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James Kirby and Alan Kohler discuss the biggest news in business, finance, and economics, and what it means for investors. Presented in partnership with The Constant Investor. Title music, Blues for Oliver, by Benny Golbin.
Jacked Kirby
Join Jack Kirby fans Mike D & Tommy Lombardozzi as they invite weekly guests to discuss and explore the work and contributions of the comic book industry's greatest creator, with lots of laughs along the way! All hail the King of Comics!
The Kalevala is a 19th-century work of epic poetry compiled by Elias Lönnrot from Karelian and Finnish oral folklore and mythology. It is regarded as the national epic of Karelia and Finland and is one of the most significant works of Finnish literature. The Kalevala played an instrumental role in the development of the Finnish national identity, the intensification of Finland's language strife and the growing sense of nationality that ultimately led to Finland's independence from Russia in ...
Fr. Kirby Longo is a priest of the Diocese of Helena (MT). These are his homilies. God bless you!
DJ Kirby's Podcast
Kirby Speaks
Funny and edgy stories about life that will be sure to make you laugh. Or, really piss you off 😀😉😎
David Kirby
David Kirby
Kirby Church
The weekly recordings of the Sunday sermons at Kirby Church in Flat Rock, Michigan. Lead Pastor Pastor Mike Trimble Associate Pastor Pastor Joe Wilson Worship Pastor Pastor Donald Myers Student Ministries Pastor Michael Hewett
Kirby and Carlson
Longtime Seattle conservative talk show hosts Kirby Wilbur and John Carlson team up to discuss local and national politics, news of the day, and pop culture.
Kirby and Essex
Podcast by Kirby and Essex
Podcast by Kirby
Welcome to Danger Room: The X-men Comics Commentary Podcast! Each week Adam and Jeremy, both X-Men and comic book fans alike, provide a running commentary of an issue of the X-Men comic book. Starting with the legendary September 1963 X-Men #1, every issuesode is chock full of humor, nit-picky goodness, and nerdy love and adoration for the long-running comic book series. Everyone is welcome to listen and comment! Listeners do not need a copy of the issue, or even a passing knowledge of the X ...
The aroma of buttery popcorn, the taste of sweet soda hitting your taste buds, the anticipation building as the previews roll. Cut to black. The title appears. Lights. Camera. Cinema Stories. Cinema Stories with Sam Kirby is a podcast featuring film and television news and reviews. Guests will swing on by as we recall unforgettable cinema experiences. The show celebrates the screens, both big and small, and highlights how they impact our culture. Grab a bucket of popcorn and join me Fridays. ...
Podcast by Podcast by Allison 'Kirby' Falk
Kirby Park Olmsted Loop - Podcast Trail Guide
Kirby Park Short Loop - Podcast Trail Guide
Georgia Bulldogs
Listen to the Georgia Bulldog Roundtable or replays of Coach Kirby Smart's Press Conferences
Join us for some discussion on Nintendo gaming, from Zelda and Mario to Metroid and Kirby!
Each week we discuss all things Nintendo! Be it the 3DS or Wii U, past or present, good or bad.With Matt (The Devil's Advocate), Mike (The Angry Passionate), Eli (The Journalist), and Unoclay (The Retro) we cover topics from many perspectives!YouTube:
Progressive Parenting strives to share information to parents to help them form informed decisions for their families, your host Gena Kirby interviews, Doctors, Nurses, Midwives, Authors and other experts to answer your parenting questions.
Jesus' Outsider
Sometimes it takes an outsider with nothing to lose or gain to say what needs to be said. With a focuses on cultural commentary and sound teaching, the program is designed to handle the tough topics. Everything message and issue is grounded in Scripture and solid research. Sometimes challenging, occasionally humorous, always centered in Jesus.
Conversations about body politics with Lesley Kinzel and Marianne Kirby
Jazz Gumbo
Jazz Gumbo is a fusion of jazz and related musical styles, including soul, rock, r&b, blues...even a little gospel. It's 80% from original vinyl, 70% from the 70's and 80's. Presented by Kirby Obsidian, it is broadcast live every Monday at 6:00 pm EDT, at It comes to you from Regent Park Focus Media Arts Program in Regent Park, Toronto, Canada.
Every week, WTDG breaks down a title, genre, event, idea, or cultural aspect of gaming.
Author interview with Kirby Larson, speaking about her young adult novel, Hattie Big Sky.
Copy This
The Copy This Podcast is hosted by Kirby Ferguson and presented by the Re:Create Coalition, which represents a cross-section of creators, advocates and consumers seeking to promote balanced copyright laws that foster innovation, creativity and economic growth. This monthly podcast series will feature some of the leading authors, policy minds, legal experts, and members of the creative community to take on the important questions and topics driving the copyright debate today.
Each week Blackskullgreymon and guests will entertain you with their "colorful" video game discussion in this unique podcast produced by &
The Boro Podcast
A regular dose of Boro chat, analysis and awful predictions. Listen and subscribe on all of your favourite podcast apps. Hosted by Adam Garnsey with regular guests James Howell and Graham Kirby. Formerly the Middlesbrough Supporters South Podcast.
A weekly Podcast on the Houston Texans and what is happening at NRG Stadium and Kirby Drive. For all the news and updates on the Texans, get in and listen to in-depth podcast.
The Red Zone Sports Report is a LIVE sports talk show on Tuesday evenings during football season at 8:30 PM ET. Join host Chip Lake, with co-hosts Pete Tasca - the Buffalo Bad Boy, Steve Butler - The Savage Burn, Kip Keefer - College Football Guru, and Matt Metcalf - our token Tar Heel, on Tuesday evenings during football season at 8:30 PM ET! We do football and we also have a Kentucky Derby Preview show every year! We have tons of fun, fight like cats and dogs, and leave everything on the t ...
#PaxEx Podcast
Airline passengers are mobile, social and vocal! And airlines know they must keep pace with the demands of these tech-savvy, always connected travelers in order to stay relevant. Hosted by industry expert Mary Kirby and aviation veteran Max Flight, the #PaxEx Podcast takes a studied look at how the airline passenger experience is quickly evolving. Featuring interviews with thought leaders in the space, the #PaxEx Podcast addresses everything from the latest changes to loyalty programs, airpo ...
New Hope Sermons
Pastor Kirby Williams
Pastor Kirby Williams
Benedictine Monks of Perpetual Adoration of the Most Holy Sacrament of the Altar | Stamullen, Co. Meath, Ireland | Very Rev. Mark Daniel Kirby, prior
Join us for some discussion on Nintendo gaming, from Zelda and Mario to Metroid and Kirby!
Pastor Kirby Williams
Your weekly dose of Nintendo NX, Wii U, and 3DS news.
Before Spider-Man, X-Men, or the Incredible Hulk were ever imagined, the Marvel Universe we know today began with Stan Lee and Jack Kirby's first issue of The Fantastic Four, a superhero team made up of the elastic Mister Fantastic, The Invisible Woman, The Human Torch, and The Thing. Marvel's First Family were a new type of superhero that had personal problems as well as super-villains to fight. In print, the comic was an instant hit, but in theaters, the Fantastic Four have a less-than-fan ...
Join Gotti Jr, Kirby Hand and Jason Ruona for the sometimes weekly RC thrill ride!
The Vookcast is Australia's Nintendo Podcast. Join the team for the latest Nintendo news, both local and international. We've got the latest impressions and thoughts on the Nintendo Switch, Wii U, Nintendo 3DS, DS and everything on the eShop. Whether it's Super Mario, Pokemon, The Legend of Zelda, Metroid, Fire Emblem or Kirby we've got it covered. Expect commentary on all big Nintendo issues as well as general gaming chit chat. You might even laugh once or twice, although we don't promise it.
Fatcast is a series of informal conversations about body politics and related subjects, with eminent fat ladies Lesley Kinzel (of and Marianne Kirby (of
Podcast by BRCYeah and Aaron Kirby
Sports Revenue Analytics veteran Troy Kirby interviews the team behind the teams in Front Offices and Athletics Departments throughout the world, revealing an industry of specialists and minds unseen by the local or national media. Examined in this podcast are current or long-standing industry topics; tickets, business, analytics, moneyball, revenue, finance, economy, sales and jobs of the NCAA, NFL, MLB, NBA, and NHL. Also included are topics surrounding third party vendors, sports business ...
Dante Carfagna and Jon Kirby offer color commentary while reaching into the recesses of their respective record collections. Recorded in Dogpatch, Chicago, IL.
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Join Gotti Jr. Jason Ruona and Kirby Hand with special guest Team Associated's Cliff Lett on this episode of the RIPCast Throwback. Recorded on June 28th 2013 PodSafe music by: Pod Summit
Join Gotti Jr, Jason Ruona and Kirby Hand for Episode 171 with special guest Serpents Team Manager Paul Ciccarello PodSafe music by: PodSummit
Join Gotti Jr and Kirby Hand with Special guest Joel 'Magic' Johnson recorderd on April 10th 2012 Podsafe music by: Podsummit
Series: N/A Service: Sun PM Type: Sermon Speaker: Brendon KirbyBy Brendon Kirby.
John Carlson and Kirby Wilbur talk about the school shooting in Texas plus more anger over the 'head tax" and homelessness. It's another edition of Campus Crazies and our guest is Jim Piek from JBLM to talk about the Armed Forces Day Celebration on Saturday! We also talk to Kathy Sutherland about the Olympic Conference on June 2nd and the KOMO' ...…
Nancy Sanderson, Executive Director of the Northeastern PA Philharmonic, and Melisse Brunet, Interim Music Director, speaking about the 2018-19 season getting underway October 6, 2018, at the Kirby Center for Creative Arts at Wyoming Seminary in Kingston, PA, and continuing into the spring of 2019.For more information:…
Why did Seattle Police hold back the information about that brutal rape by a homeless man on Monday? John and Kirby talk about that as well as the hatchet attack in downtown Seattle. Plus, Evergreen State College has seen a sharp decline in applications and the guys take calls from listeners about volcanoes and homelessness. That and History My ...…
Today, Koei Tecmo REALLY wants to use Mario, Owlboy sees the money in the Switch, Monolith Soft is hiring for a new unannounced game, and more announcements for the Switch.Music: King Dedede Theme - Kirby: Star Allies
Chris and Casey are shocked and chagrined that they've been on the podcast for 90 episodes! That's pretty fantastic and because of it, they celebrate with talking geeky pop culture. Wait, that's what they do EVERY episode? Oh that's right, well enjoy another round of it! Episode Notes: Marvel Matthew & Ryan Firpo to pen Eternals movie Introduce ...…
The debate over #LaurelorYanny continues and Kirby points out how silly it is but John has a theory and the calles just have fun with it, and Seattle is becoming a punch line because of the actions of the city council and the 'head tax'.
Hannah Kirby - Can't Stop Thinking About You - 2018 TLL Songwriter Competition by Texas Local Live
Hannah Kirby - Short Days, Long Nights - 2018 TLL Songwriter Competition by Texas Local Live
Chris, Matt, Ryan, Tim and Frank got to thinkin', "What sort of powers would Megaman or Kirby get from us? But, like, exactly as we are now". Well this week, they dive into those answers and, yes, it probably get's a little too personal and exactly as self-deprecating as you'd expect. You can also hear Frank on The Trooth Syrum Podcast and foll ...…
As climate change warms the Earth, one significant concern is the cooling crisis, the quest for energy-hungry artificial ways to keep ourselves cool. A report from the Climate News Network, London, May 15, 2018. Written by Alex Kirby, a former BBC journalist and environment correspondent.
Seattle head tax passes despite widespread opposition, Seattle mayor pats herself on back for head tax compromise plan passing, a scientific poll within Seattle shows the best case scenario for residents supporting a head tax, Seattle city council adamantly dropped Wells Fargo bank over politics and no other bank wanted to bid on the city's con ...…
The guys talk about Kirby Smart’s raise which leads into the top 10 list of the highest paid coaches in college football and then the most hated teams and finally some Braves baseball! If you have a topic you want us to talk about, call the Blitz line at 931-44-BLITZ! Also, go visit our sponsor at and use the promo code “MAY18” ...…
Hello and welcome to grid geek history of comics. In this episode, I’m going to share with you the history of nick fury. Nick Fury is the director of shield; alongside Captain America. Nick Fury was created by Jack Kirby and Stan Lee. He was first introduced in Sgt. Fury and His Howling Commandos #1 (1963). Let’s begin.Blog: https://www.beautyl ...…
Hey babe,I'm back from tour with another solo episode, so you know what that means, more Kirby Corner! This is the first of many episodes I'm calling "Fanatic" episodes, named after the Henry Rollins books, because I go deep on a few songs I love, that you should hear.Songs played:Begonia - Juniper (LiveThe Weeknd - House of Balloons/Glasstable ...…
Join the HG101 gang as they bring back Gooey. Remember Gooey? The Patreon bonus for this episode is Capcom's Goof Troop. Outro music is from Zan - Kagerou no Toki (X68000). Intro music by NORM. Follow xerxes and HG101 on Twitter. Check out what games we've already ranked on the Big Damn List, then vote for a game of your own. If you really can' ...…
We took a trip out to Oldham to the Oldham Comic Con 2018 held on Saturday 12th May. We had a great time and it really was a well ran event. We grabbed a load of interviews which you can hear on the show. These include chats with Lee Overton & Pete Davis, John Slater & Mike West, Tazio Battin, Yasmin Sheikh, Sam Chapman, Dan Whitehead and Nigel ...…
Listen to 930 WFMD every weekday to hear the Free Talk Fitzway Code Word of the Day. Text that word to the Renn Kirby Mitsubishi Text Line at 301-694-9363 to be entered into a weekly drawing for $1,000 in Fitzgerald Home Furnishings cash!
Listen to 930 WFMD every weekday to hear the Free Talk Fitzway Code Word of the Day. Text that word to the Renn Kirby Mitsubishi Text Line at 301-694-9363 to be entered into a weekly drawing for $1,000 in Fitzgerald Home Furnishings cash!
From Computer Game to Book (3:29)Sometimes a movie comes out before the book. Sometimes it goes the other way, as a book first. Today, we bring you a unique twist, with a book series based, not on a movie, but on a computer game. Our first guest today on Worlds Awaiting, children’s book author Matthew J. Kirby talks to Rachel about his Assassin ...…
This week Matt is joined by Paul Lai to continue the conversation started on last week’s Comics Syllabus, about their upcoming new podcast series, Mother Box: A Jack Kirby New Gods Podcast!Whether you’re a new fan or an avid fan, if you want to read the Fourth World Saga along with us, on this, the second part of our pilot episode, we’ll be dis ...…
We celebrate Mothers' Day by embracing the Mother-heart of our Loving God.
This week, the gang is all here to talk their favorite parts of God of War, now that three out of four hardcore cazzies have finished the story (and Josh will get there, we're sure of it). There's hype for Red Dead and Jen has her usual way too long list of now playing games, which always has its share of entertainment. Games mentioned: God of ...…
I. Her AbandonmentII. Her AttractionIII. Her AcceptanceVI. Her Ancestry
Seattle's mayor wants to try slow-motion socialism, apparently; the Seattle homeless issues belies on-going financial mismanagement by city leaders, GUEST: Tim Eyman says he's loaning himself $500,000 for a third initiative on $30 car tabs. A Seattle business woman comes out ardently for the employee head tax but there's a catch, a new statewid ...…
Louise Jameson! Kelly Yates! Richard Starkings! Alan Siler! Nicole Mazza! Kirby Bartlett Stone! Earth Station Who! (And many, many more!) Recorded LIVE at WHOlanta 2018, it’s a Discussing Who FIRST – all three co-hosts recording together in the same room! A special thank you to Alan Siler and the entire WHOlanta team for making this an amazing ...…
The push back against Seattle's most vocal socialist continues to grow, John's latest Crosscut column, GUEST: Bellevue City Councilman, Jared Nieuwenhuis, talks about the prospect of Seattle businesses taking shelter in nearby cities if they choose to avoid the proposed employee head tax, numerous questions about the fatal shooting of a black m ...…
M's are the new sports darlings in Seattle with historic no-hitter, pit bull mix dog attack in Arlington comes as Yakima may repeal its law passed 30 yrs ago banning pit bulls in the city, KVI callers sound off on pit bulls including one man who's family was nearly attacked, instant analysis of last night's 4 primary votes in IN, OH, WV, NC and ...…
A Yakima WA area man, Sean Marceau, is pleading for the return of a US flag autographed by the fellow soldiers of his son KIA in Afghanistan, amid interview KVI listeners call spontaneously to donate $700 for flag reward, Sawant Q13 defensive interview, a Seattle shipyard leader tells embattled city councilman to get out of event, one new video ...…
After 10 years of anticipation, the film event of the year is finally here. Sam discusses the quality of the smash-hit blockbuster Avengers: Infinity War, it's deeper themes, how it fits into the MCU, and what the future holds. Sam finished by updating you on the latest in movie and TV news. Will Infinity War live up to Sam's ridiculously high ...…
Unscripted Promotional Product Work Week Edition by Kirby Hasseman
A podcast in which we read Jack Kirby's Black Panther Vol 1, and discuss both genius and failure.
Matt and Borkey discuss a bad concert expierence, tackle the "Jeremy Pruitt is scarier than Kirby Smart in the SEC" take, discuss the idea that Auburn would have "dusted" UCF if it was a National Championship game, and a look at the week in SEC baseball
Kirby attended a music concert with a mysterious disappearing act, the Seattle business community starts to call the city council's bluff on $75 million employee head tax (for subsidized housing), San Diego vs. Seattle on how the cities have handled homeless people in cars. Better late than never in Seattle, a judges ruling on Mueller special c ...…
Paul talks with fans about expectations for Tennessee and Texas A&M this year. Plus, Seth Emerson on the future in Georgia, and why Kirby Smart has everyone believing.
We're back with the final installment of Perfect Kirby, and a deep dive into the Zirbes brothers! Also we open up some lovely listener post and birthday wishes, and enjoy a lesser-known Chumbawamba song. *PART 2 OF 2* Video links in the show notes.
The Voices of the Blue Jays' system talk about the highlights from the past week, beginning with New Hampshire's Tyler Zickel talking Vladimir Guerrero, Jr. (1:50), Cavan Biggio (2:46) and Conor Fisk (8:18); Dunedin's Jim Tarabocchia talks Justin Dillon's Triple-A debut (11:40), Josh Donaldson's rehab (12:21), Kirby Snead (14:50) and T.J. Zeuch ...…
Today my guest is Kirby Steil, the VP of Sales at Insight Global--a mammoth in the IT staffing business. We're going to dig into the nitty-gritty of creating, maintaining, and directing sales culture within your organization--especially within sales organizations. He's going to share a ton of fun stories around sales management and some of the ...…
East Coast Radio — If Jane Linley-Thomas were to appear in the dictionary, you’d find the following words next to her name: high-energy, passion, inspirational and exuberance. Jane hosts the 12-3pm show on East Coast Radio.
In this episode, Randi and Nathaniel lose their damn minds over one of the coolest animals ever: the nudibranch. Nudibranchs are commonly called sea slugs, but they are actually gastropod molluscs. While they are born with shells, they shed them after their larval stage. More importantly, nudibranchs are the Kirby of the animal kingdom. Show No ...…
I. Acknowledge the Reality of TemptationII. Accept the Accountability for our Temptation (vv. 13-14)It is not GodIt is not the devilIt is meIII. Anticipate the Predictability of Temptation (v...
Author: Background: The theme of Paul’s letter is expressed in 3:15: “…so that you may know how to conduct yourself in the house of God.” When and where written: Problems Timothy faced: This letter is one full of...
The Seattle Sawant shout-down punctuates a monumental week as the city's working & middle class forcefully push back against activist city council members who are willfully botching the response to homelessness, a Seattle iron worker directly tells Sawant why he supports Amazon and not her, news of the current 3.9% unemployment rate leads to so ...…
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