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Dj Kishi
INT'L Disc Jokey{DJ}, WeddingDJ, HypeDj, Producer and member of Undisputed DJs - lover of music
Hosts Chris Farley and william e docs talk about the Kishy Fake Football League, happenings in Kishy and whatever else they feel like.
Pace the Nation
A DC running centric podcast with interviews and discussions between hosts Chris Farley, william e docs and Joanna Russo, that centers around and quite often drifts away from running
The podcast for sewing lovers everywhere. Find out what’s being designed and made in the Bishy Barnababes sewing room!
Podcast by Kevin Trudeau
House, Bass & Garage DJ mixes. All tracks featured are included with the permission of the artists.
Official Kissy Sell Out (KSO) podcast. Bassline, House & Garage DJ mixes and free tracks. All tracks featured are included with the permission of the artists.
“Oishi!” means “Delicious” in Japanese. Taste good for you is also good for your health, right?But is it really so? Nowadays there are so many things we need to consider if we really want a healthy food. In the mecca of new ideas San Francisco Bay area, The talk gets really heated up in the kitchen when Shinya and Yuka get together for occasional dinner-together. “Oishi! Wholistic - Kitchen Talk Podcast” is a kitchen conversation about what we eat. We re-examine what healthy food is from a h ...
Every week, Disneyland regulars Andy and Jenna discuss all things Disneyland. Plus, Disney movies, Star Wars, Other Disney-related stuff, and life in Southern California.
Në këtë ligjëratë hoxha i nderuar e komenton hadithin e Pejgamberit (alejhi salatu ves selam): "Kush i merr prej meje këto fjalë" i cili hadith trajton tema të ndryshme.
Something Fishy
It's a podcast about fish!
Shkumbin Vishi
Welcome to the Shkumbin Vishi podcast, where amazing things happen.
Mirë se vini në këtë hapësirë me artikuj e predikime të Kishës Ungjillore të Reformuar në Durrës. Motoja jonë është “Të Njohim Krishtin dhe ta bëjmë atë të njohur.” Për më tepër na vizitoni në
Kish Valley Grace Brethren Church
Fishy Business
Five-part commissioned documentary series features how marine species and ecology being affected by human activities. Produced by Monster Productions Ltd.
Rishi Pods
Kichi Haziri
Kichi Haziri
Ishi Uehara
The Alle-Kiski Chronicle Podcast explores and showcases topics that celebrate the cultural, industrial, and ethnic heritage of the Allegheny and Kiskiminetas river valleys in Southwestern Pennsylvania.
World Djs Electronic Podcast Radio Show
Kish and The Fools
An entertaining look at sports, fitness, pop culture and anything else worth talking about
Që çdo Shqiptar të jetojë në dashurinë e Krishtit!
Real talk about real play.
I Wish I Didn't Quit interviews entrepreneurs, creatives and influencers to bring you tips to keep you motivated and working towards your goals. Hosted by London based musician and writer Nate Holder
I Wish I Did That
The “I Wish I Did That” podcast is medium to long form conversation hosted by Tariq Khnn, with friends and guests ranging from entrepreneurs, business leaders, authors, social media influencers, venture capitalist’s and many more.We often see people and think I wish I did that, hopefully when listening to this you can gain some insight and value to think, actually, you still can!
Mada hii inazungumzia hukumu ya kuishi katika miji ya kikafiri na mwongozo kamili kuhusu mambo yanayo takiwa kuyafanya mwislam.
Fin woro ni moko mi kera Ola ibe do aridjine kono ibe kisi tasuma ma, ka allah don ani ka tuku aka niamariya ko, ka tien don ka abara, ka gallon don ka iyoro madjanyan ala, ka yoro djanya kabo dien denya ma, ka lahara don ka barake minbe ikisi lahara, dusukun fura be finduru la.
Successful Internet marketers have figured out over time what techniques and strategies work. Discover the Internet Marketing Tips that these superstars wish they had known sooner so you can learn them now.
Tubi ye munye, Tubi fusamatiyaw, Tubi saratiw,Tubi nafaw, lasuli kata tubi ma yani sunkalo tie.
Podcast by Mark "Big Papa" Hope
Nuhu ka ladilikan – kisi ni nema ba kan- a den ye : allah ko suman ka tia ya afo ko: "lailaha ila lahu", allah kelenmbakatiya kuma kan do,afo ko: "subhanalahi wa bihamdihi" , siran filani kafo ya nien, filani kafo ya bato la abe iko posoni dumini na, siran yere boyan nie, yere bonya ye ka ban tien na ani ka mokow dokoya , hadama den ka imiri idamine tioko ani ilanban tioko .
#FREEQUENCE Radio is all about up-front dance music. You'll hear lots of unsigned tracks from unknown talent all over the world. All of this will be hosted by 26 year old UK DJ & Producer, D.O.DPlease subscribe to continue receiving the very best in electronic dance music!
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Another Episode of your favorite show AfroNation Show With Kishi
Another episode of the highly viewed acrobat show "AfroNation With Dj Kishi"
AfroNation With Dj Kishi Broadcast
The AfroNation Show with Dj Kishi is back again make sure you stay up to date by subscribing and spreading the word... You Already Know What It is
I was seriously so excited when today’s guest agreed to be on the podcast. Kristen Kish is the second female chef to win the prestigious Top Chef competition (season 10), and has worked as the chef de cuisine in two of Barbara Lynch’s restaurants. Kristen recently wrote her first book, Kristen Kish Cooking: Recipes and Techniques, which combine ...…
Another Afronation show podcast for ur listening delight enjoy and happy new month From ur favorite DJ...
AfroNation Live Broadcast - Interview with Mc WallyWa
AfroNation Broadcast Recording
Our very first episode! Carey and Marie, your hosts, jump feet first into a magical Chicago full of friendship, yarn, serendipity and queer subtext. How much did we all love knitting? Is Chicago just that magical? And what are the parents of the Chicks with Sticks getting up to during the Sacred Sisterhood Sleepovers? All this and more in Episo ...…
Well, this is it, the inaugural episode of Five Things I Read This Week. My one and only chance to make a good first impression. The five articles I am going to be talking about are: 1. Educating the Educated: The Why and How of Liberal Education for Adults by Eva Marie Haine from The Public Discourse 2. Why Is Work Good? Six Quick Reminders on ...…
Pretty sure we broke our record for the number of guests, live performances and poems on this special “extended edition.” 26:40 – Johnny Thorpe @johnny-london-969161637 is back with Isaac “Good Ingredients” Goodings for a duel acoustic guitar session. 52:00 – The boys from Cali step up to the plate to discuss fin-less surfing, returning to the ...…
Episode 8 sees Jack and Jackie exploring hidden tunnels within Chance’s perimeters, with the horde on the outskirts, where could they be going?House makes first contact and some vital information lies ahead.For high quality listening, please use headphones (remember, listening to audio on too high a volume can damage your ears).Cast:Will Samuel ...…
Sheldon Richman, the executive editor of the Libertarian Institute, joins Scott to discuss his article, "TGIF: Trump's 'Fire and Fury' Wouldn't Be the First for North Korea." Richman details how Americans' understanding of the Korean War has been utterly distorted and the atrocities the United States carried out upon the North Koreans have been ...…
n Celebration of my birthday, here is a little something and shoutout to all the Leo's out there. July People are very special people.
Arin sits with old friend Bill Goldstein to drink whiskey teas and talk music. This is a track packed episode with discussion of religion, Chinese lurkers and the future of music as we know it. //JETHRO TULL, A New Day Yesterday// FLEET FOXES, Mearcstapa// E.L.O, Showdown// HERBIE HANCOCK, Watermelon Man// THE KINKS, Lola// JAY-Z, The Story of ...…
Kish is an American-Russian mixed martial artist who competes in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Strawweight division. A former kickboxer, she was going to have her MMA debut as part of the Ultimate Fighter, but withdrew from the show due to injury. She recently made her UFC Debut and has a MMA record of 6-1.…
In this installment of Pixelated Audio, we’re heading back to the Game Boy featuring a soundtrack from a Japanese-only title called Uchuu no Kishi Tekkaman Blade, developed by Sun L and published by Yutaka in 1992. This game is based off the short lived anime by Tatsunoko Production and Sotsu Agency. The game is a blast and… Read More »…
In this installment of Pixelated Audio, we’re heading back to the Game Boy featuring a soundtrack from a Japanese-only title called Uchuu no Kishi Tekkaman Blade, developed by Sun L and published by Yutaka in 1992. This game is based off the short lived anime by Tatsunoko Production and Sotsu Agency. The game is a blast and… Read More »…
Episode Notes We spoil Wonder Woman and perhaps a little bit of #OnceUponATime. Then we move into a quiz with only one real winner. Special guest, our Floridian Feminist Friend. Let us know your thoughts by dropping by our socials. Facebook TwitterFind more episodes (and obsessions links) at rhyme et reason Title a reference to Kishi Bashi This ...…
“4 What causes quarrels and what causes fights among you? Is it not this, that your passions are at war within you? 2 You desire and do not have, so you murder. You covet and cannot obtain, so you fight and quarrel. You do not have, because you do not ask. 3 You ask and do not receive, because you ask wrongly, to spend it on your passions.” — J ...…
Ilona Kish is the program director of Reading & Writing Foundation in Brussels, Belgium. She stopped by METRO's offices on June 21, 2017 to give a talk about the initiatives she has led to harmonize library lobbying efforts in the EU. We had a quick chat about some of the topics she covered, including the importance of getting MEPs into the lib ...…
This is a short episode rounding up the multitude of news that has recently been happening in the Atari 2600 world. Much later than all the other podcasters and Youtubers have done, of course. :) As always, thank you for listening. Pertinent Links Hyperkin video of RetroN 77 from E3 Ataribox Atari Codebreaker TM Atari Games TM Atari Touch Games ...…
AfroNation Show that was broadcast in the DMV... Make sure check this edition I promise you won't stop jamming. Thanks for the support and don't forget to Like, Enjoy and Share
The most talked about diverse party in Chicago "AfroFusion" and The Most Incredible venue "The Promontory" Once again brings you LIVE SET FROM AFROFUSION DAY PARTY (JUNE EDITION) with DJ KISHI.Enjoy and Share it with your friends
Lunch Portion Season 2 has started. For all you Lunch Portion followers we are back and bringing that Lunch Portion vibe to you. You never know what serving you are going to get so lets spread the word, tell a friend we LIVE... Sponsored by WGHC 98.3 FM
Pastor’s Note In John 8 Jesus lays out a stern option—trust in me and be forgiven, or else die in your sins and be forced to pay for them yourself (v.24). May we see the urgency of the gospel as we consider the reality of what’s at stake. Let us not take our cues from the world that wants us to peddle a Christianity which is about life improvem ...…
The guys talk about absence in recovery, with songs from Youth Lagoon, Caitlin Rose, Deerhunter, Jim Croce, Bill Withers, Alice Boman, M83 and Kishi Bashi.
The guys talk about absence in recovery, with songs from Youth Lagoon, Caitlin Rose, Deerhunter, Jim Croce, Bill Withers, Alice Boman, M83 and Kishi Bashi. (Drop the Needle does not own or claim ownership of any music used in this podcast. All rights go to original owner.)
In the final episode of season 1 of Eco Tones, Pat reunites with guest co-host Mike (Episode 5, Why Do Zebras Have Stripes?) to talk about social networks and behavioral studies of Anubis baboons in Laikipia, Kenya. With the help of Jessica Gunson, Molly McEntee, and Leah Worthington from the Uaso Ngiro Baboon Project, we learn about the day-to ...…
In celebration of Dj 3k Bday Bash, this was the live set at The Promontary Club Afrofusion Party
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