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Join us weekly for an inspiring word from Pastor Chris Kirkendall and Faith Christian Center in Silsbee Texas Look for our FREE Podcast in the iTunes Store
Each week, Pastor Luke Kirkendall from Southwest Christian Church, preaches from the Bible.
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This episode we bring you two roundups: one for women’s strike actions on International Women’s Day, and another for #DefendAfrin actions across Europe. We also share a call for and international day of solidarity to #DefendAfrin on March 24. The West Virginia teachers’ strike has ended, and we share our complicated takeaways from the longest s ...…
November 21st, 2017 -Pastor Tom Kirkendall What is your favorite juice? I am thinking about those infomercials with a buff couple juicing just about anything they can find to increase health. This Sunday is “Juicing Sunday.” Okay not really, it is actually what we call “Celebration Sunday.” It is one of our favorite services because it gets our ...…
On this episode, Gabri Joy Kirkendall, author of Creative Lettering and Beyond and The Joy of Lettering, talks about book publishing in the art world, unexpectedly changing your life course, and being bold in typeface and in person.
There comes a point where denying your inner essence leads you to a space of discovering, embracing, and giving yourself permission to be the real you. Is it painful? Hell yes. Is it worth it? Oh, hell, hell yes. But before you can get to that point, you have to go through a transition. A life transition that takes pieces of yourself and rearra ...…
Download this Episode Subscribe to the Cognicast In this episode, we talk to Creighton Kirkendall about Clojurescript, React and Om. Our Guest, Creighton Kirkendall On Twitter On Github Topics Enlive/Enfocus style templating for Facebook's React and Om in ClojureScript DOM manipulation and templating library for ClojureScript inspired by Enlive ...…
The theme for the fourth Sunday of Advent is love. Joe Kirkendall shares a sermon about God's love and stories from the New Life Church congregation plant in Manitou Springs.
Listen to this audiobook free with a 30-day trial. Go to Title: Jessamine's FollyAuthor: Suzanne G. RogersNarrator: Stevie ZimmermanFormat: UnabridgedLength: 4 hrs and 53 minsLanguage: EnglishRelease date: 05-20-16Publisher: Idunn Court PublishingRatings: 4.5 of 5 out of 161 votesGenres: Romance, HistoricalPublisher ...…
The Sacramento Zoo opened in 1927 and boasts 14 acres and more than 400 animals. When the zoo first opened it was a little more than four acres and exhibited monkeys, raccoons, deer and a small animals. In 1948 the Sacramento Union Newspaper sponsored a drive to raise money to buy the zoo an elephant named Sue - which stood for Sacramento Union ...…
In this episode, Dr. Joe Kirkendall challenges us to think about putting our relationship with Christ first in our quest toward making great decisions about relationships, career and life. Dr. Joe’s Book Game Changer Podcast Facebook Page Stephen’s Facebook Page The post 05 Dr. Joe Kirkendall – Christ-First Answers to Relationship, Career, and ...…
The End of the Year Podcast! Yours truly wasn't there, but Andy Kirkendall filled in for me and did a wonderful job! More noose for your caboose!
Tom and Mike are back to get you ready for Week 9 in the NFL. They will help you make the playoff push in your fanatsy football league with Fantasy Hot or Not. It's a mid-season reset of our predictions, plus the guys are joined by Jesse Kirkendall of to breakdown the featured game of the week, Oakland @ Pittsburgh, and play th ...…
You may have heard him "On the X", but now he assures quality
Latest Black N Gold Central with Special Guests Jesse Kirkendall of The Farm Club and Joe Reedy of The Cincinnati Enquirer
Latest Black N Gold Central with Special Guests Jesse Kirkendall of The Farm Club and Joe Reedy of The Cincinnati Enquirer
Dr. Joe Kirkendall continues our 9 month study of systematic theology with part 3 of Christology: the study of Christ.
While typically my show focuses on specific fandoms and interviews qualified individual authors from within the community, occasionally I'll speak with a single person whose work spans several different fandoms, someone who can't be pinned down to a specific pairing. Having done such shows with authors Harper and Fembuck, I'll be doing my third ...…
Joe talks about how God is both personal and infinite.
Joe talks about the discipline of Sabbath.
Joe talks about spiritual disciplines and the devoted christian life.
Joe talks about the rapture and dispensations.
Joe talks about how to view the book of Revalation
Joe talks about persecution of the past, present, and future church.
Joe Gives us the rules for interpreting scripture
Have a blast and think differently as Tom Kirkendall answers the remaining questions and shares his Holga photographs - Part 2.
Play and have fun with a Holga camera as expert photographer Tom Kirkendall explains why you should try a $20 camera - Part 1.
This week: "Drag Me to Hell" review. Plus, we'll tell stories of our very own film we shot over the weekend. And low-budget horror filmmaker Jeff Kirkendall will join us.
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