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PodDammit Podcast - 99.9 KISW The Rock of Seattle
From the 206 to the 253, the 360 to the 425 (and even a little bit of the 509), Kevin Diers is dedicated to showcasing the best that the Northwest has to offer each and every week. Since his early teenage years, Kevin has been scouring the dark, seedy underground venues of this fine state to find up-and-coming bands, and there’s no signs he’ll be emerging from those clubs anytime soon. Kevin is proud to represent the local music scene in one of the most important regions in rock n roll histo ...
BJ Shea is the champion for the common man. BJ, Migs & their band of merry men (and women) tackle life's tough questions along with Rockaholics helping Rockaholics. BJ & Migs, weekday mornings from 6-10am.
From sinners to saints, kings to commoners, rock starts and regular folks. Everyone is here and they’re sharing their stories. Sit down and grab a beer with the men of The Mens Room weekday afternoons from 2-6pm.
Interviews from BJ & Migs Mornings.
Interviews from The Mens Room.
The Megacast
The MegaCast stars Thee Ted Smith, Steve Migs, a perverted Australian robot named Grace, and (sometimes) Luke Willson of the Seahawks. They do push ups and talk about fun things. #MegaHug
The Migs Cast
The Migs Cast crew has candid takes on topical and cultural issues, while also sharing personal and comical stories along the way. They feature a wide range of guests from musicians to wrestlers...all while preaching their contagious "stay positive" mantra. The Migs Cast features KISW's Steve Migs, The Reverend En Fuego and Windowpane's Glenn Cannon.
Dredged from the swamps of unincorporated King County, Metal Shop is the heaviest show on the airwaves! Get a dose of free mental therapy, and bang your head with the Metal Tribe!
Thee Podcast
Thee podcast is journey to awesomeness led by two men and their producer. We talk about what you talk about and are honest to a fault. Sports, music, pop culture.
Nick's Fantasy Picks Podcast - 999 KISW The Rock of Seattle
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It's #RoyalRumble week, but unfortunately we've got some other things to discuss to kick off this week's show. We start with the fallout of Enzo Amore's firing. What does it mean for the future of 205 Live? Who should be the GM? Is there a performer they can add to the show that would get people to watch? After that we discussed #RAW25, includi ...…
It's a new year...and new problems with our studios/audio! Besides that... ted and Steve recap their slumber party from a few weeks ago...Ted talks about going to Ocean Shores, and Steve recaps his band's show at the Highway 99 Blues Club. Plus we chat about Star Wars, without giving away any spoilers (we promies).…
This week...Ted gives us an update on the crazy yelling guy...the fellas chat about Christmas gifts that they hated but pretended to like...and we play "Star Wars Character Or Disease". Plus, we are joined by our friend, Ellen Tailor, as this is her last week working on The Wolf. Also, this Friday is our annual Ted & Steve Slumber Party...follo ...…
Full disclosure...both Ted and Steve are going through a funk...they are doing their best to stay positive...but Terrible Ted and Miserable Migs make another appearance. This week the fellas talk about how Ted is at war with a crazy yelling guy...Steve is at war with people at the gym...and both are at war with a pastor that ruined Christmas. I ...…
Today's MegaCast was sent off the rails...all because of Matt Lauer. Enjoy! Follow us on Twitter: @TheMegaCastBy
Technically Ted & Steve are off on the day they record a MegaCast (for Turkey Day) we decided to share with you the podcast we did in front of a live audience during Live Day (recorded during the halftime party at Emerald Queen Casino). What happens when two men take a microphone and try and entertain a room full of drunk people...this is ...…
Today's epidode we chat about Jr.'s dead lift fail...another awesome Scott Steiner wrestling promo...and Ted is going to an interesting concert in a couple weeks! Follow us on Twitter: @TheMegaCastBy
This week Ted and Steve chat about a troll that is annoying both The Mens Room and BJ & Migs! After we get that out of the way, we have a very inspiring Ted Talk...and chat about "The Nature Boy" 30 For 30 about Ric Flair. Follow us on Twitter: @TheMegaCastBy
This week Ted shares a story of ripping his jeans with his powerful thighs...Steve rages on Road Ragers...and we discus the "relationship Punctuator" -- that moment when you make it very apparent the relationship is OVER! Plus Ted and Steve stare at each other while listening to Ed Sheeran, and Steve shares a story of another Smith...that is a ...…
This week we recap Ted's trip to Texas, and Migs' WWE Smackdown experience...that involved Enzo Amore and Migs!By
This week Ted inspires everyone to enjoy the bye week…Migs is broken down again, and it’s “Locker Guy’s” fault? Ted wants a pig named after him after hearing Steve’s experience at Maris Farms…plus we read the greatest email from a listener ever…maybe not! Follow us on Twitter: @TheMegaCastBy
This week we talk about the time Migs thought he was good enough to play in the long as he was not sober, Ted's adventures in a giant chair, Ted & Steve plan out their cupcake baptism, and how Steve's birthday went yesterday!By
On this week’s episode: Chris is not sober. Chris tells a story where he recently killed an entire bag of kettle corn, Sal tells the story about The World’s Strongest man at KISW’s Redfestival, We ask the Dikks, what is your craziest and or most hilarious story in the rain? Sal tells a story about a mission he was on when his aircraft broke wit ...…
This week Ted and Steve chat about Ted being a pop music tastemaker, we get to the bottom of the Jimmy Graham in the hot tub incident, and Steve inadvertently spits on another man’s face! All this and more on the MegaCast! Follow us on Twitter: @TheMegaCastBy
This week Ted & Steve chat about the Foo Fighters collaboration with Justin Steve was a rebel at the Huskies game...and you will rethink your negative attitude towards a popular TV Food personality! Follow us on Twitter: @TheMegaCastBy
This week we discuss the delicious treat that are Crabcakes and the difference between Blue Crab & "Dungys". Both Ted and Steve have something to contribute to their "Should I Be Mad?" segment...Ted's involves a certain movie reboot...and Migs is having issues with someone in the gym locker room. Follow us on Twitter: @TheMegaCast…
The title sums it up best! Enjoy!By
This week, Ted and Steve chat about what's happening in Houston...and how it's thankfully bringing out the best in some people. They also chat about how Steve doesn't know how to take a good band photo. Migs also plays audio of how he pranked BJ this morning during the BJ & Migs "Facebook Drama" bit. Finally we figure out if Ted should be mad a ...…
What is a MegaFinger? Steve and Ted will explain. Also we chat about being honest, the most messed up reality show ever, and our experience at the Belltown Block Party! Follow the MegaCast on Twitter: @TheMegaCastBy
This week on Loud and Local we had Van Eps in studio ! They played songs from their brand new album VAN EPS IIBy (KISW).
This week Ted & Steve recap their time in Darrington for Summer Meltdown, and chat about the Metallica concert!By
Welcome back to the land of Loud and Local . On this week's episode I played songs by Headphase, The Exquisites, Po' Brothers, Van Eps, He Whose ox is Gored, Snail, Year of the Cobra, Devils Hunt me Down, Mark Lanegan and a ton more !By (KISW).
This week is our maiden voyage in the new KISW studios...and Ted & Steve are full of energy because of seeing Metallica tonight, and going to Summer Meltdown this weekend! Steve shares another example of why he hates the internet (thanks to Sarahah), and the fellas learn about "coconuttin'". Follow us on Twitter: @TheMegaCast…
This week we pay tribute to the life of Chester Bennington by playing the music of Linkin park throughout the show. We also chat about staying the path, how important it is to humble yourself in life, and we discover the worlds worst duet by a country and rap star...ever (and it's not that Tim McGraw/Nelly song)! Follolw us on Twitter: @TheMegaCast…
This week on Loud and Local I feaured music from Devils Hunt Me down, Infinite Flux, Guns of Nevada, Wounded Giant, X Suns, Sunny Day Real Estate, Dust Moth, Grindline the Band, Dude York and more !By (KISW).
This week on Loud and Local I featured music from Mos Generator, Mom's Rocket, Wounded Giant, Year Of The Cobra, Melvins, Forced Entry, a Flourishing Scourge, Heiress, Rest Repose and more !By (KISW).
This week the fellas chat about how Ted was once a bubble boy. Plus Ted gives a confusing Ted Talk, Steve can’t stop thanking people, and they chat about the MacGregor/Mayweather press conference and fight. Follow us on Twitter: @TheMegaCast .By
Welcome back to Loud and Local ! This week on the show I featured music by Devils Hunt Me Down, Po Brothers, Seaweed, Wyatt Olney and the Wreckage, Witchburn, Czar, Skelator, Soundgarden, a Sense Of Gravity and more!By (KISW).
This weeks guest is Steve Migs from Migs vs the World of Wrestling Podcast, Defy Wrestling Host and Ring Announcer, 3,2,1 Wrestling Commissioner, and co-host of The BJ and Migs Show on KISW 99.9 6am-10am Monday thru Friday. It was on honor to talk pro wrestling with Steve. We had a blast talking all things wrestling. We get into his crazy sched ...…
This week the fellas chat about the struggle that is July 5th, grilling, whether or not parents should have their kids on leashes, and we play “Firework or Sex Toy” again! Follow us on Twitter: @TheMegaCastBy
MxPx are celebrating 25 years of Left Coast Punk with two sold out shows on Friday July 7th and Saturday July 8th at the Showbox. To celebrate, Kevin spoke with Tom Wisniewski from MxPx about all that is MxPx.By (KISW).
This week's episode is jam packed ! I spoke with members of Helms Alee, He Whose Ox Is Gored AND MxPx ! I also played a ton of raw jams from the NW of course!By (KISW).
What happens whe you have one of the greatest wrestlers of all time sit down with two huge wrestling fans (one also being a huge rock star)? This episode of Migs vs. The World Of Wrestling is what happens! Chris Jericho and his band Fozzy were playing the same festival as Corey Taylor's band, Stone Sour (KISW's Pain In The Grass) Migs sat ...…
This week the fellas chat about Pain In The Grass, Ted’s sunburn, and why Migs hates the internet! We also talk about Ellen busting a crook, Gronk busting on Big Papi, and we play a fun new game, “Firework or Sex Toy?” Follow us on Twitter: @TheMegaCast .By
This week the fellas chat about high school graduation, being a bad roommate, and Barney’s wiener?!? Follow us on Twitter: @TheMegaCast .By
This week Ted shares his excitement about getting cable in his new apartment. They come across some great audio of a comic bombing on stage, and we learn about how dream Ted is a better lover than real life Ted! Follow us on Twitter: @TheMegaCast .By
This week Ted encourages all of us to stay the course no matter what is bringing you down, Steve's body is falling apart as he learns to be a pro-wrestler, and then things get weird at the end as people are watching Ted and Steve as they talk about manscaping! Follow us on Twitter: @TheMegaCastBy
Matt Koch fills in for Kevin Diers and is joined by Dirty Dirty to celebrate the release of their new EP "Deadline" for the first hour! Then for the second hour, Ten Miles Wide hangs out to talk about their upcoming tour which kicks off Saturday at High Dive and wraps up June 24th at Pain in the Grass!…
This week the fellas recap DEFY wrestling this past Friday Night...we also talk some wrasslin', share some stories about learning cultural sensitivity at a young age, and we let Ellen ask us (and Johnny Depp) some questions. Follow us on Twitter: @TheMegaCast .By
This week on Loud and Local I had two badass in studio guests - WINDOWPANE and PISTON READY !By (KISW).
This week the fellas chat with Moose! Moose (Quinn Ojinnaka) is a current pro-wrestler, but played many years in the NFL as well…plus he went to the same high school as Ted! the interview starts 23 minutes in on this episode. Moose is going to be wrestling this Friday night for Defy 3 at the Washington Hall (featuring Steve Migs as the ring ann ...…
R.I.P Chris Cornell. This episode is a tribute to his art and music. It also features in studio guests Outshined.By (KISW).
Tomorrow, a deluxe edition of the Singles soundtrack will be released to celebrate the 25 year anniversary of it originally coming out. The soundrack featured the music of Pearl Jam, Alice In Chains, Mother Love Bone, Soundgarden, The Screaming Trees, and more. The movie came out in 1992, and was set in Seattle…directed by Cameron Crowe. Last y ...…
This week on the show I had Arlington's own WOODSHED in studio to play some jams off their new album AND to play a couple songs live in studio - acoustic style! I also play songs by Ayron Jones, Into the Storm, Serial Hawk, He whose Ox is Gored, Helms Alee, Pinned Red, A Flourishing Scourge, Devils Hunt me Down + more ! KEEP IT LOCAL…
Ted Smith from The Mens Room on 99.9 KISW in Seattle called into Hoppe Hour. He talked about his career, how the show is going, the weather in Seattle, and much much more.
This week the fellas attempt to call their moms to celebrate Mother’s Day…we also learn from Ted why we should take our shirts off, and Migs shares some great words of wisdom from Diamond Dallas Page! Mega Playlist: Push Ups: DJ Khaled – “I’m The One” Green Day – “Bang Bang”. Jimmy Eat World – “Get Right”. Florence and the Machine – “Too Much”. ...…
This week on the show I played songs by : Windowpane, Woodshed, Voycheck, Devils hunt me down, Superfekta, Blood Brothers, Skelator + more !By (KISW).
This week Migs shares that he will be filling in for Murray Grande as the co-host of 321 Battle this Friday night with Cody Von Whistler. Thee Ted Smith needs help determining if he should be mad! And we chat about making decisions! Click HERE to read the article about decision making that Steve references in this episode. Plus we come up with ...…
We're back again for Poddammit! This week, the guys go on about their weekends, and then there is a little conversation on the things children say.....or don't know how toBy (The Men's Room).
This week on the show I played music from : Heiress, Devils Hunt me Down, Dogstrum, The Exquisites, Ten Miles Wide, Rest Repose, Windowpane + much more !By (KISW).
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