Best kizomba podcasts we could find (Updated April 2018)
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Born out of the Need to Provide great kizomba Leads in the Houston area. Comprised of DJ, Kizomba Artist, instructors and Amazing social Dancers of Semba, Kizomba, Afro-house and Urban Kizz. We have come together to increase the Kizomba Scene in the Western Hemisphere by providing truly social events and Taxi Dancers to your events that need great leads.We Travel to Latin Dance Congresses across the Globe Performing and Providing the best led Kizomba possible.Contact us if you want us in you ...
Welcome to the Dance Your Heart on Fire Podcast! The podcast dedicated to inspiring dancers worldwide whose hearts have been touched by music and dance! The universal language of music and dance is spoken by many of us throughout the world! We want to motivate the dancer in your by sharing stories, insights, and ideas to enhance your journey!
//BOOKING DJ HYM-R// et/ou +33650825297
Yung Milli stepped into the scene in 2008 and has already been named as one of ‘Top DJ’s to look out for!’ Having a great ear for music and being exceptionally talented on the decks, Yung Milli has already found himself djing in high profile venues and clubs such as Merah London, Aura Mafair, Club Bond, Bar Rumba, Cafe de Paris.His fan base is ever increasing as he truly knows how to entertain his audience. Known for playing a fusion of various genres, expect nothing short of versatility and ...
Welcome to DJ Master Mix's music platform. Each end of the month you'll be entitled to the last exclusive of Kompa, Zouk, Kizomba, Afro-Beat, House & Latin. I hope you'll enjoy my Mixtapes. I can be reached at (516) 574-2413 (USA). Please share & have fun !
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On today’s show we have another amazing woman who became financially free by the age of 33. Her name is Galina Lipina. Like most people, Galina grew up learning that the secret to success was to do well in school, get an education and get a good job. Following this ideal, she got Masters in computer science, moved to the US from Russia, and beg ...…
The fellas get together to talk about this topic that might seemingly be very much debated on... WHY IS USA KIZOMBA BETTER THAN EUROPEAN KIZOMBA?Got you thoughts on it? Check out the podcast and let us know what you think about this question/topic below!
BACK TO PORTUGAL by DJ HYM-R & MC DY39 titres des plus gros succès REGGAETON / KIZOMBA / AFROBEAT / HOUSE / HIPHOP de l' année 2017 en 80 minutes de pure bonheur !!
In this episode, I share my top 5 highlights from the amazing 2 week European kizomba inspired trip in April of 2017
We all love events. Dancing at them, hanging out with friends, taking classes, listening to great music, etc. And today there are so many events for us to choose from. But is it possible for the organizers of these events to promote their event too much? Is it all about how they promote it?Should there be a plan in how they promote? The fellas ...…
Its Tuesday and welcome to episode number 36.The fellas talk about the best compliments and best critics they've ever received in the dance world.
Kizomba Brotherhood choose the people they would like to see in a celebrity death match kizomba version
Episode 35 - Festival Etiquette- How To Make You Festival More Enjoyable Through Proper Planning. by Kizomba Brotherhood
Its Tuesday and that means its Kizomba Brotherhood podcast time...You enjoy festivals? We Do as well, this week the fellas talk about how festivals and congress can continually appeal to advance dancers when it comes to the workshops that are presented. Especially since festivals are many times geared towards welcoming in beginners. Is it possi ...…
In this episode, I share 8 tips for leads in kizomba derived from where I my own struggles on my journey and where I see a lot of leads struggle over the years of me teaching kizomba over the last 4 years.
The fellas discuss and share their thoughts about kizomba competitions, specifically speaking about the North America Olympiads of Kizomba 2017 in a hopes to share some constructive criticism and encouragement to benefit for next year and future competitions.
This week the fellas discuss the the question, Are people in the kizomba community to emotional? And are they too easily driven by those emotions? Let us know what you think in the comment section!Like & Share!
The fellas get together once again this week with special guest Yanik Williams to talk about a very controversial topic, the treatment of darker skinned ladies in the kizomba scene. DefinitelyDefinetlylet us know your thoughts on this topic in the comment section
Should follows learn how to follow strictly from other follows or should or should they learn how to follow from leads as well? The fellas talk about it with guest, kizomba & semba instructor TBOY & Afrohouse instructor Sayana Isid'or.
Attire & Propriety, the fellas talk about it with special guest instructor Yanik Williams from Atlanta. Take a listen & share your thoughts!
The Fellas go live on Facebook!Dont want to miss it next time?
In this episode, my special guest Wojtek Pazur, an 18 year old kizomba instructor from Poland, talk about his kizomba journey thus far early in his kizomba career.
Part 2 of Episode 26's Relationship podcast. In this one the fellas specifically speak about Dance scene relationships where one person is in the dance scene and one person is outside the dance scene. Enjoy. Comment. Subscribe.
Relationships in the dance scene, Lets talk about it. Leave your thoughts and comments.
When a move goes the wrong way on the social dance floor, or a dance isn't the best, is it always the leads fault? The fellas talk about it in this weeks 25th episode of the kizomba brotherhood podcast!Check it out and let us know your thoughts. Song: Daddy Killa - Million
In this episode, my special guest Audi MPK and I talk about his dance journey into kizomba, the meaning of MPK, musicality in kizomba, and his recent move to Dallas, TX!
How many dances is too many dances? The fellas talk about it in this weeks podcast as they come back after a long break. What are your thoughts and comments on this topic? Leave them in the comment section below.
In this episode, my special guest Laurent Yishu, go into details about the Olympiads of Kizomba North America competition going live! We talk about the why, the how, the who, and what to expect for this historical event coming up in a few months!
AfroBeat is an urban popular music originating in Nigeria in the late 1960s that emphasizes percussion rhythms and features elements of jazz and funk and lyrics which are often strongly political. I'm very proud to share with you my Premiere.......... "AfroBeats Brainwash Megamix 2017" Digitally Recorded & Mixed by DJ Master Mix from New York. ...…
In this episode, I interview the one and only, who shares his some of journey along his extensive 20+ year musical career in the world of kizomba, ghetto zouk, and more. This is a must listen interview for every kizomba teacher, dancer, and DJ!
In this episode, I reflect on the highlights and lessons learned in 2016 with the life of a danceprenuer from my traveling schedule, podcast, Neo Kizomba Festival, and more.
What are some of the reasons why people won't start dancing kizomba? We talk about it and would also like know some of the reasons that come into your mind. Enjoy and Let us know what you think.Song Puto Portugues - "Fala Só" ft. Lil Saint
In this episode, my special guest, Elyse Inzinga talk about her history of kizomba, her introduction to kizomba, the struggles of learning how to lead and follow at the same time, and teach other man how to lead!
Greetings world, This week on the podcast the brotherhood talks about whether or not the Kizomba scene is a bad as it is portrayed or it can be portrayed on social media.Take a listen and leave us your thoughtsSong: Yudi Fox - Faz acontecer
In this episode, my special guest, Anais Millon talk about her history of dance, her introduction to kizomba, the inequality of male and female instructors, and more!
Welcome to the kizomba brotherhood podcast, Its Tuesday and this week we got a good one. This week the fellas discuss the question, What would you do if you witnessed your friends significant other partaking in questionable behavior with another person at a dance festival, congress, and/or social. Enjoy and Share your thoughts!Like, Subscribe, ...…
Do the debates in the kizomba dance scene add value to the dance community? The fellas talk about it and give you their thoughts on the topic.
The debate of the ages in the kizomba scene.... Should the word "traditional" need to go at the beginning of the word kizomba when explaining or speaking of the different types of dance under the kizomba umbrella.
This week the fellas talk about perverts on the dance floor as well as perverts in the dance scene in general.
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