songbirds, bonobos, even coral reefs) to understand what functions pitch and rhythm have in animal communication, how the sound of our living planet is actually a symphony of hidden meaning, and how to improve our lives by embracing the innate musi ...…
Hvordan håndteret man en krise, som ellers skubber de fleste fra hinanden? Hvordan plejer man kærligheden, og hvordan er man en god kæreste, samtidig med at man tager sig af sig selv og sin sorg? Den her episode handler om Trine & Christoffer, og den handler om kærligheden. Trine mistede sin far til et hårdt sygdomsforløb kun et år efter at hen ...…
In this episode we talk about making major transitions in your life and how to do it in a healthy way that feels good. It's kind of a rant and is very raw and unedited! It was a direct response to people's feedback on travel fears and feeling stuck in their jobs.
The Geeks return like the phoenix from... well, from her vacation to Universal Studios! Tonight we talk more Charmed than five grown men really should, digest some new info on the Lord of the Rings TV series, and discuss all the new happenings of TV week. There are two kinds of people in this world, those that will never allow a robot dog in th ...…
Ronnie and Tom are back in the studio to talk about Mary Jane helping marriages, their respective close encounters of the third kind, and Tom’s midlife crisis. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ModratsInstagram: Facebook: https://w ...…
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