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Boss Game Radio
Dyce The P gives dating advice based on his book BOSS GAME THe Science of Seduction.
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Dyce The P just celebrated his Birthday and he just reflects on his 20's.
King Kong Decoded by Dyce The P Twitter @DycePs
1.Practice Perseverance. 2.Practice Makes Perfect. 3.Be prepared to take a risk from time to time. 4.Be the center of attention. 5.Be masculine.
Dyce The P and Scoop Lo invade Fuse TV top 20 count down plus more shenanigans bossgamethebook. We discuss the daily news for 11/21/13 and really give the GAME a boast.
Im dedicating this to one of my favorite reality tv stars!!! @vh1caviar #bossgamethebook
Knowing your proper status is fundamental in resolving the issue of low self esteem. Learn who you are and what the labels you cling on to really mean.
Boss Game Radio|Live From D.C.
The Control Controversy/O.S.T Forever
Studies say black males are the most attractive on the planet.
Interesting concept on FB
Boss Game 7/24/13. The Return Of Dyce The P.
Warbuck5oxm Presents Maken Mooves
Im going in like it is curfew on alot of "lemon lames", sod busters and various busters. dyce The P re-informs the listeners on what the difference between real and reality are.
Tonight is the Boss Game Tel-A-Thon, Although we appreciate the kind that jiggles we'd rather have the kind that fold.All donations will go to the Dycey's Kids Foundation to benefit Suckers disease.Send donations to
The past that refuses to go away casts its shadow very long into the present and the future. Many of us have had break ups in the past and now desire to go forward . Something destroys every new relationship. What is that? Because if you find that your every new relationship is breaking apart, you will start searching for faults in yourself. Th ...…
The Law of Attraction can be used to ensure that you are always in vibrational harmony with the people you are attracting into your life. If you plot your vibration on a scale that measures from 1-100, with 100 being the highest calibration, you are currently attracting other people into your life that match your score on this scale. In other w ...…
If you do and say certain things in a certain way then women WILL become attracted to you. They can’t help it...
Dyce The P gives Ice T some relationship advice. If you have not heard Tracy is having some trouble keeping his "wife" in order. Go to for FREE dating tips from relationship Guru Dyce The P.
Join for more exclusive content and dating tips by Dyce The P. Purchase Boss Game-Mastering the Science of seduction by clicking here. Today i will continue with the Lesson from yesterday so get your pencils and pens. Make sure you have your workbook available here.
You've finally met a girl you think the world of and you don't want to make any mistakes and lose her before the relationship even has a chance to grow. What things can you avoid in order to give this fledgling relationship a running start?
I am interviewing cassanova the Great from critcally acclaimed hip-hop sensation the Highsley Brothers. we talk about hteir new project and current affairs. Tune In!!!
Todays show will be about anxiety and fear of rejection. Also I'll go over the latest breaking news! To see all the latest stories I will be covering go to Dyce the P is a Certified International dating coach and memeber of IDCA and IFGE. He holds a degree in Business/Technology with a minor in humanities. He has ...…
There are a few things that I have not heard discussed by alot of people in the dating community. Prior to even learning some trite sounding pu lines I think this may change your approach towards picking up woman.
Krieger Capital Limited is a New Zealand-based research, consulting, and financial education firm providing impartial and incisive analysis that enables entrepreneurs and investors to profit from political, economic, and social trends. Although our firm is headquartered in New Zealand, our services are available to individuals and businesses th ...…
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