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Hollywood Knitter
A gal with a wicked knitting addiction
Where the Yarn Meets the Road. I'm a knitter. I'm a commuter. I podcast about knitting while I commute. Come along for the ride!Follow me on Twitter as @CommuterKnitter or Like the podcast on Facebook. Enjoy!
The Furry Knitter Podcast follows the adventures of indie dyer, knitwear designer, and fiber arts teacher Rachel Frank (and her cats). In this weekly podcast she entertains, educates, and empowers knitters around the world giving them a sneak peek into the world of dyeing, designing, and experimenting with different techniques and tools. Viewers are delighted by the cast of Siamese co-hosts who love to get in on the fiber fun. While this podcast focuses on knitting, Rachel also dives into sp ...
A monthly podcast about knitting, spinning, dyeing yarn and fiber. Includes reviews, yarn/fiber projects, occasional giveaways, techniques and more! Join the Delusional Knitter for a crazy ride through life with a fiber obsession.
A blog and video podcast about knitting, spinning, books, and board games
Fearless Knitters
We are Katherine and Kristin, two college knitters just sharing what we seem to do best.
Knitters Uncensored
....because we love knitting
Stash and Burn
Podcasting about all things knitting and life under the weight of the stash.
Knitting a story
A blog by two crazed knitters
Embrace the Stash!
Antidepressknits is a podcast about knitting, spinning, and mental health, with a healthy dose of birds and ponies. Hosted by a 30-something non-practicing school psychologist living with Bipolar II Disorder, Obsessive Compulsive Personality Disorder, and Generalized Anxiety.
Conquer your fear and take charge of your knitting, with my help!
The podcast for those who like their knitting, yarn and comedy in equally large measures. Hosted by UK knitter Jo Milmine, there's also a regular Sock Surgery co-hosted with Clare Devine and Kate Read. Business minded? Enjoy the interviews with industry entrepreneurs for top tips and inspiration on making it in the yarn industry. Finally - enjoy the finest fringe knitting pattern picks that Ravelry has to offer.
F This Knit
Three foul-mouthed knitters chat about the world as they see it.
Knitting what you want without breaking the bank
I'm a traveling knitter, crafter, and horse girl. Join me as I travel across the country and share in my knitting and fun!
2 Knit Lit Chicks
a podcast about knitting & books Barb (the mom) and Tracie (the daughter) are obsessed knitters and avid readers. We love to talk about our current knitting projects and favorite books to read or listen to - we also review the occasional knitting book. Come join us!
"Taking Back Friday" is all about carving out and prioritizing time and space for your creative self. Felicia Lo, founder and creative director of SweetGeorgia Yarns, explores this journey of making things in the fibre arts. From knitting and crochet to spinning, weaving, and dyeing, Felicia talks about the challenges and joys of creating with craft and colour.
Close Knit
The Close Knit podcast celebrates fibre artists from around the world. You'll hear from knitters, crocheters, natural dyers, weavers - all are welcome on the Close Knit Podcast.
Kelly and Marsha came at yarn and fiber from different directions, but both love it. Marsha is an accomplished knitter, learning to dye yarn. Kelly is a spinner who knits and weaves. Fiber is one of the many shared interests after over 30 years of friendship. The show is about our adventures in knitting, spinning, dyeing and other fiber arts.
***Annotated Audiobooks for Busy Booklovers*** Since 2006 CraftLit has released serialized classic literature weekly—the way Dickens did it—but as an audiobook with audio annotations. Host Heather Ordover gives you some context and juicy tidbits before playing the next chapter of the current book. *** Listeners regularly call in to share their thoughts to be played in the next episode, which keeps the "book club" vibe going. *** The podcast has been in continuous production since 2006. Our c ...
A podcast for knitters who think too much.
Join Felicia Lo, founder of SweetGeorgia Yarns, as she explores the sweet spot between craft, creativity, and colour together with some of the most inspiring knitters, spinners, designers, shop owners, and makers in this handmade community.
Tightly Spun
Tightly Spun interviews everyday knitters to find out how the fiber arts fit into daily life.
Stockinette Zombies
Does plain stockinette put you into a zombie trance? Invigorate your knitting with our podcast that shares 2 knitters passion for knitting with the world by talking about current projects, yarn, and patterns.
Tightly Spun
Tightly Spun interviews everyday knitters to find out how the fiber arts fit into daily life.
Welcome to Mastering the Knits with Nat and Lish, inspiring each other to go outside our comfort zones to master our crafts. Our goal is to connect, inspire, and encourage each other as we take on the Master Knitter Program. We also want to build a community and connect with other fiber artists and those taking the Master Knitter journey!
What is your craft? Join best-selling craft author, designer, encourager & on-air personality, Vickie Howell for great conversations with knitters, makers, artists, musicians, writers, designers, photographers, and other creative types about their craft. Well, sort of. What she’s really interested in is their stories -- how they got to where they are, and how they continue to walk the creative path.So join Vickie talking about craft ...ish. New episodes on Tuesdays. Don’t forget to subscribe ...
A UK-based podcast for knitters, crocheters and anyone who loves to play with yarn!
I'm a traveling knitter, crafter, and horse girl. Join me as I travel across the country and share in my knitting and fun!
Yarn Lover Podcast
A weekly show chatting with knitters and crocheters of all skill levels, their lives, hobbies, and what they love about yarn.
6 Bits Storybooks
For Knitters who love to immerse themselves deeply in their knitting experienceMake new discoveries & meaningful connections with yarn providers, designers, writers and the creative community around you.
Tog and Thel
A blog about life as a knitter, mindful maker, and wilderness dweller
Destined2Knit is a knitting podcast that gets out and about to meet and interview knitters in the wild. We visit and review local yarn shops and other fun venues where knitters gather. Come join us!
T-Shirts and Shawls is a knitting podcast from a knitter and spinner in Texas. Karen shares her knitting and spinning projects, thoughts about yarn and the fiber community (especially in Texas), and updates on KarenDawn Designs (knitting patterns) and Round Table Yarns (hand-dyed yarn). Unabashedly geeky, Karen also talks about her fandoms such as Harry Potter, Doctor Who, and Firefly (and most everything Joss Whedon) as well as what she's reading (mostly fantasy).
Dr. Connie Kaplan – teacher, lecturer, mother, wife, sister, daughter, friend and knitter – is the author of four books. These podcasts illuminate all her teachings.
A charming collection of short stories, dealing with ghosts, magic, and other-worldly events that even the faint of heart will enjoy.1. The Intoxicated Ghost - a woman tries to outsmart a ghost to save the family from financial ruin.2. A Problem In Portraiture - can a man's portrait influence the man he becomes?3. Knitters In The Sun - will a father's curse keep two lovers apart?4. A Comedy In Crape - the death of the town playboy causes a dispute over who is entitled to be chief mourner5. A ...
Purl Diving Podcast
A knitter's pillowcast: a knitting podcast modelled after the traditional Japanese "pillow book". Come on in, the water's fine...
A podcast about knitting, knitwear design, family, friends, life, fiber arts, yarn, and the fiber arts community. Featuring a veteran knitter who wants to knit all the things and a budding knitwear designer, this podcast explores their trials and adventures in the fiber world and occasionally the real world as well.
DancingGeek Podcast
My name is James and I'm using this channel for uploading my knitting podcasts. I love to hear from viewers from all over the world, so please do get in touch. If you like my videos, subscribe to save you having to find me again. :) I record every Wednesday, with updates going live around Wednesday evening, Thursday morning UK time. Find me online: Ravelry Group - This is where all the chat, photos, banter, and general good times happens. It' ...
I am a tinkerer, a dreamer, a knitter, a reader, an artist, an engineer, and a writer. I am eternally curious, and there is not even close to enough time to explore everything I want to know more about.
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Vermont today has no shortage of knitters, crocheters, rug hookers, silvers, sewers and felters. Some are avid hobbyists, and some make a living from their craft. But all are part of a long history of fiber arts in Vermont. Household production across New England spiked in the late 18th century. In Vermont, a state-sponsored silk production ini ...…
Taking A Bow: Steve: Nothing Amanda: Gone Shawl by Britt Schmiesing Anomalous Mind Now Performing: Steve: April Showers by Dallas Ann Prentice LMFA Show Stealer in Turkey Run & Orchard Slope Sizes 6 & 4US/4 & 3.5 mm Ribbon Wrap by illitilli LMFA Box Office in Darkest Hour/Nude Scene/Poseidon/Into The Woods Size 9 US/5.5 mm Suburban Wrap by Joji ...…
While content is acknowledged as a driving force behind today’s digital marketing campaigns, many smaller organizations don’t retain a full-time content specialist. Instead, they rely on subject matter experts or… The post Expert Word Knitter Levels Up Your Content appeared first on Annie Jennings PR Elite Wire.…
Molly Gordon never meant to become a life coach – it happened by accident, and certainly wasn’t something she purposefully set out to do. During her work career she’d developed an eclectic set of skills, and by the late 90’s she’d worked as an editor, writer, business manager and full-time mixed media artist. Getting started as a coach just hap ...…
Almost back on schedule! Today’s episode is brought to you by the great midwestern thaw. Sit back and relax while we ruminate on the value of “craft” in craft beer, colorwork knitting, and mindfulness. Links: Keweenaw Point Trail Ale Boulevard Single Wide IPA Fun facts about the Greatest of Lakes! Resistor Hat by Heidi Arjes Hoopla by Dianna Wa ...…
Taking A Bow: Steve: Head In The Clouds Hat LMFA Box Office in Head In The Clouds Size 6 & 8 US/4 & 5 mm Gentian Socks Regia 4-ply in #4458 Gentian Size 1 US/2.25 mm Callie: Vanilla Socks Fishknits in the Oofta Zoombies! colorway Size 0 US/2.0 mm JoJo’s Hat Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran in color 300009 Size 7 & 8 US/4.5 and 5 mm Now Performing: ...…
ENJOY THIS EPISODE: Frederick’s go-to knitting destination, The Knot House joins us on our podcast! The dynamic duo, Cathy Baucom (the Implementer) and her daughter, Heather (the Visionary) are the team that made this business possible. The Knot House provides luxury yarns for knitting and crocheting, specializing in a variety of hand-dyed yarn ...…
Photo by Mia Fermindoza This week Anna and Maria welcome a very special guest, Alanna Okun. Alanna is a writer, editor, and other words, a very appropriate guest for Never Wear Boring Socks. An avid knitter, she even makes her own un-boring socks. Alanna’s work can be found on Racked, Buzzfeed, NPR, Apartment Therapy, The Hairpin, ...…
No matter what you need, the barmaids have you covered from head to toe. Face pudding to keep you smiling, Lolo lips keep them kissable, probiotic deodorant for keeping you fresh as a rose, oh for feet’s sake to keep your feet soft and sandal ready, and the Lolo body bar for everything in between. You can find all this - and more! at bar-maids. ...…
This is a guided meditation for knitters! Using the yarn and needles I'l guide you thru a few mindfulness exercises that can help improve awareness, concentration, relaxation, and creativity.
Show Notes: Intro - ~Welcome new members who've introduced themselves in our Ravelry Group On the Needles - Dami - ~tickled pink wrap on US 3 (3.25mm), Seven Sisters Arts Meridian C.C. - ~When you think I'll zig, I'll zag. Then when you think I'm gonna zag, I do zag, just to mess you up for the next time, when I might zig Blanket on US4 (3.5mm) ...…
Subscribe on iTunes Welcome to episode 2 of Tog and Thel: where we dive deeper into the Tog and the Thel of Icelandic fleece; introduce our special honorary guest Larka the Icelandic ewe; have some interestingly esoteric chats about mindfulness in our practice as knitters and consumers of fiber and yarn; talk about the value of rescuing ancient ...…
Principal owner, multi-hat wearing. fearless entrepreneur and CEO of Stitchcraft Marketing, Leanne Pressly has 20+ years of experience in sales and marketing. Prior to starting Stitchcraft Marketing, she owned a website design and hosting business for 10 years. She’s been a knitter since she was 18 and has a strong passion for the creative indu ...…
This is an addendum recording solely for the purpose of announcing the December winners, Autumn Quarter winner, and Grand Prize winner for the A Year in the Life (of a Knitter) KAL, as well as the 4th Quarter FDW FO Draw
Today's episode of the While She Naps podcast is our second annual community episode. In this very special episode I invite you, the listeners, to recommend great stuff you're enjoying right now. A few weeks ago I put a call out on the blog and in my newsletter asking listeners to recommend a book, app, website, tool, notion, or podcast that th ...…
In this episode of Art and Science Punks Kate and Rob share and discuss art and science picks we're excited about. Lots of reasonably priced family creative all-ages activities and products with one fairly expensive exception. Related Links and Resources Kate's Picks: Write Your Own Story Book: Louie Stowell Step-By-Step Drawing Book (Activity ...…
This week Felicia is joined by knitwear designer, Emma Welford. Emma lives in Western Massachusetts and has been knitting since 2007 and designing since 2011. She is a fellow multi-craftual maker who also sews her own clothes, crochets, and spins on her Lendrum spinning wheel. Emma is no stranger to SweetGeorgia as she has designed two amazing ...…
On this week’s episode of the RV Family Travel Atlas podcast, we are celebrating folks that are very dear to our hearts–small business owners across America that sell awesome RV products. We put together a list of some of our favorite things, plus we crowdsourced recommendations from our listeners. Tis the season for gift giving and we want to ...…
On this week’s show, Daniel, Mike and Courtney are back together after a few weeks off. They discuss all the celebrity rape allegations, as well as other topics to drive liberals crazy. Fat shaming, Black Lives Matter. The whole gambit!. After the break, the crew discusses prostitutes and Mexican strippers. And, Courtney brags about her vast kn ...…
Listen to this audiobook free with a 30-day trial. Go to Title: Knit to KillAuthor: Anne CanadeoNarrator: Alyssa BresnahanFormat: UnabridgedLength: 7 hrs and 59 minsLanguage: EnglishRelease date: 10-31-17Publisher: Recorded BooksRatings: 3.5 of 5 out of 2 votesGenres: Mysteries & Thrillers, Modern DetectivePublish ...…
Today's guest is Karen Templer of Fringe Supply Co. and Fringe Association. Living in Nashville, Karen is a garment maker, knitter, store owner, community builder and wife. We talk about her career revolving around her values of content, commerce and community, why she started Slow Fashion October and small changes people can make to create a m ...…
Knots of Love was founded in 2007 with a simple mission to provide soft, stylish, handmade caps to people fighting cancer -- 100% free of charge. 10 years later, Christine Fabiani and her amazingly dedicated and compassionate army of makers/knitters/crocheters/volunteers power this 501c3 charity and have made and shipped over 350,000 caps FOR F ...… What’s in Our Cup Jocelyn has Bourbon Street Vanilla Rooibos from The Berry Barn. Diana has Druid’s Magic from Tea Desire. Woolly Workings Jocelyn has been working on the Find Your Fade Shawl by Andrea Mowry out of Ancient Arts Fibre Crafts Sock and Manos del Uruguay Alegria, the Z ...…
TGIF everyone, and BOY do I really mean it this week :0 for a new installment of: Today we talk about the back to teaching grind, how the 30 day prayer challenge is going, lots of creativity flowing, and bunches more. Join me! (I even look exhausted in this screenshot, don't I? :0) **To subscribe to the audio version of Tea Time with Tiffany, j ...…
Today, we look at "Pluralism' and the final model according to P.F. Knitter. So, should we be ashamed of the gospel of Jesus Christ in light of these changes? In this episode we discover how far the Church of God has come from the beginning to this very day.
She Can Make - Episode 4 Show Notes Welcome to She Can Make - A podcast making Canadian content, one stitch at a time. This is Episode 4. We’re your hosts, Kate and Lindsey. Today’s segments include: In the Workroom Alterations Skills Lab A Review or Two Crafting with Kids Event Spotlight And from the Mail Bag Thank you so much for joining us! ...…
This week I’m talking about the ways that the knitting community comes into designing a pattern. For many knitters, making a change to an existing pattern is their first step into the world of pattern design. It’s a good way to gain a little confidence, experiment with new ideas, and flex your technical and creative muscles. I think of modifica ...…
Hello dear knitters! Welcome to episode 35. We are in the classroom today and Marcy and Kim are sharing all of their FO's, WIP's, new CO's, uber craftiness and some extras as well. Grab your knitting, a soothing beverage, get comfy and join us! You can find our show notes on our blog here!
Time truly does fly when you're having fun. The days are getting shorter, stores are stocking up for Halloween (it seems to get earlier every year!), and we're already up to Episode 9 of First Listen Fridays. This week we're thrilled to share our interview with Toronto-based singer-songwriter Christa Couture. In addition to being a whiskey drin ...…
I'm at Stitches United in Hartford, CT, talking with Benjamin Levisay, CEO of XRX, Inc., publishers of XRX Books as well as promoters of STITCHES Expos. Benjamin is a second-generation partner in this 31-year-old company originally started by his uncle, Alexis Xenakis, his father, David Xenakis, and their partner Elaine Rowley. Benjamin has bee ...…
Where are the current Christian theologians leading the Church? Academia has visions of changing the way the Church is operating. As we look at a book written by Paul Knitter, "Introducing Theologies of Religions" This is part one of a four part series.
This week, I'll tell you about my changing gauge, finished socks and how long it took to get my luggage.
Hello dear Knitters! Thank you joining us for episode 34! In this "in the classroom" podcast, Marcy and Kim share their knitting, present a research paper on short rows, revisit their year long goals from January and talk about a little bit of uber craftiness. Grab your knitting, a refreshing beverage, get comfortable and join us! You can find ...…
Episode 27: Field Recording #2: Connie In Episode 27, Joey talks with his dear friend, Connie, about crochet, pants, horse heads, and Che Guevara, among other things. This is the second field recording he made at UWC IX, back in June. Sponsors We are Knitcrate Ambassadors! Are you the kind of knitter who would enjoy receiving a surprise package ...…
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