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Best komet sales podcasts we could find (Updated October 2019)
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We're shedding some light on all things floral-related! Tips about workflows in the for the floral operations, how the industry is behaving and technological advancements that enhances efficiency.
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Following up on the different project Komet has in store, we are now presenting an easier and faster way to manage hard goods! Listen to our podcast as we speak with one of our product owners about opening boxes while entering orders, scanning hard goods and applying markups for units.By Komet Sales.
The process of entering and confirming orders and then entering payment is so time consuming. That’s why Komet Sales made it easier and faster to process your payments when entering your client’s order, all from one screen, while also offering a new payment method. Hear all about it here!By Komet Sales.
Komet Sales just made Credit Card processing way easier and faster! We are now live with our Clearent integration and companies are already benefiting from it, our Project Manager shares all you need to know to get started and make the most out of this new feature.By Komet Sales.
Komet is teaming up with Clearent to provide faster and safer payment processes. Listen to what we have planned for this project and how you can manage your in-app, e-commerce and physical terminal payments from here on.By Komet Sales.
One of the most important parts of managing a business is keeping your finances up to date. Just so we start each cycle the right way, we want to share some improvements made to the system to give you even greater control for greater finances.By Komet Sales.
Komet has been hard at work during 2018. Join us as we go through our biggest events, greatest achievements and latest features of the year!By Komet Sales.
We've gone over getting ready for the floral holidays, but what about getting back on track after the holidays? Listen to our podcast to be able to handle the aftermath gracefully.By Komet Sales.
Having an effective Business Management is crucial for your floral business. Listen to all of the features we have to offer and how to take advantage of Komet.By Komet Sales.
With the market constantly changing, floral companies need to up their game to become more competitive. Learn how Komet is the platform that adapts to every need and how to make the most of it!By Komet Sales.
With all of the floral holidays coming up, we need all the help we can get to be able to tackle the holiday rush. Listen to how you can take advantage of Komet and handle it gracefully.By Komet Sales.
Keeping track of your inventory and being able to take advantage of the tools Komet has to offer can really help boost your sales!By Komet Sales.
Komet Fest 2018 was a total success! Listen to all the scoop on what's coming up next for Komet Sales and what to look forward to in our next events!By Komet Sales.
A new generation calls for an evolved market. Learn about some e-commerce trends and how Komet Sales helps you stay up to date with them. Join our e-commerce fever!By Komet Sales.
Komet to Komet with a twist! K2K for Product Needs now allows vendor and customer companies using Komet Sales to be connected in a whole different level.By Komet Sales.
Took a look inside our operations and find out how we leverage technology within Komet Sales and how you could also take advantage of the tools available to enhance your operations.By Komet Sales.
The new e-commerce app means an easier and faster way to shop for your customers! It's all about making your sales channel's more dynamic.By Komet Sales.
Have you ever tried to work with static, never-changing pricing? It just doesn't work! Try different pricing options for each particular scenario and never worry again about losing out again on product due to pricing.By Komet Sales.
As we approach the real rush of the floral holidays here, hopefully everyone has their operations under full control. But since there’s always something going on, we figured we’d record this special feature podcast about the dos and don'ts of the floral holidays.By Komet Sales.
Our Future Sales tool allows you to offer open market inventory from the point you create the Purchase Order for your vendor. Find out how you, too, can benefit from this amazing feature and start using it!By Komet Sales.
Komet's smart tools are designed to help you make process automation easier than ever.By Komet Sales.
In episode #19 we talked about what privacy means in terms of Komet to Komet and a few basic pointers for importers and wholesalers who are interested in using the feature.By Komet Sales.
In this episode we discussed a few of the many advanced capabilities within our Business Intelligence tool that can really help you get the detailed and customized reports we all hope for. Check it out!By Komet Sales.
There is a palpable difference between using and not using scanners when it comes to the operations within Komet's platform. Check out the main ways in which the uses of the shipping and tracking tabs differ with the use of scanners.By Komet Sales.
We truly believe in transparency as one of our core values. This concept is tied into every single one of our internal processes. In our 16th episode, we talked about what transparency means to us and how we convey it to our users.By Komet Sales.
Komet to Komet's flow can be broken down into 4 basic steps: Displaying Inventory, Price Calculations, Sales Channels and Confirmation/Shipping. In this episode we'll be shedding some light about what each one of these steps means for both vendor and customer companies.By Komet Sales.
Achieve the best internal communication with these 7 tips. When implementing them, you will be enhancing your departmental and company-wide interactions.By Komet Sales.
If you are using Vendor Availability and want to know how to get the most out of it, you’ll want to listen to these tips and tricks about using the feature that are based on the most frequent questions that come up when implementing it.By Komet Sales.
Komet is always finding new ways to cater the floral industry needs! Now we have a new version of our e-commerce platform for your customers to shop for flowers easier than ever.By Komet Sales.
Here's a quick run-through of our Customer Success team's efforts to make your life simple every day! Learn how to send requests and what happens behind the scenes.By Komet Sales.
The way in which a company establishes, enforces and tracks the use of the GPM selected will have immense impact on the profit generated. Make sure your floral company is properly tracking all sales and sticking to the profit margins established.By Komet Sales.
There are features that users just don't know about or know about and simply don't use because they don't understand them. In this episode, we discuss the top 5 most unknown features within Komet that may really benefit any floral operation. Take advantage of them!By Komet Sales.
Komet fully supports operations for multiple branches in the floral industry. Mutilocation companies can use the system as individual entities with their own inventory, pricing and even users. You can set up your company as multilocation for several different use cases.By Komet Sales.
Take a few minutes to learn about integrating your systems through Komet's API and its most common real-life uses.By Komet Sales.
As part of our Customer Feedback Program we are going to start using the platform User Voice in which our users will be able to log new ideas and vote on existing ones. This process will drive the product development and decision-making in Komet!By Komet Sales.
In this follow up to our episode #3 (The step-by-step of switching to Komet) we go through the details of the implementation process and going live with Komet.By Komet Sales.
Find out all the details about our newest development project: Recipes! We talk about how it works and when it will be available for everyone.By Komet Sales.
A new guest joins us to talk about the process of transitioning to Komet, the ins and outs of the whole thing.By Komet Sales.
We are addressing all the question marks around Komet to Komet.By Komet Sales.
We talk about Business Intelligence usage, best practices and much more!By Komet Sales.
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